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Saturday, October 25, 2003

Pray for Sigal Boim (Sigal bat Eva)
(IsraelNN.com) Prayers are requested for wounded IDF soldier Sigal bat Eva, who was very seriously wounded in the terrorist shooting attack in Netzarim on Friday morning. She is being transferred from Ashkelon’s Barzalai Hospital to Tel HaShomer Hospital in Tel Aviv. On Saturday night, her condition was reported as serious.

Terror Supporters in DC

from littlegreenfootballs on today's antiwar protest in Washington:

LGF reader D. Shulman was at the Moonbat Festival in Washington DC with his camera, and got some great shots—including this one of a kaffiyeh-wearing advocate for genocide.

posted by Charles at 12:08 PM PST

New Blog Coming Up: "Boker Or"

Companion site to Boker Tov, Boulder!

Michael Glazer and I are putting together a new blog devoted to ACTIVISM in support of Israel and against antisemitism.

We hope to provide auto-email letters and links to petitions, to help readers be more productive in their responses to the ever-growing number of situations that demand our attention.

Boker Or (morning light) is the customary response to Boker Tov (good morning.) It's not enough to read and learn; we must do. Michael and I are hoping the new site will help bring light to the dark times in which we live.

I'll be keep you posted; it should be up in the next few days.

Two items from International Jerusalem Post (print)

Turkish Jews killed
Istanbul police are investigating suspicions of antisemitic murders, following the brutal murder of two Turkish Jews, killed ina an identical manner, within the past three weeks.

Muiz Konor, 32, an owner of a catering company, was murdered Thursday a week ago. His bound and shot body was discovered in a forest on the outskirts of Istanbul. Three weeks earlier, the body of dentist Yosef Yehiyeh, a 35-yar-old father of two, was discovered in his clinic, bound and shot the same way.

Both victims were shot at close range and had not been robbed, police said.

Even though police have yet to establish a connection between the two cases, their strong resemblance has sparked concern amongst the members of the Jewish community in Turkey.

Moshe Knafi, senior official of the Israeli embassy in Turkey, said the country's 22,000 Jews are closely following the investigation. "Two similar murders have occurred in Istanbul . . . but it's important to note that antisemitism doesn't exist in Turkey. The [Jewish] community is strongly connected to the Turkish government, and its leaders are extremely popular here. These murders are therefore very strange."
Zimbabwe shul destroyed
The Bulawayo Hebrew Congregation, a 104-year-old active synagogue located in Zimbabwe's second-largest city, burned to the ground just two days before Yom Kippur. Police believe a group of young people loitering in an alleyway adjacent to the synagogue may have started the blaze, which then spread and engulfed the building. Community leaders, however, said they did not suspect arson.

The flames destroyed prayerbooks, Pesach haggadot and other books, but two congregants managed to save the community's six Torah scrolls and the parochet, or curtain, from the Holy Ark, which was made in 1725.

As a result of Zimbabwe's rampant inflation, the synagogue building was not insured. Yom Kippur services were held elsewhere.

Some 170 Jews currently live in Bulawayo, down from more than 3,000 just four decades ago.
It doesn't say why so many left, or where they went. I wonder.

"Bush official caught in church dragnet"

by sometimes-she's-over-the-top-sometimes-she-makes-me-laugh Ann Coulter
In an emerging scandal, NBC News has produced tapes proving beyond deniability that the new deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence is ... a Christian. Lt. Gen. William G. "Jerry" Boykin has been captured on a series of grainy tapes, attesting to his faith at churches and prayer breakfasts. Having driven the Judeo-Christian value system out of the public square, the classrooms and the Alabama Supreme Court, liberals now want to drive it out of church.

In one "inflammatory" remark, Boykin said that the enemy was not Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein, but "is a spiritual enemy. He's called the principality of darkness. The enemy is a guy called Satan."

Islamic leaders in the United States instantly denounced Boykin's unflattering characterization of bin Laden and Hussein as an attack on Islam. They haven't been this huffy since describing bin Laden as "not a true Muslim" and Hussein as a "secularist." If our enemies aren't "true Muslims," why are the "true Muslims" always so offended on their behalf?

James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute, has called for Boykin to be fired. After the 9-11 attacks, Zogby said: "Regardless of who is ultimately found to be responsible for these terrorist murders, no ethnic or religious community should be treated as suspect and collectively blamed." But apparently they are collectively offended. They might want to think through the implications of that. If we have to apologize for the general, then maybe they should apologize for 9-11.

Zogby made the curious argument that Boykin is "unfit for the position" because he has "become a weapon our enemies will use against us." On Fox News' "Hannity and Colmes," a Clinton administration official made the same inane point, saying Boykin's remarks "could be used as a recruitment video for Osama bin Laden." I love the idea of moderate Arabs carefully poring over American newspapers before deciding whether or not to join al-Qaida.

Continue reading
photo via Yale Diva

Friday, October 24, 2003

Shabbat Shalom.

