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Saturday, August 02, 2003

Exploring the UN's web-coverage of the "Question of Palestine"

It's a swamp of bureaucracy, verbiage, extraordinary amounts of money . . . and antisemitism
“The Talmud says that if a Jew does not drink every year the blood of a non-Jewish man, he will be damned for eternity.”

—Saudi Arabian delegate Marouf al-Dawalibi before the 1984 UN Human Rights Commission conference on religious tolerance; [source]
Search Google for "United Nations" in conjunction with "Palestine," and it will fetch you up some 337,000 hits. I knew the Palestinians were entrenched at the UN, but I had no idea of the extent and complexity of their anti-Israel efforts there.

I encourage readers to browse some of the links that follow, to gain some firsthand knowledge of the situation. Keep in mind that the UN Consolidated Inter-Agency Appeal for "occupied Palestinian territory" amounts to a grand total of US$294 million for the year 2003.

There are more than a dozen UN links under the heading "Question of Palestine." I started with the United Nations System". Should you get confused, as invariably you will, you can always refer to this UN System organization chart.

Search UNISPAL sources for "Israel" and you get 1,000 different documents, almost all critical of Israel. UNISPAL, the United Nations Information System on the Question of Palestine was established and is being developed by the Division for Palestinian Rights.

The Division for Palestinian Rights was established in the UN Department of Political Affairs in the 1970s for the purpose of "creating an informed public opinion in all countries in support of the achievement of those rights." It is mandated to organize meetings, conferences, seminars and symposia to "promote a constructive analysis for discussion of the various aspects of the question of Palestine and mobilize international assistance to the Palestinian people." It also provides "substantive support and secretariat services" for the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People and organizes the annual commemoration of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

The Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People is composed of 24 Member States, dedicated to promoting international support for and assistance to the Palestinian people and "heightened international awareness of the question of Palestine." Its documents are available in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish (needless to say, no Hebrew).

United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) is "by far the largest UN operation in the Middle East, with over 24,000 staff, almost all of them refugees themselves." This organization is unique in that the UN provides no other such efforts for any other group of refugees anywhere, at any time in history. The UNRWA is said to "provide education, health, and relief and social services to [almost 4 million] Palestine refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, the Syrian Arab Republic, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip."

Their website map of Areas of Operations previously did not show Israel as a country; this has since been corrected.

The UNRWA's budget in 2002 was US$326.2 million.
UNRWA maintains close cooperation with the host governments and Palestinian Authority and liaises with their relevant authorities on matters concerning UNRWA’s operations and the provision of services to the Palestine refugees.
Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator (UNSCO) in the Occupied Territories: The Special Coordinator represents the Secretary-General in discussions with the parties and the international community in all matters related to continuing United Nations support to the peace process. The UNSCO offices are located in Gaza. The UNSCO website is financially supported by the Canadian International Development Agency.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (UNDP/PAPP) "has gained considerable experience through its two decades of efforts to assist the Palestinian people." Since its inception, the total funding "mobilized" by the PAPP has been US$440 million.
UNDP/PAPP has a close working relationship with virtually all institutions of the Palestinian Authority, including the Ministries of Planning and International Cooperation, Agriculture, Education, and Local Government, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, and the Palestinian Water Authority. UNDP/PAPP also carries out development efforts with Palestinian institutions on an inter-ministerial and cross-sectoral basis.
From UNDP/PAPP Facts about the Palestinian People: "The Palestinian people trace their ancestry to the Canaanites and other Semitic peoples who moved into ancient Palestine some 2000 years ago."
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People (UNESCO/PAPP) is focused on education, science, culture and communication. UNESCO/PAPP was sponsoring 12 new projects "in the run-up to the year 2000, including a Palestinian museum and Palestinian conservatoire of music.

The World Bank provides financing for development projects, insurance for private investment, and plays a key role in donor coordination. See their newly released report: "27 months of Intifada, closures and Palestinian economic crisis - An Assessment," available in English and or Arabic, no Hebrew.

ReliefWeb, "serving the information needs of the humanitarian relief community," is a project of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

The Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia(ESCWA), inter alia, publishes reports on the economic and social impact of the Israeli occupation and settlements on the Palestinian people.

From their 7/30/03 press release: "ESCWA Consultative Meeting on Palestine Rehabilitation Concludes; Decides to Hold Arab-International Forum Eying a Palestinian State" --
Beirut, 30 July 2003 (United Nations Information Service)--UN agencies, Arab and international experts gathered in a consultative meeting aimed to prepare for the Arab-International Forum on Palestine Rehabilitation and Development to be hosted by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) early next year, ended their discussions today at the UN House in Beirut.

Cosponsored by ESCWA, the League of Arab States (LAS) and the Palestinian Authority, the two-day meeting was organized in cooperation with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), aiming at keeping the social and economic issues and needs in the occupied Palestinian territories on the agenda of the international community, in-spite of the lack of stability in the region. Its main task was to define the objectives of the Forum; to identify its specific themes for deliberations; and to widen the preparatory process as much as possible.

Participants in the Meeting agreed that the Forum would aim to develop a Palestinian vision for reconstruction and development; intensify Arab efforts in support of reconstruction and development; integrate the efforts of regional and international organizations in reconstruction and development; and call for the contribution of donors to achieve reconstruction and development.

At a press conference following the Meeting, ESCWA Executive Secretary Mervat Tallawy told reporters that due to the circumstances witnessed by the Palestinian Authority since the beginning of the "intifada" there has been a lot of destruction as stated in the annual report prepared by ESCWA on the "Economic and Social Repercussions of the Israeli Occupation on the Living Conditions of the Palestinian People in the Occupied Palestinian Territory including Jerusalem and of the Arab Population in the Occupied Syrian Golan." "700,000 olive trees were eradicated and lots of prisoners and disabled have been reported," she pointed.

Tallawy added that due to the fact that two thirds of the Palestinian people live under the poverty line, an ESCWA mission was delegated to Palestine to explore the needs of the people, and that the Israeli occupation was the major reason for the bad living conditions of Palestinians.

Asked about the outcomes of the Meeting, Tallawy said that the most important benefit was the remarkable presence of the invitees and the support of the Palestinian Authority as well as the LAS. "The presentation of the Palestinian plan in the economic and social sectors; the role of civil society organizations and the private sector; the link between the Palestinian economy and that of the Arab States; and the role of regional-international organizations in the reconstruction process, will be the main agenda items of the upcoming Forum," she said.

Participating to the press conference were Mr. Said Kamal, Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League for Palestinian Affairs and Mr. Mohammad Ghadieh Director-General of the Palestinian Ministry of Planning.

In his statement, Kamal expressed his full support to the call of the United Nations Secretary-General for sending peacekeepers to the Occupied Palestinian Territory. "The Palestinian people were committed to implementing the "Road Map", and they achieved 90 percent of security in the West Bank as recognized by the Israelis," he added.

On his part, Ghadieh said that the Palestinian people were convinced with the peace process and with the establishment of two states but the Israeli leaderships were evading the implementation of agreements.
For further information, see "Antisemitism at the UN" by Mitchell Bard, and the Jewish Virtual Library's index of articles on the United Nations.

The Fence is suddenly Big News

This disgusting cartoon is said to have appeared in the Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer and Seattle Times, though I can't confirm as yet.

Just the fact that it exists is enough to make you wonder . . . what's next?

Another shocker: 80% of Israelis oppose Hamas, Islamic Jihad prisoner release

IMRA has translated teh summary page of results of a phone poll of a representative sample of 505 adult Israelis, including Arabs, carried out by Maagar Mochot for Israel Radio's "Another Matter" program. See radio station website at http://betl.iba.org.il

When asked the question, "Do you support the decision of the government to release Hamas and Islamic Jihad prisoners that do not "have blood on their hands"?

80% said NO

14% said Yes

6% other/no reply

I'm shocked: ISM funded by PA and Hamas?

Not bake sales after all
See the last line of this article in today's Jerusalem Post:

"According to a senior security government source, the International Solidarity Movement receives funds from both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas."

Our Enemies Rally Against Us

In Nablus, more than 10,00 marched in support of Hamas

In Gaza, an Islamic Jihad rally

Friday, August 01, 2003

Pro-Israel Rally ~ Crawford, Texas

August 17, 2003 at 3:00 pm - in Crawford, TX, while Bush is at his home on break

The date of the rallies scheduled for all other places remains September 21.
From the TX organizer(s):

Since our rally in July, I have been pondering the question - What makes a demonstration effective? I came up with two things.

One is the location and the second is the number of people demonstrating. Are the media interested if there are 20 or 50 or even 100? NO, emphatically NOT.

I know this will offend some people but what ABSOLUTELY sickens me is the apathy of so many people who SAY they love Israel. Spoken words are not enough. Action is what counts. Anyone can say something but how many are actually willing to follow through with his or her actions?

I don't want to hear anyone say they support Israel and that they are against the Road Map if they do not attend or if they don't provide the expenses for someone to attend the rally in Crawford for them. I do understand that sometimes there are circumstances in which someone cannot attend but that person can donate money for a proxy and I know Hashem will see it as though that person were also at the rally.

We do need prayers but we also need people to SHOW the world that they believe Israel has the right to exist and that a there is no logical or historical precedent for Israel to give up any portion of the land for a Palestinian state.

We know the truth but there is a whole world out there, many of them in synagogues and churches who are ignorant of the truth, the facts about Israel the 'so called occupied territories'. Let's tell it like it is. These are Palestinian occupied territories, which belong to Israel. And there is only one solution - transfer. The Palestinians must be transferred. That is the only option.

The Arab nations have perpetuated lies to deceive the world into believing that they have every right to have a Palestinian state but it is nothing but lies and the world has believed them. This strong delusion grows stronger and stronger and louder by the minute. It must stop.

The truth has been quietly and subtly swept under the rug and lies have been told in its place for so long concerning Israel and the Palestinian state issue that the truth is unrecognizable to the world. Well, guess what? The light will be revealed. Truth will be taught and the THEN the world will have to decide - ' Whose side am I really on?' Sheep on one side - goats on the other.

