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Saturday, July 19, 2003

Knesset Resolution!

I think I'm rather up on the news about Israel, but I had no idea that on Tuesday, 7.15, Israel's Knesset voted 26-8 in favor of a resolution that read, in part:

"The territories of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza are not occupied territories neither from a historic standpoint, nor from that of international law, and not according to the agreements signed by the State of Israel... The Knesset strengthens the hands of the residents of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, and calls upon the government to continue to develop the communities."

An editorial by Ryan Jones at Jerusalem Newswire does a beautiful job of explaining the Israeli understanding that it has a right (which it is willing to forfeit) to control Judea, Samaria and Gaza, and supporting that position in terms of international law.

Read the well-named, well-thought-out, and well-written "Crux of the conflict" in its entirety. And memorize it.


by David Meir-Levy, published in FrontPage Magazine

Dear President McCormick:

As I am sure you know, the National Student Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement will take place in October at the campus of Rutgers University, of which you are President. It is already clear that their agenda will include sessions on how to pressure colleges to divest from Israel-related investments. Their leadership, and especially the local organizer of this event, Charlotte Kates (a Rutgers Law student), have spoken out favorably on behalf of suicide bombers as a tool of justice, and against the right of Israel to exist as a sovereign state. Moreover, similar conferences held at Concordia University and Berkeley turned very quickly into blatant hate-fests with anti-semitic speeches and encouragement to anti-Jewish violence.

I understand that you have condoned the conference in the name of freedom of speech. I most sincerely urge you to reconsider, because the issue is not freedom of speech, but what is the proper role of a university. Academic license should not include the license to incite to violence. As you probably know, "anti-Semitism" is a designation coined in mid-19th century Germany to offer a more politically correct term for Jew-hatred. Jew-hatred sounded bad, ugly, uncouth. Anti-Semitism sounded more scientific, civil, 'gentille.' Few spoke out against this euphemism. So the term gained acceptance, and entered the vocabulary of Western civilization. In doing so, it turned a primitive social psychosis into a politically correct social value. European, and especially German, society was then able to integrate this legitimized psychosis in to a political doctrine of hatred, repression and, ultimately, genocide.

Happily for Western society, especially post-World War II, this euphemism has been recognized for what it is. Most of the West's mainstream social, political, and intellectual leadership has distanced itself from anti-Semitism; recognizing that, no matter what faux veneer of acceptability is used, Jew-hatred is still just that: a senseless pathology, symptomatic of a sick mind and a sick society, leading in the end to injustice, repression, violence, and genocide.

Not so in the Arab world. Mainstream media and school books have for decades promoted the crudest and ugliest of the images, slogans, and canards of Nazi and Medieval European Jew-hatred; lending valence and acceptability to the basest of anti-Jewish lies, forgeries, and accusations. Witness, inter alia, the recent series of newspaper articles in Saudi Arabia, describing Jewish blood libel as scientific fact. And even more heinous, the textbooks used in elementary schools in Syria, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority, which demonize Israelis (and Jews in general) as Zionist "infidels," and Christians as blood-thirsty "crusaders." The children of much of the Arab world are educated into an ideology of hatred that de-legitimizes an entire people. That de-legitimization makes it noble to work toward the destruction of Israel and the butchering of its Jewish inhabitants. Dulce et decorum est...to slaughter the Jews.

Oddly, this Arab version of Jew-hatred has begun to insidiously infect Western society with the help of new euphemisms: anti-Israel and anti-Zionist. Clearly, one can be anti-Israel without being anti-Jewish. Anti-Zionism does not equal anti-Semitism. But it is precisely this truism that is exploited by the purveyors of the new Jew-hatred, who seek a more respectable label for their old psychosis. Palpable and unabashed hate crimes recently perpetrated against Jews and Jewish institutions are defended as expressions of reasonable political critique-against Israel. We are witness to a rerun of the phenomenon of 19th century Germany: find the right euphemism, and the hatred becomes acceptable, even in the most civil of societies.

Even odder, some academics and liberal leaders have adopted this newly revised edition of Jew-hatred as a cornerstone in their fight for 'truth and justice.' These erstwhile defenders of our social and political systems, which for centuries have been defined as having "malice toward none" (Abraham Lincoln) and equal opportunity of access for all (Thomas Jefferson), have incorporated the new euphemisms of Jew-hatred into their publications, speeches, and classrooms...much to the bewilderment of many -- and to the glee of a hate-driven few. And perhaps oddest of all, they have done so of their own free will, enthusiastically exploiting their faculty status and academic freedom to proffer anti-Israel propaganda as scholarship and anti-Zionist polemic as education. Their reckless misuse of their positions of trust among colleagues and students has contributed directly to the creation on many campuses of an atmosphere of hate and distrust toward Israel, Israelis, Jews, and anyone identifying with any of the above. I most sincerely urge you, therefore, to draw a line in the sand. The university should not be a promoter of Jew-hatred, nor an inciter of violence.

Sincerely yours,

David Meir-Levi


Richard L. McCormick, President
Rutgers University
83 Somerset Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

phone: 732-932-7454
fax: 732-932-8060
email: president@rutgers.edu

James E. McGreevey
Governor of New Jersey
PO Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625

phone: 609-292-6000 or 609-777-2500
webmail: http://www.state.nj.us/governor/govmail.html

Friday, July 18, 2003

Kol hakavod, Caroline Glick!

How true, and how radical it sounds in the present atmosphere:
"For the Palestinians to be credible partners for peace with Israel they must become Zionists."

(Read it all at JPost.)

Amen, and Good Shabbos.

"It's politically incorrect [in Hollywood] to support Israel"

See this article in the Forward about how slow Hollywood celebrities are to mobilize in support of Israel.

From Arutz Sheva: "Energizing Support For Israel "

An energy company in New York State has thought of a new way to support Israel. For every customer who signs up, and then again in accordance with his usage, the company - ECONnergy of Spring Valley, NY - will donate at least $18 to a worthy Israeli organization. The service is currently available in New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. The company will supply gas and electricity to the local utility, which will then continue to supply it to the customer - at lower prices, ECONnergy states, and with a donation to Israel thrown in on the side.

Customers can currently designate one or all of the following four organizations for their donations: Navah, which delivers care packages, distributes funds, and visits with terror victims and their families; One Israel Fund, which provides humanitarian assistance to the over 225,000 Israelis living in Yesha; Yad Eliezer, staffed by 10,000 volunteers, which provides food, clothing and financial assistance to more than 50,000 people in 17 cities across Israel; and ZAKA, providing emergency on-site first aid and assistance in rescue, recovery and identification of terror attack victims.