Attack Internet Haganah, lose your web site

www.suyyaf.s5.com is toast

The site was used to post a statement claiming credit for the cyber attacks of last week, stating that they were meant as a warning to Internet Haganah and to Aaron personally to let Islamist terrorists use the internet without interference "or else."
It is no more.
Thank G-d, thank Aaron, thank freeservers.com.
Good job, guys.

American Haters by Cox & Forkum

Boker tov, yidden!

Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish Email of the Day
"At Cambridge University, where I attended law school in England, the Jews exist in a state of perpetual vigilance and, often, fear of personal harm. As an American Jew I was used to wearing a kipa (yarmulke, beanie, skullcap, bowl-o'-soup, whatever) walking around town. Wearing a kipa in public anywhere is mentally exhausting; one is always conscious of people watching you, treating you like a stranger, making jokes as soon as they think you are out of earshot. Even in New York, where Jews of all kinds are everywhere, you feel people look at you and treating you differently than, for instance, if you wear a baseball hat.

But in Cambridge it was like I had a bullseye on my head. Not a week went by that something didn't happen - curses from a group of Middle-Eastern looking "blokes" on the street, laughing references about the "cross you have to bear" from other students, white hot abuse about being a "Zionist Nazi" from a middle-aged white woman boycotting Sainsbury's. Once, memorably, I got hit with a piece of raw potato and turned just in time to hear the sniggers of "shalom!" as the window of a restaurant kitchen banged shut.

At first I thought it must just be the townies, local "yobs" who resent the privileged, snooty University students and would often try to make themselves as unpleasant as possible. But, as more and more of these little happenings piled up, it became clear that Jew harrassment was one of the few entertainments in Cambridge that was not defined by class or educational background. When I discussed this with my friends in the Jewish Society (JSOC), they were completely nonchalant. I was stunned to hear that every single one had, at one time or another in their youth, been chased, threatened or beaten for being Jewish in the towns where they grew up. In one memorable case, a kid had been stabbed with a butcher knife, when he was 15 years old, by a man on a bus in Manchester."

Cal kippot

US officials: Daniel Pearl murdered by bin Laden aide - alleged 9/11 mastermind

NEW YORK (AFP) - US officials investigating the gruesome murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl now believe he was personally slain by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, alleged organiser of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

The Journal reported Tuesday that White House administration officials had developed credible, corroborated information that Mohammed -- believed to be one of Osama bin Laden's closes aides -- was "directly involved" in Pearl's murder.

Pearl was kidnapped on January 23 last year in the Pakistani city of Karachi where he was investigating Islamic militancy.

A scratchy video of Pearl's throat being cut was delivered to the US consulate on February 21. It took until May 2002 to find his remains.

British-born militant Ahmad Saeed Omar Sheikh and three other Islamic militants were convicted in July of plotting the abduction and murder, but they were not present at the slaying and the actual killers have never been caught.

Mohammed was arrested in the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi in March this year. He has since been held at an undisclosed location and has been interrogated by CIA personnel.

Mohammed, 38, a Kuwaiti of Pakistani descent, is suspected of being a major financier and organizer for Bin Laden's al-Qaeda network.

As well as masterminding the September 11 attacks, he is accused of plotting to blow up 12 US airliners in the mid-1990s, and helping to plot the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York.

In January, Time magazine had quoted Pakistani police sources as saying at least one witness saw Mohammed personally kill Pearl.

A suspect in the abduction, Fazal Karim, reportedly told police that Mohammed had drawn the knife across the reporter's throat as he helped hold Pearl.

Investigators have said Pearl's killers were Arabs.

I didn't write that last line. It was in the original, I swear.

Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades: The Struggle Will Continue Until the Liberation of All of Palestine from the River to the Sea

Yoav Yitzhak (NewsFirstClass-Hebrew):
The organization that is the terrorist wing of Fatah, headed by Yasser Arafat, distributed an official leaflet about its intentions to conduct a number of attacks during Ramadan, which begins next week.

The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades threatens that the struggle will continue until the liberation of all of Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

The Brigades threaten to continue the armed struggle soon with very serious suicide bombings.

Masked members from al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, an armed group linked to Palestinian President Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement, are dressed as suicide bombers as they march in the West Bank city of Nablus October 24, 2003. A Palestinian gunman killed three Israeli soldiers, including two women, in a joint attack on a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip on Friday in a joint shooting and grenade attack by the two main Palestinian Islamic militant groups. REUTERS/Abed Omar Qusini

YES. Bush drops opposition to Israel's security fence

The Bush administration has abandoned its opposition to Israel's construction of a security fence in the West Bank, according to pro-Israel activists in Washington, Palestinian diplomats, and sources close to the Bush administration. The White House thinks Israel is justified in erecting the fence and that the PA brought the fence on itself by not cracking down on terrorism, administration officials recently told pro-Israel activists.

Furthermore, administration officials indicated that the Bush White House accepts the principle that security considerations in some instances necessitate allowing the fence to veer into the West Bank, the activists said.

The administration seems open to the creation of an enclave southwest of Ariel to accommodate what Israel says is its need for tactical depth to avert potential surface-to-air missile terrorist attacks against airplanes at Ben-Gurion International Airport.

