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Friday, August 29, 2003


Guardian (UK) headline: "Israel kills activist in rocket response"
See it to believe it.

I don't know about yours, but my dictionary defines activist as "an especially zealous worker, as in a political cause." Somehow this doesn't seem an appropriate appellation for someone who the article says was "identified by Hamas as a member of its military wing."

I'm an activist. He was a terrorist.

From the MEMRI News Ticker:
August 29, 2003

August 29, 2003

Arab Leaders Must Act

Dennis Ross in the Washington Post
"We are probably only one or two Hamas bombs away from losing diplomacy as an option for the foreseeable future."

WOW, from Internet Haganah

I couldn't figure out why I was dragging my feet on posting that the PA had frozen assets of HAMAS funders; guess I was just waiting for the truth to surface. Here it is:
Arafat on the bleeding edge of EU foreign policy
Following the lead of Britain and the US, and beating the EU to it, Arafat has frozen the assets of some charities. Too bad they are the wrong ones.

According to a copy of the order obtained by The Associated Press, the nine charities are:
Al Jamiya Al Islamiya,
the Islamic Young Women's Association,
Al Salah Association,
the Social Care Committee,
the Palestinian Student Friends Association,
the Islamic Charity for Zakat,
Al Mujamma Al Islami,
Al Nour Charity Association and
Al Aqsa Charity Association.

The order to shut down the 39 bank accounts of the nine charities was issued by the Palestinian Monetary Authority on Sunday, but only came to light today when hundreds of Palestinians relying on welfare payments from the charities tried to pick up monthly support cheques at banks in Gaza City.

Of course they are not the charities the Treasury Department has designated as Hamas funders.

"The following charities ... provide support to Hamas and form part of its funding network in Europe:"

1. Commite de Bienfaisance et de Secours aux Palestiniens (CBSP), of France.
2. The Association de Secours Palestinien (ASP), of Switzerland. (An organization related to CBSP)
3. The Palestinian Relief and Development Fund, or Interpal, headquartered in the United Kingdom.
4. The Palestinian Association in Austria, PVOE.
5. The Sanabil Association for Relief and Development, based in Lebanon.

Do you see any organizations that are in both lists? No?

Perhaps Arafat just needed to do this because the Saudi connection was becoming too obvious, and the story just wouldn't go away.

"Palestinian officials confirmed today that the Palestinian prime minister believes two of the charities — Al Jamiya Al Islamiya and As-Salah — are fronts for Hamas."

Dore Gold's testimony to the US Senate reveals the Saudi connection:
One of the strongest pieces of evidence came from a handwritten letter (captured by Israel out of the Mukata) written in Arabic by the current Palestinian Prime Minister, Mahmud Abbas (Abu Mazen), on December 30, 2000, to Prince Salman, governor of Riyadh and a full brother of King Fahd. Abbas complained that Saudi donations in the Gaza Strip are going to an organization called al-Jamiya al-Islamiya (the Islamic Society), which Abbas explained "belongs to Hamas." He wanted the funds for Fatah.

Clearly Arafat is pretending to play along, pretending to try to cut off terror funding through charities. Only he sacrifices the charities it suits him to target and at least one that was too closely tied to the Saudis to be of any further use, in an attempt to deflect attention away from the "charity" organizations designated by the Treasury Department as funding Hamas. And if I know his character at all, he chose the charities that pass out the most money to the poorest people, so that there will now be scenes of suffering and despair for the consumption of a sympathetic world. You know, like Saddam gave us vis-a-vis the sanctions that were killing Iraqi kids while he was building new palaces.
This also gives the EU an excuse not to deal with the organizations Bush and Treasury spoke out against. They can just get together on Sept 5 and vow their opposition to the 9 charities identified by the Nobel Prize weiner himself.

Posted by rosh on Thursday, 28 August, 2003 @ 13:15:02
Kol hakavod, Rosh and Internet Haganah!

True Benevolence by Nissan Ratzlav-Katan

excerpt from the National Review
JERUSALEM — Fervently Orthodox Jews, clad in fluorescent vests, were struggling to extricate survivors from the crumbled remains of the Versailles wedding hall in Jerusalem. These volunteers pushed, pulled, lifted, and sifted alongside police, rescue workers, and firemen. Just yards away, a tent had been set up for eating the Sabbath meal or praying to God. What those in that makeshift synagogue prayed for, we can only surmise, but their deeds were seen throughout the country. The disaster — a building collapse that took the lives of 23 people and injured over 300 — took place on a Friday and the search for survivors lasted throughout the Sabbath. The heroic volunteers, all religious Jews, acted on the Torah principle that "saving a life takes precedence over the Sabbath"; and, in the process, they unexpectedly became an integral, honored part of mainstream Israeli society.

In traditional Jewish sources, "true benevolence" (chesed shel emet in Hebrew) refers to the act of caring for the dead. Of all the benevolent acts a person can perform, caring for the dead is considered almost pure altruism, for the dead have no way of repaying the kind deed. In Israel, about eight years ago, a special volunteer organization was established in the Orthodox Jewish community to carry out just such acts of "true benevolence" for victims of accidents, terrorism, or other forms of sudden death. They were regularly referred to in the media as "the people of true benevolence" as they began to appear at the scenes of terrorist bombings and other such incidents. At the time, all they did was pick up the pieces — more often than not, quite literally. Today, that small, religiously motivated organization has grown into an internationally recognized first-response service, mobile victim-identification unit, and search-and-rescue team. Recently, volunteers from the organization were even asked to assist in providing security at a large outdoor public celebration in northern Israel.

But not just in Israel. The organization shares its accumulated knowledge, expertise, and professionalism with rescue teams and governments throughout the world. Groups of volunteers are scattered around the globe, available to provide immediate advice and instruction in handling multiple-victim disasters. That is how the organization's representatives came to participate in the rescue efforts subsequent to the horrifying September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center; the deadly terrorist bombing of a hotel in Mombasa, Kenya; and the recovery of the remains of the ill-fated Columbia space shuttle. In recognition of the work of its 743 volunteers, the organization has earned numerous awards and citations from many national and international bodies, including the United Nations.

As always, the rescue workers remain all-volunteer, and all motivated by Torah values. They are known simply by their Hebrew acronym — ZAKA.

ZAKA stands for Disaster Victim Identification. The name, however, conceals so much more than it reveals. Dedicated ZAKA volunteers from around the country often found themselves the first at the scene of a terrorist attack or accident, before police and ambulances had even arrived. ZAKA leaders decided that such a crucial advantage — in a situation where every second can mean the difference between life and death — had to be exploited to the fullest.

Thus, ZAKA began sending its volunteers to learn emergency medicine with Magen David Adom (Israel's ambulance corps). Once their volunteers were properly trained, the ZAKA directors saw to it that they were equipped to save lives, outfitting certain units with motorcycles carrying lifesaving resuscitation equipment. ZAKA organizational director and founder Yehuda Meshi-Zahav says that the relatively new units have performed dozens of successful resuscitations thus far, some of them in cases when even the fastest medical staff arrived only after four minutes — "an eternity in medical terms."

In a way, the volunteers of ZAKA and the Arab suicide bombers epitomize the true clash of cultures underway here in Israel and around the world. One culture produces people willing to wade into a crowd of children, look them in the eyes, and murder them; the other produces people willing to do whatever is necessary to protect human dignity, even in death. It is true cruelty, contrasted with true benevolence.

If anyone knows of a way to donate to ZAKA online, please email me. Yael

MIRACLE: update on today's shooting victims

Haaretz reports that doctors at Hadassa University Hospital, Ein Karem in Jerusalem, were able to deliver a healthy baby girl by casearian for wounded Limor Harmelech, who was in her seventh month of pregnancy. Limor and her husband, Shuli, were victims of a Palestinian terrorist ambush/shooting attack this morning. Shuli was murdered, and Limor "moderately" wounded.

This baby's birthday will forever be the yarzheit of the father she will never know. Please pray for this family, which also includes a 14-month-old, who was dropped off to the grandparents just minutes before the shooting.

Things that make you go Hmmmmmm

From Middle East Facts
This is a map of Israel, as per the "Palestinian National Authority State Information Service". Must be a shock to those who don't believe that the ultimate goal of the Palestinians is to capture what is today's Israel... An image of their original site can be found here.

The PNA website above has since added the text "Historical Map of Palestine" although this map was only so for less than 2 years, since Lebanon declared independence in 1943, Syria declared independence in 1946 and Jordan declared independence in 1946. Of course, Palestine was never a sovereign entity. Thus, one can hardly say this is an "historical map."

Must be what the PA would like to see in the future.

Palestinian terrorists murder Israeli man; wife is wounded

Ambush/Shooting Attack north of Ramallah
A young couple left their one-year-old with the grandparents, and drove off for a weekend trip. They didn't get far before Palestinian Arab terrorists ambushed their car, just south of Alon Junction near the West Bank settlement of Kochav Hashachar. The vehicle was overturned as a result of the shooting.

Shalom (Shuli) Har-Melech was shot to death at the scene. He was a 25-year-old teacher and volunteer ambulance driver. His wife, Limor, who is seven months pregnant, suffered gunshot wounds to the face and left arm; she is said to be in moderate to serious condition at Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital in Jerusalem. The couple were from Homesh.