See www.energyforisrael.com for more information.


According to the NYTimes, Gov. James E. McGreevey of New Jersey declined yesterday to step in to prevent a student group from holding a pro-Palestine conference at Rutgers University in October, even though some Jewish leaders and others say the group promotes anti-Semitic views.

Mr. McGreevey met with the president of Rutgers, Richard L. McCormick, yesterday to respond to growing criticism that the National Student Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement was being organized by students with ties to terrorists.

The governor's director of communications, Kathleen Ellis, had this to say:

"The fact of the matter is, though [the Governor] personally has very strong negative feelings about this group's message, it does come down to this is America and we all have a right to express our views as long as it's not a threat to anyone's safety. No one gets to pick and choose who gets to speak, who gets the stage."

And the victorious New Jersey Solidarity promised/threatened at their website:

"We will continue to demonstrate, mobilize, organize and take action, and we look forward to the successful third North American conference to bring the numerous organizers throughout the continent together to strengthen our movement, strategize for the future, and build a sustainable movement linked to our sisters and brothers in Palestine."

If circumstances are not favorable . . .

"All people, Jews or gentiles, who dare not defend themselves when they know they are in the right, who submit to punishment not because of what they have done but because of who they are, are already dead by their own decision; and whether or not they survive physically depends on chance. If circumstances are not favorable, they end up in gas chambers."


Tel Aviv Museum of Arts

From a Ben Gurion University professor, via the Freemanlist:
Let me tell you about a little experience I had today. Before entering the Opera House to watch the opera Nabuko, we decided to visit the Tel-Aviv Museum of Arts. Going down to the first floor we found ourselves in an exhibition by David Wakstein called "Explosion".

While I don't regard myself qualified to judge the artistic quality of the paintings, I would like to give you a few examples of the works of art:

A map of the world and on it hands engraved with a Star of David and blood dripping from them.

A Star of David combined with a Swastika.

Two red canvasses, on one of them two small circles with the Star of David, on the other a small circle with a Swastika. I happen to remember that this masterpiece is called "settlers".

Again and again, "If I am not for myself, who will be for me?" (Pirkei Avot).

Symposium: Road Map to What?

Benny Elon, Norman Spector and Stephen Plaut talk to FrontPageMagazine
Plaut: "These are borders that invite yet further Arab aggression. When Israel held no "occupied territories" and ruled no Palestinians, the Arabs repeatedly attacked Israel and attempted to annihilate it and its population, including in 1967. Why should anyone believe the Arabs would behave differently now if the world recreates the situation that existed before 1967?"

Elon: "Rather than solving the Palestinian problem, this 'State' will make things worse: On one side of the border a modern state with a developed economy (Israel), and on the other side, a poor protectorate, unable to provide for its citizens, who will remain bitter and frustrated."

Spector: "The root of the Mideast conflict is the non-acceptance of the legitimacy of a Jewish state, in whatever borders, in the region."

To read the dialogue in its entirety, click here.

This drives me CRAZY!

Check out this choice tidbit from Newsday.com:


Abbas Visit Raises Hopes

Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas will seek U.S. help in winning Israeli implementation of the "road map" peace plan in talks with President George W. Bush later this month, Palestinian officials said yesterday.

A temporary cease-fire declared by Palestinian militants on June 29 has reduced violence, but progress on the peace plan has stalled.

Palestinians are hoping Abbas' meeting with Bush at the White House, set for July 25, will lead to Israeli moves such as dismantling more settlement outposts and withdrawing further from Palestinian towns. Abbas' government is also pushing for release of thousands of Palestinians held in Israeli jails, but that is not spelled out in the road map, which calls for an end to fighting and a Palestinian state by 2005.

Yesterday the White House officially confirmed the Abbas visit, noting that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is to meet Bush four days later.

The only thing good about this is that it almost points out that Israel is not required by the roadmap to release prisoners. What it IGNORES is this first sentence of the road map text, under PHASE I: "The Palestinians immediately undertake an unconditional cessation of violence . . . "

Or how about this, beginning the second paragrah under PHASE I: "At the outset of Phase I: Palestinian leadership issues unequivocal statement regarding Israel's right to exist in peace and security and calling for an immediate and unconditional cease-fire to end armed activity and all acts of violence against Israelis anywhere."

During the first 11 weeks since Abu Mazen became prime minister and the Road Map was published, there have been a total of 321 Palestinian Arab terrorist attacks or attempted attacks, in which 51 people were murdered and 317 wounded (see ZOA press release below).

Argh and grrrr. Write to Newsday: letters@newsday.com

Boker tov, Pakistanis

Thursday, July 17, 2003

DEBKA MAP: "International distribution of Al Qaeda Bases and Targets"

From ZOA, The Zionist Organization of America

Excerpt from press release, July 15
During the first 11 weeks since Abu Mazen became prime minister and the Road Map was published, there have been a total of 321 Palestinian Arab terrorist attacks or attempted attacks, in which 51 people were murdered and 317 wounded.

WEEK #11

July 8: Shooting attack on workers near Kalkilya ... Shooting attack on Israeli motorists near Jenin ... Terrorist intercepted on his way to an attack near Carmel.

July 9: Shooting attack on Israeli soldiers in Samaria ... Firebomb attack on Israeli soldiers in Kedumim ... Arson attack on homes in Kadim.

July 10: Shooting attack on Israeli soldiers northeast of Shechem (Nablus).

July 11: Stabbing attack on an Israeli in Karnei Shomron.

July 12: An Israeli taxi driver was kidnapped near Jerusalem.

July 13: Shooting attack on Israeli soldiers in Rafiah ... Grenade attack on Israeli soldiers in Netzarim ... Attack on Israeli motorists near Yitzhar ... Attack on Israeli motorists near Itamar.

July 14: Stabbing attack at the Tel Aviv beachfront; one person murdered, two wounded ... Shooting attack on Israeli soldiers in Shechem (Nablus) ... Shooting attack on Israeli soldiers in Kadim ... Shooting attack on an Israeli Army outpost near Neve Dekalim.

Krauthammer: the Liberals' NO to War in Iraq but YES to intervention in Liberia

"A perversity born of moral vanity"
" . . . The only conclusion one can draw is that for liberal Democrats, America's strategic interests are not just an irrelevance, but also a deterrent to intervention. This is a perversity born of moral vanity. For liberals, foreign policy is social work. National interest -- i.e., national selfishness -- is a taint. The only justified interventions, therefore, are those that are morally pristine, namely, those that are uncorrupted by any suggestion of national interest.

