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Thursday, December 25, 2003

IDF takes out Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza

Palestinians crowd around a car that was destroyed by Israeli helicopter gunships, during a missle attack in Gaza, December 25, 2003. Israeli helicopter gunships killed a senior Islamic militant and at least four other people in the missile strike in Gaza City on Thursday, medics said. . . it was the first such attack on Gaza for more than two months. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem
IsraelNN.com - It is being reported that Makleb Khamed, the Islamic Jihad commander in Gaza was among the five terrorists killed earlier tonight.

An IDF helicopter gunship reportedly fired two air-to-surface missiles at his vehicle in the Sheik Rejwan neighborhood, killing the five.
May his name be erased.

In Doing So, IDF Prevents Mega-Attack
JPost: Hamid was riding in a Subaru with four others, according to Israel Radio, when IDF helicopters fired two missiles at the car as it drove through Gaza's Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, a frequent source of terrorism.

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said that Hamid was planning a large-scale terrorist attack. "This evening, the IDF has prevented what I would call a mega-terror attack," he said. Mofaz did not elaborate further.

It was the first targeted counter-terror strike of its kind in more than two months. IDF spokesman Captain Jacob Dallal described Hamid as a "ticking bomb," and said Hamid "was behind a long, long list of terror attacks, and he was in the midst of planning a major attack."

Israel’s Channel 1 reported that Hamid was behind a terror attack that killed three IDF soldiers three weeks ago, as well as the attack on the Kissufin checkpoint this past Tuesday.

Following the fatal rush hour terror attack on Israel’s busy Geha highway, Arutz-7’s Ezra HaLevi commented that, “Although tomorrow's headlines worldwide are sure to read ‘Suicide Bombing and Targeted Killing Renew Cycle of Violence,’ the fact is that one murderous terrorist attack was prevented and one, unfortunately, was not.

The only cycle of violence that exists is that without exception, the easing of restrictions on PA Arabs results in explosions and bombs at bus stops, cafes and schools.”