Map of YESHA, showing Jewish settlements in "West Bank"

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Memo From Israel to Palestine
by Gerard Van der Leun

[Todah to Yonatan for bringing this to our attention.]
Date: To Be Determined
To: The Palestinian People
From: The People of Israel

Re: Final Notice Before the Termination of Our Relationship
(To be filed in your "Permanent Conduct Record")

As you know from our repeated meetings over many years, we have repeatedly done our best to accommodate your incessant demands regarding employment, compensation, housing allowances, health benefits, and other items of mutual interest as we have endeavored to work together on "Project Peace in the Middle East."

We have, with your agreement and assurances of a better performance, given you time, money, professional help, medication and a more than reasonable offer of land for you to live in while you work out "your issues." In the course of these meetings we feel we have been more than forthcoming in our attendance to your "special needs."

From time to time we have accepted your written word that, given adequate resources, you would be working to resolve "your issues." We note, for the record, that at no time has your word proven to be worth the paper that we both so ceremoniously signed. Indeed, it has been our bitter experience that the working out of "your issues" most often involves explosive episodes on the streets of our country.

It has come to our attention, through a continuing rain of the body parts of our citizens onto our streets, that "your issues" do not seem to be resolvable through considered and mutually agreeable negotiations. The outcome of these 'negotiations' in the recent past seems to us to be one of we give and you take and then you kill us. We have decided that this is not a program that we wish to continue.

Indeed, it would seem to be the case that your "central issue," although internally generated within your institutions and religion, seems to be the eradication of the state of Israel and the extermination of the Jewish people here and abroad. We mention 'abroad' since it would seem to us that your goal is to first create a base that includes the entire state of Israel, kill the Jews within those borders, and then use that land as a base to kill Jews throughout the world. Perhaps we are wrong in this, but we find that a people is best known by the company they keep.

We have had a similar experience with this "central issue" as a "final solution" towards the middle of the last century. We discovered, after millions of us had been slaughtered, that mollification, negotiation and submission was not a successful policy. Indeed, we created the state of Israel around the central concept of 'Never again.'

Please note that after no little reflection and soul searching, we have decided to return Israel to this concept as the foundation of our internal and international policy from this moment forward.

Because we are a reasonable people we have decided to issue this memorandum in order to give you one chance to reform yourselves and become fit to be included in the human race. Should you choose not to pursue this path, we will at least have a record that you were notified in a fair and timely manner before termination.

"Never Again" was our first principle and is now our final position. This memo serves to note the end of all negotiations with the Palestinian People.

Your problems and your issues as of this date are yours and yours alone. You must solve whatever bipolar instability and manic-depressive disappointment and psychotic tendencies towards homicidal violence plague your society among yourselves. You will not, from this date forward, use the People of Israel as targets for your own internal demons.

Your "issues" will no longer be allowed to become our "episodes."

Should you choose to act out, even once, we, the People of Israel, hereby notify you that we are prepared to and shall, without any further notice, over-react towards all Palestinian people and interests within our sphere of influence.

Bear in mind that we have not in recent memory over-reacted against your unremitting efforts to exterminate us. We have been patient and measured in our responses, cognizant of a watching world and not wanting to seem, even for a moment, to be as savage and violent as those who have been waging a coward's war against us for decades. We have, at all points, been as honorable in war as possible – even when the wars in which we were engaged were not fought by honorable adversaries.

As you know, our military power, both conventional and nuclear, is immense. We won't detail here the helicopters, missiles, tanks, aircraft and troops that we can mobilize and move to the east, as far as the desert of Iraq, if we wish.

Mere mention of these items has not gotten your attention.

The restrained use of these items has not gotten your attention.

Because we are weary of having our streets used as your martyr's mausoleums, because we are extremely angered when we must place the shredded bodies of children into body bags, because we would feel a lot better getting up in the morning if we knew we'd be coming home at night, we have decided we must, regretfully, engage in methods that will, finally, either get your attention or leave you without the capacity for attention in the first place.

This, then, is your single choice:

If you know of those among you who seek to kill even one of us by any means, you would be well advised to render them incapable of killing anyone immediately. Should you wish to ever have a bit of land to call your own and you are aware of an organization of any kind that seeks to take our land outright, you would be well advised to render them powerless forthwith.

Should you fail to do so and, as we stated above, even one more of our citizens should be killed by the cowardly methods you have perfected over the years, we will conclude that your entire society values martyrdom more than life and peace, and we will endeavor, to the limit of our ability, to supply you with same.

We will begin our program of over-reaction without delay and without reference to our allies or world opinion. We will deal with that in the days that follow the completion of our strategic exercises in what you quaintly term "the occupied territories." Please notify those whom you consider your allies that, should they chance to intervene, we have sufficient resources to deal with them expeditiously.

Should individual Palestinians feel that these terms are unrealistic, we would advise them to seek an exit visa and to remove themselves as far from 'the occupied territories' as is feasible, and as quickly as possible. When we over-react to the east we will not be checking ID cards.

Please reflect upon these conditions as seriously as we have in drafting them.

Remember, in the final analysis, we are a people with no little experience in stunning victories.


The People of Israel

CC: USA, EU, UN and others whom it may concern

[Originally published on www.americandigest.org on August 22, 2003.]

After the Jewish People sinned by creating and worshipping the Golden Calf, and participating in other sinful activities centered around the worship of that idol, Moshe prayed to G-d for forty days and forty nights, beginning on Rosh Chodesh Elul,
to spare the Jewish People and to return His full presence among them.

Biblical Gravesite Vandalized

Arutz Sheva: Jewish worshippers who visited the gravesite of the Biblical figure Joshua bin Nun two nights ago discovered that the site had been vandalized. It is assumed that the grave, which was untouched during the Oslo War years, was ransacked by Arabs.

The grave, not far from the Shomron city of Ariel, suffered significant damage. The tombstone was partially smashed, and the unique tree adjacent to one of the walls - the site's symbol - was set on fire. The vandals also blocked the entrance with large rocks and metal bars.

The Shechem Echad organization, which works on behalf of the holy sites in the Shomron, calls on the relevant security and government bodies to "save the sites that are so sacred to the Jewish People, and which are constantly being damaged and mutilated even under Israeli sovereignty."
From JudaicaPlus.com --Yehoshua (Joshua) Bin-Nun
Born: Egypt, 1354 BCE.
Died: Eretz Yisrael, 1244 BCE.
Yehoshua married Rachav, who gave shelter to the two spies (Yehoshua 1). In Shaar HaGilgulim (hakdama 36) the Ari, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria says that Rachav was a very holy soul and it wasn't in vain that Yehoshua married her.

The face of Moshe (Moses) was like the sun, the face of Yehoshua like the moon (Bava Batra 75a).

Yehoshua did not call himself a servant of God, but the Holy One, Blessed is He, called him that (Sifri Va'etchanan 27).

Three were crowned with the titles of "age" and "days," and all three were heads of distinguished houses, Avraham, Yehoshua, and David. Avraham was the head of the Patriarchs, Yehoshua the head of the Kingship of the Tribe of Ephraim, and David the head of the Kingship of the Tribe of Yehudah (Bereishit Rabbah 59:6).

His coin had an ox on one side and a re'em, an animal with majestic horns, on the other (Yalkut Shimoni, Yehoshua 17).

When Hashem told Moshe whom to choose as the next leader, he said to him, "Take yourself Yehoshua son of Nun (Numbers 28:18) who is a hero like yourself" (Sifri Vayeilech 305).

The poor man uses entreaties (Proverbs 18:23) refers to Moshe who did not enter the Holy Land. But the rich man answers impudently (ibid.) refers to Yehoshua who entered and said, "Would that we had been content and dwelt beyond the Jordan (Joshua 7:7), and not entered the Land of Israel!" He said this when thirty-six Jews fell in the battle of Ai (Sanhedrin 44a).

When Yehoshua left the camp of Israel to wait at the bottom of Mount Sinai for the return of Moshe, manna fell for Yehoshua just as it fell for the whole community of Israel (Yoma 76a). Manna fell on his limbs, and he would take it and eat it (Mechilta Beshalach 4:3).

Yehoshua led Israel for twenty-eight years (Seder Olam Rabbah 12).

Yehoshua was five cubits tall. On his head sat a royal crown inscribed with God's Name (Otzar HaMidrashim 210).

Moshe received the Torah from Sinai and transmitted it to Yehoshua, and Yehoshua to the Elders (Avot 1:1).

Yehoshua was elevated only because he occupied himself with Torah study continuously (Mishnat Rabbi Eliezer13).

Yehoshua sat and expounded, and everyone knew that he was expounding the teachings of Moshe (Yerushalmi Shekalim 2:5).

Even in matters that he had not heard from Moshe, his own reasoning corresponded with what had been told to Moshe at Sinai (Yerushalmi Pe'ah 1:1).

Seeing how precious the words of Torah were to Yehoshua, the Holy One, Blessed is He, said to him, 'This Book of the Torah will not leave your mouth" (Joshua 1:8) (Menachot 99b).

He made himself like a fool before our teacher Moshe, whom he troubled to teach him Torah every minute until he had learned the entire Torah (Midrash HaGadol, end of Devarim).