Hence the central axiom of left-liberal foreign policy: The use of American force is always wrong, unless deployed in a region of no strategic significance to the United States. The war in Afghanistan was an exception, but it doesn't count because it was retaliation against an overt attack, and not even liberals can oppose a counterattack in a war the other side started. Such bolts from the blue are rare, however. They come about every half-century, the last one being Pearl Harbor. In between one has to make decisions about going to war in less axiomatic circumstances. And that is when the liberal Democrats fall into their solipsism of righteousness.

This is the core lunacy of Democratic foreign policy. Either it has no criteria for intervening militarily -- after all, if we're going into Liberia, on what grounds are we not going into Congo? -- or it has a criterion, and its logic is that the U.S. Army is a missionary service rather than a defender of U.S. interests. . . "

Good, clear commentary from ISRAPUNDIT:

British Prime Minister Tony Blair told the United States Congress on Thursday that the war on terror would not be won without peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

[Full text of speech at the Washington Post]

Do not accept this thesis. Saying it doesn't make it so. It assumes that Israel can be forced to pacify not only the Palestinians but the Arabs as well. It assumes that the Arabs accept a two state solution. It assumes that Islamic terror cares only about the creation of a Palestinian state. It assumes that Islamic terror all over the world will go away if a deal is struck. It essentially takes the position that the world must pacify the terror masters by creating a Palestinian state. Why will this satisfy them? Why think that terror can be appeased? Well you get the idea. Unfortunately it posits that but for Israeli intransigence, there would be no terror.

RELENTLESS: The Struggle for Peace in Israel

HonestReporting.com reports that over 18,000 North Americans have attended 100 theater showings, including events co-sponsored by AIPAC, the Israeli Consulate, Jewish Federations, ADL, JNF, Aish HaTorah, churches and JCC's.

The film has also been shown on television five times, has been distributed to half of the U.S. Congress, and has been screened to 5,000 people in South Africa. Over 60 events on five continents are scheduled for the next two months, and the goal is to play it for over 100,000 people in the coming six months, as well as distribute 100,000 copies of the film.

Kol hakavod!

Guess Who’s Not Coming to Dinner

by Fawaz Turki, disinherited@yahoo.com
The White House decided last week to provide the Palestinian Authority with $20 million for “social service projects.” With that chump change the administration hopes to “counter Hamas” and “bolster the standing” of the new Palestinian prime minister — about whom more later.

And where, pray tell, is Yasser Arafat, the PLO chairman? Like a dinner guest who abruptly left before dessert, the man is missed.

To those Palestinians of my generation who grew up knowing no other leader, Arafat’s persona — his visage, his name, his style — evokes intimate memories, much as would private jokes and old photo albums shared among activists who had lived a common cause.

He had been with us for close to four decades as we went about acquiring a past of our own, anchored in national struggle.

Today, this individual, driven all his life by a peripatetic bent, is confined to his compound in Ramallah, prevented from traveling anywhere in his homeland, let alone abroad, and rendered not just “irrelevant” but mute. And once this was a revolutionary leader who had considered himself a man of history, a man who had been around the block a few times and knew how to fight on with a few arrows still in his back.

On those occasions these days when you see him on a television screen, you see an elderly fellow unsteady of gait, with grizzled features and a strangely sad face, as if it were a craggy map of Palestine.

Happy now, George?

Well, we’re not.

We resent the idea that an American president, colluding with our foreign occupiers, would come to our crushed part of the world, throw stink bombs at our leaders and then depose them in favor of ones he prefers. Lest we forget, this is the year 2003, not 1903, when colonial overlords could pick and choose indigenous rulers responsive to their geopolitical whims.

To be sure, I’m not here holding a brief for Yasser Arafat, a simple man who had not read half a dozen decent books in his life nor grown with his job, and who, as a national leader, had chalked up a dismal record over the years, leading his people from one diplomatic disaster to another, one military defeat to another, and one act of social grief to another, without it once occurring to him to fold his tent and head into the sunset, leaving new blood to lead.

The long and short of it is that Arafat’s style of leadership, part Caesarian, part avuncular, part off-the-cuff, and part vaudevillian, was never really up to the challenges that his movement faced, first in exile then in the occupied territories, where, beginning in 1994, his functionaries proceeded to live high on the hog, in parvenu ostentation, in the midst of unspeakable poverty, creating an era of reverse Robin Hood, where brazen graft, nepotism and theft of public funds became the norm.

All that is true, but who the heck is George Bush to choose our leaders for us?

The new Palestinian prime minister is an honorable man, with an understated, dignified modus operandi that is in marked contrast to the inertia, ineptitude and hackneyed political habits of the old guard. Moreover, the news that he is a “voracious reader” has endeared him among his compatriots who care about such things.

Thus, at first blush, he may seem hard to dislike, but alas, given who sponsored his appointment, Palestinians will be up to the challenge.

People choose their own leaders — no two ways about it — and for Washington to thrust them on us strikes the deconstructionist imagination of an old geezer activist like myself as predatory colonial politics.

That’s the last thing Palestinians need nowadays — yet another indignity heaped on them.

As far as Yasser Arafat is concerned, well, I personally regard his abrupt departure from the dinner table as appropriate, since he had worn out his welcome somewhere into the soup course.

As the host, however, I alone determine the propriety of my guests’ behavior. Not some pugnacious Texan.

- ArabNews.com Opinion 17 July 2003

A Letter From A Mother

My dearest Anat,

I don't know where to begin. The page is too small to hold all I want to write.

It happened October 10, 2002, that terrible day, the day when this huge emptiness in my heart was gashed open.
It started as a normal day. I went to work. Then, in the evening, the terrible news came. They spoke of an attack on a bus at Karkur Junction. You, my sweetest child, so small with a heart so big, who only went to visit her father and his children. You, who always cared, and always remembered everyone, who always showed up on every birthday and every holiday with a flower in your hand and said "Mother, I brought you a golden-hearted flower". You, who would call me every morning to ask how I was, who cared, remembered, and loved. You got on that bus number 841 that brought an end to your life in one instant.

From that day, my sweetest, everything changed. Every day is like a year.

Tell me how to gather my strength and continue. It is so terrible to suddenly lose a beloved daughter, a friend.
There are those who say that your soul is in a far better place, that it is better for you above. With all my strength, I try to believe that this is actually true, but, my sweetest, without you here I feel such anguish. Life here below continues. We get up, we go to work, we eat, we sleep.

