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Friday, May 30, 2003

Shalom, shalom . . .

. . . Shabbat shalom. The end of this week marks Jerusalem Day and Hevron Day, the thirty-fifth anniversary of the emancipation of all of Judea, Samaria and Gaza from foreign occupation. May all Jews make their way home to Eretz Yisrael in peace and security.


NEW YORK -- The Interdenominational Rabbinic Committee, coordinated by Amcha-- The Coalition for Jewish Concerns, released the text of the "letter of caution" sent to President George W. Bush at a 10 am press conference today in Manhattan. The letter was signed by 375 Congregational Rabbis who serve hundreds of thousands of American Jews from the three major branches of Judaism and represent the entire religious and political spectrum of the Jewish community. Never before have so many diverse Congregational Rabbis come together to sign a letter of consensus on such an important issue affecting Israel.

Noting the overwhelming grassroots response to the letter, the Rabbis announced the launching of a drive to garner one million American signatures. (When I find a working link online, I'll post it.)

Rabbi Ginsburg stressed that just as "America cannot defend itself and its friends by hoping for the best," neither can Israel.

The statement highlights three principles related to Israeli security concerns that must govern any peacemaking attempts in the Middle East. While written before its debate on the Road Map, these principles were also articulated by the Israeli Cabinet in the reservations and resolutions accompanying its acceptance. They are:

* The PA must renounce the notion of a Palestinian "Right of Return" to the Jewish State.
* The PA must dismantle the existing terrorist infrastructure and end its anti-Semitic incitement to violence before the Road Map is implemented.
* Road Map advancement must be based on performance, not on arbitrary timetables that encourage noncompliance.

In stressing the importance of these principles and their relation to Israeli security concerns, Rabbi Neal Borovitz observed that "Israel has a passionate concern for peace, but not at the price of Jewish suicide."

Kol hakavod.

The Best Thing I've Read in a Long Time

Just when you think you can no longer bear it in this world, something comes to you, by the sheer grace of G-d, and lifts you up. And so it was for me when I read "The Jewish Mother's Solution" by Ellen W. Horowitz. Ellen lives on the Golan Heights with her husband and six children; she is a painter, a (really good) writer and founder of helpingIsrael.com. She addresses the following to the palestinians:

"Oy! You don’t like your occupation? This is music to a Jewish mother's ears. I have a theory that you people are feeling oppressed, frustrated and depressed due to your occupation. I mean, let's face it, anyone who spends his time obsessively occupied day in and day out with plotting new ways to maim, dismember and murder innocents had better switch occupations. Really, it could drive a person to suicide. It's time for a change. At the very least, reduce your work hours. Moving locations can definitely help. Perhaps a new environment or a climatic change. I've been hoping all these years that you would turn your energies towards something productive and creative. Now's your chance to find yourself. Just don't do it here. If you need a little help and support, go ask your Arab brothers. They’ve got 22 countries and great occupations. They're drowning in oil - go save them.

What do you mean you don't like the abuse and humiliation? Do you think I treat my own kids differently? I got news for you... If one of my kids picks up a stone and throws it at someone, the kid gets spanked, but good. Good thing I don’t live in England, as Tony Blair could have me arrested for abuse. By the way, if my kid hurts another kid, I make him and his father march over to the other kid's house and apologize to the child and his or her parents and agree to never perpetrate that act again. You bet it's humiliating! But it must work, because I have six kids - ranging in age from six to nineteen - and have only had to do this twice.You won't tolerate collective punishments, house demolitions and deportations? Listen Pal, reward and punishment is the way the world works in both my house and in the Heavens. I can assure you that if any viable, creative or productive endeavor were to ever come forth from a purely palestinian source (sorry France and Germany) and would show a purity of purpose and promise for improving the lot of the palestinians or the peoples of the region, it would be enthusiastically received, encouraged and promoted by the State of Israel. However, any violent, destructive actions on the part of an individual or group of resident palestinians, should result in permanent deportation to a desert land, where you can disappear with the sands of time.

You don't like the constraints, security checks and long lines when you come to work in my country? Too bad! Please don't complain about the surveillance, questions or strip searches. We don't trust you. You guys have been killing us. I imagine it will take a good generation or so before you can gain our trust. If you don't like the rules, leave! If you opt to stay it won't be because you have a claim to this land, as it's not yours; it will be because you are a good person - an upstanding Arab resident who has rejected evil and has chosen to take part in the building of a constructive and dynamic enterprise known as the State of Israel. Of course, in order to do this, you will have to abandon your culture of death - which means you would cease to be a palestinian. Oh my gosh! I think I just got rid of the palestinian problem! Call me oppressive, humiliating or condescending, but I believe all peoples of the region and the world will eventually thank us. You may, eventually, thank us too - for assisting you on your road to recovery."

Ellen also takes on "Jewish/Israeli diplomats, politicians, academics and international financiers and lawyers," and has a word with the Left. Her final advice is to "all authentic Jewish mothers living here and in the Diaspora." It's not to be missed.

Kol hakavod, Ellen. Will do.

"HAMAS cries foul
as Israel kickstarts roadmap after Sharon-Abbas talks"

JERUSALEM (AFP) - "The hardline Islamic group Hamas vowed to continue its attacks as long as Israel failed to make substantial concessions, despite a 'positive' meeting between the Palestinian and Israeli premiers." More.

