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Saturday, June 21, 2003

"It's a quarter to Bibi"

I read an editorial somewhere titled, "It's a quarter to Bibi," about how the Palestinians should take this opportunity to make peace, because it won't last. I can't find the article now, but I'll never forget the title.

Speaking of Bibi, read his explication of "A Limited Palestinian State". Limited is the key word.

A Nation of Schizophrenics?

by Yaffa Ganz
published in the Jewish World Review.

"I was in high spirits the entire day, anticipating the wedding. The weather was perfect; everything was well planned and in order. It was going to be a beautiful affair. The thought even crossed my mind, "Thank goodness it's quiet here (i.e. Israel, the Middle East, the World!) today. Nothing to spoil the blessing of a another wonderful new Jewish beginning, another new Jewish home."

Then I received the first phone call. At 4:20 P.M. a bus had been blown up on Jaffa Street in downtown Jerusalem during peak rush hours. "

Drek from the Imams in Iraq

Rumors are sweeping Baghdad that many of the American soldiers are Jews and are buying property in Iraq. "The Jews are buying real estate, homes, shops and agricultural fields, using fake names, to do to us what they did with Palestine," said the preacher at the Mother of All Battles Mosque in Baghdad, Thaer Ibrahim al-Shomari. "Be careful, and don't rush to sell. The country is dear and the land is dear."

There are an estimated 40 to 60 Jews left in Baghdad.

More . . .

Shavua Tov, Boulder!

A couple of juicy quotes from the official Palestinian Authority website:

Dahlan (PA Minister of State for Security Affairs): "The real obstacle to the US-led "roadmap" to peace in the Middle East is not "terrorism" from Palestinians, but the Israeli Army."

Abu Mazen: " We are on the threshold of a historic era to resolve our conflict for good and (Israel's) ways should change. Israel should transform from a foe to a partner . . . the logic of confrontation is not in harmony with the logic of peace."

More . . .

Friday, June 20, 2003

I got, well, I guess it's hate-mail of a sort

No return address, no signature. Obviously not much courage of conviction there, and probably, sadly, a Jew-hating-Jew, but nevertheless, this is what s/he says:

"Anne, darling

I've seen you around town and heard your talk and read you letters. I would like to respectfully suggest you get help from a therapist-jewish preferably- about your over active denial gland. Israel has committed heinous crimes against the indigenous people of Palestine and you seem to only gloat about it. You may not agree, but most people see them as people too."

On the other side is a xerox copy of a statement in support of Israel which I helped to organize, and which was published in the local papers, with 400 signatures. The signatures remain, but our text has been supplanted with the following:

"We the undersigned do not believe in KARMA. So when international observers like Rachel Cory (21) who was cruelly crushed by an Israeli bulldozer, Tom Herndal (21), Brian Avery (24), and also James Miller a documentary filmmaker and a Routers reporter, all wearing fluorescent vests, were shot in the head by the Israel "Defense" Force we look the other way and stand by Israel.

We believe in stealing land by guns and death for our own salvation. We stand by Israel in suppressing, humiliating and destroying the culture of poor indigenous people and grabbing land by colonies and walls.

We do not believe our actions are endangering of labeling all Jews as Vicious and therefore putting their reputations in jeopardy.

In the name of Zionism we damn the Palestinians for not forfeiting "our" land peacefully.

In the name of greed, righteous Zionism and denial . . . [we stand with Israel].

Oh, and for a special touch, the writer used a U.S. stamp with Arabic writing.

Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh Bazeh

All Jews are responsible for one another.

Excerpt of account in the New York Times

. . . Many soldiers and police did not carry weapons, and they sought to avoid using force. But every time they moved toward the outpost, clusters of settlers jumped in their path, and pushing, shoving, shouting and wrestling quickly ensued.

Dozens were often involved in the brawls, but hundreds took part in a melee as soldiers pulled down the main tent amid a cloud of dust.