The world needs to SEE us and Hear us and KNOW that we exist and We are a MULTITUDE. The world needs to know that we will not sit idly by and let Israel be taken over by Muslim countries. WE WILL NOT ALLOW IT!!!!! We will do everything in our power to protect and help Israel and the Jews who live in the land.

The multitude will come to the aid of Israel on August 17th at 3:00 p.m at Crawford, Tx.

In case anyone is concerned, we have already contacted the Crawford police and they have approved our rally. It seems that a small group of supporters of Israel found favor with the Crawford police in the past as opposed to some Arab demonstrators who had previously caused trouble.

We want a strong but peaceful demonstration.

We encourage everyone to bring his or her own posters, Israeli flags, and American flags.

We are contacting people to speak at our rally. If anyone would like to volunteer to speak, please e-mail me.

We are in the process of contacting people and media all over Texas as well as other states about this rally. We have people coming from Texas, Colorado, Kansas, and possible Wisconsin and North Carolina.

I want to see every state represented at this rally.

This is a huge undertaking, which seems to be growing by the minute.

If anyone would like to help in anyway, please contact me: cindym702@aol.com, or my co-leader Donna: seymore@mail.ev1.net.

We need everyone to help.

I am the Women in Green leader in Houston and though I am a very strong believer in Hashem and in the Torah and the prophecies throughout the Tanach, I want to make it VERY CLEAR that Women in Green is made up of Secular and Religious Jews and Christians, MEN and women. We recognize anyone who is a Zionist and a supporter of Israel. At this crucial time in history we need to understand that the Road Map is the most heinous act perpetuated against Israel since The final solution. If a Palestinian state is brought into existence and it could very well be the annihilation of Israel!!!

Cindy Maddox
Houston, TX.

Rachel Corrie Wannabe "wounded" by rubber bullet while trying to cut through Israel's security fence

Mom says motivation is to "promote peace"
This mom is dumber than a box of rocks, and the nut didn't fall far from the tree. 26-year-old Sam Tsohonis, a student from Evergreen State College, was a friend of Rachel Corrie, and obviously failed to get the message that Israel doesn't appreciate the interference of pro-Palestinian, pro-terrorist activists.

Why Israel doesn't deport these people is beyond me. Story in the Seattle Times.

Fence at U.S. border with Mexico

Canadian minister arrested in Lebanon for crime of visiting Israel

Rev. Bruce Balfour was in Lebanon to plant trees
[Lebanese Prosecutor, General Adnan] Addoum said Balfour is now being held at the suburban Roumieh prison northeast of Beirut. Canadian newspapers have reported that Balfour is a native of western Canada who was in the Middle East directing an evangelical project, Cedars of Lebanon, to help replant the biblical cedar forests in northern Lebanon.

News of his arrest only become known after Balfour managed to get a message out his cell to the Canadian Ambassador in Lebanon. In the message he wrote, "After 11 days of hell in Lebanese prisons, I am finally allowed to make contact with you. I have tried more than 100 times to make contact but nothing worked."
Foreigners who have visited Israel and have Israeli stamps in their passports are not allowed to enter Lebanon, which is technically still at war with the Jewish state; exceptions are made for politicians, diplomats and foreign journalists. According to the Edmonton CBC, Balfour will be charged with collaborating with Israel in a Lebanese military court on August 11.

Dyan Zaslowsky of Denver: Essay published in the NYTimes

"In France, nothing matters because we will all die anyway. In Israel, everything matters for the same reason."
We experienced so many situations suggesting that both sides just wanted to get along that we actually thought peace might break out any minute.

Consider a few examples. Our guide, Moshe, is planning an interdenominational tour from Israel to Iraq this fall; large signs on the Tel Aviv beach proclaim "Go in Peace" in English, Arabic and Hebrew. Where the Sea of Galilee laps tranquilly at the rock shore beneath the Church of the Primacy of St. Peter, a large group of South Koreans - who even now fill Israel's tour buses - sang sweet hymns. And outside the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem an Arab woman was nursing her baby in a retreating patch of shade. She had one palm outstretched, and while I fished money out of my pack an Orthodox Jew in a long black coat and black hat came along. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a few shekels, placing them gently in the woman's hand and then quickly walked on.

Kol hakavod, Dyan, for traveling with your family to Israel.

America 9/11 -- Israel 24/7

Israeli Terror Victims tour the U.S.
Yariv Shabo, 18, also tries to draw lessons from the death of his mother and three brothers, killed when Palestinian snipers shot them in their home in the West Bank Israeli town of Itamar, then set the house ablaze.

Shabo was with friends on his street when he heard the shooting and took cover at a neighbor´s house.

In an instant, his family shrank from nine members to five, says Shabo, who covers his head with a large, colorful knit kipah.

In broken English, he explains his loss — "no mother food, no little brother to play with."

One brother — who survived the shooting but lost a leg to a bullet — is afraid to sleep alone. Shabo and his father stay with him at night.

Shabo, who has moved to Kedumim, another West Bank Israeli town, says, "You have to keep going."

Otherwise the Arabs will win, explains Shabo, a gentle spirit who will leave yeshiva to join the Israeli army in March.

The attack has only heightened Shabo´s attachment to Israel.

"We´re supposed to hold on very hard," he says, demonstrating with a fist what he can´t fully express in words.

The experience also has heightened his sense of Jewish peoplehood.

"All of the Jews are one big family," he says. "I meet Jews. I see the love they give us, everything. They want to hug us. They want to help as they can."

Within the group of Israeli terror victims, there is no secular-religious divide, Shabo says, giving a high-five to Turgman — who does not wear a yarmulke — and saying that the two have become good friends.

Ultimately, Shabo believes there is a divine reason for his survival: Maybe, he says, it is "to help Am Yisrael," the People of Israel.
Rachel Pomerance reports for JTA: Global News Service of the Jewish People.

Next verse same as the first

June 14, 2001: "Israel will release all Palestinians arrested in security sweeps who have no association with terrorist activities"
IMRA provides background on prisoner release, quoting from an article in Ha-aretz two years ago. Tenet Plan, Road Trap, what's the difference, where's the progress? The Palestinian position is never-changing, absolutely intractable:
The Palestinians argue that the Tenet Plan calls for releasing all prisoners. This is not the case. The Tenet condition is the absence of an "association with terrorist activities."

Palestinians reject Israeli offer to hand over security of two West Bank cities

Israel offered Jericho and Kalkilya; PA wants Ramallah
Dahlan charged that Israel wanted to make a "cosmetic" withdrawal, which would leave the center of the cities in Palestinian control, but still surrounded by an Israeli military presence.

"We wanted the withdrawal to be a genuine one that would allow the Palestinian cities to connect with each other and would give people free ways to move on the roads between those cities and villages without having to go through the Israeli army roadblocks," Dahlan said.

According to Israeli security officials, Mofaz demanded that the Palestinians fight the terrorist infrastructure, something they have committed to do but about which they have done nothing so far.
Julie Stahl reports at CNS News.

Joseph Farah: You Call This a Cease-Fire?

These last 30 days
Which is true?

A. There is a cease-fire in place.
B. There have been a total of 167 Arab terror attacks on the Jewish state in the last four weeks.

A. The Palestinians are ending incitement against Jews.
B. The official PA TV is rebroadcasting old video clips filled with violence, stone throwing and shootings.

A. International media is reporting terror attacks.
B. The elite corporate media worldwide refuse to see and report the obvious truth.

If you don't know the answers, click here.

Summer Camp in the Galilee

No popsicle stick houses for these kids
Caroline Glick is amazing as always. Read "Accepting our limitations" in today's Jerusalem Post.
It's summer camp season. As Israeli Jewish children are learning to macrame and swim, 300 of their Israeli Arab friends in the Galilee are learning other lessons. Channel 10 Wednesday broadcast footage from "Camp Return" by Kabul village in the Western Galilee. The story was picked up Thursday in Ma'ariv.

At Camp Return, children are not taught how to make beaded jewelry and popsicle stick houses. They are taught to aspire to kill Jews in suicide bombings.

Saama Vakim, one of the campers, displayed her new necklace to the TV camera. It is a pendant of the map of Israel embossed with a Palestinian flag. She also showed the reporter the "intifada pendant." It included the image of a boy throwing a stone. Saama explained that Jews have no right to live here and should "go back to where they came from to Poland, to Russia."

Rather than learning stories about animals and plants, children at Camp Return are taught tales of the "heroism" of Palestinian terrorists like "the engineer" Hamas bombmaker Yihye Ayyash, who masterminded the murder of over 60 Israelis in suicide bombings before being killed by Israeli security forces in 1996. The children received booklets with "morale boosting" songs and stories glorifying human bombs and their dispatchers who are called "the heroic martyrs."

Their camp songs have lyrics like, "We don't want flour. We don't want sardines. We want bombs, the rule of the bombs." Another ditty the children sing says, "Lift up your head, recognize your holiness. Defeat to Washington. We don't want ID cards [Israeli citizenship]. We will glorify in the blood of the martyr."

The children bed down in tents named after refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. A camp counselor named Hadi Srair says, "We are living under Israeli occupation in Haifa, in the territories and in Majd el-Kurum. We will continue our struggle until victory and the liberation of Palestine."

What is the source of all of this hatred? How is it that these children, who are born in Israel, go to Israeli schools, and benefit from the freedom of this liberal democracy can so pine for the destruction through genocidal means of their fellow citizens?

Clearly, their cultural influences are not emanating from their Israeli surroundings. As the camp's organizers said, their goal is to clear the children's heads of "the Zionist education system's propaganda."
Glick goes on to point out that neither Israel nor the United States is capable of forcing a change in the hearts and minds of the Palestinians, thus the title of this piece. We can only do what we can do: Camp Return was raided by Israeli police and shut down on the suspicion that the organizers were inciting youngsters, citizens of Israel, against the state. Glick recognizes the need for "options --that will enable them to have political freedoms-- that will not threaten our survival." Amen.

Thursday, July 31, 2003

Spend Succot in Jerusalem!

