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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Chernut gets 1-2 punch, maybe -3

Dec. 23rd, my letter in the Camera

Dec. 24th, Raz's letter:
ISRAEL: Accord won't help the cause of peace

Re: "Beyond the myths, peace is possible," the Dec. 21 Guest Opinion by Ira Chernus.

There seems to be one thing missing from this opinion. Reality. The professor once against proves why tenure can be such a dangerous thing.

While Chernus asserts that a majority of the Israeli population accepts the concept of the Geneva Accord, the fact is that this accord was spearheaded on the Israeli side by Yossi Beilin, whose far-left-wing appeasement group Meretz was voted out of office and lost his seat in Parliament, and on the Arab side by Abed Rabbo, who is responsible for the daily incitement against the Jewish state on Arab television and in schools.

As the accord rewards the Palestinian Arabs for years of terrorism by establishing yet another Arab state, it makes no provisions for the dismantling of terror organizations such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad, who are still bent on the destruction of the Jewish state. The accord makes no mention of the Palestinian government aligning itself with rogue states such as Iran, whose leaders run on a platform of destroying the Jews.

The accord also relinquishes any right Jews have to Judaism's most holy site, the Western Wall, while recognizing Arab control of the Temple Mount. And while this new Palestinian state must be Jew-free, Israel still has over 1 million Palestinian Arabs who participate in the nation's everyday life.

This revolutionary accord also puts the onus of the Arab refugees on Israel, which denies the historical fact of Arab states' responsibility in creating and maintaining the Palestinian Arab refugee problem. The accord also states Israel must release all Palestinian Arab prisoners, even those responsible for the death of Israelis.

Israel has shown its willingness to negotiate, if only the Palestinians would arrest and dismantle the terrorist organizations. They refuse and yet the likes of Chernus would hand them the key to Israel's destruction.


Dec. 25th? Maybe Gary's:
Ira's Myth Schtick

I heard Ira speak on campus nearly a year ago about his "Myth" shtick. Ira, please tell me, where is the myth in the cold blooded intentional murders in 1972 of 9 Israeli Olympians, killed under the guise of one Yasser Arafat, the great "leader" who would soon "change his stripes" for the sake of peace for "his people". Where is the myth in 1973, on Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, when the tiny country of Israel is attacked by it's surrounding neighbors, more than 40 times it's size, with the sole purpose of the countries complete destruction(myth or miracle). Where is the myth in the numerous attempts, each time with a different elected official from Israel, to sit down with Yasser A. to negotiate peace(something the PA charter is completely against). Where is the myth, Ira, in the constant homicide deaths taking place right now, of innocent civilians. There are, of course, multitudes of "myths". You're probably one of those believers that says we ought to drop the whole "myth" of the Germans attempted destruction of ALL Jews, that BIG myth that nearly made it possible that you never came into being.

Ira, you state as one of your "myth" theories, "our foe is inherently evil, harboring an irrational desire to eradicate our nation"...they blow up pizza parlors, buses, discos, etc. and collect checks for it! It's no myth that parents and grandparents are cheering for their dead child, who is made a hero for killing women and babies, as they collect $25,000 checks from other governments. They teach hate in their schoolbooks. Why do you insist on telling the world, Israel is guilty for defending against that or cautiously negotiating for peace . Peace, love, and brotherhood is beautiful Ira, but don't hide or avoid the truth. I know you actively support the Rockie Mountain Peace and Justice Center and I applaud much of what they stand for. It's just that, similar to your myth article, they're missing the emphasis on "justice". That's a critical piece to the Peace. Where is the real injustice. Just must be pursued. I strongly recommend "The Case for Israel" by A. Derschowitz for a complete understanding of this topic, from a staunch liberal like you. It clearly references Israel's exhaustive efforts and attempts at making peace with the Palestinians. Please be fully informed before assuming Israel and it's supporters are brainwashed by the "Ira Chernus Myth".

Gary Kornfeld

The Camera is good to the Jews this Christmas! See also the Original Chernut (12/21), and "Khayim kashim" by Murray Richtel (12/14).

UPDATE 12/25: Gary's letter didn't make it today, but there's a really important letter on sledding that you might want to read.