The tense atmosphere would calm briefly between battles. Soldiers would share snacks with the settlers. In one instance, a soldier gave his water bottle to a settler who was dripping with sweat as he tossed wood on a fire that was blocking the road to the settlement.

One protester, Yossi, encountered his brother, Moshe, a soldier, Israel radio reported, without giving their last name.

"We greeted each other and embraced, and continued with our business," Yossi said. "We know many soldiers in the area, and they know us. We cry, and they cry with us, and we are all equally pained."

By sundown, soldiers had removed the tents and demolished the cinderblock hut and an outhouse with sledgehammers. Only a guard post was left standing, but the settlers remained.

"This government is crazy," said Shilo, a student at a Jewish seminary who declined to give his last name. "We can come back tomorrow and rebuild this."

Mr. Sharon's government said it took down 10 uninhabited settlements last week. It also listed five populated ones that were to be dismantled, and Mitzpeh Yitzhar was the first.

Peace Now, an Israeli group that monitors settlements, says that more than 60 have gone up in the West Bank since Mr. Sharon came to power. The government has not said how many will be dismantled, but it has suggested it will be far fewer than 60.

The Palestinians say the road map is clear on the settlements: all must come down.

Mitzpeh Yitzhar is typical of many outposts. It has just a few residents and is less than a mile from the formal settlement of Yitzhar, home to some of the most ideologically hard-line Israeli settlers.

More than 200,000 Israelis live in nearly 150 formal settlements that have been built in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, land Israel captured in the 1967 Mideast war.

Adi Mintz, general manager of the Settlers Council, an umbrella group that represents all the settlements, said the protesters would make every evacuation difficult.

"Wherever Mr. Sharon tries to move Jews from their homes, we will be there to protest," he said. "Every place that Mr. Sharon destroys, we will rebuild."

AMEN. And Good Shabbos,

Fatal shooting attack kills one Israeli -- Double bomb attack averted

but the "Peace" goes on . . .
Colin Powell is quoted as saying that the key to the whole process is building up the capability of the Palestinian Authority security forces as quickly as possible. JPost

About 1:40 pm Friday, Palestinian terrorists attacked a car near Ofra. Brooklyn-born Zvi Goldstein, 47, who emigrated to Israel in 1992, was shot and killed. His wife, Michal, and his parents -- Gene and Lorraine Goldstein, both 73, of Plainview, NY, who had come to attend their grandson's wedding Thursday -- were wounded.

Earlier, in Gush Katif, a bicycle loaded with explosives was discovered. A second bomb, 20 kg., was set to explode nearby (when aid workers would have arrived at the scene in the wake of the bicycle bomb). Both were dealt with by the army, in a controlled explosion. Thank G-d, there were no injuries

Be uplifted for Shabbos

See a beautiful array of black-and-white photos of the kotel.

Regurgitating Oslo

"Hamas's big victory" by Caroline Glick
I post here Glick's conclusion, but the piece bears reading in its entirety.

". . . As for the larger strategic blunder of regurgitating Oslo, we are told by our media elites that there is no alternative. No other plan exists, they say. Tel Aviv University held a three-day conference this week in which the participants at the failed Camp David summit sat and discussed why their operation was a success, even if the patient died. There has been no discussion whatsoever of Tourism Minister Benny Elon's plan to end the war. His plan, which involves the dissolution of the PA and the resettlement of Palestinian refugees in Jordan is completely unknown to Israelis, even as Elon himself has twice traveled to the US to explain his alternative to American audiences. Perhaps his ideas have merit. Perhaps some do and others do not. How can we know?

That Hamas is a terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of the State of Israel through genocide is known by all. So why is no one pointing out how dangerous it is to be negotiating with these murderers? The time has come for the citizens of this country to demand that our leaders contend with reality. We need to be able to tell ourselves that there is something pathological about a people that insists on repeating its mistakes. We must demand and embrace discussion of alternatives to failed strategies. Our political leaders, academic and media elites must be put on notice that we insist that alternative voices be heard, because what stands in the balance is not about them. It is about our survival."

