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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

This is news?

Terror alerts continue in Israel

JPost - by Margot Dudkevitch: Fifty-four terror alerts were registered by the security establishment on Monday as the Islamic Jihad vowed to avenge the death of one of its senior commanders, Muklad Hamed, who was killed along with four other Palestinians in an IAF rocket attack on his car last Thursday.

In a demonstration in the Gaza Strip over the weekend to oppose the targeted killing, Hamas officials also pledged to continue the "resistance" until the end of Israeli occupation on Palestinian land.

Security officials said they had no knowledge of reports claiming Israel had heightened its state of alert due to warnings received of plans by terrorists possibly from abroad to perpetrate attacks on New Year's Eve. However, the officials warned "people should not be fooled by the imaginary calm. Taking into account the number of warnings recorded Monday, all the terrorist organizations are intent on perpetrating attacks." The officials noted that in recent weeks the number of daily terror alerts was around 50.