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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

JPost Editorial: Maher's humiliation

If a picture is worth a thousand words, unedited video footage is far more telling yet. This was demonstrated Monday as the entire world watched Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher humiliated, jostled, and pelted with shoes, until physically lifted off his feet and carried away from his frenzied attackers. His eyes betrayed vivid panic.

Nothing could have more forcefully expressed what he had just experienced, when he attempted to pray at the Aksa Mosque on the Temple Mount, than the terror writ large on his face as the 68-year-old statesman struggled to regain his breath.

The fanaticism and hooliganism that greeted him at a hallowed place of worship could not be covered up by Egyptian attempts to play down the entire incident and ascribe it to a minuscule rabble. The visual record belies the spin from President Hosni Mubarak's bureau, as well as Maher's own pronouncements upon returning to Egypt, when he belittled the onslaught.

To sweep under the rug the hostility Maher encountered on Temple Mount is to distort the very reality which has so far frustrated all efforts to reach even minimal accommodation with the Palestinians not only to end their terror war against Israelis, but also to ease their own self-imposed hardships. It's a reality which defies self-interest and logic, but this makes it no less of a reality.

When Maher was violently accosted and branded a traitor, he came face to face with the frightening aspect of Palestinian intransigence and extremism.

Those who continue to murder Israelis even if they thereby damage their own cause, are also those who assaulted Maher. They are not a marginal minority. They embody the situation Israel is up against.

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See also Palestinian editor praises Maher attack:
"The shoes that landed on the head of Mr. Ahmed Maher during his visit to the Aksa Mosque are a lesson to all the Arab leaders and their representatives, who have belittled the Arab street and its requirements and feelings and are listening only to the American administration and its humiliating demands for normalization with the Hebrew state."
There's more, about Arab "lost dignity and rights". . . which makes me wonder yet again, how it is that the Arabs garner all the rights with no responsibilities, while Israel is stuck with all the responsibility, but no rights?

I am sick to death of hearing about the "requirements and feelings" of the "Arab street." Since when do losers of multiple wars get to have "requirements"?