Thursday, June 19, 2003

HAMAS on the payroll at the Palestinian Authority? Why not?

PA PM Abu Mazen has offered to put all the Hamas terrorists on the PA payroll so that they will not have to give up their weapons. -- according to Israel Television Channel One Arab Affair Correspondent Oded Granot.

Jews Against Jews

Arutz Sheva: Evacuation of Mitzpeh Yitzhar is not Going Peacefully

Large forces of army and police are currently evacuating the Mitzpeh Yitzhar outpost in the Shomron - or at least some of its structures. The forces have closed off the roads leading to the area, but many people are continuing to make their way by foot. Hundreds of people are there already.

Daniella Weiss, long-time Yesha activist and Mayor of Kedumim, was one of those who reached the area by foot. "Unfortunately," she told Arutz-7's Ruti Avraham today, "the special forces are using tremendous force, even cruelty, not only against the males, but also against the girls and women." The law is that people must be evacuated only by soldiers or police of their own gender.

Two people were hurt when an army jeep ran over them during the course of the evacuation.

A restraining order has been issued against the destruction of one of the permanent structures at Mitzpeh Yitzhar.

Women-in-Green issued a sharp statement saying, "The Aqaba criminals are worse than the Oslo criminals, as they are releasing murderers and evicting Jews from their homes in the Land of Israel."

The organization calls upon the soldiers not to take part "in the crime of uprooting Jews from the Land of Israel." It further calls upon the NRP and National Union parties to leave the government today.

Terrorist Bomber strikes Moshav: One Killed

From JPost: Avner Mordechai, 60, was killed early Thursday morning when a suicide bomber blew up in his grocery store in northern Israel early Thursday. The attack occurred at about 6am in Moshav Sde Terumot, some five kilometers south of Beit Shean, in the Jordan Valley. Mordechai is survived by his wife Shifra and six children. According to Israel Radio, Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Road Map Scorecard: Palestinians "0"

Are the Palestinians living up to their commitmants as laid down in the road map? Not according to Michael Freund, writing in the Jewish World Review.

Road Map: The Palestinians are required to immediately undertake an unconditional cessation of violence. According to statistics compiled by the IDF, there were 142 Palestinian terror attacks in the 10 days prior to the Aqaba summit. But in the 10 days immediately following it, there were 154 an increase of almost 10%. These included shootings, stabbings, bombings, rocket attacks against Jewish communities, and the detonation of explosive devices against civilian vehicles."

A 5-year-old Israeli girl and her mother are rushed to Beilinson Hospital after their family was gunned down in a terrorist ambush attack on their car late last night. 7-year-old Noam Leibowitz, daughter and sister of those pictured, was killed. The girls' grandfather was wounded as well. Arafat's Al Aqsa Brigades was among those who claimed responsibility.

Road Map: Abu Mazen at Aqaba: "We will also act vigorously against incitement and violence and hatred . . . " Two days later, the official Palestinian radio broadcast Friday sermons; a Muslim preacher denounced the establishment of the State of Israel as a "disaster" and a "catastrophe." A week later, "O Allah, destroy the Jews and their supporters. . . destroy the United States and its allies."

Etc. etc. yadda, yadda, yadda.

Giuliani heads American delegation to European Conference on combatting Antisemitism

In an op-ed piece in today's New York Times, Rudy Giuliani responds to the "worldwide surge in antisemitic violence," citing the occurence of physical attacks against Jews in France last spring at a rate of 8 to 12 per day.


To WebEditors@newsweek.com and letters@newsweek.com

To the Editors,

Your June 23 issue online includes an article by Michael Hirsh, "The Mideast: Neocons on the Line" . In this, the author parenthetically states that "as yet Ariel Sharon is adamantly resisting [giving up settlements]." And what a brazen lie this is! How anyone can say such a thing, in Newsweek, when it's simply not true, is beyond me.