The latest in Holocaust denial and incitement from Palestinian Authority TV

A report issued this week by Itamar Marcus, Palestinian Media Watch, details the following 'Truths' about World War II from PA TV:

1. The Nazis did not specifically plan the killing of Jews;
2. Jews, Germans, Gypsies, and Poles were all killed in World War II, as happens in war;
3. If Hitler planned any extermination, it was of disabled Germans;
4. The term 'Holocaust' in its human sense refers to experiences of the Palestinians, the Gypsies...;
5. The 'Holocaust industry' is a financial scheme of the Zionist leadership that has generated billions of dollars in profits."

"Neocon: Slang for Jew?"

(I take this one a bit personally.) Read Joel Mowbray's analysis in Jewish World Review, of a news story in Business Week magazine "that practically screamed 'Jew' -- without saying the word at all."

Billboard and bumper sticker campaign from Americans for a Safe Israel

debka: Syria and Lebanon seek separate road map to regain Golan by 2005 -- according to EU executive Solana


HonestReporting has launched a new film, an honest and open examination of the lengths to which both the Israelis and Palestinians have gone to achieve peace in the region.

"Relentless" offers a methodical overview from the Oslo Accords until today of the commitments made by both Israel and the Palestinians, examining how each side lived up to their promises. It uses film from Palestinian TV, religious sermons and political rallies to reveal a behind-the-scenes look at Palestinian politics and culture. Loaded with footage rarely seen by Western audiences, "Relentless" uncovers the hidden agenda that is behind the collapse of the peace process and the continued struggle between two peoples.

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CBS Correspondent "a Propagandist and a Liar"

To: 60II@cbsnews.com

Dear Mr. [Bob] Simon:

Regarding your story on 60 Minutes II", this Thursday, May 28...of the female Arab homicide bomber ("The Girl Next Door"), I feel you have hit another journalistic low. This piece of dribble you call journalism was nothing more than shameful propaganda aimed at somehow justifying the savage murder of innocent civilian Jews by incredibly stupid and naive kids who were poisoned by their own leadership to commit mass murder. Never once did you mention the indoctrination and brainwashing process they go through. You never once mentioned the learned hatred of Jews and medieval blood libels inscribed in their so-called textbooks. Instead, you rebroadcast the mass murderer's (whom you consistently call 'martyr') last hateful diatribe, and air the killer's grieving family...portraying them as poor, innocent and victimized people. Are you trying to get us, the audience, to feel bad for these people and share their pain and anger of the Israelis for making her murder them? What garbage journalism! Maybe the next rape or murder that takes place in New York City, you can air the criminal's grieving family so we can all direct our anger and blame at the victim.

You further have the audacity to repeat the disgusting act of the New York Times by somehow tying Rachel Levy's fate of being blown up by the murderer herself Ayat al-Akhras because they were both young females. You repeat without raising a question of the nonsense that her feeling of anger toward the Israelis for her neighbor getting shot (who was probably a terrorist) by the Israelis inspired her act. Did it ever occur to you, that this was an act of premeditated murder, and not an act of spontaneous rage? Has your anti Israeli, Anti Semitism or Jewish self hate really blinded you so much that you cannot tell the difference between truth and lies? You comment..."At the same moment, 18-year-old Ayat arrived, armed with something else. A belt of explosives was wrapped around her waist. The two girls entered the supermarket together and died together." How tragic. How about saying that the two walked in together and the Arab girl murdered two Jews for no other reason than they were Jews. Or maybe you forgot there was a second Jew murdered. But of course, the truth does not really serve your agenda, does it? Do you really think the American public buys your attempt to garner sympathy for this savagery? To justify it as sheer courage by interviewing a group of Arab female students (whom I'm sure you had to look really hard for), who were well spoken, attractive, seemingly intelligent, and almost "All American" (one girl was even wearing a Boston University sweatshirt) and having them comment on Ayat's savagery. I quote:

""Because she is doing this for us, and for our land, and for our mosques, our churches. Not because of her, because she want to die," says Ikram, at Al Quds University.

"She doesn't have everything to live for," adds Safa, also a student at Al Quds University. "She doesn't have her freedom. She doesn't have her state. She can't move from her house to another. So why to live for? Engagement and studies, it's not everything." "

So you think the typical American would watch this and begin to understand them as brave victims standing up to the oppressor? See them as just typical students at a fine University (Al Quds is known as the breeding ground for the most vile Anti Semetic teachings on the planet). I'm sorry to tell you, Mr. Simon, the American people aren't as dumb and naive as you believe.

And, to top it all of, your equating the Israeli demolition of the family home the homicide bombers came from with the homicide bombing itself...

""Remember the father of the bride? His daughter, suicide bomber Andaleeb Taqatqa, was married to her village after she blew up six Israelis. Israelis blew up his home this past January. This is the Israeli part of the ritual. It happens all over the West Bank. And the house of Ayat al-Akhras may be next on the list.""

You show these seemingly poor people staring at an empty lot of rubble due to Israel's destruction of their home. Why not show all the cash they received from Yasser Arafat, the Saudis and Saddam Hussein? I'm sure they can buy many new homes with all the money they got...but again, the truth ill serves you. And your splendid choice of words...." Israeli part of the ritual" part of the same ritual? How dare you! As if the punishment and deterrent is part of the crime. Someone commits mass murder in the United States, and is caught and placed under arrest, then sentenced to jail or death, do you equate the crime with the punishment? A set of laws that every society puts in place that are enforced through punishment is the very foundation that a civil society rests on. It is a known fact, that families of homicide bombers receive huge compensation for the acts of murder carried out by their family members, thereby increasing the incentive to commit terror. So according to you, removing that incentive by destroying their homes which can always be replaced, is the other part of the same ritual of infiltrating civilian areas and blowing up innocent men, women, children, whose lives can never be replaced and whose families are forever shattered, and those injured will forever be traumatized all because they are Jewish? I don't think even you are as illogical. Instead, this is a prime example of your bias and hatred toward Israel.