Bais Yaakov High School of Chicago is sponsoring a raffle:

1st prize - Win ALL of these:

7 round-trip tickets to Israel, from JFK airport in NYC
11 days at the 5-star Ramada Renaissance Hotel in the heart of Yerushalyim
Lavish buffet breakfast every morning
Lulav and esrog mehudar
$1,000.00 in cash, to spend in Israel

2nd prize - Succot in Boro Park:

7 round-trip tickets to NYC, from anywhere in North America
11 days at the Avenue Plaze Hotel
3 meals every day
Lulav and esrog mehudar
$1,000.00 shopping spree on the Avenue

Go HERE to purchase your tickets, but I must warn you: I think I'm going to win.

It's "Freedom Summer Palestine 2003" Do you know where your children are?

ISMers continue to be part of the problem

AP: "Foreign activists from the International Solidarity Movement organization and Palestinians spray graffitti as they participate in a demonstration against the wall, erected by Israel in the northern West Bank town of Qalgilya, Thursday, July 31, 2003. Protesters splashed a concrete separation barrier with balloons filled with green, black, red and white paint -the colors of the Palestinian flag- and hoisted a banner calling the fence an apartheid wall."

Reuters: "Foreign peace activists shout during a protest in front of a fence near the West Bank city of Qalqilya, July 31, 2003. Some 200 Palestinian and foreigners staged a demonstration against a controversial security barrier being built by Israel across the West Bank, demanding that it be torn down."

Summary of Past Week's Security Events and Humanitarian Aid

Announcements from the IDF Spokesperson
The West Bank

This past week, IDF forces arrested a total of 47 wanted Palestinians. In addition, IDF forces recorded 15 instances of terrorist gunfire and 5 detonations of explosive devices towards IDF forces.

The IDF is continuing to implement a series of confidence building measures based on the decision of the political echelon -- which will lead to an improvement in the quality of life amongst the Palestinian population.

The more the Palestinians do to foil and prevent terrorism, the more the IDF will be able to ease security restrictions -- thereby further improving the quality of life of the Palestinian population.


IDF special forces arrested Ahmed Mustafa Ahmad Shibani, a wanted member of the Islamic Jihad military wing, near Fahmam south west of Jenin. Shibani, (born in 1972), a resident of the village of Arabah, was involved in numerous terrorist attacks and attempted terrorist acts against Israeli targets.

IDF special forces uncovered a 120mm mortar in Bani Naim, east of Hebron. The bomb was detonated in a controlled explosion.

IDF forces uncovered a 10 kilogram pipe-bomb near Beit Haggai, in the Hebron area. IDF forces uncovered an additional pipe-bomb in the same area. Both were detonated in a controlled explosion.


Easing of Restrictions at Crossings and on Central Routes

The Surda checkpoint was removed, enabling passage from Ramallah northwards.

The Ein Arik checkpoint was removed, enabling passage from Ramallah to the villages to the west.

The roadblocks at Labal Sindak were removed, enabling passage from Hebron to the villages to the south.

Beginning from last weekend, passage was enabled from Palestinian Tekoa to Bethlehem, as well as the villages of Sayir and a-Shayuh.

The passage of vans from the Bani Naim quarries to Hebron has recently been permitted. Blockades of the Beit Cahil bridge have recently been removed, enabling passage from Hebron towards Halhal and the villages to the north (Beit Omar, Idna, Haras and Tarkumiya).

The "Back to Back" crossing (transfer of goods) at Awarta, near Nablus, has recently opened (the Awarte Crossing eases the entry of goods into Nablus). It should be noted that number of vans transporting goods to the city on a daily basis have doubled.

Additional Entry Permits for Palestinian Merchants and Laborers by the Civil Administration

The entry of 2,000 laborers and 2,000 merchants from Bethlehem. It should be noted that the number of entry permits from Bethlehem to Israel have increased from 1,000 to 4,000.

The entry of 500 female laborers from Tul Karem.

Public transport between Nablus and Jenin.

The entry of 500 Christians from Bethlehem into Israel.


IDF forces uncovered a shrapnel-filled explosive device weighing several kilograms in Jelabun, east of Jenin. The device, discovered east of Jenin, utilized a fishing-line tripwire as a detonation mechanism. In addition, three pipe bombs were found in close proximity to the above-mentioned device.

The explosive devices were detonated in a controlled explosion by IDF sappers.


An Israeli child was lightly wounded by terrorist gunfire in a drive-by shooting on a southern Nablus bypass road.

IDF forces seized 4 mortar shells and 3 hand grenades. These were detonated in a controlled explosion by IDF sappers.

Terrorists fired at an IDF vehicle near the Shaked check-point, near Jenin.


IDF undercover forces in Ramallah arrested Hatam Sawity, a senior Islamic Jihad operative.

The Gaza Strip and the Israel-Egypt border

During the past week, IDF forces and Israeli Border police seized approximately 800 kilograms of marijuana, 1,720 kilograms of tobacco, and a vehicle. 3 smugglers were also arrested.


IDF forces observed the attempted firing of two Qassam missiles in the Nir-Am area.

Terrorists fired at an IDF position near the Israeli community of Gadid, in the southern Gaza Strip.

Terrorists fired at an IDF position near the Israeli community of Netzarim. IDF forces returned fire.


Terrorists fired at an IDF position near the Israeli community of Neveh Dekalim, in the southern Gaza Strip.

Terrorists fired at an IDF position near the Israeli community of Gadid, in the southern Gaza Strip.


IDF forces arrested a wanted Palestinian for questioning at a crossing point in Gush Katif.


Terrorists fired at IDF forces near the Israeli community of Neveh Dekalim in the southern Gaza Strip.

Easing of Restrictions at Crossings and Central Routes

The Rafah Crossing will operate between the hours of 8:00 AM and 22:00 PM.

The entry of 18,000 laborers into Israel will be permitted, (an addition of 5,000 entry permits).

The passage of agrigates and the exit of laborers through the Sufa Crossing will be renewed.


IDF forces observed the firing of two mortars at the Israeli community of Netzarim, in the northern Gaza Strip.

www.idf.il ©Copyright IDF 1996-2003

Palestinian Islamists literally butcher Muslim convert to Christianity

Man's body returned to his family in four pieces
World Net Daily picked up this story from the Barnabas Fund:
The man left his friends and family almost two weeks ago heading into a mountainous region of the Palestinian Authority area. He took Christian materials including cassettes, videos and Bibles with him. After approximately ten days during which his friends and family received no word from him, his body was returned to them. He had been brutally killed and his body carved into four pieces as a warning to other converts. He leaves behind a wife and two small children. The names and further details of those involved are being withheld by Barnabas Fund for their own safety.

Local Christians in this part of the Holy Land have been involved in supporting converts from a Muslim background who suffer persecution from Islamic extremists in the Palestinian Authority areas. Some of them have also been the target of attacks. Last year one such Christian received a phone call telling him that a Muslim convert was in a serious condition in hospital; in response he immediately set off in his car. On the way his vehicle was deliberately driven off the road by another car. The phone call later proved to be a hoax designed to lead him into trap. In another attempt on his life this same Christian was hospitalised. Local Christians working to support converts from Islam report that Islamic militants in the Palestinian Authority area deliberately target converts. Hamas in particular reportedly receives funding from Iran specifically for this purpose.
~ Tom Delay, U.S. House Majority Leader

Today is the first anniversary of the bombing at Hebrew University

Nine people, four Israelis and five foreign nationals -including Americans- were killed

- David (Diego) Ladowski, 29, of Jerusalem
- Levina Shapira, 53, of Jerusalem
- Marla Bennett, 24, of California (US)
- Benjamin Blutstein, 25, of Pennsylvania (US)
- Dina Carter, 37, of Jerusalem (US)
- Janis Ruth Coulter, 36, of New York (US)
- David Gritz, 24, of Massachusetts (US-France)
- Daphna Spruch, 61, of Jerusalem died of her wounds on Aug 10.
- Revital Barashi, 30, of Jerusalem died of her wounds on Aug 13.

. . . and 85 were injured a year ago today, when a bomb exploded in a crowded cafeteria on the Hebrew University Mount Scopus campus. Most of the injured were young, between 18 and 30.

The Mount Scopus campus was inaugurated in 1925, and was located on Jewish land long before the establishment of the State of Israel.

Hamas claimed responsibility, and a Hamas rally in Gaza celebrated the attack. An estimated 10,000 Palestinian men, women and children celebrated in the streets with clapping, singing and distributing sweets, while carrying pictures of Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, and calling for more suicide bombings.

Mention of the rally was omitted by The New York Times, The Washington Post and the BBC. The AP noted the rally but didn't mention any celebrations. See HonestReporting's Communique of 2 August 2002.

For some reason, I can't post this photo of the rally from the archives of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Who says there's no truth to be found in the press?

The National Post (Canada) published this, by Israel Asper
As you read, listen to, or watch today's media, you would think the road map is all about Israel refusing to free captured terrorist prisoners; you would think it was about Israel building a security fence to keep out Arab terrorists; you would think it is about Israel being forced to let Palestinian workers, terrorists amongst them, come back in to work in Israel; you would think it was about demanding that Israel make "confidence-building" gestures to support Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, for which there is no quid pro quo, quite unilaterally, so that Abbas will be able to deliver eventually on his promises.

The road map is about none of these matters. In fact, none of them are even part of the road map. They are merely red herrings dragged across the picture by the Palestinians to try and distract the world from the fact they are not carrying out their commitments that the road map actually provides, and to which they say they've agreed.
This article also contains a clear explanation of Resolution 242, which is very helpful (keep it around for future reference and quotation):
Resolution 242 provides that Israel will withdraw from territories occupied by it in the 1967 war, but consistent with peace and militarily defensible and secure borders. It does not say "all the territories," or even "the territories." It just says "territories." This was hotly debated at the UN when it was enacted, because between the Arabs and the Russians, there was an attempt to force Israel to withdraw from every square inch of territory it had captured in the war against it of 1967. Israel agreed to give back "some territory" and nothing more. It gave back all of the Sinai to Egypt, and that constituted 92% of "all the territories." One can argue that that is quite enough.
Before I read Daniel Gordis's piece, below, I would have agreed with Asper's conclusion -- "Israel is now entitled to call a halt to its obligations under the road map, based on Palestinian non-compliance -- and it should do exactly that." -- but now I'm thinking, leave well enough alone for the moment, and let the people enjoy this relatively quiet, relatively peaceful time.