Continue reading Ori Nir in The Forward.

Jesus actor in Gibson's The Passion struck by lightning

Meryl Yourish makes note of this BBC article via QandO:
Actor Jim Caviezel has been struck by lightning while playing Jesus in Mel Gibson's controversial film The Passion Of Christ.

The lightning bolt hit Caviezel and the film's assistant director Jan Michelini while they were filming in a remote location a few hours from Rome.

It was the second time Michelini had been hit by lightning during the shoot.

Neither of them was badly hurt, according to the film's producer Steve McEveety.

Michelini had previously been struck during filming in Matera, Italy, when he suffered light burns to his fingers after lightning hit his umbrella.

Describing the second lightning strike, McEveety told VLife, a supplement of the trade paper Variety: "I'm about a hundred feet away from them when I glance over and see smoke coming out of Caviezel's ears."
beats me. ask your rabbi.

They Want It All

This Reuters article disturbing
Joint Palestinian Attack Kills 3 Israeli Troops

GAZA (Reuters) - Gunmen killed three Israeli soldiers, two of them women, at a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip on Friday in a joint shooting and grenade attack by the two main Palestinian Islamic militant groups.

The combined assault by Islamic Jihad and Hamas followed an agreement by their leaders at talks in Syria this week to increase coordination of attacks against Israelis in the three-year-old Palestinian uprising for statehood.

The Israeli army said at least one militant infiltrated the heavily guarded Netzarim settlement before dawn and opened fire before soldiers shot him dead. Two of the Israeli dead were women and two other soldiers were wounded, one seriously, it said.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad said two gunmen entered the settlement throwing grenades and then fired shots in a "heroic operation." The Jihad member escaped, it said, and the army said efforts to find the second attacker were hampered by fog.

The attack was a further blow to the stalled U.S.-backed peace "road map" after Israel killed 12 Palestinians, including militants and civilians, in air raids on Monday and Palestinian gunmen killed three Israeli soldiers in an ambush on Sunday.

Israel blamed Friday's attack on Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, who says a crackdown on militants would risk civil war.

"It all boils down to Arafat. As long as he is here he will reject any peace efforts," said Gideon Meir, a Foreign Ministry official.

The Palestinians say Israel is blocking peace hopes. The military wings of Hamas and Islamic Jihad said their attacks were a response to Israeli "crimes," meaning the recent air strikes and other military raids.

"We will track you with death, at the hands of male and female would-be martyrs. You have no choice but to leave," they said in a written statement.


In an incident that could increase fears for the security of politicians in the region, Arab-Israeli parliamentarian Issam Makhoul said he feared that an explosion that set his car ablaze in Israel's port city of Haifa had been caused by a bomb planted under it.

Makhoul's wife was in the car at the time but was unhurt. Attacks on politicians are rare in the conflict but Israel's parliament tightened security this week, fearing an attack.

The road map has stalled amid violence, Palestinian political infighting and continuing Israeli building at Jewish settlements.

The Palestinians want Israel to leave the West Bank and Gaza, which it occupied in the 1967 Middle East war. Hamas is also dedicated to the destruction of Israel itself.

Hamas said the man killed on Friday was Samir Fouda, a resident of the Jabalya refugee camp in Gaza. About 4,000 people attended a pro-Hamas rally which stopped at Fouda's house."Only martyrdom (suicide) attacks will return Palestine, Jaffa, Haifa and Jerusalem," one speaker told the crowd.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad have killed hundreds of Israelis in suicide bombings and other attacks, usually operating independently of each other. Their leaders agreed in Syria on Monday however to strengthen cooperation in battling "Zionist aggression." They did not say how the groups would cooperate but Adnan Asfour, a political leader of Hamas, said by telephone: "The details were left to the field leaders."

Hours before the attack at Netzarim, a Palestinian gunman shot at an Israeli army convoy in Gaza, lightly wounding at least two people. Soldiers then killed him.
I find this article so typically disturbing.

As a supporter of Israel and Zionism, it's worrisome to see Hamas and Islamic Jihad cooperating.

As a reader of news, it is disturbing to see Reuters say, no doubt in the interest of balance, that blah-blah-blah "Palestinian uprising for statehood," yet admitting that "Hamas is also dedicated to the destruction of Israel itself" and quoting the perpetrators of the "uprising" as calling for the return of "Palestine, Jaffa, Haifa and Jerusalem." Look at a map. This damned Arab war on Israel is either for statehood in the Arab terror-tories or it's for all of Israel. No one, not even Reuters, can have it both ways.

BBC map
"About 4,000 people attended a pro-Hamas rally . . . 'Only martyrdom (suicide) attacks will return Palestine, Jaffa (Tel Aviv), Haifa and Jerusalem,' one speaker told the crowd."

See also recent poll: Fifty-nine percent of Palestinians believe that Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad should continue their armed struggle against Israel even if Israel leaves all of the West Bank and Gaza, including East Jerusalem, and a Palestinian state is created, - JPost).