At the summit in Aqaba on JUNE 3, Ariel Sharon announced the intention to remove unauthorized outposts. The destruction of these outposts began on June 9th; ten outposts were dismantled overnight . Intentions and plans to dismantle settlements continue.

I would expect to see, and will appreciate, a published correction.

Moreover, Newsweek neglects the racist and immoral nature of this expulsion of Jews from the terrortories. While the world demands Israel to allow Arabs to live within her borders, it is widely accepted that the Arabs should receive lands that are totally "Judenrein," free of Jews! No one recognizes nor publicizes this double standard. No one is screaming about the destruction of Israeli settlements as "ethnic cleansing," and no one is calling the Arabs on their racism.

Why do you think that is?

Anne Lieberman

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

United States envoy, John Wolf, with Abu Mazen.

Meanwhile, they're shooting and killing our children. On purpose.
A seven-year-old Israeli girl was killed, her sister and grandfather wounded, in a shooting attack Tuesday near the West Bank town of Qalqilya Tuesday night. The 11-year-old sister was seriously wounded and the grandfather, apparently the driver, was moderately wounded, when shots were fired at the car as it was exiting the Trans-Israel Highway near Kibbutz Eyal, adjacent to Qalqilya.

The attack, which came as Palestinian terrorist groups were discussing a temporary ceasefire, occured on a highway close to the Israeli town of Kfar Saba, on the other side of the road from Qalkilya.

Mazal Tov

Boulder's Peter Booth made it into The Daily Standard's Top 10 Letters.
Like Shabbat, he's No. 7.

Kol hakavod, Peter -- keep up the good work!

Interview with ZAKA worker, Yisroel Stefansky

Listen to this.

The Pipeline of Hatred

Watch this.

WOW. Read this!

from Naomi Ragen's mailing list

Dear Friends,

I suppose it must be obvious that the last week has brought our spirits low. I can't say I've ever felt worse about the situation. Not only do we have hundreds hospitalized, funerals, and again the atrocity of blood spilled in the holy city of Jerusalem by Muslim barbarians, but we have a government that is considering releasing more terrorists to please President Bush. The last terrorist released (who killed 14 people with an exploding refrigerator, and injured dozens) is now an official "advisor" to Yasir Arafat.

The following letter made me feel better for some reason. Perhaps because it brims with such sincere good will from such an unexpected place. I have asked the author for permission to send it out and to use her name and e-mail address (I never, ever send out anything you send to me without asking permission, the same way I would if it was a private letter written to me) which she has kindly granted.

Thank you Donna. God bless you and yours.


Dear Naomi Ragen,

I have read many articles that you have written about life in Israel. You write with great insight and truth. I am writing to attempt to send encouragement to you and to your family. I am a 65 year old American Christian woman living in the very heart of America. Each day I travel to Israel on my computer. I read your newspapers and learn all that I can about events in Israel. I have raised both of my sons to love the Jewish people and your right to live in safety in your homes and on your land. My sons are in their 30's and are strong defenders of Israel. My granddaughter is 6 years old. I teach her of Jerusalem and she knows the names of some of your leaders. She thinks Benjamin Netanyahu and I are old friends. Often she asks me how my friend Benjamin is doing in Israel. Of course, the nearest I have ever come to Mr. Netanyahu was when he came to Rochester, Mn. to visit at the Mayo Clinic when King Hussein of Jordan was a patient here. My son and I went out to the airport to show our support when Mr. Netanyahu arrived that day in our small city. We could not get within 200 feet of him ....we could not even see him depart from his Israeli airplane. But, it was close enough for us. We talk often of the day that an Israeli Prime Minister landed in his plane at our small airport...in the middle of corn fields. We felt so honored to have him here.

I do so wish I could express to you the love that is in the hearts of many of my friends. My best friend Chris lives in Arizona and often calls to talk with me about what we both have been reading. Chris calls Judie in New Mexico and we all agree to pray. We do not understand the Road Map. We do not grasp the convoluted thinking of the world's leaders regarding Israel. But this we do know...any man or woman that runs for election will never...ever get our vote without 100% support of the Jewish people in Israel and their right to ALL of their land. We send emails to our leaders to voice our views.