Beautiful letter from home:
"The Bearable Lightness of Peace" by Daniel Gordis

This morning's Ma'ariv newspaper had, as it does every day, a huge headline across the front. Today was "Ne'evak ad Mavet" [He Fought to Death]. It was a reference to Corporal Oleg Shaichat, who disappeared last Monday after hitching a ride in the Galilee, and who was finally found yesterday, a week later, buried in a shallow grave, in an olive grove not far from his family's home in Upper Nazareth.

Walking to the office this morning, I passed the little French bakery in our neighborhood where elderly men sit outside on the sidewalk, sip their Turkish coffee and read the newspaper. As I was passing them today, two were looking at the Ma'ariv headline. One said to the other, "Rak tzarot yesh lanu" [Nothing but troubles for us]. To which his companion replied, "Nachon, aval yoter tov, lo?" [True, but it's better, no?]

That little interchange pretty much summed up how people are doing with this little "hudna" we're having. Small incidents of terror continue, almost every day, and some rather large plots are still being thwarted. But the pace is undeniably lessened, and everything has changed. Life is unquestionably more comfortable, infinitely more relaxed. At restaurants, some of the guards are gone, but even where they remain, the security check is much more cursory. A glance, a pat of the briefcase, and you're through. None of the rummaging through everything you've got in there that had become commonplace, much less of the "wand" over your front and back each time you go into the bank, or a store, or an office building. There's a "time out" in effect, and while some people believe it will last and others believe it won't, most of the people we know are enjoying it as much as they can.

The sidewalk tables at many cafes, spots that used to be unoccupied because most people wanted to be inside, on the other side of the guard, are now full. Everyone is more relaxed, and no one dreads the news quite as much as they did just a bit more than a month ago. On Shabbat afternoon, just outside our kitchen window, kids from the building next door sat outside on the grass, and sang all afternoon. If I hadn't seen it and heard it, I wouldn't have believed it. But there they were, for hours, just sitting on the grass and the stone wall around the yard, laughing and playing, singing the whole day. Was it because they know about the "hudna," or because it was just a pretty day? Or because their parents are probably less stressed out? Or because everyone's taking a deep breath? Hard to know, but it was certainly welcome. It's nice to hear the kids singing again.

We've only got one kid at home this summer, but he's ecstatic. Without his even knowing why, he's singing in the shower. Add the kids next door.... It doesn't get much better than that.

After almost three years of seemingly interminable stress, grief and surprise that things could get much worse just when you thought they'd hit absolute rock bottom, this city is coming alive again. Elisheva and I went to the summer outdoor Jerusalem fair last Thursday night. Tight security, to be sure, but packed. Unlike last year, though, when security was even tighter, no one was nervous last week. Last year, we heard numerous people saying that they were unhappy about being in such a crowded space. Something was bound to happen, they said. This year, no one seemed worried. There were clowns and jugglers, and tons of kids. Lots of music. Thousands of people. And we didn't hear anyone saying they were nervous.

We got tired of the fair, and decided to grab a bite to eat. We left the secured downtown area, walked past the guards into the unprotected downtown and began to roam. The streets were filled with people everywhere. We passed Machaneh Yehudah, the outdoor market that is always packed on Thursday nights, and that has been the site of several horrific attacks in the past few years. It was a virtual Mardi Gras. There were guards, to be sure, but the place was relaxed. People shopping, eating, tasting, even laughing. There would have been no way to know that that same market has been on the front page far too many times in the past three years. Most everyone here has decided to live, even if only for the ninety days we've been "promised."

The big question, of course, is whether it will last that long, or beyond that. No one here is quite naive enough to imagine that Hamas, or the Al Aksa brigades, or the Islamic Jihad are using the "time off" to read Bialik, or to perfect their Hebrew grammar. We know, obviously, that many of them are using this period to re-arm, to re-train, to prepare for the next round. Some Israelis (the right, mostly, and particularly settlers, some of whom are likely to have to relocate if this "peace" should stick for the long run) are busy reminding everyone that "hudna" is a term that early commentators on the Koran used to refer to the treaty that Mohammed made in 628 C.E. when he attacked Mecca, but repelled by a force larger than his, agreed to a truce. The only problem with the truce was that Mohammed used it to regroup, assembled a much larger force than he'd originally had, and two years later, once again marched on the city and captured it. That kind of a "hudna," these Israelis remind us, we don't need.

But others focus on the fact that "hudna" in everyday Arabic also means just plain old "truce." What we don't know, obviously, is which form of "hudna" we've got. If it's the former, we could be in trouble. But if it's the latter, life here could get much better. And no matter which you believe, it's a dangerous proposition. If you ignore the right, who said the same thing about Oslo and the Palestinian authority, you run the risk of being wrong, and then, very, very sorry down the road. But if you believe the right, but they were wrong when there really was a chance to make some progress here, then you've squandered what might be the last chance for some sort of peace, or at least something better than what we've had, for quite a while. A hell of a choice.

So people here live in a kind of surrealistic world of hope and fear, optimism and petrified caution fueled by a remembrance of the last time that their sanguineness led to heartbreak, and then to a lot of death. That's why you can have that conversation between the men at the bakery. "We've got only troubles." Sort of true. "But things are better than they used to be." True, too. If you ask me, they're much better, at least for now.

I got to the office, and met with a (rather young) recently retired Air Force Colonel who's interested in making a transition to Jewish education. Bright, articulate, with kind of a "Top Gun" affect about him. OK, he's earned it. Big time. A really nice guy, very thoughtful and interesting. On the way into my office, we lingered for a moment in the lobby, where there was a copy of Ha-Aretz on a table. In that paper, too, Oleg Shaichat was a top story. We started talking about the soldier, his disappearance and murder (possibly, according to some of the press, at the hands of Israeli Arabs, though that potentially devastating development hasn't been confirmed, and hopefully, will prove false). I said something trite, like it was a pretty horrible thing.

Well, yes, in some ways, this pilot said to me. But in some ways, not. After all, for his family, it's much better to know that he's dead, than to live with the years of wondering and dread that other families endure when they don't find the body, or when their son is taken into captivity. And, he added, "I went to help with the search yesterday. And it was very moving."

One of the unusual aspects of this whole episode was that the security forces asked for the public's help in searching for the missing soldier. It was already suspected that they were looking for a body, not a live person, but they apparently needed help. On the radio, they asked anyone with a four wheel drive vehicle to come to the military base near the Golani Junction in the Galilee to sign up to help. The guy I was meeting with told me that yesterday morning, a friend of his who has a jeep called him up and said, "We should go." So they did.

He told me that they signed in, were paired with two other people who'd shown up without a four wheel drive vehicle and were handed a map with rectangles, one of which was highlighted. "That's your rectangle," they were told. "Look for anything, no matter how small." Despite the rather unbearable heat, he told me, the place was packed with volunteers. There were five hundred people waiting to be assigned a rectangle. A bus filled with Israelis from Tel Aviv who were on a three day tour of the Galilee and the Golan pulled over, and on the spot, they decided to cancel their touring for the first half of the day, and volunteered. It was, he said with no small degree of pride, an incredible show of solidarity.

He and his party went out to the field, not easy terrain, and began to search. They'd been out for two hours, combing their rectangle, when the call came to pack it in. The search was over. In the very next rectangle, it turns out, they'd found something. First they found a shell from a gun, which Oleg probably intentionally dropped as he was being led into the field. Then they saw a drop of blood (perhaps one of the indications, not yet revealed, that has led authorities to say that he "fought to the death"). They knew they were closing in. And then they saw some earth that looked not quite right, dug a bit, and found him.

What does one make of all this? It kind of depends on what you think they mean by "hudna." If you're the "I told you so" cynic, who may well be right, then you see this as proof that they've toned it down for a while, but still, will kill us whenever they can. If you're more optimistic, as I am by nature, then you say, "This is horrible, and unforgivable, but he's the first soldier to die at the hands of the enemy in a month. When was the last time we went that long?"

So what's the right approach? Enjoy the peace, or dread its end? Truth is, strange as it sounds, you don't really have to choose. You can do both. Even the press can't decide what to make of all this. On Ha-Aretz's English website today (www.haaretzdaily.com), I saw a headline so interesting that I actually printed it out on the spot. It read (and this is a precise quote):

SECURITY OFFICIAL: SAFE TO PREDICT TRUCE WILL LAST MORE THAN THREE MONTHS -- Says Abbas believes it possible to dismantle terror groups without bloodshed. IDF Chief Ya'alon braces for next wave of violence.

Talk about surreal. What, exactly, does that headline mean? Which "hudna" do we have? Depends on whether you believe the (unnamed) "security official" or Ya'alon. The right wing email lists, of course, have been forwarding quotes of Ya'alon all day. The left, as always, is rudderless and incapacitated. We simple folk are just enjoying the quiet, and having fun watching Israel's most sophisticated newspaper making no sense. Kind of a commentary on the times.

Add to this convoluted headline the statement by Egyptian "President" Mubarak two days ago that "only Sharon can bring peace," because he (Sharon) was the one who oversaw the evacuation of Jewish settlements and one major city when the Sinai went back to Egypt. Mubarak uttering a sentence with the words "peace" and "Sharon" in it? This place can make you dizzy. Or the restoration of diplomatic relations between Israel and Austria, as (tentatively) announced today? And cozying up, finally, with Pakistan, also as announced today? Or Jordan and Egypt talking publicly about sending their consular staffs back to Israel? And then, tonight on the news, Sharon and Bush at the White House, without any mention of the "fence" that was supposedly going to be such a bone of contention. How good would things have to get for people here to actually believe that they'll be OK?

The problem, of course, they will tell you, is that things were good before. And then it all dissolved into horror. And they're right about that. We know that. But still, when does one say that things are good enough to at least merit some hope?

