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Sunday, December 28, 2003

Us Beautiful People Opposed to Occupation

by Steven Plaut
Who us? US? But we are the beautiful people. We love peace. We pet cats. We sing Joan Baez songs. We believe in the brotherhood of peoples. So how dare you fire bullets at us?

Sure we were there to show our solidarity with the mass murderers and the suicide bombers. We understand that the security fence Israel is building is designed to make it harder for the terrorists we support to enter Israel and murder Jewish children and other civilians. And that is precisely why we believe it must come down.

So, yes, we marched on Saturday, the day none of those religious settlers can harass us and document what we do, and yes we gathered by a part of the Security Fence, a segment that is still chain fence and not yet towering concrete walls. And yes there we attacked the fence, sabotaged it, vandalized it, ripped pieces from it, possibly electronic sensors. You see, we think the terrorists should be allowed to enter Israel to protest Israel's occupation of Palestinian lands, by which we of course also mean Tel Aviv and Haifa, and we oppose anything Israel tries to do to protect its citizens short of total capitulation to the progressive demands of the Palestinian fascists.

So of course it is understandable that our group got violent and tried to cut through the Israeli security barrier outside the Palestinian village of Masha near Qalqilya. And yes of course we admit that we were trying to damage the barrier of razor-wire fences, concrete walls and trenches that Israel says it needs to stop infiltrations by Palestinian suicide bombers.

In the words of one of our members cited: "We began cutting the fence and shaking it. The Israeli army was waiting for us and shot live bullets directly at us," Liad Kantorowicz, one of the Israeli protesters, who described themselves as anarchists, told Reuters. Yes, we were using wire cutters to destroy this segment of the fence. Our crowd included the usual terror-supporters from the ISM = International Solidarity Movement, the anti-Semitic communist group that openly supports Palestinian t! error and has acted to oppose all Israeli attempts to take actions against terrorism. Rachel Corrie, the bimbo who tried to play a game of chicken with an Israeli army bulldozer and won the game, had been one of these.

In short, we are people who believe that 1300 murdered Israelis is simply not enough. We will not tolerate any attempt by Israel to defend its children. And that is why we violently attacked the security fence yesterday and the soldiers guarding it.

So how dare those soldiers shoot one of our pro-terror members in his leg? So what if he was wearing a mask while valdalizing the fence? And how dare they injure one of the ISM provocateurs from overseas showing her support for terrorism? So what if she was using wire cutters at the time on the fence? So what if the crowd would have been mowed down with gunfire had they been trying to use wirecutters on, say, the fence of a US military facility any place on earth, or even just the fence at a nice country club in California. So what if the ISM people injured had signed a contract promising not even to enter the West Bank if allowed to disembark in Israel? So what if Israel's Police Minister described the "protesters" as "collaborators with terrorism", and so what if parliament member Yuri Stern described them as "barbaric criminals"?

We demand an investigation! We want all those who cheered on the troops who fired at us, who suggested that these troops be awarded medals, to be arrested for incitement. And maybe libel.
See Israel Insider: "Army launches probe into soldiers' shooting of Israeli demonstrator,"

Israel National News: "Question Marks Cloud Shooting of Fence-Buster,"

and the Jerusalem Post: "Who crossed the red line?"

A fence, not a "wall".
1 - surveillance camera, 2 - barbed wire, 3 - a ditch,
4 - dirt road, 5 - paved road, 6 - Palestinian Authority,
7 - Israel