Mr. Simon, I fully expect you to delete this letter and not respond. But I'm not worried since this letter is intended for the public to read - not you. I already know you are unapologetic and at the point of no return. You are a despicable man with despicable intentions that would no doubt make Joseph Goebbels very proud. It is people like you whom have destroyed broadcast journalism. America distrusts news magazines like yours because they have come to see through you. My intent is to further expose you for who and what you are, a propagandist and a liar.

Robert Milloul
New York, NY

From the most excellent blog, littlegreenfootballs:

Israeli fruit has a bitter taste.
Refuse accepting occupied Palestine.
Don't buy Israeli fruit and vegetables.
Belgian-Palestinian Association

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Only 10% of Americans see "Settlements" as obstacle to peace

According to the Jerusalem Post, just 10% of Americans see settlements as the main obstacle to peace between Palestinian Arabs and Israelis, and a majority says Jews should be permitted to continue living and building in the West Bank.

31% said Jews have the "strongest historical claim to Judea, Samaria and Gaza, compared to 18.8% who said they favor Arab claims.

Americans Apologize to Israel for the Roadmap

Arutz-7 has received, over the past few days, copious numbers of irate responses from American readers who are incensed at their government's position vis-a-vis Israel and the Road Map. They overwhelmingly express anger and disappointment at President George Bush and his administration for so heavy-handedly pressuring Israel to accept a Palestinian state alongside it.

A sampling of the letters received:

****Sirs, as an American citizen, I was infuriated by item 4, in [Wednesday's] news [referring to the list of planned U.S. sanctions against Israel in case it does not accept a Palestinian state]. I want to share with you the letter I just wrote to President Bush:

"Mr. President, I have never voted for any other than the Republican nominee, for the office of President of the United States, since 1968. That, sir, is about to change! You came into office, proclaiming yourself to be a friend of Israel, and you played that role for a while, but you have now turned into Israel's major enemy. The "Roadmap" is an evil contrivance, designed to break Israel's back, and I take the imposition of that piece of trash, upon Israel, very personally... Your "battle against terror" will never be more than a joke, so long as you deny the same right to the nation of Israel. Even worse, sir, you have demanded that they reward terror, by allowing a terrorist state, in their very bosom."

****Shalom, I'm a gentile and from the bottom of my heart I apologize for the forcefulness of my President concerning the road map...

****How DARE WE dictate such a horrific thing to Israel, and all in the name of politics and re-election. G-d help American if we continue on this path. I am ashamed, and just want to go on record that I will do all that I can with this one small voice to express opposition to this insane posture. The very idea!!!!!!!!!! I am livid!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... This may not be a new thing to you, but it is a shock to me. I really thought President Bush had more moral fiber than that. I don't know what I can say; nothing I can say will excuse this. But, I will add my prayers to yours, that The Almighty intervene once again to keep your nation strong and secure.

****At this point I have come to the conclusion that President Bush has decided to make Israel expendable. He has not only reversed his position on Arafat, but he is essentially indirectly recognizing him again as the head of the Palestinian Authority. Bush hasn't uttered a word of protest at the machinations of Arafat and of Arafat's declaring that he, and not that phony prime minister, will run the show. Bush knows that Arafat seeks Israel's destruction. Bush has been persuaded to dump Israel if necessary to safeguard his next term.

*****Stop kidding yourself Israel. The rest of the world - including unfortunately my own country the United States - is holding you up as one would hold a chicken before its throat is cut. When I say the US, I don't mean all of its citizenry; there is plenty of sympathy for your cause by both Jews and Gentiles. But, this administration is heavily influenced by...

*****I am so disappointed in the decision to allow the "Road Map" be put into effect. A BIG MISTAKE FOR ISRAEL. I apologize my country has pressured Israel into this decision. May Hashem protect you and keep you.

"All Agreements with Israel are Provisional"

The National Unity Coalition for Israel, which represents 200 Jewish and Christian organizations dedicated to a secure Israel, has published this latest article by Prof.Louis Beres, "Terrorism as Sacrifice."

Beres believes that the concept of sacrifice is essential to our understanding of what makes a suicide bomber tick (sorry for the bad pun.) To show "the true nature of the Arab/Islamic terrorist adversary," Beres quotes recent "martyr" Samy Rahim: "Every day on which the sun rises and no Jew is killed, nor any martyr has died, will be a day for which we will be punished by Allah."

Even more chilling, he quotes Yasir Arafat's appointed clergy, preaching recently on the Temple Mount: "Palestinians spearhead Allah's war against the Jews. The dead shall not rise until the Palestinians shall kill all the Jews . . . All agreements with Israel are provisional."

Letter from Jerusalem 27 Iyar 5763, 42nd Day of the Omer, Malchut of Yesod.

The Yiden still don't get it.

Yes, my friends, Yehuda ben David is still around (just) but like Saddam and Osama etc. I've been in hiding. However, the howls of consternation over the Israeli government's acceptance of the so- called Road Map force me to make this brief appearance to remind you of a few fundamentals.