Reuters sets my teeth on edge: Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel, yet "The road map has stalled amid . . . continuing Israeli building at Jewish settlements." A battle between destruction (of Israel) and building (of Israel), and Reuters wants to make the two sides appear equivalent? That's just crazy, and crazy-making for anyone who reads it.

Israeli soldiers cry after Palestinian gunman killed three coleagues in the Netzarim settlement in Gaza Strip October 24, 2003. A gunman killed three Israeli soldiers, including two women, in a joint attack on a Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip on Friday in a joint shooting and grenade attack by the two main Palestinian Islamic militant groups. REUTERS/Tsafrir Abayov

Three soldiers killed in Netzarim infiltration before dawn Friday morning

JPost: Three IDF soldiers were killed and two wounded, one seriously after a terrorist infiltrated an army base in the northern Gaza Strip community of Netzarim before dawn Friday morning.

Two of the soldiers killed were women, and the seriously wounded soldier is also a woman. The male soldier was moderately wounded. The wounded were airlifted to Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon for treatment.

The identities of the three soldiers killed were released Friday afternoon:

Sgt. Sarit Schneor-Sinyor, 19, of Shoham. Sarit will be buried Sunday at 2 PM in the military section of the Ramle cemetery.

Staff-Sgt. Alon Avrahami, 20, from Or Yehuda. Alon will be buried in the military cemetery in Holon at 2 PM.

Sgt. Adi Osman, 19, Kfar Saba. Adi was buried in Kfar Saba's military cemetery Friday afternoon.

The male soldier wounded in the attack is recovering after surgery to remove the bullet lodged in his shoulder, and the woman is still undergoing surgery. "She was very seriously wounded, a doctor at the hospital said.

At approximately 4:15 AM a terrorist affiliated with Hamas and armed with a Kalashnikov rifle and grenades approached the military base from the south side of the Netzarim community using the darkness and dense mist as cover.

The terrorist cut through the fence and headed towards the living quarters housing female soldiers and army drivers.

The terrorist entered the female soldiers' living quarters and in the first room shot and killed Sgt. Adi Osman and wounded a second soldier in the room with her He then continued into the second female soldiers' room where he killed Sgt. Sarit Shcneor.

The terrorist then left the female quarters and headed towards the drivers quarters where he shot and wounded one of the soldiers as he was standing at the entrance to the complex.

At that time Staff-Sgt. Alon Avrahami reached the site and was shot and killed by the terrorist.

The terrorist then fled with soldiers from the Shimshon battalion in pursuit. Troops caught up with the terrorist and killed him just tens of meters outside of the community as he was attempting to flee.

A second terrorist affiliated with the Islamic Jihad who accompanied the other terrorist reached the security fence but when the shooting began he fled back into Gaza, a senior IDF officer told The Jerusalem Post.

The officer noted that during the night there were three other attempted infiltrations in which three terrorists were killed. One when a terrorist attempted to infiltrate Nisanit in the northern Gaza Strip and was shot and killed by soldiers. The second involved the three Israelis wounded as they drove on the Kissufim road and the terrorist was shot and killed. And the third was when soldiers shot and wounded a group of Palestinians carrying a ladder who attempted to cross into Israel north of Kibbutz Nahal OZ.

In addition terrorists fired anti-tank rockets a IDF positions near Neve Dekalim and shots were fired at positions at Morag and other Israeli communities in Gush Katif.

Late Thursday, in another attack, three members of an Israeli settler family traveling in a car were lightly wounded in a roadside shooting in southern Gaza. The three were cut by shattered window glass and suffered other injuries when their car swerved. The army said troops shot and killed the attacker.

Me and My Muslim Friends Neighbors

sent to me by a reader; appears at Blackfive

At first, I was so damn angry after the experience you are about to read that I didn't trust myself to write something coherent. Then, I calmed down and figured that it was an anomaly. I wasn't going to write about this experience, but, with the recent comments coming out of the Organization of the Islamic Conference in Malaysia, I thought that I might be able to shed some light on what we are up against in the world...

One of my friends is a guy I met in grad school a few years ago. He's a lawyer that practices IP law and was pursuing a MS in Computer Science to further his knowledge of programming. He is brilliant. Went to U of Chicago undergrad, then Northwestern University Law. He works for one of the biggest law firms in the world. He is from Pakistan. His name is Masood.

A few months ago, Masood invited me to his brother's birthday party. Since I love Middle Eastern food and knew his family pretty well, I went. After the party, we went to a bar on the city's northwest side where a lot of Pakistanis hang out (and, yes, they drank alcohol).

We played cards for awhile and then moved back to the bar. The course of our conversation eventually turned from sports and business to politics and religion - and it went badly. Almost immediately, the Israelis were blamed for everything from SARS to the price of bread.

Masood's younger brother just came right out with what everyone of them was alluding to...: "The f-cking Jews controll everything."

Me: "Come on. Do they control your family's restaurant? Do they control your alderman? Mayor Daley?"