In the midst of all this darkness, there are angels in the form of people: family, friends, who give, support, and help with all their hearts. There is also an organization called OneFamily, good and supportive people, who pamper and who try, with a small symbolic gift, or with an attentive ear, to bring to our lives a little happiness. My sweet, they don't need to do this. They volunteer, and they do this because they want to, from the bottom of their hearts. They are good people, with open hearts, and powerful strength of spirit.

I know that had you known about this organization, you with your warm heart and caring, would certainly have offered your hand to help them out.

I promise you that I will regain my strength and continue to come and visit you, and to maintain your grave. I will continue to write about what was and what will be, to laugh, to cry, to continue living. And you above, wherever you are, you are my comfort. We live you. We breathe you. You are in my heart forever.

Naomi, mother of Anat.

To donate to Israel Emergency Solidarity Fun - One Family, click here.


From OneFamilyFund
On March 21, 2002, Gadi and Tzipi Shemesh paid a visit to the ultrasound department at their health fund office in downtown Jerusalem. Tzipi was five months pregnant. During the ultrasound, they found out that Tzipi was carrying twins. They were so excited they couldn't wait to get home and tell their two daughters, Shoval,7 and Shachar, 3. But as they walked down the street to the bus stop, a terrorist blew himself up on the crowded sidewalk. Gadi and Tzipi were both killed, orphaning the two girls.

Oded and Anat Garawani have been childless for seven years. Anat was Gadi Shemesh's sister. When Gadi and Tzipi were killed, the Garawani family adopted the two small girls. Their kindness toward their two adopted children has now been repaid, as Anat Garawani gave birth to a healthy baby boy July 12th!

"Why do Palestinians have to wait?"

Letter to the Editor: International Herald Tribune
The question of democracy

Regarding "The demographic clock is ticking for Israel" (Views, July 2) by Uri Dromi:

Uri Dromi wrote that if Israel keeps the West Bank and Gaza under its control, by the year 2015, when there are more Arabs than Jews west of the Jordan, the Jewish state would either lose its Jewish character or cease to be a democratic state.

Israel is not a fully democratic state at present. Why do Palestinians - a group that is denied full citizenship rights - have to wait until they become the majority for recognition that they already live under an apartheid system as a minority.

Suppose the African Americans in the Southern United States in the 1960's had been told that because they were only a minority the South could not be called segregationist.

In the last elections the Labor Party and its candidate Amram Mitzna would have won if the Palestinians in the occupied territories had the right vote. But they were denied the rights that were given to their settler neighbors.

James Adler, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Matt Finberg in today's Colorado Daily

Letters: Israel takes extreme measures to protect civil rights of Palestinians
I recently returned from a 10-day tour of Israel for lawyers sponsored by Shurat Hadin. Shurat Hadin is an Israeli law center which brings civil suits against terrorist organizations and their sponsors, seeking compensation for victims of terror from funds which would otherwise be sent to the terrorist death squads (see www.israellawcenter.org).

I and the other members of the group were overwhelmed by the painstaking and often painful (deadly) steps the Israeli judiciary, military, and police take in order to uphold personal liberties and dignity of those who seek to harm Israelis and Americans in Israel, and eliminate Jews from the Land of Israel. It is well accepted by most Americans that it is preferable for 10 criminals to go free because of "due process" glitches than for one innocent person to be convicted.

Sadly, in Israel this has been extended to the policy that it is better to suffer a few deaths from terror attacks than to deprive the residents of Jenin, Ramallah, and other hosts of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, and their ilk of human dignity or basic civil rights. We were repeatedly told by people such as Israeli Supreme Court Chief Justice Barak, members of the Kinesset, and senior intelligence and police officers that these are the prices we must pay for Democracy, we must have faith and be patient with the process, and we must be better than our murderers.

Although I disagree with their philosophies (nowhere in my bible does it say that I should love my murderer as myself), I saw a face of Israel which is too often distorted or buried in the media. The Arab population known as the Palestinians were murdered and exiled by most of the 23 Moslem nations of the world over the past 50 years without a word of criticism from Western Nations or media. Ask any Palestinian who is free and willing to speak the truth and he will tell you that the Palestinian people are no different in origin or culture from the Lebanese, Syrians, and Jordanians, and that not one of them, including Arafat (born in Egypt), demanded a homeland when the West Bank was occupied by Jordan from 1948-67 and Gaza by Egypt for an even longer period.

In fact, Egypt refused to accept dominion over Gaza when Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula as part of their peace treaty. Only Israel is scrutinized, and then under a distorted and very dirty lens. There are few troops in the West Bank and almost none in Gaza. Jewish villages have been created where barren land once stood in Judea and Samaria under strict government scrutiny and subject to rigorous requirements calling for respect for the land and other people living in the area. Military check points leading in and out of proven hotbeds of terrorism are operated with civility and common courtesy. House to house searches require search warrants absent active combat initiated by the residents, and both the police and Justice Barak confirmed that they are subject to strict requirements and rules of conduct.

I pray more people learn the truth as did Attorney General Salazar on his recent State Attorney Generals' Mission to Israel - that the Palestinians are better treated, and their rights better protected, by the State of Israel than by any other nation in history. If workers for peace and justice are looking for a cause which does not smack of anti-Semitism and sorely needs Western help, they should focus on the outrageous occupation of Lebanon by Syria, the military presence of Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon funded by Syria and Iran, the absence of freedom of expression in most of the world, and the suppression and subjugation of women by all countries in the Middle East other than Israel.

Matthew S. Finberg

Kol hakavod, Moshe!

OXFAM: "We want our ads to be challenging but never offensive"

Wednesday, 16 July, 2003

Thank you for your email. We appreciate your correspondence and would like to respond to your concern.

Oxfam's mission is to respond to the suffering of people, without regard to race, religion or ethnicity. Oxfam supports the Road Map for peace. We condemn Palestinian suicide bombings and all other acts of terror and violence. We call for the occupation of the Palestinian territories to end.

Oxfam is pro-peace and pro-rights, for both Israelis and Palestinians. We have five affiliate groups who are working in the region on long-term development programs, and with peace activists on both sides of the conflict.

We want our campaigns to be challenging, but never offensive, and we apologize for any offense that has been caused. Our Belgium affiliate, Oxfam-Solidarité, has amended the campaign page of its website, removed the link to the poster image and introduced a new front-page that gives a more measured explanation of its own involvement in this Belgian campaign.

Oxfam in Belgium has also apologized for any offense given.

Its website also now makes clear - where it didn't before - that Oxfam-Solidarité's involvement in the campaign was to target only those goods grown in the occupied territories and exported into the EU. As such,the campaign is against certain actual policies of the Israeli government. It is not against the Israeli or Jewish people. Oxfam condemns prejudice, discrimination and violence toward any racial, ethnic, religious or political groups.

