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Friday, July 25, 2003

"A richly symbolic visit" - Sify News, India


Bush talks of security as Palestinian boy is shot - The Scotsman, UK
AS GEORGE Bush, the United States president, rolled out the White House red carpet for Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian prime minister, Israel’s military officials announced that a soldier had killed a four-year-old Palestinian boy and injured two other children when he "accidentally" fired a tank-mounted machine gun in the West Bank.

Abbas wins White House red carpet - BBC News
"The Middle East needs leaders of vision and courage and determination to serve the interests of their people," Mr Bush said. "Mr Abbas is the first Palestinian prime minister, and he is proving to be such a leader."

New Palestinian leader makes Washington debut - San Francisco Chronicle/AP
The much-anticipated get-together between the two men Friday included effusive praise from Bush for Abbas, a veteran advocate of peace who earlier this year became the first Palestinian prime minister.

Bush joins Palestinian leader in urging Israelis to halt settlement - Independent, UK
Before they went inside to lunch together, the two men lingered, smiling, the President's arm draped around Abu Mazen - deliberately sending to the world in general and Israel in particular an image that symbolised Washington's commitment to a fair and lasting peace.

For Bush, a blast of the nitty-gritty - MSNBC
On Friday, in a move carefully timed to coincide with Abbas’ talks with Bush, Israel announced several small steps described as “confidence building” gestures, including the dismantling of three key West Bank checkpoints, the issuing of 8,500 travel permits for Palestinians who work inside Israel and the delivery of about $72 million in tax refunds owed to Palestinian workers but frozen when what has become known as the “second intifada” began in September 2000.

Bush Praises Palestinian Prime Minister as a Man of Peace - New York Times
Mr. Bush, who reminded his audience that he recently approved a direct grant of $20 million to the Palestinian Authority, said Treasury Secretary John W. Snow and Commerce Secretary Donald L. Evans would travel to the Middle East in the fall to as part of his administration's quest for ways to build "a solid economic foundation for a free and sovereign Palestinian state.''

Abbas in Washington, to Visit White House - Reuters
The plan has run into disputes over which side should do what next. Abu Mazen wants Israel to release thousands of Palestinian prisoners, while Israel wants Abu Mazen to close down Palestinian militant groups.

Settlements hampering peace plan, US told - Sydney Morning Herald, Australia
Mr Abbas told reporters the Bush Administration should tell Israel "it is key" that all Palestinian prisoners be released from Israeli jails. At the same time, the Palestinian security chief, Mohammed Dahlan, held an unannounced meeting with Mr Bush's National Security Adviser, Condoleezza Rice.

Abbas is pressing for DC aid - Boston Globe
Israel's foreign affairs minister, Silvan Shalom, who met with Powell before Abbas's visit, said earlier prisoner releases were designed ''in order to strengthen Abu Mazen.'' But several analysts said the Israelis were making it more difficult in several ways for the new Palestinian leader. They noted that about 5,000 Palestinians are being held without charges; settlement activity hasn't stopped; and an Israeli human rights group, B'Tselem, said the first stage of Israel's separation barriers ''will infringe on the human rights of more than 210,000 Palestinians,'' blocking movement, cutting off villages, and dividing farmland.

Bush meets with Abbas, criticizes Israel's fence, settlements - USA Today/AP
Bush's vision of a Palestinian state by 2005 "cannot be realized if Israel continues to grab Palestinian land," Abbas said.

Arafat scheming to upstage Abbas Visit with Bush - Op/Ed by Uri Dan- NY Post
But according to aides of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (news - web sites), who has his own date at the White House on Tuesday, the importance of today's visit is Abbas must hear from Bush that it is time to move against the Palestinian terrorist organizations.

Bush to open White House to Abbas - Sify, India
Israel, which has handed over security control of Bethlehem and much of the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians since late June, has been reluctant to execute further withdrawals until Palestinian authorities take on groups such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Keeping Caesar’s favour - Op/Ed - Daily Times, Pakistan
From the day Abu Mazen was appointed Palestinian prime minister, Sharon’s sole aim has been to topple him from his rickety chair as quickly and as forcefully as possible. It started with statements from Sharon and his henchmen that made Abu Mazen look like an Israeli stooge, a sub-contractor for Israeli security. It is continuing by denying him any political achievement at all, making him look like a “featherless chicken”, as Sharon has called him.

Abbas tells US Israel hinders Mideast peace plan - Japan Today
Sen Joseph R Biden Jr of Delaware, the senior Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told reporters afterward he was impressed with Abbas' "sense of determination and optimism."

Remember the Iraqi who took off his shoe, and hit the poster of Saddam with it? To show someone the bottom of your shoe is a vile insult, according to Arab custom. Thus, we find the Al Aqsa Brigades marching on an Israeli flag, painted for that very purpose. These particular terrorists (no, militants; no, activists; no, legitimate military personnel) want all Palestinian prisoners released from Israeli incarceration, including those who have murdered Israeli civilians in activist attacks. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED OF ISRAEL IN THE ROAD MAP, but unfortunately, the Israeli government is on a concession binge and may very well release hundreds more prisoners in the near future, as a "gesture of good will." To be accompanied by the arrest of Israeli patriots, no doubt.

You've got to hand it to the Arabs: they know who their enemy is, and behave accordingly.

Kol hamacabee

The Center for Religious Zionism
July 25, 2003

Dear Chaverim:

This is a first in what we hope will be a regular series of letters which we call PAROS (Print And Read Over Shabbos). It will contain the writing of people who grapple with HaShem and our challenges in restoring the glory of Eretz Yisroel. Please forward this to others who may find the writing thought provoking or inspiring, and submit your written thoughts, concerns, and ideas or lessons brought down in the names of your teachers to share with others. We will eventually have PAROSim available from the website www.kolhamacbee.org which is going to be a real gem thanks to the professional assistance of our webmeister Tony Wilson. You will also be able to access from our website information concerning our programming including guest speakers from Israel and Missions to the Land for our supporters, the teachings of scholars of Religious Zionism, from the date of Creation to today, and links to other sites which support objectives which are similar or complimentary to those of Kol Hamacabee.

