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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Pope calls for "concrete acts" from Israel, Palestinians

Palestinian woman rides her donkey next to part of the
controversial "security" wall. French and Israeli Foreign
Ministers Dominique de Villepin and Silvan Shalom have
expressed diametrically opposed views over the
"security" wall (AFP/Saif Dahlah)

We recognize the political opinion of "AFP" expressed by putting the word, security, in quote marks when it is not a quotation. Point taken, that the evil Joooos are not really trying to save lives by preventing suicide attacks, but rather seek only to humiliate, inconvenience and otherwise oppress their Arab neighbors, who mean them no harm, except for maybe a few marginal extremists.

See AFP story on the pope's comments, and their coverage of disagreement between French foreign minister de Villepin, who condemns the Israeli security fence, and his Israeli counterpart, Silvan Shalom, who defends the fence:
Addressing some 400 guests, Shalom replied that the barrier was "necessary and legitimate" and that there was no other way to protect the Israeli people against terrorist attacks. A barrier was "always reversible, human lives are irreversible," he said to applause.
De Villepin, on the other hand, said that the fence risked "fuelling the hatred" between Palestinians and Israelis.