Talia, our daughter who's away for the summer at a program at Brandeis University, called a few days ago and as we were chatting, asked, "So what's in the news?" "Nothing," I told her. "Nothing at all?" she asked. "Nothing." She was quiet for a second, and then said, "That's amazing. It's really amazing." We hung up a few minutes later, and I found myself trying to calculate. When the "hudna" had started, when she'd be home. And whether she'd be here for any of it.

And then, I realized that I didn't actually know which would be better. To experience some of this, only to risk the devastation that we'll all feel if it ends, or not to have seen it at all, to stay used to what she's gotten used to.

She'll be home in time, I realized, and I'm glad. This thing may not last, and if it doesn't, we'll be devastated. No question. But I want her to see it, at least a little bit of it. I want her to open the paper, every morning, day after day, at least for a couple of weeks, and to see that there don't have to be pictures of blown up buses, destroyed restaurants, mug shots of the people to be buried that day. I want her to see that this place, too, yes, even this place, can be normal. Can be happy.

For some reason, wondering whether she'd get home in time reminded me of the snow we had here in February. Everything was closed -- schools, offices, stores. The streets hadn't yet been cleared, and the entire city was covered in a gorgeous blanket of white. We decided to take a family walk, got all bundled up and headed up the side street right by our house. Everyone in the neighborhood was out, people were laughing and kids were having the time of their lives. Tali and I were out ahead of the pack, walking smack in the middle of the street, taking it all in. Suddenly, Tali reached for my hand, not a common occurrence with a sixteen-year-old, and said to me, "This is so great. I wonder if this is what peace is like."

And then, I realized. My sixteen-year-old kid doesn't even remember what peace is like. So, yes, I want her to come home in time. I want her to see what this place can be, even with all the worry, even with the dread lurking around every corner. I want her to see the laughter, the lightheartedness, the sloppy security. I want her to hear the singing, to see the cafes full again, to go downtown without being afraid. I want her to see the place we once thought we were bringing her to.

Will it last? I don't know. If it does, it will be another one of those miracles that living here sometimes allows you to see. And if it doesn't, we'll try to remember it, I suppose, holding on to the dream that if this "hudna" didn't last, maybe the next one will. Lots of people here will say that's naïve, that it's dangerous, that it invites more of the same horror. Maybe they're right.

But the way I see it, if we've lost the ability to hope, they've won. This place was built on hope and as we've seen in the last few weeks, it thrives on it. So I'll go with hope, with kids singing on the grass, and with my daughter getting a chance to remember what peace is like. If nothing else, I guess, seeing what we've got now may just give her the courage to keep on hoping.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

G-d is in the details

CNN, in its coverage of the Bush & Sharon talks, makes a misstatement, an error. They are inaccurate. Could be a simple mistake, no big deal. Could be that CNN lies. The article states "Abbas was elected Palestinan Authority prime minister in April."

Fact is, he wasn't elected; he was appointed by his fellow-founder of the PLO, Yasser Arafat. You let them say this once, twice, three times . . . people believe it. They forget April, which was only three months ago, when Arafat appointed his old friend Abu Mazen to be his prime minister.

Go to http://www.cnn.com/feedback/ Where it says, "Notice any errors on our website?" click to post your comments. Be sure to tell them that the Palestinians haven't held elections for some years, not since Arafat ran against an elderly lady social worker in, what was it, 1995? I thought his term was to be for only five years, or some such. 'Bout time they had elections again, or has everyone -- including Pres. Bush -- given up on that?

I can't imagine

A friend of Katy's projected the statistics of the present intifada, to show what the equivalent would be for the United States, assuming a US population of 50 times that of Israel.

Statistics from the IDF Spokesperson for the period 29 September through 20 June 2003:

570 civilians killed, plus 244 security forces = 814 total actually killed in Israel
Imagine 40,700 killed in the United States.

3,952 civilians injured, plus 1,651 security forces = 5,603 total actually injured in Israel
Imagine, in addition, 280,000 injured.

Up to June 30th, Israelis have suffered a total of 18,145 terrorist attacks.


BUSH, after meeting with PM Sharon:

"Terrorism can never be justified by any cause . . .

The Palestinian Authority must undertake sustained, targeted and effective operations and confront those engaged in terror and to dismantle terrorist capabilities and infrastructure . . .

My commitment to the security of Israel is unshakable."

Full story at FoxNews: "Sharon, Bush Reaffirm Priority One: Security of Israel."

The suspense is killing me. What are they saying in there?

"The brutality of hope" by Zev Chafets

from the NY Daily News
The current issue of Newsweek has been banned in Pakistan.

The magazine's offense was publishing a story about a scholar who claims the Koran has been misinterpreted by Islamic clerics. The scholar, writing under the pseudonym Christoph Luxenberg, says the verse offering "dark-eyed virgins" to martyrs actually promises them, in a closer reading, "white raisins."

This will have come, I'm sure, as a disappointment to Uday and Qusay Hussein, recently arrived in paradise. I can picture them staring sadly at their boxes of Sunkist, wondering how the Zionists stole the virgins.

What I call the Anti-World, Chafets calls a "bizarre parallel universe," fueled by "willful stupidity."
I disagree with him about the effects of the fall of Hussein. While I prefer to remain hopeful, Chafets thinks that U.S. actions have strengthened Arab unification ("What most unites them is their commitment to common means of control - delusion and paranoia and xenophobia.") and opposition ("The Islamic establishment from Morocco to Pakistan is intent on defeating Prof. Bush's grand experiment.")

Definitely worth reading.

Hot spit! FOX on top, CNN ratings collapsing

via the Drudge Report



"Daniel in the Lion's Den" by Charlotte West

Arutz Sheva OPINION
. . . like a minimally exposed glacier whose depth had been miscalculated, there arose a formidable Harvard-educated historian named Daniel Pipes (son of noted Russian historian Dr. Richard Pipes), whose 30-year study of Islam, 11 books, and numerable essays on the subject had, until September 11, 2001, garnered little mainstream interest. Suddenly, he had our rapt attention. His talking head and byline were sought after by all the major media. His website DanielPipes.org became one of the most highly ranked on the internet. Almost overnight, he became a household name to those of us trying to understand, the primary credible source, the primary authority guiding the nation’s leading analysts, policy makers and opinion makers.

But Pipes was not advocating that we listen to radical Islam mindlessly to find out ‘what they wanted’. He was like the supremely knowledgeable ex-insider turned counter-kidnapper trying to wrest the besieged, brainwashed, sleep- and food-deprived, terrorized Moonie away from the cult. Daniel Pipes was trying to wrest our culture out of its hypnotized, terrorized state, to help us name our enemies, understand our enemies and defeat our enemies. And he still is. . .

Radical groups are bullying Daniel Pipes. They are unfairly, baselessly demonizing him. These smear tactics make a mockery of the values of the United States of America and they must not be allowed to triumph. We must not back down on this.

Let your voice be heard:

Judd Gregg (R-NH) Phone - 202-224-3324; Fax - 202-224-4952
Bill Frist (R-TN) Phone - 202-224-3344; Fax - 202-228-4637
Michael Enzi (R-WY) Phone - 202-224-3424; Fax - 202-228-0359
Christopher Bond (R-MO) Phone - 202-224-5721; Fax - 202- 224-8149
Lamar Alexander (R-TN) Phone - 202-224-4944; Fax - 202-228-3398
Edward Kennedy (D-MA) Phone - 202-224-4543; Fax - 202-224-2417
James Jeffords (I-VT) Phone - 202-224-5141; Fax - 202-224-5468
Hillary Clinton (D-NY) Phone - 202-224-4451; Fax - 202-228-0121

From the Anti-World

Who are these Palestinian prisoners without "blood on their hands"?
What are they in prison for? Parking tickets?
Abu Mazen, in an interview with the New York Times, was asked about Israel's refusal to release prisoners with "blood on their hands." Replying that this was unacceptable, he said, "We were in a war . . and in war, all prisoners are freed once hostilities end."

Thus, according to columnist Evelyn Gordon, "deliberately blowing up schoolbuses full of children, or elderly people attending a Passover seder is a legitimate form of warfare that entitles its practitioners to return home in triumph." Gordon points out that while even Arafat usually confines his defenses of terrorism to Arabic, Abu Mazen is more brazen, having no qualms whatsoever in saying this, in English, to America's (used-to-be) newspaper of record.

"Cracking down on Hamas, Jihad and the Palestinian organizations is not an option at all." --Abu Mazen at Cairo press conference on July 22.

11-year-old Israeli girl shot in West Bank terror attack

"An increased number of threats against civilians in the West Bank"
The Road Trap War continues, as an Israeli girl was shot inside a car as she was traveling with her parents near the Jewish settlement of Itzhar, west of Nablus. The girl was shot in her legs, and was evacuated by the IDF via helicopter to Belinson hospital in Petah Tikva. There were four other passengers in the car, including children, who escaped injury.

According to the Jerusalem Post, a military source stated that "We now have an increased number of threats against civilians in the West Bank, where Palestinan terrorists are prepared to use several tactics, such as roadside bombs, automatic gunfire and kidnappings against Israeli civilians."

MSNBC photo of a Jewish "settlement outpost" in the West Bank.

No wonder the Arabs demand the settlements be torn down and their Jewish occupants expelled. The West Bank looks positively overrun with Jews!

CAROLINE GLICK in JPost.com's first live, online chat

from the transcript:
On Arafat and AbuMazen:
There are 2 ways to think about what is happening in the PA. One is that Abbas and Arafat are working together, in which case this is all a farce. The other is that they are not working together and that Abbbas has no power, in which case it is a farce.

On exiling Arafat:
I see no reason why it should be a polarizing issue. The man is a murderer and a war criminal. In a perfect world he would be standing trial in Israel like Adolph Eichmann did. In the world we live in he should be deported to a country of his choice. He is a source of instability wherever he goes and has no moral right to be here.

On the release of Palestinian prisoners:
There are no Palestinian POWs. There are Palestinian war criminals who are in Israeli jails for committing war crimes against Israel. If they are released from prison I am certain that they will kill again.