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions, and whether you would be interested in applying for a position on the Kol Hamacabee board of directors. Your help and support are needed. Our application for recognition of Section 501(c)(3) status is in process, and we expect a favorable determination letter from the IRS within the next 6 months. The favorable tax status will be retroactive to the date of formation of the organization, so your current contributions will be tax-deductible in your 2003 tax returns, subject to any limitations applicable to your individual situation. We are operating on a shoestring budget, so any donation will make a big difference.

David Ha’ivri of Kfar Tapuach left an impressive inventory of t-shirts, pamphlets, cds, and books which were featured at our table at the Boulder Jewish Festival in June, so please let us know if you are interested in acquiring any of them. There is no suggested donation anything other than the hardcover books and t-shirts. David expects to return to the U.S. on a speaking tour which includes Boulder and Denver to date within the next 4 months. He may be contacted directly at david@kolhamacabee.org.

We are pleased to announce that Boulder’s prolific media analyst and political/social commentator Yael Lieberman has accepted a position on the Kol Hamacabee board of directors and will serve as our Director of Media Relations.

Please free to forward this letter and to give me contact information of other people who might be interested in Kol Hamacabee and its mission.

Good Shabbos and Koach HaKodesh,

Moshe Ha’levi

From Rutgers Alumni Against Terrorism

You have probably already heard that the Palestinian Solidarity Movement, a hate-group that supports and protects terrorists, and seeks to destroy Israel "by any means necessary," has scheduled its National Conference for October 10-12 on the Rutgers Campus.

When a great University lends its campus to any group, it inevitably lends also some part of its prestige.

For this very reason, universities have long refused to invite onto our campuses groups that openly espouse the murder of individuals who are hated because of their race, religion, or sexual orientation. Nor should we invite a group that has openly endorsed the murder by terror bombing of a peaceful, civilian population.

The Solidarity Movement may have a constitutional right to speak in favor of terrorism, but Rutgers has no obligation to allow them to use our campus for this purpose.

If you are a Rutgers grad, please join us in asking President McCormick to forbid the use of the campus by the Palestinian Solidarity Movement by signing the petition at: www.petitiononline.com/yo16ni.

If you are a resident of New Jersey, please join us in demanding that Gobernor McGreevey refuse to allow a terrorist-support group to meet on the Rutgers campus by signing the petition which can be found at either www.cjcamcha.org or www.petitiononline.com/amcha703.

Wherever you live, please write to Governor McGreevey and demand that he refuse to allow this terrorism-support Movement to meet on the Rutgers campus. http://www.state.nj.us/governor/govmail.html

You can read more about the Solidarity Movement and their activities in support of terrorism by going to: http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=JPost/A/JPArticle/ShowFull%26cid=1056508742627

Sincerely yours,

Michael Adler, B.A. 1995

Dr. Gerald Buchoff
BA, 1975, MS, 1976

William Firshein, MS 1953, PhD 1958

Daniel Ayres Professor of Biology and
Professor of Molecular Biology and
Biochemistry at Wesleyan University


WorldNetDaily: Sen. Kennedy denounces Mideast scholar

Muslim groups declare victory after [Daniel] Pipes nomination vote delayed
I can hardly stomach this story, so use the link above to read the details. I will tell you this, though. The moral of the story is: American Jews are WAY TOO COMPLACENT.

Name one other situation in history where Jews were overly and mistakenly complacent. What happened as a result?

New Poll: 95% of Americans think Palestinians need to arrest and disarm terrorists

The Israel Project on Wednesday released results of a survey of 800 American voters. The poll was conducted by Neil Newhouse Public Opinion Strategies, and has a margin of error of 3.46%.

88% believe the Palestinian leadership must halt all incitement before a state is created for them.
83% said Israel should not release any Palestinian prisoners who have killed Israeli citizens.
15% have faith in the hudna.

More at JPost.

AFP Headline: Bush to throw open White House to Palestinian PM

Today Pres. George Bush will welcome to the White House Palestinian prime minister Mahmoud Abbas, otherwise known as the terrorist, Abu Mazen. They are scheduled to meet at 9:30 AM, Colorado time.

The Jerusalem Post tells this morning how Rep. Tom Lantos (D-CA) asked Abu Mazen in April to accompany him to the Holocaust museum during his next visit to Washington. The invitation may have had something to do with Abbas's doctoral dissertation of twenty years ago, in which he estimated the Nazis may have killed "only a few hundred thousand" Jews. Abu Mazen wrote to Lantos on Wednesday, saying his current visit was too busy to visit the museum.

Meanwhile, back in Israel, (I'm sorry I can't find where I saw this, so can't provide the link):
Likud Minister Meir Sheetrit and Labor whip Dalia Itzik engaged in a nasty verbal clash in the Knesset plenum on Wednesday, with each telling the other to "shut up."

Sheetrit threatened Itzik that if no one could manage to "shut her big mouth," he would.

Itzik responded: "You idiot -- you shut your mouth."

The fight ensued after Sheetrit was the focus of an attack by Itzik when she presented a bill that would limit the number of ministers without portfolio.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Daniel Pipes Nomination at stake

The Bottom Line, from Alyssa Lappen
The bottom line: We CANNOT afford to be complacent. We have through the August recess. That's it. EVERYONE has to work hard on this nomination of Daniel Pipes. We Have to make it understood that this man has been smeared by people who have been at lobbies shouting "Death to America, Death to the Jews." We have to expose their hatred of America and of Israel, now, before they can time to destroy this vote. We have to expose their lies, and we have to expose why they are lying. Because they want to make America an Islamic nation, and Daniel Pipes knows that. That makes him dangerous to radical Islam.

From Sarah Stern at Washington ZOA office, July 24, 2003:
We have been hard at work on this issue. Daniel Pipes is a very close friend of mine, and he called me as soon as he learned of the nomination from the White House.

The meeting of the committee was yesterday, and it was a fiasco....The Arab lobby, particularly the Council for American Islamic Relations, totally brainwashed the democratic side of the aisle with slanderous attacks on Daniel. The worst were from Kennedy and Harkin. There was not a single shred of truth attached to the allegations...I and my assistant Ben Lerner had been lobbying Senate staffer-friends on this issue since I first learned of this nomination from Daniel. However, the Republicans were caught with their pants down...Most thought that this would be a shoe-in, and it was obvious that the staffers we met with had not prepared their bosses adequately.