You wrote a question: Is it something to be proud of or ashamed of - this willingness to bury and rebuild and go on in the same direction until the next bomb? Who can know the answer except He who promised your land to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? I am a gardener. I plant vegetables and flowers. I plant to bring beauty and nourishment to my loved ones. Every summer, many critters come to steal from my garden. My son and I put up barriers, we rap them, we spray, we chase. Some things work for a little while, but always they come again to take what is not theirs. So...what is the answer to your question? Well, what can a gardener do but plant again. What can a Jew living in Israel do but build again...and fight with all your might. In the long run of all of our lives, it cannot matter what others do or do not do. You, dear friend must keep writing and then write again.

Many are out here....reading the words you write. We take them to heart and we care. We will pray and we will stand up for you. Be strong and of good courage. God will help you.

A friend,

Donna Paschal

Gallup: Majority of Americans find Antisemitism a problem and are pessimistic about the Israeli-Palestinian situation

In a recent CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll conducted May 30 - June 1, 57% of Americans said that antisemitism is at least "somewhat of a problem." Of that, only 9% consider it a "very serious problem."

Other Gallup polls show confidence dropping over the past month that peace is possible between Israel and the Palestinians. May 19-21, 51% of those polled believed that a peaceful settlement would emerge. By June 12-15, that number was down to 38%.

Only one in four Americans is following the situation "very closely" and only 18% believe that the United States should take Israel's side, down from 27% in September 2001.

Monday, June 16, 2003

American Assoc. of University Professors (AAUP) Condemns USF President for firing Al-Arian

The Washington Post reports that the AAUP passed a resolution condemning University of South Florida President Judy Genshaft for (suspending, and then) firing Sami al-Arian without a hearing before his faculty peers. The Association stopped just short of issuing a censure.

Al-Arian was arrested in February on 50 counts of aiding Arab terrorism; the Federal indictment was 121 pages. Genshaft fired him a week later. According to David Tell, writing for FrontPageMagazine, the Justic Department has him "in constant communication with his Middle East-based peers in the Palestinian Islamic Jihad command council. They have him redrafting the last wills and testaments of soon-to-be PIJ suicide bombers--and making after-the-fact bank transfers to those "martyred" bombers' wives and children. They have him attempting to arrange ocean shipments of explosive precursor chemicals--pelletized urea fertilizer--from Saudi Arabia. They have him editing and circulating a 1995 PIJ press release boasting of responsibility for a bus bombing that killed seven Israelis and a 20-year-old American girl. In short, they have him dead to rights, covered in blood."

The Orlando Sentinel quotes a statement from Pres. Genshaft: "I cannot fathom how the AAUP can look at the same set of facts we looked at and come to the conclusion to condemn us for terminating Dr. Al-Arian. . . The criminal courts still have their job to do, but USF has found Dr. Al-Arian used his university position to support terrorism. Terminating Dr. Al-Arian was the right decision at the right time for the right reasons."

Al-Arian was scheduled to speak at CU-Boulder in early March.

You can write to the AAUP:
Mary A. Burgan, General Secretary: mburgan@aaup.org
Ruth Flower, Director of Public Policy & Communications: rflower@aaup.org

HonestReporting is the best!

Communique: 16 June 2003

Dear HonestReporting Subscriber,

On Sunday, four days after Hamas confessed to the Jerusalem bus massacre that left 17 dead and more than 100 injured, President Bush defended IDF anti-terror actions: "The free world and those who love freedom and peace must deal harshly with Hamas and the killers."

Hours after the President deliberately situated Hamas at the source of the ongoing violence, The New York Times published a kindly profile of Hamas entitled "Defining Hamas: Roots in Charity and Branches of Violence."