Masood's older brother: "They want nothing to do but destroy us. My restaurant does well inspite of their attempts with the Mayor and lobbying the Congress to discriminate against Muslims. You Christians just never see it."

Masood, surprising the hell out of me, was nodding his head in agreement: "Just like 9-11."

Me: "What?"

Masood: "Just like 9-11 where the Mossad flew planes into buildings."


Me: "You can't really mean that, Masood. Really?"

Masood's older brother spoke again, pointing at me: "You are just too stupid to see. Americans are puppets of the Jews."

Me, ignoring Masood's idiot brother: "That's really ridiculous. You are telling me that Al Qaeda is controlled by the Mossad?"

Masood looked me right in the eye: "No. Al Qaeda didn't bomb the buildings. The Mossad did."

I thought, Hey, Asshole, Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the murder of all those innocent people!

By then, all thirty patrons of the club were looking at us. And I wasn't getting very warm smiles at this point. I thought about my chances of making it out of there if I really said what I was thinking.

I believe Masood knew what I was pondering because he didn't let me think too long: "Maybe you should go, Matt."

Me: "Yep. I'll see you."

I left without a problem. No one followed me out, and I don't know what they said after I left. I never talked to Masood after that.

What I can tell you is that experience scared the hell out of me. How the hell can a guy be so well-educated and smart and successful in America and be so close-minded at the same time?

How the hell can we ever convince people like Masood that "the Jews" aren't the problem - that his blindness is the problem? And if we can't convince the likes of him, how can we reach countless millions that don't have Masood's liberal education, facility with English, or access to our mediums?

Simple answer: I don't think we can penetrate that kind of cultural and religious brainwashing.

Which is why, when I saw this article on the Malaysian Prime Minister's hateful words, I wasn't shocked. Not in the slightest.

It really is us against them. Us and the Israelis and a few others against 1.6 billion zealots.

Get used to the idea.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

06:20 Oct-24-03
One Shooting Attack Victim Taken to Barzalai
05:59 Oct-24-03
Terrorists Detected in the Nahal Oz Area
05:29 Oct-24-03
Update on the Wounded in Netzarim Attack
05:23 Oct-24-03
3 Dead in Netzarim Terror Attack
05:14 Oct-24-03
Wounded En Route to Soroka Medical Center
04:57 Oct-24-03
Army Operating on the Scene of Terror Attack
04:51 Oct-24-03
5 Wounded in Netzarim Terror Attack
04:40 Oct-24-03
Gunfire Directed at Soldiers in Rafiach Area
04:35 Oct-24-03
Electrical Outages in Tel Aviv Area
04:34 Oct-24-03
DEVELOPING STORY: Terrorist Infiltration into Netzarim

Andy Cuomo slams Democrats: "bloodless, soulless and clueless"

I would've put clueless first on the list, but that's just me
I thought this was rather hopeful. At least it's a break from the monotony of Bush bashing. Too bad it's not likely to strike a chord with voting Democrats (see "Strange but true," below, yesterday).
NY Post October 22, 2003 -- ALBANY - In a scathing rebuke to his own party, Andrew Cuomo is charging that Democrats are "lost in time," often appear "bloodless, soulless and clueless," and have "fumbled" their role in the post-9/11 world.

What's more, Cuomo is praising President Bush "for recognizing the challenge of 9/11 and rising to it."

Cuomo's startling observations - which often read like a Republican attack on the Democratic Party - appear in Crossroads: The Future of American Politics, a just-published Random House book for which the former federal housing secretary and unsuccessful Democratic gubernatorial hopeful served as editor.

"Democrats lost elections in 2000 and 2002 because we were lost in time," wrote Cuomo, son of former Gov. Mario Cuomo, in a 24-page essay. "We expressed no clear vision for the future.

"We had become the party of fear instead of the party of hope - spending more time warning what Republicans would take away rather than we did on what Democrats had to offer," he continued. . .

Cuomo's most serious charge was that Democrats "fumbled the seminal moment of our lives - the terrorist attacks of 9/11." Democrats, he said, "have failed to approach the problem with the urgency or comprehensiveness that it demands."
I sure did like his dad.

day by day

day by day by chris muir


An Israeli soldier checks the personal belongings of an elderly Palestinian man at the Hawara checkpoint near the West Bank city of Nablus. Two Israeli army officers serving in the flashpoint West Bank city of Hebron have been detained for taking bribes from Palestinians for entry passes into Israel, army radio reported.(AFP/Jaafar Ashtiyeh)

Elderly? Gimme a break.

Arab Americans, once pro-Bush, now look to Democrats

DEARBORN, Mich., Oct. 21 (JTA) — The top Republican Party official praises President Bush´s "unique and special relationship with the Arab American community" and gets polite applause. His Democratic counterpart says, "We´re going to beat George Bush next Nov. 2 " and gets a standing ovation.

What a difference four years — and a transforming national crisis — has made.

Bush, whose substantial Arab American support in 2000 helped him win swing states, has plummeted in Arab American polls.

"The community has changed. It was almost the other way around in 2000," said pollster John Zogby, himself an Arab American.
Continue reading at JTA.