The Republicans walked out of the room...The issue will probably be taken up again after the August recess. It is extremely important that we lobby and lobby hard for Daniel.

It goes through the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.
Barbara Mikulski is a swing vote, and is a member of the committee. Please have everyone you know flood the phone banks of Barbara Mikulski in support of Daniel Pipes' nomination to the Peace Institute....I literally mean everyone! The same goes for Hilary Clinton.

If you need any facts on CAIR or on Daniel, please email me.
Sarah N. Stern
National Policy Coordinator
Zionist Organization of America
202-204-2560 (office)
202-204-2561 (fax)
301-922-9667 (cell)

From Jeffrey H. Schneider: FYI
President Bush has nominated Daniel Pipes to serve on the Board of Directors of the US Institute for Peace, an agency that tries to reduce the frequency, severity, and consequences of political violence around the world. Dr. Pipes is an academic who has written voluminously on extremism within the Muslim world (including in his role as a columnist for the Jerusalem Post). He has many supporters among right-oriented and centrist Jewish groups (the OU and the American Jewish Committee are but two examples) and is opposed by some groups on the left (Tikkun) and by many in the American Moslem community. We are writing to alert you to this potentially important nomination, to let you know that it is a contentious one in which your support might make a difference one way or the other, and to provide you with contact information for the relevant members of Congress should you wish to express your opinion. We have attached the letter supporting Dr.Pipes that KMS received from the OU. We urge you to get involved as the composition of the Board of Directors for the Institute has implications for the US position on the Middle East conflict and, consequently, for Israel’s future.

From OU -- Community Leadership Info

To: Officers, Rabbis, Key Contacts

Nomination of Dr. Daniel Pipes to USIP: Urgent Action Necessary
As you may know, it is important to express our support for Dr. Daniel Pipes, a prominent scholar and commentator on international affairs, who is nominated to serve on the Board of Directors of the U.S. Institute of Peace. The Institute is dedicated to "the prevention, management, and peaceful resolution of conflicts" and Dr. Pipes' background and knowledge in his field makes him the perfect choice.

Dr. Pipes has for years played a crucial role in alerting the American public to the dangers posed by extremist Islamism in this country and all over the world. He has exposed the fashion in which such extremist elements condone and provide material support for terrorism as a means for imposing their world views and achieving their political goals. After the horrendous events of September 11th, it became clear that Dr. Pipes' knowledge of international terrorism is needed to help support the interests of the safety and security of our country.

Dr. Pipes has been a defender and champion of moderate Islam while condemning radical, extremist Islam. Many moderate American Muslims, frustrated by and angry with the extremist policies of militant Islamic organizations in the U.S. and their efforts to portray themselves as the sole voice of Islam, have welcomed the nomination of Daniel Pipes.

Dr. Pipes is a voice of scholarship and reason. We welcome and commend the nomination of Dr. Daniel Pipes and understand how important his contributions would be to the work of the USIP.

It is important that you contact the elected officials listed below today and voice your support for the nomination of Dr. Pipes to the USIP, using the points mentioned above. The decision will be made very soon and time is of the essence.

For more information, please call us at (212) 613-8124.

Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions
Judd Gregg R-NH
Phone - 202-224-3324
Fax - 202-224-4952

Bill Frist R-TN
Phone - 202-224-3344
Fax - 202-228-4637

Michael Enzi R-WY
Phone - 202-224-3424
Fax - 202-228-0359

Lamar Alexander R-TN
Phone - 202-224-4944
Fax - 202-228-3398

Christopher Bond R-MO
Phone - 202-224-5721
Fax - 202- 224-8149

Mike DeWine R-OH
Phone - 202-224-2315
Fax - 202-228-4429

Pat Roberts R-KS
Phone - 202-224-4774
Fax - 202-224-3514

Jeff Sessions R-AL
Phone - 202-224-4124
Fax - 202-224-3149

John Ensign R-NV
Phone - 202-224-6244
Fax - 202-228-2193

Lindsey Graham R-SC
Phone - 202-224-5972
Fax - 202-224-3808

John Warner R-VA
Phone - 202-224-2023
Fax - 202-224-6295

Ranking Minority
Edward Kennedy D-MA
Phone - 202-224-4543
Fax - 202-224-2417

Christopher Dodd D-CT
Phone - 202-224-2823
Fax - 202-228-0546

Tom Harkin D-IA
Phone - 202-224-3254
Fax - 224-9369

Barbara Mikulski D-MD
Phone - 202-224-4654
Fax - 202-224-8858

James Jeffords I-VT
Phone - 202-224-5141
Fax - 202-224-5468

Jeff Bingaman D-NM
Phone - 202-224-5521
Fax - 202-224-2852

Patty Murray D-WA
Phone - 202-224-2621
Fax - 202-228-4132

Jack Reid D-RI
Phone - 202-224-4642
Fax - 202-224-4680

John Edwards D-NC
Phone - 202-224-3154
Fax - 202-228-1374

Hillary Clinton D-NY
Phone - 202-224-4451

I'm hallucinating, right? This is just a bad trip.

The Palistinian Puppet with yes, Joe Biden and Richard Lugar, two United States senators

From the Anti-World: We're losing the battle of words, and maybe more

I happened to see this photo on Yahoo News this morning. I thinkI skimmed the caption, yet didn't notice what Charles at LittleGreenFootballs noticed. G-d forbid that I really read it and have become so desensitized that it didn't register!

Read the AP caption, carefully:
Members of the military wing of Hamas, mark the first anniversary of their leader Sheik Salah Shehada's assassination, in Beit Hanoun, in northern Gaza Strip (news - web sites), Thursday, July 24, 2003. The headband reads in Arabic ' No God but God and Mohammed is the Prophet of Allah, Hamas'. The scene at rear shows Palestinian's military killing an Israeli soldier while attacking an Israeli settlement.
(AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)
Palestinian's military?!
As Charles points out, "So Hamas has been promoted from terrorists, to 'militants,' to 'activists,' and now all the way to a legitimate 'military' by the Associated Press."

It's mind boggling.