Yehoshua wrote these words in the book of the Law of God (Joshua 24:26). Yehoshua wrote in his Book words concerning the cities of refuge, see Joshua 20, that are written in the Torah (Makkot 11a).

Moshe the servant of Hashem died there (Deuteronomy 34:5). Moses wrote the whole Torah up to that verse. The rest was written by Yehoshua son of Nun (Menachot 30a).

Yehoshua wrote his book (i.e., the Book of Yehoshua) and the last eight verses of the Torah, Pinchas the Kohen Gadol completed the Book of Yehoshua (Bava Batra 14b).

Yehoshua was fluent in the book of Deuteronomy (Devarim), which he studied constantly. When the Holy One, Blessed is He, appeared to him, He found him sitting with the book of Deuteronomy in his hand and said to him, "Strengthen yourself, Yehoshua, persevere, Yehoshua. This book of the Torah will not leave your mouth" (Joshua 1:8).

If someone asks, "Why did Yehoshua build an altar on Mount Eval? Was there no Tabernacle?" answer him that the Holy One, Blessed is He, said, "It is I who told him to do so" (Bamidbar Rabbah 14:1).

The Death of Yehoshua

Yehoshua did not rebuke Israel until he was near death (Sifri Devarim 2).

It is written, "As I God was with Moshe, so will I be with you" (Joshua 1:5). Yehoshua should therefore have lived for 120 years like our teacher Moses. Why were ten years deducted from his life? At the time the Holy One, Blessed is He, said to Moshe, "Avenge the Children of Israel of the Midianites, afterward you will be gathered to your people" (Numbers 31:2). Although he was told he would die, he did not delay, but acted quickly: And Moshe send them (ibid. v. 6). But when Yehoshua came to fight the thirty-one Kings of Canaan, he said, "If I slay them immediately, I will die immediately, just as Moses did." What did Joshua do? He began to delay the wars against them. The Holy One, Blessed is He, said to him, "Since you have done that, I will shorten your life . . . " (Bamidbar Rabbah 22:6).

He died only because of the counsel of the serpent (i.e., the sin of Adam and Eve) (Zohar 2:194b).

When Yehoshua was born, no one took note, when he died, all of Israel took note. However, the Israelites were lax in doing kindness with Yehoshua son of Nun by mourning him properly. One was busy with his vineyard, the other with his field, yet another with his coal. The Holy One, Blessed is He, therefore sought to make the whole world quake, as it is written, They buried him, north of the Mount of Eruption (Joshua 24:30) (Midrash Shmuel, ed. Buber, 23:7).

May the merit of the tzaddik Yehoshua Bin-Nun protect us.

Arutz Sheva:
Miracle in Kfar Darom, Gush Katif Under Fire
In one of the most violent nights in Jewish Gaza in recent memory, no fewer than seven mortar shells were fired at Kfar Darom, and other Jewish communities were attacked with gunfire. One shell landed on a building in which dozens of people were watching a movie - yet no one was hurt.

A group of about 30 men from Kfar Darom gathered last night in the "Torah and Land of Israel Museum" to watch the movie "Adjusting Sights," based on a book by Rabbi Chaim Sabato describing the experiences of a religious soldier during the Yom Kippur War. A tremendous boom suddenly rocked the building: a shell smashed through the roof of the two-story building and through the second floor, landing on the ground floor. No one was hurt. "The viewers took a break from the movie in order to watch the 'real thing,'" Katif.net reported, "amazed and thankful at the tremendous miracle they had just experienced."

Dror Aryeh, one of those watching the movie, told Arutz-7 this morning, "As we were watching the explosions of war on the movie, we heard a shell fall not far from the building. A few seconds later, another shell fell on the museum, about five feet from the room in which we were sitting. The bomb fell through the roof and through the next floor, causing tremendous damage, shrapnel, and smoke. Separating us from the museum was only a thin plasterboard wall, which shrapnel penetrated and even passed only centimeters from our heads. It is very hard to explain - except that it was a pure miracle..."

Asked what they did, Dror said, "We first made sure that no one was hurt, and then we acted according to the procedure, running towards a more protected area - even though we had thought that we were already in a protected area... Only three days ago, a shell fell near a house here in Kfar Darom, destroying the outer window. The window fell in, as did shrapnel, and again by a miracle no one was inside at the time." Despite all, he said that life continues as usual, and that six new families are even moving in this summer.

In other incidents last night, terrorists and soldiers exchanged fire, sometimes for long durations, in various places throughout Gush Katif and other areas of Jewish Gaza. No one was hurt.

The attacks continued this morning, with shots at a convoy of cars driving from Netzarim to Karni; no one was hurt. IDF troops discovered, and neutralized, three explosive devices adjacent to the fence near the greenhouses of Moshav Ganei Tal.

IDF forces destroyed the home of an Islamic Jihad terrorist near Jenin last night. He was one of two Arabs who infiltrated Moshav Gadish, south of Afula, this past January and murdered Eli Biton, 48, father of four, and wounded four others. The two terrorists took cover for over an hour and a half in one of the community's homes, until they were finally killed by security forces.

Rockets on Ashkelon!
Arutz Sheva: Yet another "milestone" in the Oslo process was passed today: Four Kassam rockets were fired at the city of Ashkelon, about nine kilometers north of the Gaza Strip. No one was hurt in the attack, of which only one rocket has so far been recovered.

It should be noted, however, that in 1994, after the original "Gaza and Jericho first" agreement, then-Likud MK Ariel Sharon told the Knesset that it would only be a matter of time before the PA fires katyushas from Gaza onto Ashkelon; later, then-Labor party Minister Chaim Ramon mocked Sharon and said, "Where are the katyushas that you promised us?" MK Ramon's spokesperson said that he is currently abroad and unavailable for comment.

Some Cabinet ministers responded sharply (albeit verbally) to today's attack. Tourism Minister Benny Elon said that the establishment of a Palestinian state is equivalent to "the implementation of a policy of rockets at Israeli cities," and that the Government of Israel "must liquidate the Palestinian Authority."

from an excellent blog --Jewish Current Issues-- by Rick Richman

We Certainly Don't Want to Be Unfeelingly Mean
Arthur Hertzberg, the Bronfman Visiting Professor of Humanities at New York University and Professor Emeritus of Religion at Dartmouth, publishes an article in today's New York Times urging "punitive economic measures" against Israel, as "tough love" to "force the end of settlement activity."
We could . . . [deduct] the total cost of the settlements each year from the United States' annual allocation to Israel. To show that we were not being unfeelingly mean, the United States should . . . hold $1 billion a year in escrow to help those settlers who would peacefully move back into Israel's pre-1967 borders. . . .
Nothing if not even handed, Hertzberg also proposes "comparable tough love" for the Palestinians:

What American influence can achieve is to dry up the financial and military support of the Palestinian war-makers . . . . [T]he United States can . . . insist that other countries -- both our allies and enemies -- freeze the financial accounts of militant groups . . . .
In the real world, this is a call for pressure on Israel, and only Israel -- since it is dependent on the United States, while the "Palestinian militants" (the word "terrorist" does not appear in Hertzberg's article) get financing from Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, the EU and others who are not likely to respond to "insistence" from the United States.

The U.S. State Department cannot even get the EU to stop meeting with Arafat -- much less get them to "dry up the financial" support of Hamas. Maybe the State Department didn't insist.

Hertzberg also notes that "tough love" for Israel is necessary because "there will be an Arab majority in at most 20 years" and at that point Israel will effectively be either a binational state with an Arab majority or have to subject Palestinian Arabs to "a rule resembling apartheid in South Africa."

This is not exactly a new insight. Indeed, it is quite possible that it was precisely this insight that led Ehud Barak three years ago to make a sweeping offer of a Palestinian state on 97 percent of the West Bank with a capitol in East Jerusalem, and led Ariel Sharon to formally declare this year that it "is time to divide this land" with the Palestinians.

Both Likud and Labor are now formally on record as supporting a Palestinian state; but not even Mahmoud Abbas will commit himself to Israel as a "Jewish" state.

Professor Hertzberg might consider the possibility that it is precisely his insight that explains why Yasser Arafat is not interested in peace.

Why should he be, when he can simply wait until Arabs overwhelm Israel demographically, or make it a pariah "apartheid" state, if it isn't terrorized into unilateral withdrawal first -- all the while enjoying the spectacle of American Jews calling for punitive economic measures against the Jewish state, in the middle of a war.

From the MEMRI News Ticker:

August 28, 2003



"ANTI-SEMITES — rejoice! You have a pal in the New Jersey governor's mansion"
From the New York Post, July 18, by Andrea Peyser:
The Garden State's wimpy chief executive, Jim McGreevey, yesterday placed his stamp of approval on a three-day, anti-Israel hatefest that's scheduled to foul up Rutgers University this fall.

In a twist of logic that could be cooked up only in an ivory tower, then advanced by a pencil-pushing politician, the gov concluded that the way to protect freedom of expression is to turn over a public institution to hate-mongers.

Rutgers is the third university in the nation to play host to the National Student Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement, scheduled for Oct. 10 through 12.

Here's some of what you can expect:

There'll be workshops designed to teach students how to pressure their college administrations to stop investing in companies that do business with Israel.

Also, you'll likely see members of the International Solidarity Movement telling students how they can endanger their lives by serving on the West Bank of Israel as human shields.