On Bibi Netanyahu:
Bibi is my finance minister. I used to work with him and I think he is a fine leader. I believe he understands that terrorism can and must be destroyed root and branch and cannot be appeased. I think he understands that Israel has a right to win our war against Palestinian terrorist aggression.

On the "hudna":
The hudna is narrowly defined a group of terrorists declaring a general amnesty for themselves while they oil their guns and recruit more human beings to become guided missiles. It will last for as long as it serves the terrorists' interests or until we go in and destroy them.

On Syria and the Golan Heights:
Negotiable? Sure, so is my living room. That doesn't mean it makes any sense to give it up.

On the mood of the "Arab street" regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict:
I believe the Arab world is convinced that it is winning.

On the "war on terror":
The war on terror is a bit of a misnomer. Terror after all is tactic not a cause. The war being fought against Israel and the US is a war of Islamic annihilationism. Unless the US and Israel are able to fight this war both intellectually and militarily, it will be difficult to bring it to a conclusion. The fact that the US still is trying to pretend that there is a difference between the war against Israel and the war against the US is one of the reasons why it is hard to win.

What could persuade Sharon to break from U.S. pressure and do away with Arafat?
After 830 Israelis have been killed since September 2000, I don't know what could be a last straw.

Is there a possibility of real peace?
Maybe, if we stop seeing it as the aim. The aim is to live in freedom and security.

The reason for distortions of the news by the BBC?

On the role of the Diaspora Jew:
I believe that Diaspora Jews should first of all make aliyah. If that is not in the cards, then diaspora Jews should be actively supporting organizations like the ZOA that clearly call for US support for an Israeli political and military victory in the war on terrorism.

On Evangelical Christian support for Israel:
I believe that we have very wonderful Christian friends and we should respect them for respecting us.

On the drastic and abrupt change in Ariel Sharon's policies:
I am not a psychiatrist. I don't know. But I do know that his policies are wrong and should be changed in order to ensure our lives and future.

Which European states are genuinely friendly?
None comes to mind. I don't think that friendship is what we need. I think we need respect.

On the Palestinian "right of return":
The whole issue of Palestinian refugees, their status and their demand to live in Israel is rooted in the desire not to live in peace with Israel but to destroy Israel. Unless the Palestinians accept Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state, that is unless the Palestinians become Zionists as they must if they truly desire peace, any discussion of the refugee issue is doomed to fail. There will be no practical solution adopted.

On the Palestinian"demographic time bomb":
Establishing a Palestinian state in the territories will simply exacerbate the problem. It will increase the demographic pressure on Israel because the Palestinian state will have no economic viability and Palestinians as well as Egyptians and Jordanians will come to Israel for work and not leave. As well, the Palestinians themselves and the Israeli Arab leadership maintain that they do not accept Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. This rejection will only increase with the presence of a Palestinian sovereign in the territories.

On Bush, Sharon and the "road trap":
US and Israeli national security interests are damaged by embracing the establishment of a terrorist state in the Levant. I believe that they are being dishonest with themselves when they believe they can wish away the fact that the state they are working to create will be anything other than a terrorist state.

On Israel's acquiescence to the "road trap":
think that Israel has been grounded down over the years by the Left and the Europeans and the Arabs that we have forgotten the one word we need most to remember - VICTORY. Because of this I think we feel trapped. Our leadership as well, has forgetten that we have a right to win wars of aggression being fought against us.

On the Elon Plan:
The one obvious advantage that the Elon plan has over the Road Map is that it has not failed yet and just for this reason alone it should be given a hearing both at the grassroots level and at the academic level. . . As well, we would do well to recall that ten years ago it seemed preposterous not to mention impractical to imagine that Israel would recsucistate its most dangerous enemy - Arafat - and allow him and his army of 40,000 terrorists to come in here and start killing us. Not only did we adopt this monstrous policy, we are repeating it now with his deputy. Given this, it is hard for me to understand why the Elon Plan seems half-baked. It has intellectual merit.

My Favorite:
Do you think that the Arabs are actually coming to an end of the intifada and they might be serious about peace?

Caroline Glick : No.

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Monday, July 28, 2003

Excerpt from suggested letter -- VIPAC.org
Dear Mr. President:

You criticized Israel's defensive wall against PLO suicide bombers in stark reptilian terms, describing it as "snaking through" its path. Why then have you constructed a wall of cement barricades that is currently "snaking through" Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House? The White House, fortunately, has not suffered a single bombing attack in over a century, while Israel has suffered hundreds of bombing attacks from its Arab neighbors quite recently. Why then is the White House where you live allowed to build a defensive wall against Islamic terrorist attacks while Israel is not?


Phil N. D'Blank

The President's email: president@whitehouse.gov
The Vice President's email: vice.president@whitehouse.gov
White House phone: 202-456-1111 Fax: 202-456-2461
Senate and House switchboard: 202-224-3121
Click on "Govt. Email Addresses" at www.vipac.org for other officials.

Jewish graves on Mount of Olives vandalized by local Arabs

This photo, from the Jewish National Fund Photo Archives, was taken in 1942, and shows a small section of the cemetery on the Mount of Olives where there are Jewish graves dating from the time of King David.

The story from JPost:
About 100 Jewish graves at Jerusalem's ancient Mount of Olives cemetery have been vandalized in recent months by local Arabs, a Jerusalem burial society said Monday.

Officials from Jerusalem's General Hevra Kadisha said the situation at the oldest Jewish cemetery in the world has seriously deteriorated in the past year, since a lack of state funding forced the dismissal of night-time guards at the site.

A visit on Monday to the desolate and neglected cemetery, located adjacent to several Arab neighborhoods, revealed about a dozen broken or otherwise shattered graves, scores of toppled tombstones, Arabic graffiti drawn on one grave, and a swastika on a cemetery wall.

Some of the graves had huge holes in them, while others had tombstones missing, or lying at the side of their graves.

According to Jewish tradition, resurrection of the dead will begin at the Mount of Olives, making it a popular burial place for thousands of years. Currently, the site looks dilapidated because of the vandalism and virtually non-existent maintenance.

"These Arab vandals are looking for every Jewish place in order to take revenge," said Hevra Kadisha security guard Oleg Kutsey, whose daily duties include reporting any damage to his bosses, and accompanying families who want to visit the largely-abandoned cemetery.

Kutsey is one of two guards that the Jerusalem Hevra Kadisha employs during day-time hours on their section of the cemetery. There are currently no other guards at the entire site, and none at night when almost all of the vandalism occurs. Such vandalism happens "all the time," Kutsey said.

The Russian-born security guard, who has worked at the site for the past 12 years, added that every morning an Arab employee of the Hevra Kadisha cleans up the litter left overnight from Arab teens who hang out at the recently lit up site, often drinking beer, smoking, and playing music from radio tapes that they connect to the electric boxes of light posts at the cemetery.

A spokesman for the Religious Affairs Ministry, which is responsible for security at the site, said Monday that the ministry has a full security plan ready for the site but it has not received the necessary funds from the Finance Ministry to carry it out.

A visit to the slightly better cared for American section of the cemetery Monday also revealed several overturned graves, and some blackened areas where bonfires had recently been lit. A large enclosed area, housing the graves of a prominent rabbi and his family, was recently fire bombed by Arab assailants, Kutsey said, and then barred and locked.

The late prime minister Menachem Begin's grave is a frequent target for Arab vandals, he added.

Released terrorist calls for kidnapping IDF soldiers

"Fridge bomber" now advisor to Arafat

Ahmed Jbarra, the veteran Palestinian prisoner who was released by Israel on the eve of the Aqaba summit in Jordan last month, has called on Palestinians to kidnap Israeli soldiers in order to exchange them for the Palestinian prisoners held by Israel.

According to the Hamas-affiliated Palestine Information Center, Jbarra who served 28 years of a life sentence for murdering 14 people when he planted a booby-trapped refrigerator in Jerusalem's Kikar Zion in 1975 was speaking at a Bethlehem rally held in his honor on Sunday night. The report said he "indirectly" urged Palestinians to abduct IDF soldiers.

Jbarra, 68 and better known by his nom de guerre, Abu Sukkar, was appointed earlier this month as Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's special adviser on the issue of the prisoners.

According to the center, he told the rally that there would be no peace or security for Israel without the release of all the prisoners.

"I would like to remind all the national and Islamic factions that in return for three soldiers, Israel released 1,150 prisoners in the famous exchange," Jbarra was quoted as saying, referring to the 1985 prisoner swap between Israel and the Syrian-backed Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestinian-General Command, headed by Ahmed Jibril.

Jbarra also praised the Palestinians for killing one Jew for every three Palestinians killed during the current intifada, noting that in the previous intifada, the figure stood at one Jew for every 28 Palestinians killed in clashes with the IDF.

You can read the rest at JPost.

This is the billboard in Lebanon, facing the Israeli side of the border. It was photographed by Canadian MP James Moore in 2002 and posted at Dave Does the Blog on July 9 of this year. Two of my very good friends have just returned from a trip to Israel, and saw and photographed this same billboard.

Here's the explication of the images and writing (in Arabic and Hebrew), given at Dave Does the Blog blog:
So far you have seen part of the UN compound on the Lebanese side, the Hezbollah bunkers and flags, and the pictures were taken from the Israeli border point. What was also at the border was a 12-foot by 10-foot billboard of gruesomeness erected by Hezbollah about 6-inches from the Israeli border for the purpose of intimidating young Israeli troops. The billboard, seen below, shows 5 pictures.

The picture on the top left is of a blown-up Israeli in a market after a suicide bombing. In the middle is a mutilated Israeli skull. On the top right is the picture of a wounded young Israeli soldier who was held captive. The bottom right is a picture of 2 Israelis being shot by a firing squad. On the bottom left is the picture of a member of Hezbollah holding up the severed head of an Israeli soldier at a celebration rally of the soldier’s killing. On the sign in both Arabic and Hebew are the words “Beware Sharon (Israel’s Prime Minister), we still have 3 of your soldiers.” When the billboard was erected, Hezbollah had just kidnapped 3 Israeli soldiers (two were in their early 20s, one was 19). Hezbollah has since killed all three soldiers.