One of the LGF comments says that when the caption says "Palestinian's military killing an Israeli terrorist," then the reality reversal will be complete.

This gives me the heebie-jeebies, because when I first became involved in all this mess a year and a half ago or so, when pro-Palestinian activists gave a presentation at my son's high school, one of the things they said that was most upsetting, was "Who are the REAL terrorists?" --meaning, of course, Israel.

How far is it from Shining Mountain Waldorf High School in Boulder . . . to the Associated Press?

And what we will do when the reality reversal is complete, and the Anti-World is the only world?

Tonight on CNN
Christiane Amanpour interviews AbuMazen on CNN at 8:00 pm Colorado Time (7pm on the west coast, 10pm NYC).

Just a reminder

This logo is still for sale at Cafe Press --on bumper stickers and t-shirts. To find it, go to Cafe Press at www.cafepress.com and enter "Israel" in the search box at top left. It'll come up as one of the first "hits."

A fairly small and localized campaign to get this pulled off the site was not successful, but it's never too late: Post your thoughts on their customer service form or call Cafe Press toll free at 1-877-809-1659.

While you're there, you may want to pick up a cool t-shirt from the Kumah organization (see product #3556130). It says:
Dear America,

Thank you and Shalom.
We have to go home now.

Your friends,
The Jews

Can you imagine?! -- Abu Mazen met with U.S. House International RelationsCommittee
Mahmoud Abbas, during his first trip to Washington as Palestinian prime minister, on Thursday pledged allegiance to PA Chairman Yasser Arafat despite Washington's and Israel's insistence that Arafat is a hindrance to progress in peace negotiations.

Abbas, who meets President Bush on Friday to discuss the road map for a two-state solution, told members of the House International Relations Committee during a closed session Thursday: "The road map does not say anything about isolating Arafat. Nobody really asked us to do so."

He then added somewhat cryptically, according to one person present: "It's not my government that accepted the road map. It was the previous one of Arafat that accepted it."

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Florida), who asked Abbas about his pledges to continue working with Arafat, told The Jerusalem Post she found Abbas's comments "very disturbing."

"I would not say that he greatly impressed too many people in the audience," she said.

Read the rest at JPost.

This is not cute: Palestinian child abuse

Reuters: Beit Hanoun village in northern Gaza, July 24, 2003
If you asked this child, he would probably tell you that he hates Jews. If he is even able to speak yet. And the "human rights" advocates are where?

To Michael Freund at the Jerusalem Post
Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2003 10:33 AM
Subject: Your article, "Where is American Jewry"?

Dear Mr. Freund,

I am writing in reference to the above mentioned article. Though I invariably agree with your writings on the situation in Israel, I feel compelled to respond to this. You take American Jewry (of which I am one) to task for not screaming more about Abu Mazen. But how do pro-Israel activists like myself continue day after day to argue against Mazen and against a Palestinian state when Sharon and the Israeli government itself are wooing this man and catering to him at every turn??!!

I am fully aware of the pressure the U.S. brings to bear on Israel in these matters. Nevertheless, how can we expect foreign governments to take the issues of the slaughter of Jews and anti-Semitism seriously when the Israeli government -- the only government on the face of this planet whose declared aim is to protect Jews -- fails to do so and, further, encourages the aspirations of the Palestinians to destroy the Jewish state. From reinstating Arafat and rehabilitating him from his exile in Tunisia to its current negotiations with -- and release of -- terrorists, the Israeli government is setting an example that is incredibly destructive, in my humble opinion. To the best of my knowledge, the aim of AIPAC, whom you criticize in your article, is to support the Israeli government, not to set its own policy. So when the Israeli government deals with the likes of Mazen and Dahlan, what is an American organization dedicated to supporting Israeli policy supposed to do and say??!!

I recently returned from Israel where I participated in Shurat haDin's mission for lawyers (though I am not a lawyer). Our first night there, we were welcomed by Ra'anan Gissin who assured us that this time, as they deal with Mazen, the Palestinians' feet would be held to the fire if they do not comply the conditions of the roadmap. He reminded me of a parent who repeatedly tells his children, "I really mean it this time.. No, NOW I really mean it.. Now I REALLY REALLY mean it..." And meanwhile, all I can see is Oslo repeating itself.

It's not the American government's responsibility to protect Jews or even to protect the Jewish state. I say shame on the Israeli government for dealing with these murderers and for failing to forcefully protect its citizens by doing everything in its power to crush the formation of yet another Arab terrorist state.

Thank you for all your good work on behalf of Israel.

Jessica S.
Boulder, Colorado

Kol hakavod, Jessica!

"OFF THE MAP" from HonestReporting:

We are approaching an important fork in the road map, with back-to-back meetings scheduled with President Bush in Washington: Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday and Ariel Sharon next Tuesday.

HonestReporting presents a comprehensive review of 4 major diplomatic/security concerns, and the media's treatment of these issues.


The text of the road map calls on Palestinian leadership "to arrest, disrupt, and restrain individuals and groups conducting and planning violent attacks on Israelis anywhere."

Yet speaking in Cairo on Tuesday, Abbas rejected this most basic tenet. Abbas said that "Cracking down on Hamas, Jihad and the Palestinian organizations is not an option at all."

Associated Press, however, creates an opposite impression with this July 20 headline: "Palestinians Outlaw Violent Groups." You have to read the article to find out that the PA merely recycled a 1998 law that outlaws violence and corruption.

Meanwhile London's Independent reported: "Details are emerging of how, in an effort to shore up the splits in Fatah and the Al-Aqsa Brigades, Abu Mazen's government has been paying militant leaders to honour the ceasefire. A Palestinian minister admitted that payments had been made, but did not confirm rumours that one leader received as much as $10,000."

This report, buried in the fifth paragraph of the Independent article, appeared nowhere else in major world media. PA payments to terrorist leaders violate both the text and the spirit of the road map's call for the dismantling of terror groups. Isn't that newsworthy?


A fundamental component of the road map is the replacement of Arafat as Palestinian leader. Arafat, however, continues to play a decisive role. The Jerusalem Times, a Palestinian weekly, reported (July 17) that Arafat and Abbas "settled their differences" with a deal that allowed Arafat to retain control over the two most essential portfolios: negotiations with Israel, and head of the PA security committee.