Oxfam hopes that the changes we've made reflect this more clearly and help to answer your concerns.

Yours sincerely,
Ian Anderson
Chairman Oxfam International

Suite 20, 266 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 7DL, UK
Tel: ++ 44 1865 31 39 39 / 36 39
Fax: ++ 44 1865 31 37 70
Email: information@oxfaminternational.org

* * * * * * * * *

Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 13:43:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Anne Lieberman"
Subject: Re: Clarification from Oxfam International
To: Information@oxfaminternational.org

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I'm sorry, but this does not "answer my concern."

First of all, I find your use of the term 'occupation' to be inflammatory and biased, in and of itself.

Secondly, your attempt to separate Jews in general from the Israeli government confirms that bias. Trying to cover antisemitism with antizionism merely threatens Jews from a different direction . . . it does not reduce the intrinsic prejudice.

Finally, it is a contradiction in terms when you state that Oxfam is "for" both sides of this conflict. How can you be "for" Israel, and also "for" the Palestinians who seek Israel's destruction? That is so illogical as to be ludicrous.

Please also note that to merely say something is not necessarily to make it true. You may speak of Oxfam's effort to "condemn prejudice, discrimination and violence" toward any group, but it is not true unless it applies equally to Israel. Advocating a boycott of goods from a specific area is a directed act of economic aggression. No matter what your excuses are, or how much you back-pedal, it is blatantly prejudiced to single out Israel for this kind of protest.

Your apologizing for having offended me, while continuing to offend me, is not honest nor sufficient. I will not support your organization, and I will encourage others not to as well. Oxfam should not be the recipient of a single Jewish nickel worldwide, as long as your organization lends any political support whatsoever to the Palestinian "struggle" to eradicate the Jewish state.

If Oxfam is truly "pro-peace," then it will withhold support and legitimization from the Palestinians until such time as they formally recognize the right of the state of Israel to exist. Without recognition of the moral imperative of Jewish existence, the peace you say you support is nothing more than the peace of the grave.

We Jews have been there, done that, and found it unacceptable.

Respectfully yours,

Anne S. Lieberman

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

French pro-suicide-bombing, antisemitic rap song produced by AOL Time Warner

From Daniel Pipes' weblog:
Hip French rappers criticized for lyrics backing suicide bombings. It hardly comes as a shock to learn that a French rap song, "Jeteur de Pierres" (stone thrower) by a group called Sniper (an excerpt can be listened to here) contains lyrics endorsing suicide bombings against Israel ("Bare hands face an army ready to kill; to blow yourself up is just resistance") or expressing antisemitism ("I come out of an urban place. I don't live like no Yehud"). Nor is it surprising that the album reached #3 on the hit parade, nor that it prompted a letter from the Jewish leadership to President Chirac.

But it does come as a surprise to learn that the album in question, Gravé dans la roche (carved in the rock) is a product of the Desh Musique/East West label, a subsidiary of an American-based corporation, AOL Time Warner. JTA quotes a French AOL Time Warner spokesperson saying that the producer of Gravé dans la roche, one Johnny Trognee, "would maintain his position of not answering journalists' questions regarding the content of the album." (July 4, 2003)

Zionist Occupier

"If I am not for myself, who will be for me?" (Pirkei Avot)

Tovia Singer's Rant of the Week:

I froze when I saw her face. Where did that little girl find the strength to lift that heavy stone? After all, she is just a child.

Where did she find the wisdom on that awful June morning to resist misguided Israeli soldiers who came to destroy her modest Jewish community?

This wasn't a creased, 60-year-old black-and-white picture of a confused child, helplessly led away in the Warsaw Ghetto. This was a different sort of photograph altogether - a digital, color image that flashed across a stunned world in an instant. This determined creature - a grandchild of the Holocaust -- showed no sign of despair, and refused to be led away just because someone in Washington demanded it.

At the time, I doubt she knew who Colin Powell is, or why he and his Christian boss ordered her big prime minister to destroy Jewish communities. She just knew it was wrong, something had to be done to stop it, and there was no time left to wait for members of the Knesset to put on their pants and protect her.

How do I know so much about a child I never met? Don't be misled by her curly, blond hair wrapped in pigtails. The defiant glare in her eyes speaks of a passionate child blessed with vision -- certainly more vision than the burly men who gave the orders to destroy her flimsy home. It's the kind of glare into the future that can save a nation. Those are the kind of eyes that don't wince at the sight of Bush or Blair. Don't let her little pursed lips fool you, either. That is the kind of mouth that is not afraid to tell the Europeans, "Go to hell with your Road Map! I don't want my mommy to die the way my great-grandma was killed in Poland!"

No one held that little girl's hand as armored bulldozers rolled up to her front door. Her little body didn't shake when deluded IDF soldiers came to tear down her home. In fact, that is no little girl. This is a towering child of Israel who in some inexplicable and profound way understood the dire predicament of her beleaguered, yet eternal nation, and made a difference.

I wonder if I could have carried that stone.

The numbers: Antisemitism in France

"The file grows almost daily: 309 incidents in the past 15 months in the Paris region, according to Jewish council officials, and more than 550 since the second Palestinian intifada, or uprising, broke out in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in September 2000. The National Consultative Committee on Human Rights, a government-funded body, reported a sixfold increase in acts of violence against Jewish people and property in France from 2001 to 2002. "

More at the Washington Post.

from the Anti-World

The "Outrage of the Day" yesterday at LittleGreenFootballs was the antisemitic commentary of Richard Ingrams in the (UK) Observer:

"I have developed a habit when confronted by letters to the editor in support of the Israeli government to look at the signature to see if the writer has a Jewish name. If so, I tend not to read it."

Part of the "Richard Ingrams' week" column, Sunday, July 13, was a bit called "Amiel's animus," in which Ingrams rejects the arguments of journalist Barbara Amiel, not on the basis of her logic or content, but because she is a Jew!

Ingrams says, "Many readers . . . may have been impressed by her arguments . . . They might have been less impressed if the paper had told them that Barbara Amiel is not only Jewish, but that her husband's company . . . owns not only the Daily Telegraph but the Jerusalem Post."

Read it all at http://observer.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,6903,997338,00.html

Write to the Observer at any or all of these email addresses:




Good News from Israel

Kidnapped Taxi Driver Rescued!

Friends of newly-freed Eliyahu Gurel celebrate outside his home in Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv.

Gurel chats with Israeli policeman shortly after rescue.