First and foremost, no matter how much pain it may inflict before it finally runs its course, the Road Map -- the latest Pharaoh-torture of the Jews -- is sooner or later bound to be consigned to the scrap- heap of history just like the Oslo-Asla fiasco that preceeded it. This is because any "final settlement" of the so-called Middle East problem that does not end up with the Children of Israel keeping the Torah in peace in the entire promised Land of Israel and the Temple rebuilt on Mount Moriah (as prophesied by Ezekiel and all the prophets) will only ever be temporary. The only true road map is the Bible (and it is a tragic shame that most Jews never look at it). In G- d's road map there is no Palestinian state. In fact, the Philistines of Gaza are completely destroyed and their territory taken by Judah. If so, the U.S. President's "vision" of a Palestinian state is bound to go pop in the end.

Then why is everyone so shell-shocked by Ariel Sharon's acceptance of the Road Map? Why was everyone so shocked when suddenly this week the Israeli Prime Minister himself was calling the territories "occupied"? (The essence of our problem is that we don't believe in ourselves.) Having watched the entire sick tragedy of Oslo from beginning to end, why are we not wiser this time around? Two years ago, when Ehud Barak's government came tumbling down amid the pandora's box of trouble opened up by the Peres- Rabin-Beilin mafia, almost all the Yiden thought Ariel Sharon was going to save the world. Until it soon became apparent, shortly after his election as Prime Minister, that if he ever was a Samson at all, he was already completely tied up and disempowered by the wiles of the Philistine Delilah. Today it looks more and more as if he wasn't Samson at all but rather the Trojan Horse. Everyone ran to elect him, and now look! Did you hear what he said this week to a shocked Likud MK who asked why he didn't consult with the party first? "Whether you like it or not you are going to vote in favor". Sharon obviously understands what it means to have your hands tied.

For over a year from early 2001, when Sharon was elected PM, until Operation Defensive Shield last year, it was apparent to all of us that the surging Palestinian terror was being orchestrated by the Fat Rat. Yet mysteriously, no matter how great the outrages (such as the Dolphinarium bombing), some hidden hand always restrained Sharon from acting against the Rat. Everyone was foaming at the mouth in frustration, but still Sharon held back. Even after the Park Hotel Seder Night pogrom in Netanya, when Operation Defensive Shield was unleashed, Sharon was still powerless to act against the Rat. "He swore to George Bush that he wouldn't harm him" we were told.

Why? Why is it that the Rat enjoys this special protection that enables him to machinate with impunity? We are told that if Israel killed him -- which would be the easiest thing in the world to do, far easier than killing Saddam -- it would create waves of instability throughout the entire Arab world. But the "liberation" of Iraq by America and Britain, which was also said to be bound to cause ructions everywhere, has been pulled off fairly efficiently with a minimum of upheaval elsewhere. Why can't Israel just kill the Rat and grit its teeth for a few days while the world media howl in rage, after which everyone will get down to the business of adjusting to the new reality, just like we have adjusted to the new situation in Iraq?

The answer is that although America, Britain and all the others who want Israel to "make peace" with the Palestinians understand very well that the Rat will sabotage every effort to do this, those same parties continue to protect the Rat and turn a blind eye to his machinations. The reason is because those parties actually want the very peace they claim to be pursuing to be sabotaged. They really do not want peace at all -- if they did, they would go about it quite differently (following the biblical Road Map). They don't want a real peace, because when Jerusalem is restored to its true glory, where will London, Paris and Washington be? What they want is not peace, but rather, a peace PROCESS -- another Oslo that will set Jew against Jew, the doves against the hawks, the peaceniks against the nationalists, the secular against the religious, the settlers against the army, the police and the courts... People all over the world will be raging against Israel and the Jews. All this keeps the Jews weak!!!

The paradox is that all this is taking place under the watchful eyes of the same secret cliques and think-tanks that have been crafting the new world order of which the conquest of Iraq was a major piece. We have been hearing repeated complaints recently of the disproportionately heavy presence of Jews among President Bush's closest advisors. Could it be that those same advisors who crafted his war against Saddam are also part of the clique that is crafting the war of attrition against the Jews?

How could this be, you ask? Could a Jew plot against a Jew?

Let me answer this by recalling a few images seen in the last few days that stand out strongly in my mind. The first is a picture of the Egged Bus that was bombed in French Hill last week. Like many Egged buses now, this bus bore the latest rainbow-colored advert of the secularist Shinui party: "HA-CHILONIM BA-IM -- The secularists are coming!!!" The ad is of course designed to strike fear and demoralization into the hearts of the Torah-observant, who are watching with dismay the rapid dismantling of what little remains of the so-called religious "Status Quo". I felt that the blown-out the bus leaving the charred, folorn Shinui message in place was a particularly poignant comment on the situation. Shinui have pride of place in Sharon's government, and all we get is fresh bombings! Welcome to the Chilonim!

A second image currently plastered all over Israel is the huge highway billboard that shows a picture of a sexy girl stretched out sunbathing in a bikini with the message: "The Ministry of Religions has determined that the girls in Eilat do not dress modestly".

In other words, someone cares so much that the minds of Israelis should be filled with lascivious thoughts that they are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of shekels on roadside advertising that openly mock the country's religion. If that is not a conspiracy against the neshamos of Yiden, what is? Or did the adverts get there by themselves?

