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Monday, December 29, 2003

Jordan's Hassan: Jordan should absorb Palestinians

Israel Insider: Prince Hassan bin Talal, uncle of Jordan's King Abdullah and a former heir to the throne of the Hashemite kingdom, told the Italian La Stampa paper, "From my perspective, Jordan should include all the Palestinians, and Israel, Palestine and Jordan should enjoy the same sort of interdependence as there is in the Benelux countries."
I was going to post my ignorance and ask what the heck is a Benelux country, but luckily my husband knows - it refers to Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Interdependence, eh? Interdependence, Disengagement. Disengagement, Interdependence. I'll have to sleep on it. In the meantime, you should go read these notes from a lecture by John Loftus in the Israpundit archives. Nota bene #15. Buona Notte.