The tree metaphor in the headline suggests that a little pruning will leave Hamas merrily doling out schoolbooks and clothing in Gaza City. This is, in fact, the article's central claim: Hamas, established according to The Times on three "pillars" — "religion, charity and the fight against Israel" — has at its historical and moral "roots" concern for Palestinians' health and education. Given this benevolence, therefore, it's reasonable to expect that Hamas "could be persuaded to renounce violence" and accept a two-state solution.

Does communal charity really lie at Hamas' historical "roots"? The Times article offers absolutely no evidence to this effect, stating only that founder Sheik Ahmed Yassin established a social welfare group before launching Hamas. The very name Hamas is an acronym for "Islamic Resistance Movement" — no hint there of communal charity.

And though Hamas does provide certain social programs, its essential, overarching goal to destroy the State of Israel has never wavered since day one. As Hamas declared after Wednesday's bombing: "We call on all military cells to act immediately, like an earthquake, to blow up the Zionist entity and tear it to pieces." "I swear by God," said Abdel Aziz Rantisi last week, "we will not leave a single Jew in Palestine."

The Times characterizes Hamas as having "three pillars: religion, charity, and the fight against Israel." This segmentation mirrors the mistake the media make in calling Sheik Yassin "Hamas' spiritual leader" — implying he is a holy man and not a terrorist. In the same vein, the media commonly label Rantisi Hamas' "political leader" — implying he's a statesman and not a terrorist.

The U.S. State Department classifies Hamas as a terrorist organization, and has frozen all Hamas assets, across the board, without distinction.

The Times' distorted portrayal of Hamas undermines Israel's and America's determination to eliminate this murderous organization — the largest roadblock to regional peace, rooted not in charity, but rather in terrorism and the furious rejection of Israel's very right to exist.

Comments to: letters@nytimes.com


Some media outlets see Hamas clearly for what it is:

-- Toronto Globe and Mail: "Hamas is the exact analogue of al-Qaeda, an extremist group whose aim is not to change the policies and practices of its enemy, but to annihilate and exterminate. There can be no parley with such a foe. No nation would do differently than Israel has done when faced with the sustained terrorist assault that it has endured over the past three years."

Comments to: comments@globeandmail.ca

-- St. Louis Post Dispatch: There is no "moral equivalency between Israeli and Palestinian attacks. Hamas' bombing of innocent civilians on the Jerusalem bus is a savage act of terrorism. Israel is justified in attacking Hamas leaders as armed combatants, just as the United States is justified in attacking al-Qaida."

Comments to: letters@post-dispatch.com

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You've gotta be kidding

In an article at JPost, the UK and France are arguing about Hamas. De Villepin is quoted as saying: "We call on [the political wing of] Hamas to demonstrate that they are against all terrorist activities." This is a joke, right?

Except When You're Targeting Jews by Jeffrey Dunetz

from Aish.com

When I was in grade school, spelling traumatized me. I couldn't get the knack -- all those exceptions. "I" before "e" except after "c," except for weigh and weird. The rules have so many exceptions, that even the exceptions have exceptions. I still get heart palpations just thinking about it. That's probably why I studied international politics in college -- it's so much easier than spelling.

On the world political stage, there is only one exception and it's the same for each rule. It's called, "Except when you're targeting Jews." Let me explain how it works.

Take for example targeted assassinations, like the first lightning strike in the recent war against Saddam Hussein, which was followed up with more targeted strikes against Saddam, his sons, and others such as "Chemical Ali." These hits were hailed as masterstroke by the media. U.S. leaders said that they were instrumental in shortening the war.

On the other hand, when Israel pursues terrorist leaders with targeted strikes, they are criticized by the world community as excessive and provocative. That is because Exception #1 of World Politics states: Targeted killings of terrorists are okay, except when the terrorist is killing Jews.

Civilian casualties? This week, the Associated Press reported there were over 3,200 civilian deaths in the recent Iraq war. The United States government says as much as they have tried, civilian deaths are unavoidable because the Iraqi military is breaking the rules of Geneva Convention by deploying in civilian areas.