Third image of the week: that of thousands of Charedi children marching on the streets of Jerusalem on Tuesday in protest against the Israeli government's economic decrees, with swingeing cuts in family allowances that are pushing hundreds of thousands literally below the breadline, while cuts in educational budgets are causing yeshivahs and kollels to close. People in the Diaspora for the most part have no idea just how dire the economic situation in Israel is for Shomrey Torah and Mitzvos.

Can't you put the pieces together? One: The "peace process" ensures that the energies of the settlers and all who feel for them -- the remaining few who believe in the true Eretz Yisrael -- are totally absorbed in an ennervating struggle that pits them against the rest of Israeli society and against the entire world. Two: The same Israeli establishment that embarked on the catastrophic Oslo process ten years ago has made sure to nip the Shas phemenon in the bud by politically castrating Aryeh Deri forever, after which they could be sure that Sefardic Jewish religiosity would never have the power to shake the secularist boat. And indeed, Shas was practically decimated in the last election and is now in the political wilderness. Three: Having enjoyed the overwhelming support of the Haredim, who deceived themselves into thinking it would follow their agenda, Sharon's government, with Shinui at the helm, has driven the rest of the Haredim into the political wilderness as well, and is now driving the dagger in ever deeper, breaking the very staff of bread of the Haredim.

This way, thousands of tender children who should have been sitting in their classrooms studying the Torah, were dragged onto the streets to demonstrate, thereby also getting swept up into the "political process"!!! They like to get 'em young!!!

When are the Yiden going to get it? The Road Map and all that goes with it isn't taking us any nearer to peace. We are in the middle of a raging war -- against US!

The illusion is that this is a war that we can fight using the tactics of this world -- politics, demonstrations, the democratic process... The devil is winning precisely by getting everyone swept up into politics, including even little children.

The Geulah isn't going come about through politics. It is going to come only as more and more of us wake up and realize that when the war is against the Torah, the way to fight is by observing and promoting the Torah more powerfully than ever.

With blessings of peace and joy from the Holy City of Jerusalem. Awaiting the rebuilding of the Temple.

Yehudah ben David
A few days after Israel relaxed border closures of Palestinian area and about 12 hours after Ariel Sharon met a head of the Palestinian Authority for the first time as prime minister, Israeli commuters lay dead in their seats on a public bus attacked by a Palestinian suicide bomber, Sunday morning, May 18. The bomber killed seven people and wounded 20 near the French Hill neighborhood in northern Jerusalem. -- Intermountain Jewish News, 5/23/03.

DEBKAfile Exclusive: Israel hands over Big Bucks to the PA

On Sharon's orders, Israel secretly released Wednesday to Palestinian finance minister Fayad about half of Palestinian Authority funds withheld for months -- handover of estimated at $200m.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

If you can stomach it, read "Subverting the Arab Street" by Columbia Assistant Professor (of Modern Arab Politics and Intellectual History), Joseph Massad.

According to an article in The Columbia Daily Spectator, Massad has recently passed his fifth-year review and will soon be up for tenure. Student comments about classes with Massad have been posted at Campus Watch, and he has been described as follows by the Columbia Conservative Alumni Association:

"According to reliable sources, Prof. Massad has openly supported Islamist terrorism against Israel, including suicide bombings of civilians. In his class on Israeli-Palestinian politics, Massad openly engages in conspiracy theories, teaching students about the connections between Nazis, Rothchilds, international bankers, and a host of other nefarious characters (such as the Freemasons or the Knights Templars) to dispossess Palestinians of their land and make them permanent victims of Western colonialism and imperialism. From what I hear, his behavior behooves that of a paranoid conspiracy theorist, and not that of a published academic. Massad has also come close to belittling, if not denying the Holocaust outright."

Columbia President Lee C. Bollinger: bollinger@columbia.edu
Department Chair, Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures, Hamid Dabashi: hd14@columbia.edu

US threatened sanctions if Israel blocked 'Roadmap'

According to World Tribune.com, the Bush administration prepared a list of sanctions against Israel, should it refuse to comply with a plan for a Palestinian state. Among the possible sanctions are suspension of $9 million in emergency aid and the threat to suspend arms shipment to the Jewish state.

The Words of Rabbi Eliezer Waldman, Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshivat Nir Kiryat Arba

"A roadmap which endangers our existence by planting a terrorist state within our borders cannot be acceptable to the Jewish people . . . We will not be detoured by the hatred and cruelty of our enemies nor by the foolish promises and dangerously booby-trapped road plans of our 'friends.' "

from the USA 011 97 23 606 6240

CALL KNESSET MEMBERS AND MINISTERS (click here for directory)

Comments Line 202 456 1111
Switchboard 202 456 1414

from Moshe: "Vile American LaLa Jews to Bribe Yidden to Forsake the Land"

NEW YORK, May 13 (JTA) Where pressure and persuasion have failed to grease the wheels of Israeli-Palestinian peace, cash will. At least that's the thinking behind a new campaign powered by such figures as actor Ed Asner, novelist Michael Chabon and cartoonist Art Spiegelman. They and other celebrity Jews, academics and religious leaders have signed on to a petition by the group Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace, titled "A Call to Bring the Settlers Home to Israel." They seek to raise funds to offer around $3 billion in cash incentives to 16,000 settler families or nearly $190,000 per family to move back inside the Green Line, as Israel's pre-1967 border is known. The money would come from U.S. foreign aid and from the European Union, according to the plan's backers.