"This is America," spokeswoman Kathleen Ellis lectured. "Each of us in this country have the right to express our opinion."

Everyone, apparently, except Jews.

"Not at our conference," said Charlotte Kates, a Rutgers law student organizing the fest with New Jersey Solidarity, when I asked if pro-Israel students would get a chance to rebut the hate speech.

Kates is the young lady who told me that she and her organization see Israel as an "apartheid state" that does not have the right to exist. She reiterated yesterday that she personally supports armed Palestinian resistance, including homicide bombers.

"I condemn $10 billion in U.S. aid [to Israel] this year," she said.
Fortunately, some in New Jersey are not sitting idly by. Rutgers student Norman Jemal is part of a group now contacting Rutgers' biggest financial donors, urging them to withhold their funds if the conference isn't moved off public property.

The conference "completely crashes the boundaries of freedom of speech," said Jemal. "It will only lead to more anti-Semitism."
A Google search for Rutgers + antisemitism yields 1,110 hits.
With anti-semitism hyphenated, you get 4,230.

Rutgers Jew-Hating Fest has been endorsed by these organizations:
Muslim Student Association at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)
New Jersey Solidarity - Activists for the Liberation of Palestine
New York Committee to Defend Palestine
Palestine Action at Union Square
Palestine Solidarity Group - Chicago
Palestine Solidarity Group - Vancouver B.C. Canada
Palestinian American Congress
The Palestinian Council for Justice and Peace - Ramallah, Palestine
Peace and Justice Alliance (Central Washington University)
Pittsburgh Palestine Solidarity Committee
Progress Acadamic Group - An-Najah University, Nablus, Palestine
Queers For Peace And Justice
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Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights - Concordia
Students for Corporate Responsibility - University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
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Sudanese American Society
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Women Against War
. . . I'm sure these organizations would appreciate hearing your free speech about their endorsements of this shonda.

HAMAS is scared

"Palestinian Militants Dodge Israel Search" by Mohammed Daraghmeh, AP
(How come so many AP writers and photographers are named Mohammed?)
NABLUS - Palestinian militants are shaving off their beards, slipping into women's robes and turning off their cell phones, forced to go deeper underground to try to escape after Israel warned that they are marked for death.

Many gunmen, bombmakers and rocket builders have been on the run for much of the past three years of fighting, but now they are taking more dramatic steps in the face of Israel's intensified manhunt.

Israel has killed seven Hamas members, including a senior leader, in three missile strikes in five days. The latest strike was a botched helicopter attack against a car carrying Hamas members in Gaza City on Tuesday that instead killed a bystander, a waterpipe vendor. Israel's army chief has warned every militant is a "potential target for liquidation."

In response, Hamas is urging its members to take new precautions. The Islamic militant group posted leaflets on mosque doors, telling fugitives to stay indoors or, if they must move around, to ride in cars alone, never in groups. "Our brothers should use different clothes ... and change their appearance," the flyer said.

Several militants in Gaza and the West Bank said privately they are following the makeover advice. One West Bank Hamas activist said wanted men were urged in recent days to change their looks, and pointed to the example of Mahmoud Abu Hanoud, a legendary fugitive and bombmaker who managed to evade Israeli troops for several years, before being killed two years ago.

Abu Hanoud was a master of disguise, at times wearing the dress of a devout Muslim woman or the robe of a Palestinian villager, or shaving off his beard and cutting his hair in a fashionable style.

"We still use some of his ways," the Hamas activist said, noting that a heavy-set wanted man has been asked to lose weight, get rid of his beard and refine a new look for a forged ID card.

An Israeli security official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the militants' decision to lower their profile will make it harder to hit them. Israel is pressing ahead with the targeted killings, waiting for its quarry to make a mistake, said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

In the Gaza Strip, militants mainly fear missile strikes, since Israel has not yet sent in ground troops.

Hamas' political leaders in Gaza, once popular guests on Arab satellite TV stations, have stayed off the air since one of their own, Ismail Abu Shanab, was killed in an Israeli missile strike Thursday; a live appearance at one of the local TV studios would make it easy for Israel to hit them.
Continue reading at Yahoo News.

ZOA: Week 17 of the Road Trap

On June 24, 2002, President Bush set forth the conditions that the Palestinian Arabs must fulfill in order to merit U.S. support for the creation of a Palestinian Arab state. Among the major obligations are that the Palestinian Arabs must "dismantle the terrorist infrastructure," "end incitement," "elect new leaders not compromised by terror," and unequivocally embrace democracy and free market economics. None of those conditions were fulfilled.

In March 2003, Yasir Arafat chose Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), the number two man in the PLO since the 1960s, as the new prime minister of the Palestinian Authority. Mazen took office on April 29, 2003. Less than a day later, the Bush administration unveiled its "Road Map" plan, which set forth conditions that the Palestinian Arabs must fulfill prior to the creation of a Palestinian Arab state.

The Road Map stipulates that the Palestinian Arabs are required to undertake concrete steps to combat terrorist groups and democratize Palestinian Arab society. Those obligations, which are quoted below, were supposed to have been fulfilled during Phase 1 of the Road Map, which concluded at the end of May 2003, but they were not.

During week #17, August 19 - August 25, 2003, there were at least 23 terrorist attacks or attempted attacks, in which 21 people were murdered and 140 wounded.

During the first 17 weeks since Abu Mazen became prime minister and the Road Map was published, there have been a total of 432 Palestinian Arab terrorist attacks or attempted attacks, in which 76 people were murdered and 484 wounded.

More at ZOA press release

Synagogue in Minsk is torched

fifth attempt in two years
Unidentified assailants set a synagogue in the Belarusian capital on fire - the latest in a steady series of anti-Semitic actions in the ex-Soviet republic, Jewish activists said Wednesday.

The attackers dosed kerosene at the synagogue's entrance and set it on fire overnight. Firefighters managed to save the building, but its facade was damaged in the fire, said Yuri Dorn, president of the Jewish Religious Union of Belarus.
The AP article at JPost points out that a memorial complex to the victims of the Yama ghetto in Minsk was desecrated by drawn swastikas in May.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Nation-building in Gaza strip

Nikola Solic/Reuters

from the AFP/Mohammed Abed caption: "Angry Palestinians shout anti-Israel slogans . . . "

"Terrorism" as Defined by the New York Times

by Ricki Hollander
On Tuesday, August 19, the New York Times published a front-page, above-the-fold, story with an accompanying photograph on an inside page about the possibility several Israeli Jews are involved in "terror attacks" against Palestinian civilians ("Israelis Worry About Terror, By Jews Against Palestinians," Ian Fisher, August 19, 2003).

The article raises real questions about the Times' news judgement. Why such prominence for a story about unproven allegations? Why use "terror" in the headline and in reference to Jews who have yet to be found guilty - while at the same time terming as "militants" Palestinian suicide bombers who have undeniably committed atrocities. Why rely on statistics from a partisan and unreliable source? By Mr. Fisher's own admission, Israeli attacks on Palestinians are rare. Yet he grossly overestimates their prevalence by including deceptive statistics from the pro-Palestinian group B'tselem:

According to B'Tselem, 32 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli civilians in the last three years. At the same time, 328 Israeli civilians have been killed by Palestinians inside Israel and 190 more in the West Bank and Gaza. B'tselem posts a disclaimer on its Web site - unmentioned by the Times - acknowledging some of the shortcomings of its findings:

...B'Tselem is unable to issue a definitive conclusion regarding every incident in which a person was killed. Firstly, the large number of cases makes it impossible for us to conduct an exhaustive investigation into every instance in which persons were killed. Secondly, even in cases that we investigate, it is not always possible to determine unequivocally the actual circumstances... Furthermore, as an information center, B'Tselem faces the problem of disinformation supplied by both sides regarding the circumstances of the deaths of many of the persons killed during the current events.

Thus, by its own admission, B'tselem is not a reliable source of statistics on casualties and their circumstances. Furthermore, with regard to the 32 cases cited, 13 of the total Palestinian "civilian" deaths at the hands of "Israeli civilians" were a direct result of defensive measures. These included the shooting by security guards or Israeli civilians of Palestinians who had assaulted or were trying to assault Israelis by stabbing or gunfire. Some Palestinian assailants were killed while in the act of trying to infiltrate gated communities with the express purpose of perpetrating a terrorist attack.

Mr. Fisher states that "at the faltering start of a peace effort opposed by many right-wing Israelis, worry about terror attacks by Jews is growing," implying that these events are becoming more common. Again, this is highly misleading and the facts point to the contrary. After a few well publicized shootings by a shadowy group (presumed to be Israeli but never caught) calling itself "Committee for Security on the Roads" two years ago, documented Palestinian deaths at the hands of Israeli civilians have been few and limited almost exclusively to the defensive shooting of armed Palestinians by Israelis protecting themselves and their communities from terrorist attacks.

Why have Mr. Fisher and the New York Times chosen to feature a nearly 1200 word article on the front page containing specious references and unreliable claims? Why is "terror" terminology used for Israelis though rarely for Palestinian terrorists?

Please feel free to comment on this article on our NYTimesProtest Open Forum by clicking on this link.

If you are not already a Member of our Open Forum we encourage you to
sign up, it’s free, simple and easy.