The Associated Press Version of Israeli, Palestinian Compliance with the road map

Published in the Washington Post
Monday, July 28, 2003; 3:36 PM
A look at how Israel and the Palestinian Authority are faring in carrying out the main points of Phase I of the "road map" peace plan, which is meant to be completed by year's end:


- At a June 4 summit with President Bush and Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon declared "a democratic Palestinian state fully at peace with Israel will promote the long-term security and well-being of Israel as a Jewish state."

- Israel has dramatically scaled down military actions and arrests of wanted militants and halted targeted killings of terror suspects, in line with the plan's requirement that it take "no actions undermining trust."


- The road map calls for Israel to immediately dismantle the 100-odd settlement outposts, all either unpopulated or housing a few people, established in the West Bank since 2001. About a dozen have been dismantled in well-publicized scuffles between troops and settlers, but a similar number have gone back up.

- Israel is supposed to freeze all construction in the 150 veteran Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza, where about 220,000 settlers live; the move is politically and ideologically tough for Sharon, an architect of the settler movement, and it has not been carried out or even discussed.

- The road map calls for Israel to take "all necessary steps to help normalize Palestinian life"; in a first step in this direction Israel removed a few West Bank checkpoints this week, but dozens remain.

- Israel is to withdraw "progressively" from Palestinian autonomous zones occupied since fighting erupted in September 2000;" so far it has pulled troops out of parts of Gaza and the West Bank town of Bethlehem, and has promised the return of two more of the six major West Bank towns it holds.


- Abbas was appointed Palestinian prime minister, sharing power with Yasser Arafat as part of required reforms in the Palestinian Authority.

- At the June 4 summit, Abbas declared "the armed intefadeh must end, and we must use and resort to peaceful means in our quest to end the occupation and the suffering of Palestinians and Israelis."


- The road map calls for "sustained, targeted, and effective operations aimed at ... dismantlement of terrorist capabilities and infrastructure (including) confiscation of illegal weapons." Abbas and his government have made clear terror attacks should stop, but so far only a few weapons have been taken, and the Palestinians argue that as long as the militants - who declared a truce June 29 - are not attacking Israelis, they should be given time to disarm them by persuasion. Israel says it cannot move forward decisively until militant groups are gone.


- The Palestinians want Israel to release the estimated 7,700 Palestinian prisoners it holds - an issue not in the road map. Israel says most are held for terrorist activity, but the Palestinians say at least 3,000 would pose no security risk and, in any case, a mass release would help Abbas win points with his public. Militant groups say they will resume attacks unless prisoners are freed. In a bid to ease the pressure, Israel has released about 250 prisoners and is preparing to hundreds more in coming days.

- The Palestinians demand Israel halt construction of a huge security barrier meant to separate most of the West Bank from Israel; Israel says it is needed to stop suicide bombers, while the Palestinians are upset that it veers deep into the West Bank in some areas and could amount to a permanent land grab. Bush has said the barrier makes it "difficult to develop confidence" between the sides.

- Sharon and Abbas have held a series of meetings in Jerusalem, leading to few breakthroughs but restarting a relationship between leaderships who had not met for years. On July 1, Israeli and Palestinian Cabinet ministers shared a dais and stunned the two sides' publics with smiles and warm conversation.


- Phase II, to begin next year, includes option of Palestinian state with "provisional borders and attributes of sovereignty." Arab nations restore relations with Israel to pre-fighting level.

- In Phase III, in 2005, an international conference oversees negotiations on "final status" issues: borders, Jerusalem, Palestinian refugees and Jewish settlements - with a peace treaty by 2005 leading to comprehensive peace between Israel and the Arab world.

© 2003 The Associated Press

This makes me so angry I can hardly breathe. Will write more about it later, when my blood has slowed to a mere boil.

LAMENTATIONS 5763/2003 by Naomi Ragen

Let the tears run down like a river
How does the holy city sit solitary. Her enemies triumph, day after day, as her friends betray her, telling her: break down your walls. Tear down your roadblocks. Let the weapons flow in from Egypt to Gaza, to find their way into your playgrounds and supermarkets. Open the jails and let hundreds of terrorists out to kill once more. Betray the young soldiers who gave their lives to capture murderers. Do it all in the name of a peace that has no legs, nor arms.

Those who see the future, weep sore in the night at the treachery of Zion's leaders, who spread a net for those they lead into the quagmire of death and destruction. The people are busy seeking bread. They are weary of fighting, their minds cannot hold the enormity of the how they have been betrayed. The false prophets of their newspapers delude them with lying visions, paint pictures of delusion to bring them back into captivity. They promise peace, even as they report the gathering of bombs; the arrest of bombers, who sit protected from all harm.

Let tears run down like a river, daughter of Zion, as they pull down the homes of your pioneers, throw the fathers of your slain babes into the pit, and let the murderers walk free.

Youth and old men; young girls and grandmothers were slain in the light of day, slaughtered unsparingly, and there is none to avenge them. Our leaders are yellow with cowardice; our leaders set us up for more slaughter. There are terrors on every side, and none to help us. The head of our army and security forces sit with our enemies and speak kindly. They hand them towns and villages torn from the arms of terror, so they may replenish their arms. "They will get used to peace. Enjoy peace," these men who are supposed to protect us say of our enemies, taking risks, risks, and more risks with our lives. Surrendering without a fight.

All our enemies have opened their mouths wide against us. Terror and the pit have come upon us. Desolation and destruction. They are my enemies without cause.

We walk in darkness. Our strength is perished.

I have no hope in any Israeli leader. They are all deluded. All corrupt. All fools.

I have no hope in any Western leader. They are all self-serving, selfish, short-sighted, without vision, or insight. They sacrifice us on the altar of expedience, giving terror new hope, because they think the terrorists will spare their land, if they consume ours.

I have no hope in the so-called righteous of the world. Their organizations for human rights are beacons of darkness, spreading hate. They have forgotten the Jews too are human. Their twisted lies betray all truth. There is no goodness in them.

In whom do I trust, then? My soul has remembrance that the Lord's mercies are not consumed. They are new every morning. Therefore I will hope in Him, as I hoped at the foot of the great Red Sea, the Egyptians at my back, their swords drawn. I will step into the water up to my nose, and still wait for His salvation to part the seas.

I sit alone, in silence, and I wait , hoping that the Lord will not cast us off forever. Hoping that our leaders will disappear, and better ones take their place, and that the plans of our enemies will not be fulfilled. That He may take away the cloud, and let our prayers pass through.


Reuters romanticizes Palestinian dumpster-diving

This is truly sickening

Read and spew:
Palestinian boy Ali covers his head with a keffiya as he searches through rubbish at a dump near the West Bank city of Hebron, hoping to find something valuable July 28, 2003. Palestinian children regularly sift through the garbage looking for clothes, metal and any other objects thrown out by the nearby Jewish settlement of Kiryat Arba that might be useful or could be sold. The Palestinian economy is in dire straits and poverty is rife, leaving many people desperate for any chance of making ends meet.

REUTERS/Reinhard Krause

The problem with this is that the Pals and their supporters so adore this victimhood shtik. In the media war, there's just no concomitant interest in Jews/Israelis --who don't want to be rescued, but just to be left alone to rescue ourselves!

Missing IDF Soldier Found Murdered by Terrorists

May his family and friends be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem . . .
photo from Arutz Sheva
Near the Israeli-Arab village of Kfar Kana, just north of Nazareth in the lower Galilee, searchers found the body of Oleg Shchaiat this morning. Thus came to a tragic end a week of an intense investigation into the sudden disappearance of the soldier. The police and Shabak surmise that Oleg, 20, was kidnapped by Arabs who murdered him shortly afterwards. Left mostly unsaid is the suspicion that it was Israeli-Arabs who perpetrated the crime.

Earlier this morning, Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz visited the site of the search. Thousands of people took part in looking for the missing soldier, and the security forces continually asked for more volunteers over the past two days.

Shchaiat, who is survived by his parents and his brother Adam, is the 35th victim of what some have dubbed the Road Map War, beginning after the Aqaba Summit on June 3, 2003.
More at Arutz Sheva. See also the Jerusalem Post.

And get this headline in the San Francisco Chronicle: "Israeli police find body of missing soldier; militants suspected"
"The main Palestinian militant groups declared a cease-fire June 29, but some fighters have not accepted the truce."

Travel by road map

This from Naomi Ragen, from ZOA:

During the first 12 weeks since Abu Mazen became prime minister and the Road Map was published, there have been a total of 338 Palestinian Arab terrorist attacks or attempted attacks, in which 51 people were murdered and 318 wounded.

During week #12, July 15 - July 21, 2003, there were at least 17 terrorist attacks, in which one person was wounded.

July 15: Bomb planted in Hebron.

July 16: Two shooting attacks on an Israeli Army outpost in Gaza ... Mortar rocket attack on the town of Gadid.

July 17: Shooting attack on an Israeli Army outpost in northern Samaria ...Israeli motorists attacked near Azoun ... Israeli motorists attacked near Peduel.

July 18: Bomb planted in Tubas.

July 19: Firebomb attack on an Israeli motorist south of Revavah ... Shooting attack on Israeli Border Guard officers in the Abu Dis neighborhood of eastern Jerusalem ... Bomb attack on Israeli Army vehicles south of Tulkarm.

July 20: Shooting attack on Israeli soldiers in the south Hebron Hills.

July 21: Stabbing attack in the Yemin Moshe neighborhood of Jerusalem; one wounded ... Bomb planted near Har Bracha ... Bomb attacked near Tzofim ... Shooting attack on workers near Tulkarm ... Attempted attack on Israeli soldiers north of Kadim.


Add a Jew

Yahoodi.com's "Famous Jews Interactive"
Yahoodi.com -- born in Boulder, and made aliyah to Israel at a young age -- offers two internet experiments in therapy for the Jewish People: The Peace Encyclopedia, a very valuable research resource which I highly recommend, and Famous Jews Interactive, where you can add names of famous Jews and vote for your favorites.

Categories include Arts & Entertainment, Competition, Right & Wrong, Politics & Ideology and The Professions. Under Politics & Ideology, for instance, one can choose among sub-categories: Religion & Tradition, Government or Civic Activism. Civic Activism includes sub-sub-categories:

Heads of Organizations
Secular & Zionist
Honorary Jews
Heroes & Martyrs
Grassroots & Revolutionaries.