The drive is fueled by a recent Israeli poll that said 80 percent of Jewish settlers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip came to the area not because of religious or political ideology but because of government subsidies in the form of cheap mortgages, tax breaks and free schooling. Engineered by a former dovish member of Knesset, Marcia Freedman, the petition aims to settle the issue of Jewish settlements, which Freedman calls "a major obstacle to peace."

The resettlement plan seems to be gaining some traction in the United States. Freedman said the group's petition, which is online, is drawing about 200 signatures daily. If the petition garners 10,000 signatures, the group will begin lobbying Congress, beginning with Jewish legislators, Freedman said.

"That any Jew would support a campaign to make any area 'Judenrein' or free of Jews, is revolting and racist," said Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America.

Voice of Judea Commentary:

1- Jewish "settlements" are not the "obstacles" to peace. There was no peace before 1967 and we did not yet liberate the "settlements". If "settlements" were the issue, why was there a war in 1967 when Judea, Samaria and Gaza were under foreign Arab occupation?

2- The obstacle to peace remains Arab terrorism and violence perpetrated by Arabs to annihilate an Israel of any size. And the inability of Arabs to live side by side with Jews, or anyone else.

3- The United Nations, European Union, Blair, Bush, Mazen, Arafat and Peace Now can plot all they want, Israel will remain the eternal homeland of the Jewish people. Yes, some may leave if they are paid off, but enough will stay, in spite of the terrorism and isolation.

4- For every Jew who signs a petition calling for the expulsion of Jews from their homes or to buy the Jews out of Israel, there are 100 who will sign a petition calling to allow Jews to live in all of Israel and for a counter-plan to raise funds to pay Arabs to leave Israel, if they refuse to live in peace with their Jewish neighbors. Send email now to
jsid@dorsai.org if you support the counter-plan to save Israel.
Subject: Don't expel Jews from their homes. Text of message: "Rather than to bribe Jews to leave their homes in Eretz Israel, spend the billions raised to relocate enemies of Israel who seek to murder innocent Jews". Please forward this petition to every list and person you know online. If Peace Now produces 200 signatures per day to drive Jews out of Israel, let us counter their petition with 2000 emails.

Abu Mazen Says . . .

- that the Americans propose he not pay any attention to any of the talk about Israeli comments or reservations about the Road Map;

- that the Palestinians cannot accept relinquishing the right of return, but "this does not mean we want to destroy the state of Israel";

- that "there might be a violent incident here and there, but those should be dealt with intelligently." I agree with him on this one.

- and that Arafat should not be isolated.

For more, see Akiva Eldar's article in Haaretz.

"We reject the two-state solution. There are no ifs and buts about our position. The creation of Israel is an injustice that must be undone."

~ HAMAS leader, Abdelaziz Rantissi, quoted in The Times of London today.

Thomas Friedman's "Passion for Peace"

Get this: " . . . for both Israelis and Palestinians, forging a two-state solution will require some level of civil war within each community -- between moderates and extremists. And we should want that more than they do (or at least as much), because if we've learned anything since 9/11, it's that the spreading flames of Middle East conflicts have, in a world without walls, begun affecting our quality of life. Their madness has become our metal detectors -- and we've had enough of it."

"We've" had enough?? Who's he talking about, "we"??

"Their" madness?? Who's he talking about, "they"??

Translation -- "We (secular Americans, not related to Jews nor Arabs) urge Them (Israelis and Arabs, to whom we are not related) to engage in CIVIL WARS -- because Their miasmic 'cycle of violence' is interfering with our illusion of safety here in America. 'We've had enough' of Their complexity -- it requires too much effort to understand, so we're simply not going to 'take it' anymore."

They pay him HOW MUCH at the New York Times for this kind of slop?

Telling Anecdote from the "Post-Ideological World"

From Adam Nicolson's "The strange death of liberal America" in the Daily Telegraph, UK: "A professor of history from Yale, who I happened to sit next to on one of my inter-city flights, told me he was earnestly praying for a dreadful downturn in the American economy. 'Otherwise we are stuck with this administration for the next five years and I don't know what damage that is going to do to America's standing in the world.'"

YeshaNews stories for one day, Wed. May 28:

  • Arabs fired at bus, one person lightly injured and evacuated to hospital

  • Qassam missile fired at Sderot, hit a building. No casualties.

  • Tanzim terrorists carrying arms arrested in Bituniya.

  • Several stoning attacks against Border Police forces in Tul-Karem.

  • 4 wanted (HAMAS) terrorists arrested in Hebron, 2 in Nazla A-Sharkiya, one in Bir-Zeit, one (Tanzim) in Hebron, one in the Kud village.

  • Home of terrorist who tried to conduct an attack at the Metzer Kibbutz 11/02 -- demolished by the IDF.

  • Explosive device detonated at army bulldozer.

Today's editorials on Sharon
The Washington Post purports that Palestinian and Arab leaders have taken preliminary steps toward curbing Islamic extremists, yet immediately contradicts that statement, saying, "Both sides so far have refused to take any concrete steps on the ground." Black is white and black is black.

Also interesting to note is their assertion that "both sides seem willing to experiment with an Israeli withdrawal from part or all of the Gaza strip and the assumption of control by Palestinian forces." While it's no surprise that Palestinians are "willing to experiment with an Israeli withdrawal," how can Israel engage in yet another such experiment, at the risk of more civilians murdered? Isn't it the very definition of craziness to continue to repeat actions that have never produced the desired results?