Palestinian Woman Sentenced to 320 years for Bombing

AP/JERUSALEM - An Israeli military court on Thursday sentenced a Palestinian woman to 320 years in prison for her role in a suicide bombing at a Jerusalem pizzeria that killed 15 people, two of them Americans.

According to a transcript of the trial, Jordanian-born Ahlam Tamimi, 23, was the first woman to be recruited by the Izzadine el-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the violent Islamic Hamas movement.

The prosecution said that she helped plan the Aug. 9, 2001 bombing of the packed Sbarro restaurant and escorted the suicide bomber to the site, where he set off a powerful charge in the guitar case he was carrying. Among the dead in what the court judgment called "a satanic act" were toddlers, teenagers and elderly.

Hamas has claimed responsibility for most of the 104 suicide bombings against Israelis during the current three-year comment, killing more than 400 people.

The court said that Tamimi, who joined Hamas while a media student at a West Bank university, had a month previously planted a bomb in a downtown Jerusalem supermarket. That blast caused extensive damage, but no injuries.

She was sentenced to one 20-year term for each of the Sbarro victims and one more for her other activities.

The victims of the Sbarro Pizzeria bombing:

- Giora Balash, 60, of Brazil
- Zvika Golombek, 26, of Carmiel
- Shoshana Yehudit Greenbaum, 31, of the U.S.
- Tehila Maoz, 18, of Jerusalem
- Frieda Mendelsohn, 62, of Jerusalem
- Michal Raziel, 16, of Jerusalem
- Malka Roth, 15, of Jerusalem
- Mordechai Schijveschuurder, 43, of Neria
- Tzira Schijveschuurder, 41, of Neria
- Ra'aya Schijveschuurder, 14, of Neria
- Avraham Yitzhak Schijveschuurder, 4, of Neria
- Hemda Schijveschuurder, 2, of Neria
- Lily Shimashvili, 33, of Jerusalem
- Tamara Shimashvili, 8, of Jerusalem
- Yocheved Shoshan, 10, of Jerusalem

PM Sharon visits 8-year-old Haya Shijveschuurder, wounded in the Sbarro bombing,
in which five members of her family were killed, including both her parents.

UPDATE: Haya's grandmother, Tzira's mother, survived the concentration camps in Ravensbruck and Bergen-Belsen, her grandfather, Theresienstadt. See this AP article, offensively titled "WWII Survivor Lost 5 in Blast".

Haya's brother, a lovely young man, was in Boulder for Israeli Independence Day. It must have been in 2002. I'll never forget it. He spoke to the crowd about losing, in one moment, both his parents and three siblings. Another two sisters, including Haya, had been burned by the explosives and cut by the screws and nails packed inside the bomb, but survived. What I'll never forget is that day, in front of this boy, a rabbi said kaddish. For everyone. Including the Palestinians. Including the bomber. It made me sick, and the memory still haunts me. You say kaddish for dead Jews. You don't say kaddish for Arab Muslim suicide bombers. It wasn't right.

There is or was a fund for the Schijveschuurder orphans, but the link is broken. I'm trying to find out about it; stay tuned.

Anarchy reigns in Terror-tories

Arabs publicly murder their own, accused of collaborating with Israel
I hope the ISMers in Tulkarm got to witness this. The Reuters article hasn't much to say about it:
Gunmen executed two Palestinians in public in a West Bank refugee camp on Thursday after the men confessed to collaborating with Israeli intelligence, witnesses said.

They said members of militant factions waging an uprising for Palestinian independence played a videotape of the confessions to residents of the Tulkarm camp before shooting dead the suspects, aged 21 and 25, in the street.

UPDATE: See also Palestinians cheer militant executions of 'collaborators' in the Independent (UK).

Palestinians have killed scores of their brethren accused of helping Israeli forces track and kill militants during fighting that erupted in September 2000.
The rest of the article, more than half, goes on to describe other events in what it calls the "latest cycle of tit-for-tat violence." Get this:
In the West Bank city of Nablus, medical officials said a 15-year-old activist from the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, an armed group linked to Palestinian President Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement, died of wounds sustained in a mysterious car explosion on Wednesday night.

Palestinian security officials said the blast, which wounded two other people, may have been caused when a bomb manufactured by militants detonated prematurely. But the officials did not rule out sabotage by Israeli intelligence. Israeli military sources denied responsibility.
Thus we are led to believe that the 15-year-old "activist" from the Fatah "movement" was not one of the bomb-manufacturing "militants." Reuters knows how to distinguish activists from militants, but not militants from terrorists? Strange.

"Sydney's peace prize hijacked"

Piers Akerman slams Ashrawi in the Daily Telegraph - Kol hakavod!
The selection of long-time PLO advocate and Arafat ally Hanan Ashrawi for the Sydney Peace Prize makes a mockery of the award.

Dr Ashrawi doesn't meet the key criteria nominated by those behind the prize – a commitment to the principles and philosophy of non-violence.