It was just a year ago that an Israeli Air Force jet dropped a bomb on a Gaza apartment building housing Salah Shehadeh, the commander of Hamas who had ordered scores of terrorist acts. In the bombing, 15 civilians perished. Israel was severely rebuked.

Obviously the IDF never read Exception #2 of World Politics: Civilian deaths are to be avoided, but cannot be criticized when the enemy is using civilians as human shields... except when you are targeting someone who is killing Jews.

There is another rule which relates to terrorism. Everyone knows that September 11 was terrorism, that the Bali nightclub was terror, that the airline shoe bomber was a terrorist. Terrorism is defined as "intentionally targeting civilians to advance a political cause." Simple, right?

But open up you local paper and see how perpetrators of the following attacks are described: bus bombing in Jerusalem, Seder massacre in Netanya, Bat Mitzvah shooting in Hadera, shopping mall bombing in Haifa. Instead of "terror," the media uses terms like "militant" and "activist."

Which brings us to Exception #3 of World Politics: Do not hesitate to call terrorists "terrorists" -- except when they're targeting Jews.

And then there's the whole issue of eliminating terror from our global landscape. After September 11, President Bush declared war on terrorists and "all who harbor them." The issue is black and white. There is no negotiating with terrorists. After the recent terror attacks in Saudi Arabia, Vice President Cheney declared, "The only way to deal with this threat ultimately is to destroy it. There's no treaty that can solve this problem. There's no peace agreement, no policy of containment or deterrence that works to deal with this threat. We have to go find the terrorists."

Throughout the 1990s, Yasser Arafat enjoyed full immunity, despite not arresting terrorists, stopping funding or confiscating weapons. Under his watchful eye (and often with his signature), Palestinian terror groups organized, trained, armed -- and killed hundreds. And now as the road map begins, Palestinian Prime Minister Abbas has declared that he will not forcibly disarm Hamas, preferring instead to work with them so that they agree to go along (temporarily) with the diplomatic route.

This week, faced with 53 separate terror alerts, Israel finally decided to take out Hamas co-founder and terror chief Abdel Aziz Rantisi. After the missile strike (which Rantisi narrowly escaped), world condemnation of the IDF was resounding; President Bush called Israel's action "troubling."

It highlighted Exception #4 of World Politics: Weed out and fight terrorism wherever you may find it... except if the terrorists are targeting Jews.
Without knowing these basic exceptions to the rules of world politics, how can anyone make sense of the Mideast situation? If only spelling were so easy...

Author Jeff Dunetz is a 20-year marketing veteran, and a freelance writer. He is married and the father of two kids who ask lots of questions about being Jewish that he can't answer. Jeff has been active in Jewish organizations since his USY days. Presently he is a Member of the Board of Trustees of the Dix Hills Jewish Center.

Joseph Farah: Abbas is evil in his own right

Joseph Farah welcomes hints that Abu Mazen may resign. He says, "Abbas is a fraud. Abbas is evil in his own right. Abbas is a deceiver. Abbas is an anti-Semite and a hater."

Farah has interesting ideas about how Abbas' soviet education has led him to practice "progress" through conflict; thus when Arafat and Abbas are supposedly at odds, "There is no schism. It's not real. They are play-acting." Read it all, and thank the author at jfarah@worldnetdaily.com.

Letter from Columbia/Barnard Hillel Rabbi

Harvard Divinity School accepts $2.5 million from antisemitic think tank

Dear Friends -

As you may have heard, in July 2000, the Harvard Divinity School accepted a $2.5 million gift from Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates, for the creation of an endowed professorship in Islamic Religious Studies. Zayed funds the Zayed Center for Coordination and Follow-Up, a prominent think-tank of the Arab League, based in Abu Dhabi. The Center is described on its website as the "fulfillment of the vision of Sheikh Zayed". It routinely promotes and publishes Holocaust denial literature and Jewish blood libels, as well as publications claiming that the U.S. military was behind the September 11th attacks. The above facts were discovered by Rachel Fish, a Masters' student at Harvard and have been reported in various local and national media, including the Harvard Gazette, Boston Globe, CBS Evening News, NPR's "All Things Considered" and The Jewish Week.