The Ad Hoc Committee to Protest The New York Times Mideast Coverage

This article was Published on The Camera ® Web Site at http://www.camera.org
The Committee for Accuracy In Middle East Reporting


by Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East analyst & commentator
As I forecast in a preceding and attached article December 22, 2002: "E.U. RAPID DEPLOYMENT FORCE AIMED AT ISRAEL" has now come true. A synchronized call is being made to place an International Force, using NATO, to patrol the West Bank and Gaza. One key indicator is the stories and OpEd articles in our flagship journals, such as the NEW YORK TIMES, pushing the "Punish Israel" line of the Arabist State Department.

President Bush and his team of advisors are desperate for relief from the almost daily deaths of American soldiers in Iraq. They need the E.U. (European Union) countries to send in troops to relieve the pressure on American forces by Muslim ihadists. So - What to do?

In order to get the E.U. to agree to send forces into Iraq, America and Bush must give them what they have wanted for years, namely the right to send European troops into Israel - with a blessing (and a curse) from the U.N. (United Nations). Their objective is to block Israeli retaliation for Terror attacks while forcing the establishment of another Arab Muslim State called Palestine.

The E.U. countries have been in lock-step with the Arab oil nations and financial supporters of Terrorist groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad, all the PLO 's 12 or more 'Secret Security Services' still run by Yassir Arafat under the guise that they were 'merely' benevolent charity groups. France has always been the driving European force appeasing the Arab nations. The most obvious example of French cupidity was selling Iraq the Nuclear Power Plant at Osirak.

The Sudetenland-like trade-off will be as follows: Bush will to offer no resistance when the E.U., through the U.N., mandates so-called Peace-Keeping force be sent to Israel - as was done in Bosnia. This Faustian bargain will read: The E.U., with U.N. agreement, will send troops into Iraq, thereby taking a major problem off of President Bush's political head just before 2004 elections. We don't know yet if Bush will go along with this familiar bargain with the Devil.

The Arabist State Department, with Colin Powell leading, will have their fingerprints all over the betrayal of a stalwart ally, vociferous denials notwithstanding.

I have written about this double cross most recently on 12/22/02, (as listed above and attached below). It was clear to me even before 12/22/02 that the E.U. wanted to build a RDF (Rapid Deployment Force), with its first test case to force Israel into compliance with the demands of Arafat, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, 'et al'. In effect, the Europeans will be given the opportunity to mount a "present day Crusade against Jerusalem" - as during the Middle Ages.

Since they did not have one of their own Rapid Deployment Force, the E.U. began to negotiate with NATO, presumably under covert agreement with the U.S. who is the principal funder of NATO and its prime source of weapons. Be assured that Kofi Annan and the U.N. was a silent partner in this perfidious act of betrayal and will surface when it is time to act.

In the last week or so the stink of betrayal became so ripe that even the greatest doubters had to pay attention.

We saw that Martin Indyk, former Ambassador to Israel being given a most prominent spot on the NEW YORK TIMES Op/Ed page pitching his Hard Left position that troops be sent to Israel. He was then given prime TV time to re-state his proposal. (Recall that Indyk has been identified as a Left Liberal in sync with Israel's Hard Left Labor party, headed again by Shimon Peres, with Ehud Barak, Yossi Beilin, Yossi Sarid, 'et al'. He followed Dennis Ross, Aaron Miller and Dan Kurtzer - known by many in the pejorative as "Baker's Jew Boys". They believed they could accommodate radical Arab nations and this developed into Oslo. They were proven wrong but, like the proverbial lemmings, they must hurl themselves over a cliff - again and again. Of course, the problem is they wish to drag the Jewish State of Israel over the cliff with them.

Baker, you may recall, was extremely hostile to Israel. He was heard to say: "Who cares about the Jews! They didn't vote for us anyway." Whoever worked for Baker at State had to reflect his pro-Arab, hostile, anti-Israel bias. Clearly, he was one of the powerful voices of Big Oil, along with then President George Herbert Walker Bush and Dick Cheney. Then we just observed Senator Richard Lugar, (Rep. Indiana) and Senator Dianne Feinstein, (Dem. California) weigh in with the same recommendation (some coincidence?) that troops be sent into Israel to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Jewish nation of Israel does NOT want or need American or European troops to defend her country. All Jews understand that the moment these unneeded foreign troops come home in body bags, killed by Terrorists, propaganda would flood the Media that they died protecting Jews. Imagine if the daily American casualties coming out of Iraq were instead coming out of
Israel - even though they would have been killed by Arab Muslim Palestinian Terrorists,.

Israel has always said she will fight their own battles and she has. I don't recall any nation volunteering to assist Israel with troops when she came under attack in 7 pre-meditated Wars started by the Arab countries. I do recall that, when Israel had beaten their attackers, the world's nations always demanded that Israel stop, thereby saving the Arabs from absolute defeat. Should Israel once again be attacked by any coalition of Arab/Muslim nations, it would be doubtful that the nations would send in forces - except to bury the dead Jews.

Something strange is happening. Colin Powell has called on Arafat to assist Abu Mazen stop Terror attacks by their own various 'militants' (read: Terrorists). Arafat, (resurrected by Bush and Powell) has said, he would not stop the attacks until Israel stops killing "his" Terrorists. Since Arafat ordered up the attacks in the first place to show he was still the Master of Terror, why would Powell make such a call? (Note! The day Abu Mazen was appointed into the PLO's Prime Minister's office, I offered the opinion that Arafat would never allow Mazen to climb into his own seat of power. That has now happened.)

Then Arafat re-hires Jibril Rajoub to control his so-called Security Services (SS). Arafat slapped and fired Rajoub two years ago. Rajoub has a brother named Nain who is a top leader in Hamas. Rajoub himself is, not surprisingly, a favorite of the Arabist U.S. State Department - so Arafat re-hired him as his contact to State. Make no mistake! Arafat is still fully in charge of the Terrorists, the PA and will be until he dies. As for Rajoub, he is merely another Terrorist who will replace Dahlan well known as a Terrorist who planned the killings of many Israelis.

We understand that Bush and the U.S. State Department was furious that Sharon attacked Arab Palestinian Hamas Terrorist leaders after the Children's Bus Massacre in Jerusalem on August 19th, killing 21, including 6 children. Despite Bush's public condemnation of the Bus Massacre, nevertheless, the back-channel phones were warning Sharon NOT to respond. When Sharon ignored these 'diktats' and started liquidating Hamas Terrorists, out came the greater threat: That, of selling Israel to the European Union, if the E.U. agrees to send troops to Iraq.

The E.U. wishes to appease Saudi Arabia and the oil laden Gulf States by pushing Israel back to their indefensible Armistice lines of 1967 and from there - into extinction. They understand that another Arab/Muslim Palestinian State will be a core state of Terror and a threat, not only to Israel, but to the entire region and to the world.

But, short term political gains are far more important than long term threats from Regional and Global Terrorism. Politics can be exceedingly ugly when control of the White House is at stake. With daily deaths of American soldiers in Iraq, with the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, with a lagging economy - the Bush advisory team of Father Bush, Cheney, James
Baker, the oil maggots, the energy industry relying upon President Bush to reduce laws on polluting, there is a lot of pressure and money riding on the Bush re-election.

If swapping Israel to the E.U. in trade for E.U. forces coming into Iraq and also into Israel, then for Bush the Sudetenland like sell-out is a good deal. In the coming days and weeks watch for Kofi Annan start to speak of troops going to Israel as a Peace-Keeping Force.

Watch for Leftists both in America and Israel begin to call for American and NATO troops. Arafat is already making that call as Israeli troops once again break up his Terrorist organizations. Arafat, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the others desperately need an extended cease-fire to rebuild their Terrorist infrastructure. An E.U./NATO force will provide them protection to accomplish that.

Watch certain members of Congress begin to echo the line taken already by Lugar and Feinstein. This was no trial balloon. Watch the E.U., with France, Germany, Belgium and England in the lead begin to work closely with NATO Forces - with the back channel (unofficial) approval of the Bush Administration - (IF the Bush Administration allows this to happen).

Watch for pressure on Sharon to ignore Terror attacks, no matter how heinous. Watch for him to be pressured to withdraw from the hotbeds of Palestinian Terrorism and allow Palestinians into Israel's cities - presumably to work. Don't be misled by political speeches about Israel's sovereign right to protect herself when back-channel directives demand they cease self-defense.

Betraying an ally is an art form in 'denial'. Which of the Free Nations of the West will admit to betraying Czechoslovakia to Hitler, hoping to appease him? Who will later admit to betraying Israel to Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Arafat's Palestinians for the oil and the oil markets? The excuses being prepared now will come thick and fast. Let us hope and pray that President Bush is a man of personal honor and will not allow himself to be pushed into a terrible decision by his political advisors or
an out-of-control State Department.


"E.U.- RAPID DEPLOYMENT FORCE AIMED AT ISRAEL" by Emanuel A. Winston December 22, 2002 (Attached)

"NATO Begins Its First Out-of-Area Mission" by Nicholas Fiorenza Brussels U.S. DEFENSE NEWS August 18, 2003

"America's Precarious Trans-Atlantic Bridge" editorial U.S. DEFENSE NEWS August 18, 2003

"Don't Go Wobbly, George" by Frank Gaffney Center for Security Policy August 25, 2003

"Is Washington Floating Israel-Palestinian Role as Inducement for European Troops in Iraq?" DEBKA-file August 25, 2003

"U.S. Mulls International Force for PA" by Professor Murray Kahl August 26, 2003


from Arutz Sheva:

The IDF Military Court in Ofer convicted one of the participants of the double lynching in Ramallah of October 2000 today. Raad Sheikh was found guilty of two counts of murder, and his sentence will be handed down tomorrow.