Arafat is now directly undermining the peace process, to the point of supplying financial and political support to armed groups that reject the current cease-fire. In a front-page expose, the Boston Globe (July 23) quotes the Palestinian governor of Jenin, Haider Irsheid, who was recently kidnapped and beaten by Arafat's thugs:

"Arafat knows of and supports the continuing payments to the militant groups despite their rejection of the cease-fire. The governor said Fatah is making the payments in numerous places in the West Bank, even as internal Palestinian reforms and US pressure have begun to choke off previous sources of funding for the paramilitary groups.

"Abdel Fattah al Hamayel, who is a Fatah leader and a Palestinian Authority minister without portfolio, confirmed that Fatah is providing money to the Brigades."

As well, Arafat continues to incite Palestinians to violence. Last week, the Jerusalem Post reported that Arafat called on Palestinian children to follow the "martyrdom" example of Fares Odeh, a 13-year-old boy from Gaza who has been immortalized posthumously by a photograph showing him throwing stones at an IDF tank.


While there has been a reduction in terror attacks against Israelis since the intra-Palestinian "truce," they are continuing at a rate that no other country would find acceptable. And yet, the media has virtually ignored this latest spate of attacks:

An Israeli cyclist was stabbed in Jerusalem on Wednesday (July 23); he was rushed to Hadassah Hospital with the knife still lodged in his back. On Sunday (July 20), a 64-year-old Jerusalem man was stabbed in the city's upscale Yemin Moshe neighborhood. Two suicide bombers, members of Islamic Jihad, were caught on Thursday (July 24) en route to perpetrate attacks. An Israeli soldier, Oleg Shaichat, remains missing, thought to have been kidnapped in the manner that an Israeli taxi driver was kidnapped last week. (Meanwhile, Hizbullah shelling continues on northern Israel, injuring two civilians, one seriously.)

A Palestinian Authority report, issued prior to the recent stabbings, documents 26 separate terror incidents since Palestinian factions announced their cease-fire. In the month of June, terror accounted for 31 Israeli deaths and 179 wounded. The report cites four suicide bombings, mortar fire, anti-tank rocket fire, shots fired at IDF patrols, and last week's stabbing in Tel Aviv which killed a 24-year-old Israeli -- an attack claimed by Arafat's Martyrs' Brigades.


Many Western media are continuing to report (wrongly) that prisoner releases are a condition of the road map. As was frequently the case during the "Oslo years," lazy (or biased) journalists have not bothered to read the text of Israeli-Palestinian agreements about which they report. Instead they have simply swallowed lines from Palestinian spokespersons as if they were fact. Reporters have thus left readers with the impression that Israel has not fulfilled agreements and is responsible for delaying peace initiatives.

Following recent criticism, however, some media have started to correctly report that Palestinian demands for a large-scale prisoner release is not a condition of the road map. Others (notably the Washington Post, Reuters and AFP) have not.

THE WASHINGTON POST continued to mislead readers (which, of course, include many politicians in Washington). In the report, "Mideast Parties Now Look to U.S. Sharon-Abbas Meeting Stalls Over 'Road Map'" (July 21), John Ward Anderson writes: "The peace plan, known as the road map, has stalled over several key issues -- notably... Palestinian demands for... the release of thousands of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails. "

REUTERS' July 21 report by Dan Williams implies that prisoner releases are a central to the road map: "Israel agreed to free hundreds more Palestinian prisoners Sunday, disappointing Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas's hopes for a full amnesty but keeping a U.S.-backed peace 'road map' in motion."

• AFP (Agence France Presse), the world's third biggest news agency, also implied (July 21) that prisoner releases are a condition of the road map: "...Abbas was referring to the US-backed international roadmap for peace which outlines steps both sides must take toward creating by 2005 a Palestinian state that lives peacefully alongside Israel. Abbas, who is also known as Abu Mazen, refused to budge on the release of prisoners."

ASSOCIATED PRESS, by contrast, is now reporting this point correctly (July 21): "The release of prisoners is not spelled out as an Israeli obligation in the so-called 'road map' peace plan, but Palestinian security chief Mohammed Dahlan said the releases are 'at the top of our agenda'."

Remarkably, Israel remains flexible and accommodating on this issue, voluntarily agreeing to release hundreds of Palestinians from Israeli detention as a goodwill gesture.

SUMMARY -- Now let's get this all straight:

Abbas is paying the terrorists not to attack; Arafat is paying them to attack. Either way, terrorists are making a lot of money.

The road map obligates the Palestinians to crack down on terrorists; instead, the Palestinians are demanding their release.

As the prime ministers travel to Washington, we wonder: Is something wrong here?

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Four Arab teenagers stab Jerusalem man on bicycle
I never knew there were refugee camps so close to Jerusalem.
A 40 year old Israeli resident of Jerusalem riding home on bicycle Wednesday night was stabbed and moderately wounded by four Arab assailants near the city's northern Shuafat refugee camp, police said.

It was the second major stabbing in the capital in the last three days.

The Israeli victim, David Shilo, told police that he was making his way home to the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Ze'ev on his bicycle shortly after 9 p.m. when four Arab teens assaulted him near the entrance to the city's Shuafat refugee camp, which lies adjacent to the French Hill intersection.

The four 15 year old suspects approached Shilo, asked him if he wanted to sell his bike, then threw him off the bike, and stabbed him in the back with a kitchen knife before fleeing.

As a manhunt for the attackers got underway, the victim was rushed by Magen David Adom paramedics to Hadassah University Hospital at Ein Kerem with the knife still lodged in his back.
Continued at JPost.

G-d forbid, "The West might be too civilized to win"
Al-Qaida destroys airplanes and buildings that it itself could not possibly build. The Palestinian Authority has failed in every field of endeavor except killing Israelis. Saddam Hussein's Iraq grew dangerous thanks to money showered on it by the West to purchase petroleum Iraqis themselves had neither located nor extracted.

How, despite their general incompetence, has this trio managed to guide the course of events as if they were powers in the traditional sense? The cause of this anomaly, [Lee] ]Harris replies, is that the West plays by a strict set of rules while permitting al-Qaida, the Palestinians, and Saddam Hussein to play without rules. We restrain ourselves according to the standards of civilized conduct as refined over the centuries; they engage in maximal ruthlessness.