JPost: A daring raid carried out by elite security forces early Wednesday freed taxi cab driver Eliahu Gurel, who had been placed in a ten-meter deep hole in the basement of a building under construction outside Ramallah.

The release of Gurel, 61, came hours after members of the Border Police arrested two of his captors, who revealed Gurel's whereabouts.

As troops of the Sayeret Matkal commandos, Border Police anti-terror squad and Shin Bet security service approached the building, they overpowered and arrested two other Palestinians standing guard before storming the premises and rescuing Gurel.

Maj. Gen. Moshe Kaplinsky said the operation relied only on security forces and denied reports claiming Palestinian cooperation in the rescue operation.

Gurel, who was in good condition, was checked by army medics and then taken to Hadassah-University Hospital Ein Kerem in Jerusalem. But he was released shortly after 2 a.m. and sent home. Reports were that his neighbors greeted him with champagne when he returned to his home in Tel Aviv.

Reporters quoted Gurel's wife, Hanna, as saying the days had been the hardest of her life.

"We didn't sleep," she was quoted as saying. "We are tired and spent. Thank God my husband is alive. We have outstanding police, army, and Shin Bet forces. They are the precious people who brought my husband back."

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Hello. I'm conducting a survey on the road map to peace,

and I'd like to ask you some questions. It will take only a few minutes of your time.

The road map will succeed at bringing peace because

a) The Palestinians have a new leadership not compromised by terror.

b) The Europeans will monitor compliance.

c) The younger generation of Palestinians has been educated for peace.

d) None of the above.

The road map is different from Oslo because

a) There are no lawns in Aqaba.

b) This time Israel is not making unilateral concessions.

c) Abu Mazen's demands are different from Arafat's demands.

d) The Palestinians get a state without a final peace agreement.

Abu Mazen is a legitimate peace partner because

a) He wears a suit.

b) He may have been involved in the terror attacks at the Munich Olympics.

c) He is a Holocaust denier.

d) None of the above.

If the road map to peace were made into a movie, it would be called

a) "The State Department Strikes Back."

b) "Release from Alcatraz."

c) "It's a Wonderful Life - Not."

d) "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Israel."

Hudna is Arabic for

a) "Jews are suckers."

b) "Americans are suckers."

c) "Both Jews and Americans are suckers."

d) "My gun isn't big enough yet."

The cease-fire is working because

a) Shimon Peres says it is.

b) The first shooting attack killed only one foreign worker.

c) The first suicide bombing killed only one Jew.

d) None of the above.

The Palestinians will abandon terror because

a) They are concerned about the Jewish "other."

b) The Europeans don't think terrorism is very civilized.

c) Terror doesn't pay.

d) None of the above.

If the road map to peace were a book it would be called

a) "Not Such Great Expectations."

b) "Nonsense and Insensibility."

c) "Jews in Wonderland."

d) "A Freier's Tale."

Israel won the war against terror because

a) Israel's chief of staff said it won.

b) Arafat is "irrelevant."

c) The Palestinians are due to get a state in a few months.

d) None of the above.

Which of the following statements is false?

a) Abu Mazen's statement that the PA will not dismantle Hamas.

b) Abu Mazen's statement that the PA will not relinquish the "right of return."

c) Abdel-Aziz Rantisi's statement that Hamas will not rest until every Jew leaves the country.

d) The Israeli government's statement that it will not capitulate to terror.

How many suicide bombers does it take to get a state?

a) 0

b) 100

c) 250

d) We'll soon find out.

How many suicide bombers does it take to destroy a state?

a) 19

b) More than 250

c) More than 250 for a small state; more than 1,000 for a superpower.

d) No one knows - yet

If the road map to peace were a song, it would be called...

a) "The Devil Went Down to Ramallah."

b) "Don't Start Thinking About Tomorrow."

c) "I Second That Explosion."

d) "Peace is a Battlefield."

State Department officials should be trusted to oversee the road map because

a) They wanted to bring "moderate Taliban elements" into the Afghan government.

b) They neglected to tell their own government that North Korea had a nuclear bomb.

c) Their judgment of Oslo was spot-on.

d) None of the above.

When Israel kills terrorist leaders it is wrong because

a) Shimon Peres says so.

b) The president says so.

c) The secretary of state says so.

d) None of the above.

If there were a commercial to market the road map to peace, its tag-line would be:

a) "Wheeeeeeeere's the Peace?"

b) "Cease-fire: Never Had it, Never Will."

c) "The Terrorizer Bunny: It keeps going and going and going."

d) "Nails: NIS 40. Explosive materials: NIS 230. Suicide Belt: NIS 50. Road map: Priceless."

Thank you for your time.

This "Road map survey" was written by Ron Dermer and appears in the Jerusalem Post.

Excuse me?!

Get this, from CNN:
In an important article about a poll of Palestinian "refugees," addressing the so-called "right of return," CNN.com says this:

"Many Palestinians who left what is now Israel became refugees, taken in by Arab states -- some of which were ill-equipped to support them."

Would someone like to tell me about (A) what Arab states "took in" these refugees? and (B) how is it that they are "ill-equipped" to support them? Not enough land? Not enough money?

Argh and grrrrr.

Write to cnn@cnn.com or leave your comments at http://www.cnn.com/feedback/ --where they have a link for "errors on our website" followed by a selection for "Editorial: Wrong information, information left out, editorial slant on story," etc.

Either way, you will need the url for the story, "Polls: Few Palestinian refugees interested in settling in Israel" -- http://www.cnn.com/2003/WORLD/meast/07/15/palestinian.survey/index.html

From the Alternative Reality, also known as the Anti-World

Straight out of the Goebbels textbook: Israel destroying peace plan
Reported by AFP as "news," the secretary-general of the Arab League, Egyptian Amr Mussa, told reporters that Israeli actions (he building of the fence, seizure of land, division of villages and refusal to reverse the settlements policy, as well as bombardments and daily closures of Palestinian towns and villages) will destroy the new peace plan.

Kol hakavod, Christopher Reeve!

Superman Actor on solidarity visit to paralyzed Israeli victims of terror

JERUSALEM (AFP) - Superman actor Christopher Reeve is to arrive in Israel on July 28 for a solidarity visit with paralytics and victims of Palestinian attacks, the Israeli press reported.

The Hollywood icon is due to meet a young Ethiopian Jew who has been in a wheelchair since he was wounded in a suicide attack in May 2002 and with whom Reeve has been corresponding.

The last son of Krypton will tell attack survivors that "life doesn't end with a physical injury and that they can still live a full and interesting life," the Yediot Aharonot daily quoted him as telling Israeli officials preparing his visit.