The New York Times portrays Sharon in a surprisingly sentimental way: "No Israeli has spent more time on the battlefield or developed a more deserved reputation for hard-nosed patriotism." Giving in to US pressure, now he is a "patriot"? The Times concludes that "Perhaps this 75-year-old warrior has taken a realistic look at his nation's future and understood that Israel must not rule over another people." Israel has never wanted to rule the Palestinians; they are a nightmare, and and a calculated one. Why else would Lebanon, Syria and Jordan maintain Palestinian refugee camps, if not to fan the flames of the conflict?

The New York Post, much closer to my heart, points out that while Sharon has used the term "occupation" (or "conquest") and has endorsed the potential existence of a Palestinian state, "Where is the Palestinian leader who is willing to say: 'We must learn to live in peace with a Jewish state of Israel, however much it pains you to hear it'? Where is the Palestinian official willing to demand an end to terrorism - not because it's counter-productive, but because it is cold-blooded murder?" The Post editorial rightly juxtaposes the weakness of Abu Mazen's efforts to seek a "temporary ceasefire" with Sharon's (heroic, to some) dropping his demand for an end to the terror and replacing it with the milder request for "100 percent effort." The Post is stern, perhaps more so even than Sharon, in repeating his warning: "What will happen if Palestinian terror continues? Nothing will happen - the Palestinians will get nothing." Amen to that.

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

A Voice from Hebron: Gary M. Cooperberg
May 26, 2003

If there is one thing we must fight it is the natural tendency to despair.
There is no question but that the government decision to accept the so
called "road map" is a national disaster which will generate much needless
tragedy for the Jewish people. The mistake we Jews make too often is to
depend upon our leaders to save us. It is not our leaders who will save us,
rather the Creator of the Universe, upon whom we must place all of our

Anger at what has happened is certainly understandable. But anger and name
calling will not make anything better. We would do well to stand back and
look more carefully at the process of redemption over the last several
decades. The pioneers who spearheaded the drive to return to the Land and
reestablish Jewish sovereignty here were, by and large, non religious Jews.
The historical reality is that good and well meaning people, inspired by an
underlying religious fervor, plunged into an irrational and illogical
attempt in defiance of world powers and basic common sense. Most religious
leaders at the time spurned this attempt as sacreligious and refused to be
party to it.

The very fact that this effort resulted in the reestablishment of Jewish
sovereignty in the Land of Israel was proof that the action enjoyed Divine
approval. Rather than immediately recognize this fact, the majority of the
religious leadership of world Jewry chose to stand on the sidelines. It was
this factor, more than any other, which caused the development of a national
policy which greatly lacked faith in the Divine nature of the Jewish State.
It takes a leadership with very strong faith to stand up to the overwhelming
pressures of world powers. To date we have not been blessed with such
leadership. And our religious leadership has failed us as well.

When one is immersed in the Exile he cannot help but be influenced by it. I
have witnessed the painful reality that even rabbis who live in Exile cannot
help but lose their sensitivity to the mitzvah of living in the Land. For
all intents and purposes the governments of Israel have all been imbued with
an Exile mentality. All have sought to be like unto the nations rather than
accept their obligation to become an example to the nations of the world. We
thus find that even leaders of strong national parties and even religious
parties consider political interests above Jewish ones. Where are our

I have no doubt that Ariel Sharon really thinks that he made a wise, if
painful, decision. In his mind he "had no choice" but to surrender to powers
greater than he. Were he truly a G-d fearing leader he would have understood
that, indeed, he had no choice other than to reject even a suggestion of
parting with any part of the Land of Israel.

Again, rather than succumbing to despair, we must come to terms with
reality. This is not the first time that our leaders have not only
disappointed us, but made gravely dangerous and suicidal decisions. Even
before we had a state the majority of our leaders did not want to declare
our independence for fear of our enemies. Every time we won a war which was
waged by our enemies to destroy us, we stopped short of destroying them and
even returned much of the spoil of battle, which only served to tempt them
to attack us again. We never learned the lesson of our sages, "When one
comes to kill you, rise up and kill him first".

We accepted the partition plan. We gave back the Sinai. From the day after
the Six Day War we tried to give away Judea and Samaria for peace. Had our
enemies agreed they could have had it all immediately. We have never wanted
to believe that all our enemies want is to destroy us. They have no interest
in living with a Jewish State of any size. Today, with all of our past
experience, including suicide murderers who are willing to die in order to
murder, we still refuse to believe our own eyes. Rather than accept the
bitter reality and simply remove our enemies from our midst, we have decided
to force them to live in peace with us, even against their will. This is
truly an absurd concept.

It is true that we cannot rule over one and a half-million people who are
not Jews. We should not do so. If such people choose to live in Israel and
cannot accept our sovereignty and abide by our laws, it is not our
obligation to simply carve out a piece of our country and give it to them!
It is simple common sense to expel such people from our country. Why do
numbers give legitimacy to murder and thievery? The Land of Israel belongs
to the people of Israel; the Jewish people exclusively. That we have been
magnanimous and welcomed others to live here with us in no way obligates us
to grant sovereignty to our guests, nor to tolerate outright rebellion.