Had the United States retaliated in kind for September 11, Harris tells me, the Islamic holy places would have been destroyed. Had Israelis followed the Arafat model of murderousness, the West Bank and Gaza would now be devoid of Palestinians. Had the West done toward Iraq as Iraq did toward Kuwait, the Iraqi polity would long ago have been annexed and its oil resources confiscated.

While morally commendable, Harris argues, the West's not responding to Muslim ruthlessness with like ruthlessness carries a high and rising price.

Read the whole thing, by the esteemed Daniel Pipes.

If all goes according to plan, an unrepentant Holocaust-denier will be driven up to the White House this Friday, emerge from his chauffeur-driven limousine, and receive a warm and hearty welcome from the leader of the Free World.

He will walk the halls where men such as Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan once stood, and proceed to hold an official meeting with the President of the United States, with all the honor and distinction such an event necessarily confers.

"Where is American Jewry?" by Michael Freund, in today's Jerusalem Post.


Just completed my first post to ISRAPUNDIT. I haven't been so happy since Uday and Qusay fell into Hell.

Colorado Daily publishes "Jewish Voice for Peace" activists

America's largest grassroots Jewish suicide group
If you have any interest in reading the anti-Israel rantings of some crazy suicidal Jews, then the Colorado Daily is the place to go. In a piece titled "Israel's separation wall is a barrier to peace," Liat Weingart and Mitchell Plitnick cry out against The Wall being built to keep suicide bombers out of Israeli population centers:

Israel says that the purpose of the wall is to separate its citizens from Palestinian terrorists. But the wall has a more closely felt effect on the people of Baqa Sharqia: separating them from the farms and orchards they depend on for their survival. Now many of the residents of Baqa Sharqia find themselves on the "Palestinian" side of the huge wall, while their West Bank land is on the "Israeli" side. . .

. . . The wall has infuriated Palestinians, exacerbating their sense of hopelessness and desperation. It may ultimately undermine Israel security by encouraging further violence by people who feel they have little to lose. . .

. . . At the Aqaba summit in June, President Bush repeated his commitment to the creation of a viable Palestinian state by 2005. Yet before negotiations even began, the shape of that state was already being determined - by the forced expansion of existing Israeli settlements, the creation of new ones and the construction of the massive wall that threatens to cripple the Palestinian state at birth. . .

I despise the appeasement argument-substitute that Israel "encourages further violence" if it does anything that might upset the already hopeless and desperate Palestinians. What Israel does is Israel's fault and what the Palestinians do is Israel's fault.

The authors castigate Israel, yet assume that only Israel can save the Palestinians. They say that Israel must do thus and such, but ask nothing of the Arabs. To me, this reeks of an arrogant assumption that Palestinians are incapable of acting on their own behalf.

And as for the fact that these Jewish authors are desperately concerned for Palestinians in Barqa Sharqia, but show no compassion whatsoever for their own people, well, I'm not even going to go there.

Weingart and Plitnick can be addressed at pmproj@progressive.org.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Subject: Oxfam International response

To: "Anne Lieberman"
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 16:21:52 +0100

Thank you for your response. Oxfam is primarily concerned with peace and the human rights of innocent Israelis and Palestinians who have suffered so much in this conflict. Of course, in such a long and complex dispute there will be many opinions about the best way to achieve this.

We know that there are many Israelis and Jewish people outside Israel who support our efforts to work with people on both sides of the dispute - both in the region and internationally - and there also are many who do not. The same is true for Palestinians, and we accept that we will have disagreements with people on both sides.

But to reiterate, we do not want to offend people and for that reason Oxfam Belgium has removed the campaign link on their website and they have apologised for any offence given. I hope you will accept that Oxfam has responded to your criticism in good faith, even if you may not agree with our overall approach.

Once again thank you for your concern.

Ian Anderson.
Chairman Oxfam International

* * * *

The blatant hypocrisy of Oxfam

Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 11:25:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Anne Lieberman"
Subject: Re: Oxfam International response
To: Information@oxfaminternational.org

Dear Ian Anderson,

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my concerns. I must say, however, that I find your responses insincere and insufficent. I have read Oxfam's mission statement, including your stated purpose: "Oxfam works with others to overcome poverty." The boycott of Israeli fruits and vegetables advocated by your Belgian affiliate, Oxfam-Solidarity, --if "successful"-- would increase the poverty of the Jews who grow those fruits and vegetables. Do you not see the blatant hypocrisy inherent in your position?

Furthermore, I fail to understand how an organization "primarily concerned with peace" can advocate acts of economic aggression such as this boycott. I'm sure you would condemn the "collective punishment" of a people based simply on who they are and where they are, yet you seem to have no compunction whatsoever about punishing Jews who make a living growing food in areas which are the object of political dispute.

Oxfam's own International Code of Conduct requires affiliates to "demonstrate cultural sensitivity" and to exclude "political affiliations or other such affiliations which may compromise its independence." Singling out Israeli Jews in the disputed territories of Judea, Samaria and Gaza for this type of protest is not only the height of cultural insensitivity, it constitutes a highly political affiliation with a specific political agenda -- in direct contradiction of your own Code of Conduct.

Even Oxfam International's Constitution (Article 2, item "a") states specifically that the object of your organization is "to relieve poverty, combat distress and alleviate suffering in any part of the world regardless of race, creed or political convictions." Contrary to such a noble purpose, the boycott of Israeli produce does not relieve, but rather intentionally increases Jewish poverty, Jewish distress and Jewish suffering, while concurrently failing to do anything helpful for Palestinians! Please note the wording of this phrase: ". . . regardless of race, creed or political convictions." I would assume that Oxfam affiliates are thus obligated and bound NOT to discriminate on any one of these bases. How then can the boycott be allowed when it is targeted at a population which shares all these characteristics, in addition to simple location?

Because there is no other such action being taken by Oxfam (of which I am aware) with regard to any other people in the world, regardless of any number of comparably complex and painful situations, I can only conclude that this boycott is driven by anti-semitism. As a Jew and a supporter of Zionism, I resent this and protest it vehemently.

