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Friday, December 26, 2003


by Naomi Ragen
Who will write the elegies for Jewish girls and a Jewish boy,
murdered in Tel Aviv on Christmas day, 2003?

Who mourns lovely Rotem?
Bright eyed Angelina?
And warm Edva?
And handsome Noam?
Who mourns them, slaughtered as they stood,
waiting for the bus to take them home?

Nineteen years old.
Nineteen years old.
Twenty years old
Twenty-one years old.

Murdered, because we opened our gates.
Because our walls are not high enough.
Because we let them in, to kill and maim.
Let them in to take our children, in the streets.

Our kind young men.
Our beautiful girls.
Helped them to serve their stone-hearted god,
their evil prophets who despise life.
Stone-hearted, like the idols of old,
who reveled in human sacrifice.

They claim a land. They claim a culture.
These stone-hearted hordes who love gravestones
and bombs and iron-nails and exploding flesh and dead children.

Who will sing for Rotem, Angelina, Edva, Noam,
killed in Tel Aviv on Christmas Day, 2003?

Who will write the elegies?