Probably the most highly interactive category is Actors and Actresses (under Arts & Entertainment, Performers). Rather than count them, I'll just copy the list here (numbers are votes for favorites):
[5244] Wynona Ryder -- Young screen beauty with real acting talent
[3463] Noah Wyle -- Actor, 'Dr John Carter' on TV's ER
[1835] Shiri Appleby -- Star of television show, Roswell
[1486] Michael Landon -- Little Joe Cartwright on Bonanza
[1369] Mark Frankel -- Actor in 'Sisters' and 'Fortune Hunter'
[811] Cary Grant -- Coolest, funniest actor in the history of film.
[639] Mandy Patinkin -- Emmy & Tony award-winning actor, 'Dr Jeffrey Geiger' on TV's Chicago Hope
[558] Alicia Silverstone -- Actress - Clueless, The Crush, The Babysitter, Batman
[496] Gwyneth Paltrow -- actress - oscar winner
[429] Al Jolson -- famous entertainer. Starred in the first talking movie
[475] William Shatner -- Captain James T. Kirk on the original 'Star Trek'
[465] Harrison Ford -- Actor: ' Raiders of the Lost Ark', 'Star Wars', ' American Graffiti', 'Witness', 'The Fugitive'
[409] Natalie Portman -- Actress, Queen Amidala in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
[299] Sarah Jessica Parker -- Acress in 'Sex and the City', 'LA Story'
[293] Seth Green -- televison actor, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Family Guy.
[185] Robert Downey, Jr. -- actor in 'Less Than Zero,' 'Chaplin,' 'Short Cuts.'
[172] Paul Newman -- Academy Award winning actor and philanthropist
[162] David Duchovny -- famous actor - Fox Mulder in X-files
[164] Jon Lovitz -- Comedian/actor on TV's Saturday Night Live
[163] Yasmine Bleeth -- Beautiful Baywatch babe and actress
[104] Matthew Broderick -- Actor in 'Wargames', 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off', 'Biloxi Blues'
[118] Debra Messing -- Grace in the TV Show Will and Grace
[121] Ben Stiller -- Director/Actor: Seinfeld, SNL, Reality Bites, Something About Mary, The Cable Guy
[117] Woody Allen -- Film Maker/Actor: Annie Hall, Bullets Over Broadway, Mighty Aphrodite, Antz
[94] Yves Montand -- Famous French Actor/Singer
[96] Michael Douglas -- Fatal Attraction, The American President
[108] Bette Midler -- Singer and Actress: 'The Rose', 'The First Wives Club', 'Beaches', 'Down and Out in Beverly Hills'
[105] Dustin Hoffman -- Oscar-winning Actor, The Graduate, Tootsie, Rainman, Midnight Cowbooy,...
[102] Mel Brooks -- Film director, producer, actor: Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein
[71] Ben Kingsley -- Played Itzchak Stern in Schindler's List
[95] Daniel Day-Lewis -- Oscar-winning actor, The Name Of The Father, The Age Of Innocence, My Left Foot
[82] Sarah Silverman -- very beautiful Actress and Comedian
[87] Billy Crystal -- Comedian/Actor: When Harry Met Sally, The Princess Bride, Throw Momma, City Slickers
[80] Peter Sellers -- Actor in many comedys such as Dr. Strangelove,all of the The Pink Panther movies,The Party,etc.
[86] Ed Ames -- Actor: 'Daniel Boone', 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest', 'The Crucible'
[69] Fyvush Finkle -- Probably most widely known for his portrayal of lawyer Wambaugh on 'Picket Fences'
[80] Camryn Manheim -- actress - 'The Practice'
[71] Goldie Hawn -- Actress in Private Benjamin, Laugh-In, and countless other movies
[71] Paul Newman -- Academy Award winning actor and philanthropist
[78] Kirk Douglas -- Actor, 82 films strong
[77] Lisa Bonet -- Actress: 'The Cosby Show', 'A Different World', Enemy Of The State'
[71] Juliana Marguiles -- Actress: ER, Paradise Road, The Newton Boys
[73] Jane Seymour -- Brittish Actress: 'Live and Let die', TV's 'East of Eden', 'Dr. Quinn; Medicine Woman'
[59] Milena Kunis -- Actress in That 70's Show on FOX
[70] Gina Gershon -- actress in Bound, Snoops
[68] Kevin Kline -- Actor: Sophie's Choice, A Fish Called Wanda, Dave, French Kiss
[61] Goldie Hawn -- Actress in Private Benjamin, Laugh-In, and countless other movies
[63] Peter Falk -- Actor: Columbo, Roommates, The Sunshine Boys
[64] Debra Winger -- Actress, 'An Officer and a Gentleman', 'Urban Cowboy'
[45] Jon Favreau -- 'Swingers' star and director (played Mikey), also appeared in 'The Replacements', 'Very Bad Things'.
[53] David Arquette -- Scream films, ATT ads, brother of Rosanna
[60] Elliott Gould -- Actor: 'Bob & Carol', 'M.A.S.H.', 'Getting Straight'
[52] Tracy Pollan -- Family Ties, wife of Michael J. Fox
[52] Harvey Keitel -- With over 60 movies to his credit, one of the leading actors in America
[57] Michele Lee -- Actress: starred in all 344 episodes of 'Knots Landing'
[58] Leonard Nimoy -- Actor, 'Spock' on Star Trek, the original series and movies
[51] Mili Avital -- Actress (Stargate, Dead Man, Invasion of Privacy, Kissing a Fool)
[41] Tony Curtis -- One of the best and most prolific American Movie Actor
[44] Mindy Cohn -- Actress from 'Facts of Life'
[53] Richard Dreyfuss -- Academy award-winning actor: American Graffiti, Goodbye Girl, Close Encounters, Jaws...
[49] Jason Alexander -- Actor: George Costanza on Seinfeld, Pretty Woman, The Paper
[50] Gaby Hoffmann -- Actress: 'Field of Dreams', 'Sleepless in Seattle', 'Volcano'
[41] Lauren Bacall -- Great actress and wife of Humphrey Bogart
[47] Mia Kirshner -- Actress: Mad City, The Grass Harp, Anna Karenina
[42] Hank Azaria -- The Simpsons, The Birdcage
[42] Steve Bond -- television actor, General Hospital, Santa Barbara.
[48] Bronson Pinchot -- Actor: Beverly Hills Cop, First Wives Club, TV's 'Perfect Strangers'
[39] Laurence Harvey -- actor ('Manchurian Candidate'; 'Room At The Top'; 'Butterfield 8')
[46] Jerry Stiller -- Comedian/Actor: George's dad on Seinfeld
[45] George Burns -- Comedian/Actor: The Sunshine Boys, Oh, God!
[46] Douglas Fairbanks -- Actor and Producer: 'The Thief of Bagdad', 'Robin Hood', 'Three Musketeers'
[44] Rob Schneider -- Comedian/Actor: 'The Waterboy', 'Demolition Man', 'Down Periscope'
[42] Rodney Dangerfield -- Comedian/Actor: Caddyshack, Back to School, Meet Wally Sparks
[37] Paul Reiser -- television actor, Mad About You, My Two Dads.
[42] Tanya Roberts -- Actress/Model: 'Charlie's Angels', ' View to a Kill', 'Sheena', 'Beastmaster'
[31] Judy Holliday -- stage and screen actress and singer, winner of an Oscar, a Tony, and a Golden Globe award
[36] Harvey Fierstein -- comedian, filmmaker, writer & star of 'Torch Song Trilogy'
[41] Sarah Bernhardt -- French Actress, one of the most famous in the history of the theater
[41] Dyan Cannon -- Actress: 'Heaven Can Wait', TV's 'Ally McBeal'
[30] Joshua Malina -- played the role of 'jeremy' on the t.v. show 'sports night.'
[37] Lilyan Tashman -- Actress in an impressive 66 films.
[37] Erich von Stroheim -- Director and Actor: The Merry Widdow, The Grand Illusion, Sunset Boulevard
[37] Lainie Kazan -- Actress and Singer: My Favorite Year, Beaches
[40] Tom Baker -- Actor: played 'Doctor Who' from 1974 - 1981
[40] Taylor Negron -- Actor: 'Better off Dead', 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High'
[39] Piper Laurie -- Actress: Children of a Lesser God, Twin Peaks, The Hustler, Carrie
[39] Walter Koenig -- Actor: Ensign Chekov on Star Trek
[35] Edward G. Robinson -- One of the leading film actors of the '30s and '40s, often played gangsters
[35] Moni Ovadia -- Italian actor, singer, writer, very active in yiddish culture
[40] Richard Lewis -- Comedian/actor: 'Robin Hood: Men In Tights', TV's 'Anything But Love'
[29] Adam Goldberg -- Pvt. Mellish in the movie saving Private Ryan
[32] Theodore Bikel -- Actor, singer, linguist, storyteller, activist
[32] Robert Clary -- Actor who played Lebeau on 'Hogan's Heroes'
[39] Robbie Roberts -- Actor/Composer: 'The Crossing Guard', 'Raging Bull', 'Color of Money'
[39] John Banner -- Actor: best known as Sergeant Schultz in the TV series 'Hogan's Heroes'
[39] Alla Nazimova -- Writer, actress, producer and visionary: 'War Brides', 'Camille', ' Salome'
[39] Richard Benjamin -- Actor: 'Portnoy's Complaint', 'Sunshine Boys', 'My Favorite Year'
[39] Howie Mandel -- Actor/Comedian: 'Gremlins', 'A Fine Mess', 'Little Monsters'
[38] Red Buttons -- Comedian/Actor: The Red Buttons Show, Sayonara, They Shoot Horses, It Could Happen to You
[38] Paulette Goddard -- movie actress (Marion Levy); once married to Charlie Chaplin

Funny, for a people who are accused of controlling the media, there are only thirteen Jews listed under Journalists and News Professionals (see Performers, under Arts & Entertainment). Add your favorite today!