The 50-year-old actor, who was paralyzed from the neck down in a fall from a horse and bucked the odds earlier this year by recovering some sensation in his body, is also expected to meet a scientist from the Weizman Institute, who is a leading expert on the central nervous system.

From "Nu? What's New?"

For Those Who Think Anti-Semitism Is Dead in Eastern Europe, this e-mail was received from Vilnius, Lithuania:

"Dear Madame President,

Can you tell us now how many records you have in your illustrious All-Lithuania Database? Your database become famous among archives in all Lithuania. Can we make Gentile ALD also?

Can you also explain to us how Jews become so rich in Lithuania? We have many towns where our olders tell us that Jews who lived there buried their gold and stones in the ground, and many of our nationals are trying since many years to find this gold and stones but few have finded (sic) them.

Do Jews use special equipment to do this? I know all Jews are smart could make special equipment. My family is happy to share many finds with world Jews if we find things.

And can help us prepare this Gentile true Lithuanian database."

Reprinted with permission from "Nu? What's New?" the Internet e-zine published by the Jewish genealogy website, Avotaynu. Free subscriptions are available at http://www.avotaynu.com.

PA TV: Killing of Jews a Current and Mandatory Religious Obligation for Muslims

WorldNetDaily reports a lecture broadcast Sunday on Palestinian Authority television, thankfully monitored by the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

Palestinian academic, Hassan Khader, founder of the Al Quds Encyclopedia, spoke of the religious obligation to kill Jews as originating with the hadith (part of Islamic traditions attributed to Mohammed) that says: "The Hour [Day of Resurrection] will not arrive until until you fight the Jews . . . and the rock and the tree will say: 'Oh Muslim, servant of Allan, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.'"

Itamar Marcus, director of PMW, spoke recently on the topic of hate education to the European Parliament, at the invitation of German Member, Ilka Shroeder. JPost quotes Shroeder as saying, "The growth of anti-Semitism in the Palestinian territories in the last few years is not an accidental phenomena. It is the result of a political strategy by the PA to mobilize people for an anti-Semitic war."

Explore the PMW website to learn more about Palestinian hate education and incitement:

"Planting fear among the enemy is the exalted and holy meaning of terror."
--the official PA daily newspaper, June 9, 2003.

"The concept of Shahada [martyrdom/suicide bombing] for him [the child] means belonging to the homeland, froma religious point of view. Sacrifice for his homeland. Achieving Shadada in order to reach Paradise and to meet his God. This is the best. We also teach our children to protect the homeland, belonging and to reach Shahada."
--CEO of the the Palestinian Children's Aid Association (sic), on PA TV May 4, 2003.

"We are not afraid to die, and do not love life.…"
--Prof. Issam Sissalem, Chairman, History Department, Islamic University of Gaza and host of educational program on PA TV.

Palestinian child at concrete security wall which separates West Bank from Jerusalem. Reuters says he "peers" through the slot. Looks to me like they're trying to see if he can squeeze through.

To the left is sign of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP).

President Bush and the Jews

"activists are already talking about mobilizing Jews as a swing vote that can deliver some key Democratic states to the GOP column in 2004"
"The president will give the Palestinians as much slack as they need to have a fair shot at success, or to hang themselves," Ballabon said. "If they abuse his trust, he's demonstrated in a couple of instances there won't be a second chance."

Interesting piece by E.J. Kessler in The Forward.

Monday, July 14, 2003

Some bumps along the road map

Terrorist Gunfire Directed Soldiers Near Gadid
04:41 Jul-15-03
Mortar Shell Attack Aimed At Gadid
04:22 Jul-15-03
TA Police Chief Says Security Guard Responded Appropriately
04:15 Jul-15-03
TA Terrorist A Jerusalem Resident
03:37 Jul-15-03
Vehicle Hit By Gunfire In The Shomron
03:24 Jul-15-03
1 Dead In Tel Aviv Terror Attack
03:05 Jul-15-03
3 Wounded In Tel Aviv Terrorist Stabbing Attack

Palestinians confirm no massacre in Jenin

But isn't the damage already done?

In a study to be released next month by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and provided exclusively to The Jerusalem Post, Palestinian sources confirm that at least 34 Palestinian armed terrorists were killed fighting in the battle for the Jenin Refugee Camp.

The total number of Palestinian causalities in the battle was 52, a sharp contrast from the claims of Palestinian propaganda professionals who have openly stated that thousands had died.

The battle, which was a part of Israel's Defensive Shield Operation against terrorism, took place between April 4 and April 11 of 2002.
William Safire's Op-Ed piece in today's NYTimes, "Truman on Underdogs": Is Truman's private diary "outburst" against the Jews acceptable, since "cultural anti-Semitism" was common at that time? Hmmmmm . . .

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs Issue Brief

"Prisoner Release - Veering Off the Roadmap"
Whatever happened to the first sentence of Phase I of the roadmap, which demands that "the Palestinians immediately undertake an unconditional cessation of violence"??

How is it that "within a very brief period, Israel has found itself at a strategic disadvantage as the Palestinians focus our own attention on the issue of prisoner release and effectively divert world attention from critical demands for performance on the Palestinian side"?

More in the brief prepared by Eli Kazhdan, former foreign policy advisor to Minister Natan Sharansky.

This is news?!

Sharon: Jerualem will remain undivided
In an exclusive interview with the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon stated that Jerusalem will remain undivided. Read more here.

See also this article about the Norwegian PM Magne Bondevik being surprised at the criticism he has received for inviting Sharon to Norway.

Why is it no one wants the Palestinians?

More than 900 Palestinian families are homeless in Baghdad after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime. He was paying their rents, and now that he's gone, the landlords have run them off.

The AFP caption says, "Fifty five years after being rooted (sic) from their homes in Haifa in British Mandate Palestine in 1948" . . . . blah blah blah . . . these Palestinian families "have been forced to take refuge for a second time, ironically, at a Baghdad sports club also called Haifa."

Monday Morning in Ramallah

A Palestinian boy holds up a stone while shouting at Israeli soldiers as they try to impose a curfew in the West Bank City of Ramallah July 14, 2003. REUTERS/Osama Silwadi

UK rejects Sharon's call to isolate Arafat

Britain today rejected a call from the Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, to break off contacts with the chairman of the Palestinian Authority, Yasser Arafat.

During talks this morning in London, the foreign secretary Jack Straw made it clear that the government would continue dealing with Mr Arafat "as we see fit", a British official said.

Read more in today's Guardian (UK).