The murders occurred after reserves soldiers Yosef Avrahami and Vadim Norzitch made a wrong turn into Ramallah and were taken to the local police station. A bloodthirsty mob burst into the building and mauled them to death. Photographs of joyous murderers showing off their bloodstained hands out the window to the cheering crowd, and of a body being thrown to the ground, have become among the more poignant icons of the PA's Oslo War against Israel.

Today's convict was supposedly guarding the police station from the mob at the time. He told the frenzied Arabs to wait until he brought the soldiers out of the station, and that they could then abduct and murder them. The mob was unable to hold out, however, and when it broke into the station, he joined in and smashed the head of one of the soldiers four or five times with a metal pipe, and then continued to hit him. He then tried to wash the blood off his hands.

Eyewitness to Ramallah Lynching, from Jewish Virtual Library:
A British photographer working on a pictorial study of Palestinian refugees stumbled on the event after the initial attack in the Ramallah police station. He did not witness that aspect. He subsequently described what he did see in The Sunday Telegraph, a respected British daily newspaper. The following is an extract:


"I had arrived in Ramallah at about 10.30 in the morning and was getting into a taxi on the main road to go to Nablus, where there was to be a funeral that I wanted to film, when all of a sudden there came a big crowd of Palestinians shouting and running down the hill from the police station.

I got out of the car to see what was happening and saw that they were dragging something behind them. Within moments they were in front of me and, to my horror, I saw that it was a body, a man they were dragging by the feet. The lower part of his body was on fire and the upper part had been shot at, and the head beaten so badly that it was a pulp, like a red jelly.

I thought he was a soldier because I could see the remains of the khaki trousers and boots. My God, I thought, they've killed this guy. He was dead, he must have been dead, but they were still beating him, madly, kicking his head. They were like animals.

They were just a few feet in front of me and I could see everything. Instinctively, I reached for my camera. I was composing the picture when I was punched in the face by a Palestinian. Another Palestinian pointed right at me shouting 'no picture, no picture!', while another guy hit me in the face and said 'give me your film!'

I tried to get the film out but they were all grabbing me and the one guy just pulled the camera off me and smashed it to the floor. I knew I had lost the chance to take the photograph that would have made me famous and I had lost my favourite lens that I'd used all over the world, but I didn't care. I was scared for my life.

At the same time, the guy that looked like a soldier was being beaten and the crowd was getting angrier and angrier, shouting 'Allah akbar' - God is great. They were dragging the dead man around the street like a cat toying with a mouse. It was the most horrible thing that I have ever seen and I have reported from Congo, Kosovo, many bad places. In Kosovo, I saw Serbs beating an Albanian but it wasn't like this. There was such hatred, such unbelievable hatred and anger distorting their faces.

The worst thing was that I realised the anger that they were directing at me was the same as that which they'd had toward the soldier before dragging him from the police station and killing him. Somehow I escaped and ran and ran not knowing where I was going. I never saw the other guy they killed, the one they threw out of the window.

I thought that I'd got to know the Palestinians well. I've made six trips this year and had been going to Ramallah every day for the past 16 days. I thought they were kind, hospitable people. I know they are not all like this and I'm a very forgiving person but I'll never forget this. It was murder of the most barbaric kind. When I think about it, I see that man's head, all smashed. I know that I'll have nightmares for the rest of my life." Source: Israeli Foreign Ministry
There are other, even more ghastly, photos at this site, as well as a video clip. I think people should see them in order to understand what we're up against, but I cannot bear to post them.

IMPORTANT: Jews must reward Bush for stance on Israel

by EDWARD I. KOCH, former mayor of New York City
published by Jewish World Review
I think it is critical that Israel be supported during these trying times. In the aftermath of the recent bus bombing in Jerusalem which killed 21 people — including seven children, and injured 100 others, including about 40 children — the Israeli government demanded that the Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas take immediate action against Hamas and Islamic Jihad, both of which took responsibility for that heinous terrorist act.

Prime Minister Abbas requested 24 hours to take police action against the terrorists. The Israelis took no military action during that period. When the Palestinian Authority failed to act, the Israelis exercised their right of self-defense and eliminated a top Hamas leader, Ismail Abu Shanab.

The terrorist organizations and the people of Gaza poured into the streets during Shanab's funeral, threatening revenge. That should not give the Israeli army pause. If they hadn't killed Shanab, would Hamas and Islamic Jihad suicide bombers have refrained from engaging in any more such attacks? Of course not. And Shanab would be planning them.

The goal of all Palestinian terrorist organizations is the destruction of the State of Israel.

Under the road map, the government of Prime Minister Abbas was required to begin to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure. It has not done so. The Israelis have no choice but to pursue the terrorists directly.

In President George W. Bush, Israel has a friend and supporter who has exhibited more concern for the Jewish state than any other President, Republican or Democrat. President Reagan was a firm supporter of Israel. But George W. Bush is far and away more willing to stand up for the Jewish state and support its right to a secure existence.

Israel's security should be a very high priority for American Jews. When Jews were persecuted and murdered in Nazi-occupied Europe, almost no one was willing to help them or give them refuge. During the Holocaust, from 1941 to 1945, six million Jews were murdered. The citizens of almost every country occupied by the Nazis, particularly France, collaborated with Hitler and turned their Jewish fellow citizens over to the Germans for extermination in the gas chambers.

Had the State of Israel existed in 1939, when Hitler offered to allow Jews to leave Germany if any country would accept them, ultimately six million Jewish lives would have been spared. Today, Europe again abounds with anti-Semitism not seen since the 1930s.

The American Jewish community adored President Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was one of our greatest presidents, ranking with Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. Our vote for him was monolithic. Yet, it was not until mid-1944, two years after he knew that Hitler was intent on killing off every Jew on the planet, that he spoke out and told the world of the Nazi plan to exterminate the Jews.

And yet — except for 1,000 Jewish refugees admitted in 1944 — FDR kept America's doors overwhelmingly closed to most of Europe's Jews, who could have escaped death had he allowed them to enter the U.S.

President Harry S. Truman, for American Jews an icon in the pantheon of presidents and, for me personally, a hero, was recently revealed in a newly-discovered diary written in his own hand to have held Jews in great contempt. Will we learn as a community to never again walk in lockstep with a single party, undeviating in our support, and instead, hold those at the top of our government accountable for how they feel about our community's worldwide security and concerns? How public officials feel about abortion and taxes is important, but not as vital as how they feel about our living and dying.

The American Jewish community appreciated the support President Reagan gave to the Jewish state and it responded with 39 percent voting to reelect Reagan in 1984, whereas normally Democrats receive up to 90 percent of the Jewish vote. I believe that next time around, the American Jewish community will express its appreciation to President Bush by voting for him in even greater numbers than was the case with President Reagan.

Before Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was decapitated by his Muslim abductors who videotaped the atrocity, he was compelled to say with his last breath, "My mother is a Jew. My father is a Jew. I am a Jew." Every Jew should embrace his or her identity with pride and vote their conscience. I remain a Democrat, but have supported candidates from other parties when my conscience so dictated. So let me now proclaim, "My mother of revered memory was a Jew. My father of revered memory was a Jew. I am a Jew."

Kol hakavod, Ed Koch. For my part, my mother wasn't a Jew and my father wasn't a Jew, but I am a Jew. By choice. And after thirty years of voting pretty much straight Democrat, I will most likely vote for the Republican --pictured above at the Kotel-- for President.

Wonders never cease,

"On being borked" by Daniel Pipes

Etiquette called on me, as a nominee of the president of the United States, not to talk about my nomination to the board of the United States Institute of Peace while it was in process. Although the nomination was contested, I found myself having to remain mute as opponents said what they would about me.

During five months of enforced quiet, I endured Senator Edward Kennedy borking me as someone not "committed to bridging differences and bringing peace," a Washington Post editorial criticizing me as "a destroyer" of cultural bridges, and other slings. Fortunately, others responded on my behalf; for example, Senator Chuck Schumer and the Los Angeles Times both endorsed my nomination.

My months of silence finally came to an end last Friday, when President Bush invoked his constitutional authority (Article II, Section 2) to recess appoint me and eight other persons; we will serve through the end of the current session of Congress, or January 2005.

But, as someone who has spent two-thirds of his life studying the Middle East, these public accusations remain painful to me. I have learned the Arabic language, traveled the Muslim world, lived three years in Cairo, taught courses on the region at Harvard, and specialized on it at the State and Defense departments. My career has been exactly devoted to "bridging differences and bringing peace."

So, how did it come to be that some people discern me as hostile to Islam? I see this resulting from two main developments.
Continue reading "On being borked" at Jewish World Review.

G-d bless Hadassah

via Naomi Ragen

It was with trepidation that Hadassah staff returned to work the morning after the attack on the No. 2 bus. Trauma chief Prof. Avi Rivkind, his head nurse Etti Yaakov and pediatric surgeon Eitan Gross, who spent much of the previous night in the ER, headed straight for the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit the next day.

