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Thursday, December 25, 2003

Jesus not the only Jew to die for the sins of the world:

Death toll from today's bombing near Tel Aviv rises to 4, with 24 injured
Arutz Sheva: The explosion occurred at a bus stop located under the bridge at the Geha junction near Jabotinsky Street in Petach Tikva - three stops before Tel Aviv. The terror attack took place on one of Israel's busiest highways during the heights of rush hour.

Witnesses initially reported two consecutive explosions.

Yossi Sedbon, Tel Aviv district police commander, said medics and rescue workers were having difficulty reaching the scene because of heavy rush hour traffic on the busy highway. He also noted that the junction, just outside Tel Aviv, is regularly used by PA Arabs waiting for Israeli contractors looking for cheap labor to pick them up. Because of this, the suicide bomber was able to approach the bus stop without raising suspicion.

Recent “gestures” by Israel have allowed thousands of PA Arabs to enter Israel to find work.

Sedbon said that indications pointed a suicide bombing, though police were seen chasing two people near the scene, who witnesses said placed a bag at the bus stop before running away. A high security alert has been issued in the area.

The police strongly request that the public stay away from the area.

The Associated Press reports that the PFLP terrorist group has taken "credit" for the murderous attack. The terrorist, 18-year-old Shahed Hanami, was from the village of Beit Fureik, near Shechem.

Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz ordered a full closure to be re-imposed on PA cities following the attack. The closure had been lifted in honor of Christmas, a Christian holiday.

Due to the attack, Israel’s phone company, Bezek, has cancelled its ongoing strike.

24 wounded, including two moderately injured, have been evacuated to Beilinson (Tel: 1255134 ) and Tel HaShomer (Tel: 1255131) hospitals. Israel’s Absorption Ministry’s emergency hotline can be reached at 1255081010 locally, and 011 972 125 508 1010 from abroad.

People are requested to pray for the recovery of those injured.

Israel Insider reports:
A routine condemnation of the attack was issued by the office of PA Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei, but media analyst Michael Widlanski reported that neither Voice of Palestine Radio nor Palestinian State television reported the "condemnation," and VOP radio--which is directly supervised by Arafat -- referred to man who set off the bomb as a "heroic martyr."

Readers might want to pass this last bit on to the wire services, unless of course they happen to report it . . .