I call upon Oxfam International to immediately disassociate itself from its Belgian affiliate, Oxfam-Solidarity, which is acting in direct contradiction to the Mission Statement, International Code of Conduct, and Constitution --of Oxfam International.

Anne Lieberman


The image above appears at http://www.oxfamsol.be/eng/boycott.htm with the following statement:

"Oxfam-Solidarity calls on supermarkets and grocers not to stock products from the Occupied Territories and on consumers also not to buy these goods."

You say in your email to me that Oxfam-Solidarity has "removed the campaign link on their website, and they have apologized for any offence given" as if the situation has changed and everything is now fine. It has not, and it is not.

You may hope that apologizing for offending will pass for an honest and substantial response, but it doesn't. Your organization continues to offend.

I AM ONE ANGRY JEW and I will not be satisfied until either Oxfam International has disassociated itself from its Belgian affiliate, or Oxfam-Solidarity has withdrawn its participation in, and support for, this despicable boycott.

New Palestinian Textbooks

No surprises
The Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace (CMIP) released a report Monday about new third- and eighth-grade textbooks, and high school exams, recently introduced. According to JPost, the Palestinian Authority has replaced half of the Egyptian and Jordanian books previously used in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

Choice bits from recently introduced PA eighth-grade texts:

"O brother, the oppressors have exceeded all bounds and jihad and sacrifice are necessary."

"The fire of Zionist crime has mowed the Palestinian land."

The CMIP study shows that the name "Israel" does not appear on a single map; the entire land is called "Palestine." There is no recognition of Jews as a people with any historical, cultural, or religious links to Israel or its holy places, and Jews in the present conflict are stereotyped as "oppressors" and "slaughterers."

This from a "High School Final Examination 2002" under the topic, "History of the Arabs and the Modern World, Humanistic Trend":

"Explain the reasons that made the Europeans persecute the Jews?"

[Schoolbook text relating to question:]

"The reasons which make the Europeans persecute the Jews wherever they are manifold. Among them are [the following ones]:

1. The Torah is full of many passages that strengthen the Jews' inclination for religious and racial fanaticism, inspire a spirit of malice towards the other nations, and allow [the Jews to cause] dissensions and massacres within them [those nations] and eradicate the Jews' opponents wherever they are. The Jews of Europe, due to their anti-Christian belief and their being self-centered, did not join the Western societies, and the latter remained looking at them suspiciously. Among the reasons for the [Europeans'] hatred of them as well is their sway over the economy, and even their open participation in the world of European economy.

2. The Jews' sense of racial, religious, cultural and political superiority, and their interaction with the peoples of the world basing on that sense, was an important reason for their persecution by the peoples of the world.

3. The two occupations they were good at - brokerage and money changing - had their impact on the hatred towards them on the part of the peoples of the world.

4. The association of the Jews' name with the crucifixion of the Lord Christ, peace be upon him, was a factor of the persecution of the Jews by Christian Europe. The Church depicted the Jews in its religious publications in a way that causes hatred, which exposed the Jews to European Christian persecution. [But] persecution became desired by the Jews for two reasons:

A. It could be exploited for the realization of material and moral gains.

B. It encouraged the process of making the Jews emigrate from the world to Palestine. In other words, persecution became a means for 'Zionizing' the Jews of the world."

(History of the Arabs and the Modern World, Grade 12, Humanistic, (1998) p. 122)

The battle over language

HonestReporting's homepage sports a great quote from Diana Buttu, legal advisor to the PLO: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is "a battle over language sometimes more than over anything else."

In this same vein, Daniel Pipes' weblog has mention of one of France's main telephone companies, Bouygues Telecom, posting long distance rates for calling the country of "Palestine." There's even a map. Check it out.

It hasn't been that long since I first noticed instances of referring to "Palestine" as a country, and look at how entrenched it's become. If times were different, I could easily move off to the tangent of studying this linguistic phenomenon, just out of pure wonder and curiosity. But as it is (see Monday Morning Musings below), there is much more urgent work to be done.

Monday, July 21, 2003

Free Speech for Jew-Haters

Rutgers "emphasizing safety, civility and respect"
July 21, 2003

Dear Anne Lieberman,

Thank you for your correspondence concerning the status of a conference entitled the “Third National Student Conference on the Palestine Solidarity Movement, tentatively scheduled to be held at Rutgers facility in October 2003.

In response, I am pleased to refer you to a statement below by President Richard L. McCormick to the Rutgers community that addresses the substance of your communication.

As is the case with the hundreds of other programs, conferences, and events held at Rutgers facilities each year, we will continue the review process for this event in accordance with the various policies and procedures with which any program must comply before approval of a reservation for use of the facility.

I sincerely appreciate your interest in this matter. I will continue to work closely with those involved and affected by the Conference emphasizing safety, civility and respect. A number of teach-in’s are also planned by our faculty during the time of the conference. Our campus ministries will also be involved.

Yours truly,

Emmet A. Dennis

Emmet A. Dennis, Ph.D.
Professor and Vice President for Student Affairs



NJ Solidarity-Rutgers Chapter, a registered student organization with an estimated 25 members, has applied to use the Douglass Campus Center in October to hold a three-day conference entitled, “Third National Student Conference on the Palestine Solidarity Movement.” NJ Solidarity-Rutgers Chapter is one of hundreds of registered student groups on campus that represent a wide range of social, political, cultural and other perspectives. This organization’s views are its own and are distinctly not the views of Rutgers University.

For myself, I find abhorrent some elements of NJ Solidarity’s mission. In its mission statement, NJ Solidarity expresses its opposition to Israel’s right to exist and supports “Palestinians’ human right to resist occupation and oppression by any means necessary.” These views are in conflict with my own and, I believe, with the majority of the university community.

However, intrinsic to Rutgers’ own mission is the free exchange of ideas and discourse on a variety of issues, including those that are controversial. This university must remain a model of debate, dialogue and education. I believe this is an appropriate and powerful role for our institution, and we encourage our students to express their beliefs and analyze the difficult issues of the day. We specifically encourage students and others who do not agree with NJ Solidarity to express their own opinions in a public and constructive manner.