"I'm still trying to deal with what I saw last night," said Prof. Rivkind. "When we heard the first ambulance sirens, we had no idea of the number of injured children coming in. In charge of triage, I went out into the forecourt to direct the stretcher-bearers. I'd never imagined seeing medic after medic emerging from ambulances carrying not stretchers, but babies in their arms. I could never have guessed how this would feel. And I would never have expected most victims of a terror attack to end up in a PICU."

PICU head Prof. Ido Yatziv led Rivkind, Grossman and Yaakov from crib to crib, holding up X-rays of each tiny patient which showed glass damage to little lungs, blast injuries to diminutive organs. The tiny occupants lay still for the most part, breathing shallowly, the skin of their faces and still hair-less heads seared by the force of the explosion. "We've absorbed the shock by now," said Yaakov, "and the adrenalin surge has gone. Now, without the cushioning effect of the emergency of yesterday, seeing these badly injured babies is almost too much to bear."

Leaving the PICU, the trio ran into Pediatric Surgery head Prof. Raphael Udassin. Rapidly reading their mood, he said: "I know what you're feeling. I was at Hadassah-Mount Scopus last night, and we all battled the same emotions. But, you know, what happened at Hadassah yesterday is what makes this medical center great. Despite our human reaction, our shock, our grief and our disbelief, we still pulled together and did the job we're trained to do - and did it well. And that's why so many of these children are still alive this morning."

Kol hakavod to Michael Bloomberg!

NYC Mayor visits Jerusalem to show support

Bloomberg rode a No. 2 bus to the site of last week's horrific attack. . .

lit a candle at the site of the suicide bombing . . .

. . . and visited the Kotel, or Western Wall, Judaism's holiest site.

On a nine-hour solidarity visit to Jerusalem Tuesday, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg rode the No. 2 bus to the site of last week's suicide bus bombing, participated in a memorial ceremony, and visited survivors of the attack, which killed 21 people and wounded over 100. Bloomberg said that Americans and Israelis alike had to "stand up and fight back" against terrorism. "I'm not afraid, the Israeli people aren't afraid, New Yorkers and Americans aren't afraid....We are all in this together," he said. (Ha'aretz)

"When someone has a gun to your head, you cannot negotiate. You have to stop the violence first," Bloomberg said. "You can see that America is not letting the terrorists win. We are striking back and that's what Israel has always done and what I would urge you to continue to do," he added. "You have to react and say we are not going to sit back and let our children be massacred and injured. This is just not acceptable in the civilized world," Bloomberg said. (Jerusalem Post)

Blessings on your head, Mr. Mayor.

My friend Patrick of West Virginians in Support of Israel (WVISI) has another letter in the Jerusalem Post

Pretty soon they'll give him his own column!
Enough Talk of US “Intervention.”

Pat Pearlman Charleston USA (25 Aug 2003)

On CNN with Wolf Blitzer this weekend, former Senator Richard Lugar – one of the luminaries of US defense policy - discussed the “potential possibility” of the need to deploy American or NATO forces in Israel to “go after Hamas and Islamic Jihad.”

Absolutely incredible.

Presumably Mr. Lugar believes that the IDF is not up to the task itself. For a US politician to suggest that the IDF cannot eliminate Hamas and Islamic Jihad itself, or to imply that American soldiers are somehow superior in carrying out that task than Israeli soldiers, is both pompous and stupid. It’s also insulting in light of the circumstances.

For three years -- longer if one considers the conflict during the “Oslo Peace” -- the United States has sought, usually very successfully, to restrain and restrict Israel’s military efforts to defeat the forces of terror based in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. It was the US that forced Israel to withdraw from Palestinian areas before Operation Defensive Shield was complete. It was the US that brokered numerous “cease fires” and “goodwill gestures” that resulted in Israel halting or restricting its anti-terror operations. It’s the US that has pushed for the release of Palestinian terrorists and soon-to-be terrorists. The US is among the voices in the “international community” (like Syria and Saudi Arabia) expressing disquiet, even outrage, over Israel’s “provocative” liquidation of terror leaders. And it’s the US that has consistently sought to pressure Israel into concessions to terrorists -- oftentimes on the pretext that the US needs “quiet” to conduct its “international” “war on terror.”

For an American politician to suggest that the restraint shown by Israel, in response to American pressure, and the resulting continuation and escalation of terror against Jews, provides a justification for the deployment of American or NATO soldiers to do the job itself, is self-serving hypocrisy of the highest order.

With the US bogged down in increasingly chaotic Iraq and Afghanistan, and still unwilling to allow Israel a free hand to deal with Palestinian terror groups, the Bush administration should at least have the good graces to muzzle politicians who, like Lugar, are inclined to express opinions that betray either a lack of intelligence, a lack of sensitivity, or both.
Keep up the good work, Pat!

Tuesday, August 26, 2003



"Returning, prayer, and charity, revoke an evil decree," (Rosh Hashana machzor)

THURSDAY. August 28, 2003, 7:30 PM AT THE JCC

For further information, call Yehudis, 720-406-7657

Monday, August 25, 2003

IDF Kills 4 Hamas Terrorists in Gaza

Four Hamas terrorists were killed in an Israel Air Force missile strike on a car in Gaza City Sunday. They included a senior member of the organization - Ahmed Aishtawi, two would-be suicide bombers, and a forth militant - all members of the group's military wing, Iz a Din al-Kassam, according to security sources.

Security sources said the strike was carried out in order to thwart a double suicide bombing planned by Hamas in the near future. Aishtawi, 24, coordinated Hamas activities between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and was on top of the IDF's most wanted list. He is credited with transferring funds to Hamas terror cells in the West Bank, and planning many terror attacks against Israeli citizens, Israel Radio reported.

A Hamas spokesperson said Aishtawi was the head of a cell that fired home-made missiles, and specialized in attacks on IDF tanks. The attack took place 100 meters from the Gaza City office of Palestinian security chief Mohammed Dahlan.
Ha'aretz -- Amos Harel, Jonathan Lis, Arnon Regular, and Yair Ettinger.

Where the Angry American Left and HAMAS come together

A leader of the Palestinian militant group Hamas on Saturday called President Bush an enemy of Islam because the U.S. government froze the assets of Hamas leaders in response to a suicide bombing of a bus in Jerusalem. Speaking to Dubai-based Al-Arabiya TV, Abdel Aziz Rantisi called the action "a theft of Muslim money by the Americans" and said the frozen money doesn't belong to Hamas. "Hamas does not have any money in the U.S., Europe or even in the Arab states. President Bush has become Islam's biggest enemy," Rantisi said in the interview.
Continue reading this AP article at WashingtonPost.com.

Monday morning in Gaza

I like the captions that accompany these photos. This one (AP Photo/Adel Hana) says, "Palestinian mourners chant Islamic slogans . . . "

Can't imagine what that would be, maybe something like "Kill the Jews" or "Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea" - nah, that only rhymes in English -- it's a Rutgers variation on the Gaza theme. Why won't they give us translations? Hmmmm?


Israel ought to deal with its terror threats through political, rather than military, channels.
One could be amused by such idiocy, if only it weren't so dangerous. JPost reports this morning that
Diplomatic advisor to President Chirac, Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, is quoted to have said to the Israeli ambassador in France, Nissim Zvilli, that there is no proof that these two organizations are terror groups. "If we find that Hamas and Islamic Jihad are indeed terror groups opposed to peace, we may have to change the EU's stand," said Gourdault-Montagne. "However, we mustn't limit ourselves to one, clear cut, position."
Read it all. And cry. or vomit. Whichever comes first.

Washington Times: Salvaging the road map

One of the problems with reading so many newspapers online, is that sometimes I can't tell an editorial from an op-ed. Since unsigned, I gather this is an editorial. It's quite amazing.
Clearly, at the present time, the crux of the problem lies with the Palestinian side. We're willing to assume that, unlike Mr. Arafat, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas is acting in good faith, and wants to reach a final settlement under which his people live in peace with their Israeli neighbors. But the suicide attack in Jerusalem clearly demonstrates that his efforts to plead with and cajole hardened terrorist groups like Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades to stop targeting Israelis have been an abject failure. It is clear that, in the absence of decisive action by the Palestinians, up to and including the willingness to wage a civil war against the rejectionists, there can be no progress toward peace.
It also puts forward a good strong defense of the Sharon government, calling the prime minister "a man often miscaricatured." Read it all.
up at 3am, so I check what's happening in the world
DEBKA: Three bomb blasts rock southern Russian town of Krasnodar in separate public places Monday, killing at least 3, wounding 15. In India, at least 6 killed, 60 injured in two explosions in Bombay’s financial district.