Commitment to non-violence means a total rejection of armed struggle and Dr Ashrawi has not done this. Mahatma Gandhi must be spinning in his hand-spun dhoti.

She doesn't fulfil the other major element either – having made no significant contributions to global peace.

In fact the selection of Hanan Ashrawi by the Sydney Peace Foundation (SPF), itself a creature of Sydney University's rabidly left-wing Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPACS), is a ploy by pro-Palestinian elements to radically politicise what should be a universally accepted decision.

Dr Ashrawi, whom I met during a trip to the Middle East sponsored by the Jewish Board of Deputies two years ago, has long been put forward by the PLO and later the Palestinian Authority as the acceptable face of terror.

A former English professor, she is articulate and polished, as anxious to hide her chain-smokers' habit as she is to disguise her vile views.

Her apologists, among them Premier Bob Carr, should review her record. She supported the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, she also backed the attempted military coup against Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in 1991.

As the popular face of Palestine on Western television, she used her position to vehemently deny that Palestinians on the West Bank and in Gaza had celebrated the suicide hijackers' attacks on New York and Washington on September 11, 2001.

Nazi propAgandist Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of her steadfast denials in the face of the video footage showing wild and cheering crowds firing their AK-47s into the night sky.

As the Palestine Authority's Minister for Higher Education, she voted against the Oslo Treaty's amendment to remove clauses nominating "armed struggle [that is, terrorism] as the only way to liberate Palestine" from the Palestine National Covenant.

She has declared that Israeli civilians are legitimate targets for Palestinian terrorists.

She says she doesn't think of Hamas as a terrorist group.

She doesn't believe a two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian problem is a moral solution, a rejection of Israel's legitimacy.

She's also declared that former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak's peace offer – the most generous ever – was a sham and indicated that she regards all of Israel as Palestinian territory.

Given her study of the English language, her clumsy attempts to evade confronting Holocaust deniers make for pathetic reading.

She is a serial abuser of the truth, whether it's to justify the lynching of Israeli soldiers, Palestinian terrorism, the recruitment of children as suicide bombers, or the deceits of her old friend and sometime adversary Yasser Arafat, the corrupt father of Middle Eastern terrorism. All this, and opposition to the recent US-backed road map to peace.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

gotta get it

Ana Yahudiyah "I am a Jew"

Arabic, like Hebrew, has m & f gender for everything.
This is "I'm a Jewess" in beautiful Arabic script.
For those beautiful, in-your-face Jewish girls :)

They're available in a guys' version as well. Check out Internet Haganah's offerings at Cafe Press,
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Jews with guns

An Israeli soldier, background, patrols the Israeli controlled part of the southern West Bank city of Hebron as an armed Jewish settler walks past following a palestinian militant's attack, Wednesday , Oct. 22, 2003. The gunman wounded two Israeli settler security guards at Tel Romeida, a tiny heavily guarded Jewish enclave in this tense West Bank city before being shot dead, Jewish settlers and the army said. Some 400 Jewish settlers live in enclaves in the center of Hebron, surrounded by 130,000 Palestinians. (AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

See photos that won't make it into your local paper at News from Hebron press office.

Rabbi Gavriel ben Yitzhak in his Tel Rumeida home - hit by a bullet ricochet.

General background: "An Introduction to the City of Hebron" at the Jewish Virtual Library.

Strange but true: Dems don't care about terrorism

According to new poll, '04 Election may be about whether to keep fighting terrorism . . . or not
Some months ago, I heard enthusiasm about candidate Kucinich, so I checked his website and I remember thinking how odd it was that the threat of terrorism didn't make it onto his list of top ten issues. I guess it wasn't all that odd, after all, but rather part of the pattern for Democrats.

I can't imagine that this is even possible after 9/11, but read this piece by Byron York, writing for The Hill, and continue via the link at the end of the excerpt. It blows my mind.
There is some stunning — and so far unreported — news in a new poll conducted by Democratic strategist Stanley Greenberg.

The survey — sponsored by Democracy Corps, the group founded by Greenberg, James Carville and Robert Shrum — focused on Democrats who take part in the nominating process in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

What Democracy Corps found was that Democrats, at least those who are most active in politics, simply don’t care about terrorism.

Just don’t care.

In one question, pollsters read a list of a dozen topics — education, taxes, big government, the environment, Social Security and Medicare, crime and illegal drugs, moral values, healthcare, the economy and jobs, fighting terrorism, homeland security, and the situation in Iraq — and asked, “Which concern worries you the most?”

In Iowa, 1 percent of those polled — 1 percent! — said they worried about fighting terrorism. It was dead last on the list.

Two percent said they worried about homeland security — next to last.

In New Hampshire, 2 percent worried about fighting terrorism and 2 percent worried about homeland security.

In South Carolina — somewhat surprising because of its military heritage — the results were the same.

Democrats in each state were then given the same list of topics and asked to name their second-most concern. Fighting terrorism and homeland security still placed near the bottom of the list.

Then pollsters read two statements and asked respondents to react:
1. “America’s security depends on building strong ties with other nations.”
2. “Bottom line, America’s security depends on its own military strength.”