On March 19th, Dean Graham of the Harvard Divinity School met with a student delegation, including Rachel Fish, who requested that the School return the donation to Sheikh Zayed. Dean Graham, who in May 2002 signed a petition calling on Harvard to divest from Israel, promised to research the facts and to get back to the students within 4 to 6 weeks. Unfortunately, the Harvard Administration has so far remained silent on the issue.

An organization was founded -- "Students for an Ethical Divinity School" -- whose website www.moralitynotmoney.com contains an email petition encouraging the return of the donation. We encourage you to take a second, visit the site and its Timeline, and determine if you agree with its content. If that is the case, you might consider signing on.

Charles Sheer
Jewish Chaplain and Director
Hillel at Columbia University and Barnard College
The Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life

more information about Columbia/Barnard Hillel

972,000 Thousand New York Jews

Why did I ever leave Brooklyn?!
The UJA-Federation of New York has released a new study of New York Jews, according to the New York Times. Some interesting items:

* The Jewish population of New York City has fallen by 5% since 1991, but rose by a corresponding amount in suburban counties.

* Jewish population up 40% in Westchester Co. since 1991.

* One in five Jewish households in NYC report incomes that meet the definition of poverty.

* Jews constitute almost 35% of the city's white population.

* Proportion of orthodox Jews on the rise -- up to 19%, from 13% in 1991; corresponding drop in Reform and Conservative.

* In 1957, one out of every four New Yorkers was Jewish, compared with one in eight today.

* Staten Island: 42,000 Jews, up 27% in the last decade.

* 92% of Jews in the City and three suburban counties said that the survival of Israel was very important to them.

Sunday, June 15, 2003

What does the [Boulder] Daily Camera have in common with Arafat's Fatah?

What does the Daily Camera have in common with Arafat’s Fatah? They both blame Israel for undercutting the “peace” of the road map, and for the escalation of terror attacks on Israelis. In a press release Thursday, June 12, Fatah held Israel responsible for sabotaging peace by "continuing its aggression and assassinations.” On Saturday, the Camera ran a Los Angles Times editorial that said “Regrettably, Israel on Tuesday tried to kill Abdul Aziz Rantisi . . . tit-for-tat retaliation lets terrorists sabotage the peace process.”

Get it? Israel “lets” the terrorists sabotage the peace process. Israel sabotages the peace process. Israel should “not let” terrorism interfere with peace. Israel should not escalate the conflict by allowing terrorists to blow up her citizens. Israel should overlook terrorists blowing up her citizens. Israel should keep to the roadmap, make more concessions, dismantle more settlements, offer more gestures of good will and receive more empty Arab promises. Israel should not undercut the position of Abu Mazen by trying to assassinate the head of Hamas. Israel shouldn’t make Abu Mazen look bad, like he’s not doing his job, by doing it for him. Israel should help Abu Mazen gain support among his own people, by giving him “a chance.” Israel needs to be secure, but . . . (fill in the qualifier of your choice).

Faced with constant war and an intractable enemy that wants to annihilate them, Israel should give peace a chance. Faced with terrorists who hide themselves among women and children, Israel should exercise restraint. Faced with Rantisi and his Hamas, who assert that they will fight “until every last criminal Zionist is evicted from this land,” Israel should leave the poor man alone.

Like the archetype of a woman caught in domestic violence, Israel is criticized for what she does, for what she might do, for what she doesn’t do and for what the Arabs to do her. Jabotinsky said it well, decades ago, before there was a Jewish state: “We are hated not because we are blamed for everything, but we are blamed for everything because we are not loved.”

So the Camera joins the chorus blaming Israel. So what? So we are not loved. We have never been. So Israel will do what Jews have always done - it is the very nature of our blessing - Israel will survive, and go on.

Anne Lieberman