Sunday night, Israeli helicopter-borne rockets killed 4 Hamas operatives in Gaza including wanted Hamas chief operations officer Ahmed Shitawi, carrier of funds and orders to West Bank and initiator of missile attacks. Israeli strike foiled imminent Hamas-Jihad double-suicide attack against Israeli target.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Don't forget.
Thank you to all who turned out tonight for the candlelight vigil. It was well attended, given the scheduling conflict with Ahoova's benefit concert for Bonai Shalom (I'm sorry about that), and comforting to be with others for whom dead Jews are not just numbers in the newspaper. I only wish I had brought and read the piece that inspired it -- by Naomi Ragen. I'll just post it again --
Please, Hold a Vigil. Don't Forget.
Naomi Ragen

Reuters and AP talk about "militants." Australian papers put it on the back pages along with stories about Sharon's "corruption." CNN and BBC are busy discussing why America didn't protect the UN in Iraq (when it asked not to be protected, certain it had earned the mutual love of terror organizations (Israeli crews have busily cleaned the streets. The dead babies are buried. The wounded, burnt children and their parents suffering in hospitals. Everyone wants to forget.

But this is what happened:

A 29 year old Palestinian Muslim preacher from Hebron, with small children of his own, a member of HAMAS, put on the outfit of an ultra Orthodox Jew and a suicide belt provided by a well-financed terror organization. Permitted easy access to Jerusalem by Arik Sharon's policies, dictated by Colin Powell and George W. Bush, he entered the city and waited for a bus crowded with Jewish worshippers coming home from the holiest site in Judaism, the Western Wall. He got on, pushing past the baby carriages, the mothers nursing babies, the small children, the pregnant women. He walked to the center of a twin bus, and he knowingly blew himself up, injuring or killing every, single person on that bus. Twenty are dead [as of today, 21], 136 injured.

When the bomb went off, people flew from the bus, others died instantly. Father and mothers and children got separated. wound up in different hospitals. Babies arrived without parents. Parents without their babies. Shmuel Zagari, eleven months, died. Lilach Kardi, 22, eight months pregnant, died. Chava Reichner, 19, engaged to be married in three months, died. Shalom Mordechai Reinetz, father of 11, died, along with his nine year old son, Yissacher Dov. Leba Schwarz, 57, grandmother of 11, died. Goldie Zarkovski and her three month old son, died. Elisheva Meshulmi, 16, died. And Chanoch, and Shmuel, and Benjamin and twelve year old Avraham...

And Ora Cohen lay weeping in her hospital bed, unable to move, unable to search for the one month old baby she'd been holding, and her year and a half old son, both of whom she feared dead, until volunteers found them for her and told her
they were fine. And a mother and her four year old daughter lay next to each other with head injuries in intensive care. And whole families were destroyed....

And in Hebron, at the news of dead Jewish babies, they sent up fireworks. And the wife of the bomber said he had fulfilled his lifelong ambition. And that she was proud of him. And she began emptying out her cupboards waiting for the IDF to blow up her house, because she had no doubt been promised a bigger, better house financed by Syria, Saudia Arabia or Iran.
This is what happened here, on Tuesday, August 19, 2003. In the holiest city in the world.

And I'm thinking, what can we do, now? And what feels right to me is the idea of a vigil, a candlelit vigil, to say that we won't forget. Holding the names and pictures of the victims. Holding up the words of our leaders. Letting them know that the responsibility can't be washed away like the blood of children on Shmuel Ha Navi street. That the blood of innocents is crying out to us from the ground, like the blood of Able, the first murder victim, and that the cry echoes in our ears. It doesn't matter if you're a Jew or not. It only matters if you are human.

Please, organize these vigils in your home towns. Pick a day, any day. Ask a few friends.Send a press release to your local papers. Light memorial candles. Stand outside in the streets. In Phoenix, in Melbourne, in Toronto, in Johannesburg, in Haifa, and Kfar Saba, and New York and Washington and London and Paris. Please, even if only a few of you do it, at least there will be some candles in the darkness. A few candles in the darkness. And all those of you here in Israel who want to join me, send me your ideas, try to enlist organizations you belong to to join. Ask our leadership, the world, to take responsibility. Don't forget what happened here. Don't forget the terrible, terrible thing that happened here...


via LittleGreenFootballs

Go to http://newjersey.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=6606&group=webcast

. . . and you will see that Abe Greenhouse, a member of the terror-enabling International Solidarity Movement, had his picture taken putting a note into the Kotel, the Western Wall of the Jews' holiest site, all that remains of our Temple in Jerusalem.

According to his own boasting admission, the note reads, "END THE M-----F---ING OCCUPATION."

This is grotesque beyond words.

I am in full agreement with justdanny whose comment at LGF is,
"As a human being, I am ashamed I share the same air with you."
Somebody find and call Abe Greenhouse's parents, quick. They should know that his bris must not have been kosher.

UPDATE: Abe Greenhouse is, surprise surprise, a student at RUTGERS.

Furthermore, another comment at LGF holds that his trip to Israel was underwritten by Birthright Israel, which provides a gift of first time, peer group, educational trips to Israel for Jewish young adults ages 18 to 26.

I am aghast: PA Foreign Minister Lies to Refugees in Lebanon!

Nabil Sha'ath asserts Palestinian "right of return" is part of the Road Map
From IsraelInsider:
Israeli right-wing and left-wing politicians were united in their categorical rejection of Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Nabil Sha'ath's remarks on Friday suggesting that the "right of return" of Palestinian refugees to cities in Israel was guaranteed in the U.S.-backed "road map" peace initiative. Officials said Sha'ath's claim was "false and unhelpful" and no Israeli government would ever accept it.

Speaking to a delegation representing Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, Sha'ath said, "No condition has been set for a return (only) to an independent Palestinian state. The right of return is no longer an illusion. It is an integral part of the Arab peace initiative, which is one of the reference points in the road map.

"I want to be clear: this right includes returning to an independent state and to Palestinian cities in the Jewish state. Whether a person returns to Haifa or to Nablus, their return is guaranteed," he stated.
The full text of the Road Map can be read at this website page of the U.S. State Department. If you don't care to read it, just go there and search (Control/F) for the word "return." It won't take long: it's not there, not even once.

Black is white and white is black. And people wonder (and/or lament) that I don't trust the Palestinians. Go figure.

The wrong 'cycle of violence' by Richard L. Benkin

Lamenting the world's lack of moral clarity
The press and other talking heads, however, have it all wrong. Their cycle of violence allegedly goes from Arab to Israeli violence and back again. The real cycle of violence, however, goes from one Arab act of terror to another.
I urge you to read all of this excellent piece at IsraelInsider daily newsmagazine.

From The Palestinian Information Center in the UK, Aug. 21

Suicide bombing did not contradict the hudna
Before the IDF targeted and killed terrorist Ismail Abu Shanab on Thursday, he made this statement about how "the Zionists" violated the hudna, but HAMAS still affirmed and respected it, in spite of the fact that they blew up a bus full of families with children. Beware: reading this can be crazy-making --
Gaza - Ismail Abu Shanab, political bureau member of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, has said that his Movement's insistence on truce did not contradict the Quds martyrdom operation which retaliated to Zionist violations.

Noting that the Zionists violated the truce in the first place, Abu Shanab said that the truce should be respected by the Zionist entity as well and not only the Palestinian factions.

"We have been patient for more than six weeks of truce but the Zionist enemy continued in its policy of assassinations, murders, demolitions and continued aggression other than tampering with the question of detainees," he explained.

The Hamas leader affirmed that the Qassam Brigades, military wing of Hamas, respected the truce as the Movement's decision of adhering to the truce was still not changed "But we will not remain silent vis-à-vis those breaches."

Abu Shanab said that resistance should be used as a pressure card in the hands of the Palestinian Authority government in its capacity as the only card capable of forcing the Zionist entity to respect the Palestinian people and to halt aggression against them.

The Hamas leader stressed that the Palestinian front was in need of dialogue to unify the Palestinian street in face of Zionist challenges.
Don't forget that the hudna (very loosely translated as ceasefire) was an internal agreement among the various Palestinian terrorist organizations. Israel was not consulted, was not a party to, the hudna.

Israel was party only to the Road Map, which requires the Palestinian Authority to disarm and dismantle terrorist organizations.

Did he, or didn't he?

Press Release from CU-Boulder: Attendance of Ismail Abu Shanab at University of Colorado
An Aug. 21 report by the Associated Press stated that Ismail Abu Shanab, the senior Hamas official who was killed by an Israeli missile strike on Thursday, was a graduate of the University of Colorado. The University of Colorado has no record that a person by that name attended the university. It is not known whether he attended under a different name.

For information contact Jeannine Malmsbury of the CU-Boulder Office of News Services at (303) 492-3115.

Road Map, R.I.P.

Don't miss the latest John Podhoretz piece in Friday's NY Post
"Bush is the president. Powell isn't. And Bush doesn't change his tune. What matters now is whether Abbas can pull out of his downward spiral. If he can't, then the United States will make it clear we can wait until the Palestinian leaders heal themselves of their dementia and find the road map — the road map to civilization."

There's a fabulous profile of Harvard's president, Laurence Summers, in today's New York Times Magazine - by James Traub.
Also this really odd piece in the Week in Review, by Don Van Natta, Jr., about the Terror "Industry," illustrated with photos of a Japanese kamikaze pilot and the latest suicide bomber with his two kids.
As the devastating attacks on civilians in Jerusalem and Baghdad last week demonstrated, suicide bombings have become a grimly efficient terrorist industry. The industry is flourishing worldwide; bomb-makers are in especially high demand.
I can't tell what the point of this is, whether it's to glorify, explicate or excuse suicide bombings. It certainly takes them for granted, which is pretty mind-boggling if you think about it.