We expect all of our students to exercise their constitutional rights in a civil and respectful manner. Freedom of expression must not be used to incite hatreds or demonize individuals and groups. Above all else, it must not be used to damage the fabric of our institution's open community.

Our students come from a rich diversity of backgrounds and bring to Rutgers many perspectives and viewpoints. They are free to organize into groups so long as they abide by state and federal laws and adhere to the university’s nondiscrimination policy. Registered groups receive their support from fees paid by students. Such groups do not receive any funding from state appropriations or tuition. Registered student groups also enjoy access to university facilities. We do not place restrictions on their views, nor do we endorse them.

NJ Solidarity-Rutgers Chapter is registered with Rutgers College. That college’s student governing association distributes some $500,000 in student fees to registered student groups each academic year; NJ Solidarity-Rutgers Chapter is slated to receive a little over $1,400 from student fees in fall 2003.

In the months ahead, Dr. Emmet Dennis, Rutgers’ Vice President for Student Affairs, will work closely with the conference organizers to coordinate university efforts to protect the safety of those who participate in the conference and those who may protest it. Accordingly, Dr. Dennis will bring various university units, including public safety, into the planning discussions so that we can be confident that this conference and the debate surrounding it will reflect our educational mandate and our university’s goals and values.

Monday Morning Musings: Smell the Roses

AP caption: "Palestinians chant anti-Israel slogans during a rally . . . in Gaza City, Monday, July 21, 2003."
Why don't these people get a life?! Oh yeah, it's beyond them and it's Israel's fault. I forgot.

I am so deeply discouraged this morning. I see no mention of our rally in the Denver Post, though they did send a reporter; and Channel 4 sent a camera, but I didn't see our rally on the news. (If anybody saw or read something I missed, please let me know.) This beautiful Monday morning finds me in need of a catharctic vent. Here's my litany of our troubles:

--> Rutgers and the State of New Jersey have refused to shut down the coming anti-Israel hatefest booked on their premises for October 10-12. One just intuitively knows that they would never allow a student KKK organization to convene on their property to stir up hatred toward blacks. So, there is a line drawn somewhere, but it's not drawn such that Jews are protected. They say they are not antisemitic, yet a Google search for "rutgers" in conjunction with "anti-semitism," yields over 4,000 hits. That's a lot of free speech.

--> Also in New Jersey, while state legislators have eliminated the position of state poet laureate in order to evict Amiri Baraka from that post, he has since been named poet laureate of the Newark public school system. See a compilation of his antisemitic statements and writings at this ADL site. BTW, did you know that a 130-foot swastika was carved into a cornfield in Washington Township, NJ, in 1998? Two years earlier, there was one in Burlington County.

--> Oxfam-Solidarity of Belgium feels free to boycott Israeli fruits and vegetables as a protest of the Israeli "occupation" of the terrortories. They say such an act of economic aggression, which singles out Jews, is not antisemitic. Their mission statement says that "Oxfam works with others to overcome poverty. . . " yet their Belgian affiliate actively advocates for increasing the poverty of Jews who grow fruits and vegetables. Dare we call them on their hypocrisy? And never mind the Oxfam International Code of Conduct, which requires affiliates to "demonstrate . . . cultural sensitivity" and to exclude "political affiliations or other such affiliations which may compromise its independence."

--> Pres. Bush thanked Abu Mazen for arresting a terrorist, but said nothing when that terrorist was released a few days later, after the PA had "talked with them." See ZOA July 14 press release.

--> Israel releases Palestinian prisoners, but arrests a bereaved Israeli father, Itzik Pass, father of 10-month-old Shalhavet, who was killed two years ago by a Palestinian terrorist sniper. Pass and his brother-in-law were arrested in Hebron by Shin Beit on suspicion of "security crimes." See Arutz Sheva for details.

--> The PA continues to demand, and receive, prisoner release (which was NOT mentioned in the road map), but does nothing to disrupt the operation of its terrorists (which WAS included in the road map, first sentence under "Phase I"). For instance, Saturday night, at about midnight, Palestinian terrorists opened fire at a civilian car near the Taibe checkpoint. Sunday night, one Simyon Itkin, 64 years old, was stabbed to death in Jerusalem. Less than a week ago, an Israeli was stabbed to death in Jaffa. An IDF patrol jeep was the target of a roadside bombing and sniper attack near the Jewish community of Kadim in the West Bank. And this morning, 6 Palestinians were arrested in possession of a suicide bomb belt near Bracha.

--> The New York Times, under new editorial leadership, continues to glorify Palestinians, as in James Bennett's latest, July 18: "Rising Above, with sticks, paper and string", about how sweet Palestinian children fly kites in a refugee camp in Gaza. When was the last time you saw a compassionate mainstream profile of sweet Israeli children?

--> Google News now includes Al-Jazeerah as one of its "news sources."

--> On Tuesday, July 8, the Bush Administation approved a direct payment to the Palestinian Authority of $20 million, in addition to the $200 million already given indirectly this year, through the United Nations. Ha Aretz reports that "Washington is buzzing with Palestinian ministers, advisers and businessmen." A Palestinian official in Washington called the advance of $20 million "an important message to the Palestinian people and their leadership." The question is, are Jews getting the message?

--> If you're not yet thoroughly depressed, French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin was recently quoted as saying, "We are in favor of strengthening the Abu Mazen government, but he himself has asked us to meet with Arafat." I'm sure this is just a minor bump in the road map; any day now Palestinians will elect new leaders "not compromised by terror," as called for by Pres. Bush little over a year ago in the White House Rose Garden. Ah, I can just smell those roses . . .

At least Idi Amin is dead. That's something. And maybe Oxford will dismiss Prof. Wilkie. Maybe.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

9 p.m. Sunday night, Israel time. The full story at JPost.

Rally against the Roadmap: DENVER

Todah rabah to all those who were there

an estimated 75-100 in opposition to the Road Map -- in front of the Colorado State Capitol building in Denver

Katy, Matt (who heads up Boulder's new Kol HaMaccabee organization) and Neil (director of Americans Against Terrorism)

B"H, this gentleman blew the shofar on the steps of the capitol. Kol hakavod.

. . . the youngest among us

Raz, director of Boulder's Jewish Identity Center