Yes, Mr. Sharon, it may well be that defying the United States will hurt our
economy. But, if we are a sovereign nation, then we certainly do have
choices. The truth is that we are more than a sovereign state. We are
fulfillment of Biblical destiny which brings with it obligations to the
Creator of the Universe. You, Sir, are a witness to countless miracles which
saw this state created in defiance of world powers, and survive many wars in
which we were outnumbered and logically should have lost. Even though you
are not an observant Jew, your own experiences in this country must make you
believe in our G-d. If you fear George Bush more than the Living G-d of
Israel, and your recent actions indicate that you do, deliverance will come
to Israel from another source and you will fall into the trash heap with
Jewish traitors like Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin and Yossi Sarid.

Because the Jewish State is a Divine process, not a natural one, it will
never be destroyed. But those who have been placed in positions of
leadership and deliberately place her in danger for fear of the nations will
cause needless tragedy to the nation, and personal tragedy to themselves. At
times like these it is incumbent upon our rabbis and religious leaders to
openly declare that it is a sin to even suggest giving away any part of our
homeland. They should call for civil disobedience should any effort be made
to remove Jews from any part of Eretz Yisrael. And they themselves should
set the example. Where are our Rabbis?

Those who are in a position to invite Gary Cooperberg to speak to their
local groups may contact him directly at gary@projectshofar.org. Gary makes
regular speaking tours to the states and strives to reach out to all who
express an interest in the ongoing process of Zionist Redemption, Jew and
Gentile alike. An observant Jew, Gary will not enter into a church
sanctuary, but will be happy to address groups in a social hall or other
secular location.

Monday, May 26, 2003

from www.israpundit.blogspot.com
Joseph Norland posted a valuable comment this morning, called "Adding Insult to Injury." According to Norland, terrorists in Judea, Samaria and Gaza have been handed a three-part victory:
(i)Israel has recognized the creation of a sovereign "Palestine" without getting anything in return (such as recognition of a sovereign Israel);
(ii) the framework has been internationalized and utterly ignores Israeli concerns; and
(iii) procedures for creating a Palestinian Arab state have been set in motion without the "Palestinians" having to stop their continual violence.
"Until last spring, I held what people call a pro-Palestinian position"
Francis J. Gil-White, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, writes at Arutz Sheva that he was wrong in believing the following about the Middle East:

1) That the media (at least the American media) has a uniformly pro-Israel bias;
2) That Arafat's Fatah is a secular nationalist organization trying to combat the fundamentalist influences of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other Islamist terrorists;
3) That Palestinian terrorism is not anti-Semitic, but aims at national liberation;
4) That the Palestinian leadership has attempted to implement the Oslo accords in good faith, but the Israelis have sabotaged the process;
5) That Israel is a state overwhelmingly made up of European and American Jews who moved into Palestine and displaced Middle Eastern natives;
6) That historically, Jews were well-treated in the Arab world, and that current Arab hostility therefore stems from the current conflict.

Gil-White points readers to the official website of the Palestinian Authority as of 8 January 2003, which graphically portrays the sought-after state of "Palestine." Believe it or not, Israel simply does not exist on this map, but is replaced in its entirety (G-d forbid) by the state of "Palestine."
Women's Rights, Islamic Style
A leading Muslim scholar has ruled that women are permitted to carry out suicide attacks. The Muslim cleric said that "this obligation [of jihad] reaches the extent that a woman should go out for jihad even without the permission of her husband, and the son without the consent of his parents." Furthermore, Muslim women are allowed to violate Islamic teachings by traveling unaccompanied by a close male relative and without having to cover their heads -- for the sake of carrying out an attack. More. . .

Sunday, May 25, 2003

Letters to the Editors, Sunday New York Times: "Locating Palestine" (2 Letters)

To the Editor:

Re "Crossing Jordan: The Exit That Isn't on Bush's `Road Map' " (Week in Review, May 18):

The chimerical idea of solving the Palestinian problem by declaring that "Jordan is Palestine" has been peddled by hard-right Israelis for years. The Jordanian monarchy won't accept it (is, in fact, terrified of it). The Palestinians won't accept it, since that would mean permanently accepting what they see as their unjust dispossession of their ancestral lands. And most Israelis don't want it either --because it would solve nothing.

If a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza is unacceptable because it would be a "terrorist base" for attacks against Israel, how long would it be before Israel viewed a Palestinianized Jordan the same way? The proposal of Benyamin Elon, a minister in the Israeli government, would only make a bad situation worse -- especially if carried out at gunpoint.

Staten Island, May 18, 2003

To the Editor:

Benyamin Elon's vision of transferring the Palestinians from the West Bank (Week in Review, May 18) should be called ethnic cleansing. But the inherent flaws of the "road map" and its two-state formula deserve scrutiny.

As a former member of the International Solidarity Movement -- some of whose members have been maimed, killed and detained by the Israeli military -- I recognize that Jews have legitimate ties to the West Bank. Furthermore, Jews should have free access to holy sites like the Tomb of Abraham (or the Ibrahimi Mosque, as it is known to Muslims). Just as surely, Palestinians have the right to reclaim land lost in Israel through nearly six decades of war.

So when will we finally give a fair hearing to the idea of binationality, with full electoral enfranchisement, and separation of religion and state? No wall between Jews and Palestinians can ever resolve each side's deep existential fears.

New York, May 18, 2003

Shavua Tov
If anyone's been reading this blog, I'm so sorry: I took off on a 20th-anniversary trip with the mensch whose company has been a continuous blessing in my life for the last twenty years -- without so much as a good-bye noted on this blog. I promise to get back to it by tomorrow. In the meantime, you should read "Mapping a one-way road to Washington" at DEBKAfile, to find out what they think Sharon has been promised in exchange for cooperation with the road map.