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Friday, December 26, 2003

IRAN, Dec. 24th: "We will 'sweep away' Israel if attacked"

WorldNetDaily: Iran's minister of defense yesterday threatened Israel with a long-range missile attack should the Jewish state hit any nuclear facilities in the country.

"We will strike Israel with all weapons at our disposal, if the Zionist regime ventures to do so," Ali Shamkhani told the Islamic Republic News Agency, Iran's government-controlled news outlet.

Iran possesses Shahab-3 missiles with a range of 800 miles. Israel is about 600 miles west of Iran. . .

"The Islamic Republic of Iran will strongly deal with the action against its national territory. The Israeli threat emanates from its evil literature. It is too cowardly to threaten Iran," Shamkhani is quoted as saying.

Haaretz reports Iranian President Mohammed Khatami said Israel would be "swept away" if it dared to attack Iran.

Agence France Presse, Arab News (www.Aljazeerah.info . . . .): TEHRAN, 23 December 2003 — Israel will “dig its own grave” if it attacks Iranian nuclear sites, the head of the Iranian air force Gen. Syed Reza Pardis warned yesterday, reacting defiantly to threats by the Jewish state.

“The threats of the Zionist regime hold no value for us,” Pardis was quoted as saying by the Mehr news agency, close to Islamic hard-liners, following statements by Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz.

“The (Zionist) regime knows that the armed forces of the Islamic republic, in particular our Air Force, have such high capabilities ... that it would be digging its own grave in the region if it launches military attacks against Iran,” said Pardis.

“An attack (by Israel) would have serious consequences beyond the imagination of Israeli leaders,” he warned. “Whether these threats are serious or not, our armed forces are totally prepared to defend sensitive sites and our country’s airspace.”

IRAN, Dec. 25th: More than 15,000 Killed in Iran Quake

Reuters: TEHRAN (Reuters) - More than 15,000 people were killed in an earthquake in the southeastern Iranian city of Bam on Friday, government officials said.

"What I know is that more than 15,000 have been killed," one of the officials told Reuters by telephone. The other confirmed the figure.

MSNBC: TEHRAN, Iran - An earthquake devastated the southeastern Iranian city of Bam on Friday, leveling more than half the city’s houses and its historic mud-brick fortress. At least 5,000 people were killed and 30,000 injured, the region’s governor said.

The 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck about 5:30 a.m., collapsing buildings, severing power lines and shutting down water service.

“The quake hit the city when most of the people were in bed, raising fears that the death toll may go higher,” said legislator Hasan Khoshrou.

Mohammed Ali Karimi, the governor of Kerman province, said preliminary estimates put the death toll at 5,000 to 6,000, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported.
Katy, friend and colleague, offers this interpretation:

"Don't mess with the G-D of Israel."

Yasser, are you listening?