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Palestinian Mob Attacks Pollster
RAMALLAH, West Bank, July 13 — A mob attacked an eminent Palestinian political scientist today as he prepared to announce a striking finding from a regionwide survey of Palestinian refugees: Only a small minority of them exercise a "right of return" to Israel as part of a peace agreement.

The political scientist, Dr. Khalil Shikaki, the director of the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research here, had intended today to discuss for the Arabic-language press the tensions and complexities of Palestinian society. Instead, struck, shoved and pelted with eggs but not seriously injured, he wound up starkly illustrating them.

Read the rest in the NYTimes.


A new study from HonestReporting
Headlines are powerful elements of any news story, for a headline is the first (and oftentimes the only) item seen by the reader. Recognizing this, HonestReporting monitored headlines of Reuters news agency reports on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict during the one-month period June 10 - July 10, 2003. This critical period commenced with the Israeli strike against Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi, and ended with the relative calm of the Palestinian hudna.

During this time frame, Reuters issued headlines describing six acts of violence by Palestinians against Israelis, and twelve acts of violence by Israel against Palestinians. Among these, HonestReporting found the following patterns of bias:

1) Named subject

In violent acts against Israelis, the Palestinian agent is named in 33% of the headlines.

In violent acts against Palestinians, the Israeli agent is named in 100% of the headlines. Moreover, Israel is always emphasized by appearing as the first word in the headline.

2) Named object

In violent acts against Israelis, casualties are labeled "Israeli" in 11% of the headlines.

In violent acts against Palestinians, casualties are labeled "Palestinian" or "Hamas" in 50% of the headlines. Considering "militant" as a Palestinian-specific term raises this figure to 71% of headlines.

3) Verb selection

Violent acts by Palestinians are described with "active voice" verbs in 33% of the headlines.

Violent acts by Israelis are described with "active voice" verbs in 100% of the headlines.

A few examples of Reuters headlining Israel in ferocious terms:

"Sharon Vows More Attacks on Militants Despite Talks" (June 15)
"Israel Threatens New Raids After Anti-Hamas Strike" (June 22)
"Israeli Army Swoops in Nablus After Security Talks" (June 23)

Here are three side-by-side comparisons of how Reuters headlines similar violent events involving Israelis and Palestinians:

Example 1:

"Israeli Troops Shoot Dead Palestinian in W.Bank" (July 3)
Israel named as perpetrator; Palestinian named as victim; described in active voice.


"New West Bank Shooting Mars Truce" (July 1)
Palestinian not named as perpetrator; Israeli not named as victim; shooting described in passive voice.

Example 2:

"Israel Kills Three Militants; Gaza Deal Seen Close" (June 27)
Israel named as perpetrator; Palestinians ("Militants") named as victims; described in active voice.


"Bus Blows Up in Central Jerusalem" (June 11)
Palestinian not named as perpetrator; Israelis not named as victims; described in passive voice.

Example 3:

"Israeli Tank Kills 3 Militants in Gaza - Witnesses" (June 22)
Israel named as perpetrator; Palestinians ("Militants") named as victims; described in active voice.


"Israeli Girl Killed, Fueling Cycle of Violence" (June 18)
Palestinian not named as perpetrator; killing described in passive voice.

Not only acts of violence during this period generated biased Reuters headlines. To describe diplomatic events, Reuters consistently grants Palestinian statements neutral or pleading language, while Israeli positions are described in uncompromising, aggressive terms. Compare:

Example 1 — Palestinians are peaceful, while Israel is belligerent:

"Palestinian Islamic Militants Declare Truce" (June 29)


"Israel Pours Scorn on Peace-fire with Militants" (June 23)

Example 2 — Palestinians are peaceful, while Israel is belligerent:

"Palestinians Urge Israel to Free Prisoners" (July 4)


"Israel Sets Tough Terms for Prisoner Release" (July 6)

A full list of the Reuters headlines, and notes on our method of analysis, may be found by clicking here.


In the world of Reuters headlines, when Israel acts, Israel is always perpetrating an active assault, and the Palestinian victim is consistently identified. But when Palestinian terrorists act, their Israeli victims are faceless, and the Palestinian perpetrators are rarely named nor described in active terms. Moreover, Palestinian diplomats pursue peace, but are frustrated by their obstinate Israeli counterparts.

Reuters' obvious message? Israel is the aggressor, and Palestinians are the victims.

For the past three years, HonestReporting readers have intuitively sensed that Reuters is taking sides in this conflict. HonestReporting's one-month analysis of Reuters' headlines demonstrates that the claim of Reuters' bias is indeed grounded in fact.

In professional journalism, lack of objectivity is the cardinal sin. As one of the world's most broadly syndicated news agencies, Reuters has tremendous influence on Western perception of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — thereby making its biased stance all the more reprehensible.

Comments to: editor@reuters.com

Thank you for your ongoing involvement in the battle against media bias.


Sunday, July 13, 2003

IDF arrested Irish (IRA) Bombmaker in the West Bank

"In hard-line Catholic districts of Belfast it is common to see pro-Palestinian slogans painted on walls, while in staunchly Protestant areas Israeli flags are sometimes flown alongside British flags and loyalist paramilitary banners. "

Read about the bombmaker.

UPDATE: Suspected bombmaker is a reporter. JPost.


From the Commander of the Israel Defense Forces in Jerusalem to Israel's soldiers in Jerusalem
Jerusalem, 9 Tammuz 1948

Officers and Soldiers:

Tonight you will carry out a great historical task -- to liberate the walled city of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, the heart of the nations, the dwelling place of the God of Israel, a symbol of our glory and greatness, the vision of our kings and prophets, our fighters and visionaries, Jerusalem -- whose name palpitates every Jewish heart in the Jewish Diaspora, ancient Jerusalem which has been hallowed by the blood of the best of our defenders, will be liberated by the Hebrew army.

Eyes of the Nation, eyes of the entire world look up to you at this hour.

Remember: We will break through the wall in order to liberate the holy city from the enemy. The enemy will not surrender their posts easily, from which they have attacked and fired upon Hebrew Jerusalem all the days of the war. Be prepared for battle.

Do not weaken and do not give up until victory.

Remember: Your are treading on holy land, your entrance into the walled city of Jerusalem should be as a united army prepared for battle and faithful to the traditions of the nation.

Remember: Jerusalem is also sacred to other religions -- Islam and Christianity -- and you should have respect for this holy place. It is forbidden to desecrate the holiness of this place in any form. Desecration of the sanctity would stain this undertaking and you in the eyes of the nation and the eyes of the entire world.

Officers, Soldiers, go forward in battle and may you be victorious, and may God watch over you and save you.