In Iowa, 76 percent of those polled said they agreed with the first statement. Just 18 percent favored the second.

In New Hampshire, 77 percent favored the first and 17 percent the second.

In South Carolina, 56 percent favored the first statement and 33 percent the second.

Continue reading: "On Iraq, the party faithful’s feelings are complicated, if not schizophrenic."

Pray for 10-year-old Oran Almog

Doctors hopeful after operation on terror victim's eye

from Arutz Sheva:
Ten-year-old Oran Almog, who was blinded in the Palestinian terrorist massacre in the Maxim Restaurant in Haifa three weeks ago, underwent surgery in Alabama yesterday, and doctors are hopeful that they were able to restore some of his vision.

Oran was dining with his extended family in the Haifa restaurant when a female Palestinian terrorist walked in and detonated the explosive vest with which she had been equipped. The ensuing explosion killed 21 people, including Oran's father, grandparents, brother, and cousin. Oran's mother and 4-year-old sister were also wounded, and Oran lost his left eye and vision in his right eye.

After doctors in Israel decided they could not perform the surgery necessary to save his sight, a search was undertaken for doctors who could. Oran was finally brought to Alabama to be treated by a team led by Dr. Robert Morris, associate professor of ophthalmology at University of Alabama, with a reputation as an expert in repairing eyes damaged by traumatic injuries.

Before the surgery, Dr. Morris said, "I saw a picture of Oran before the injury, a good-looking boy, and I hope we can save his eye." He said that the Israeli doctors had done a good job in stabilizing the wound, and that he hoped to find nerve tissue in the retina that could be rehabilitated.

After the eight-hour operation, the doctors said that they were in fact able to remove blood clots and scar tissue, untwist the retina and reattach it, restore pressure in the eye, and perform a corneal transplant to complete the reconstruction. "There is still a long recovery road ahead, but there is certainly a reasonable chance of useful vision," Dr. Morris said. Dr. Bob Phillips sounded less optimistic: "We don't think he's going to have perfect central vision, but we hope it would be good enough for him to get around and see shapes and forms," he told The Associated Press from the operating suite.

Oran arrived in Birmingham on Sunday accompanied by his maternal grandparents, and an Israeli consular official in Atlanta said that members of Birmingham's Jewish community had adopted the family with much "Southern hospitality."

Health Minister Danny Naveh announced earlier this week that the Israeli government would pay for the treatment. In general, the government pays for all medical treatment related to terrorist injuries - including that which must be performed abroad because the relevant experts have determined that it cannot be carried out in Israel. Meir Indor of the Terrorist Victim Association welcomed Naveh's announcement, saying that it "nipped in the bud all sorts of unnecessary free-lance fund-raising campaigns."

Long Sleeve $19.95

And after Palestinian statehood? What next?

59% believe terrorists should continue "armed struggle" against Israel even if . . .
JPost: Fifty-nine percent of Palestinians believe that Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad should continue their armed struggle against Israel even if Israel leaves all of the West Bank and Gaza, including East Jerusalem, and a Palestinian state is created, a new survey shows.

Similarly, 80 percent of Palestinians say that, under those circumstances, the Palestinians should not give up the "right of return."

The poll of Palestinians, Israeli Jews, and Israeli Arabs was released in Washington on Wednesday by Itamar Marcus, founder of Palestinian Media Watch and written by pollster Frank Luntz. It was conducted by two polling firms, the Public Opinion Research of Israel and The Palestinian Center for Public Opinion.

The poll also examined Israeli and Palestinian attitudes towards the US and towards terrorism.

Nintey-six percent of Israeli Jews say the people who piloted the planes on September 11 were terrorists, while 37 percent of Palestinians share that view.

Slightly more than one in four - 26 percent - of Palestinians believe Israelis planned the 9-11 attacks.

Forty-two percent of Palestinians and 61 percent of Israeli-Arabs stated that they support the people who are attacking Americans in Iraq. Zero percent of Israeli Jews said they did.

Marcus said he believes such opinions are "not coming from a vacuum" and that the survey demonstrates a "connection between Palestinian media and education and Palestinian beliefs and opinions."

During the Iraq war, Palestinian Authority-sponsored television glorified the killing of American soldiers, a theme that has continued until now in various media, Marcus said.
I told you so.

2003/2004 Haganah Server Fund Goal: $3,500
Given: $3,008 $3,790
Remaining: $492 Overrun: $290
All further donations will be applied to covering the costs of our research activities and investigations.


In case you hadn't heard, the public sites of Internet Haganah, haganah.us and haganah.org.il, were knocked offline by a distributed denial of service attack. The attack was engineered primarily by Al Qaida supporters, and participants were recruited in a number of Arabic-language forums, most of which are hosted in Malaysia. The attack appears to have been a largely Saudi/European operation, but what details we have to support that claim will *not* be released by us or by our service providers. We'll settle accounts with the people responsible, and with the web sites and companies involved in this incident, at whatever time may suit us. We have a long memory for such things as this, and we are patient.

Haganah ribbon, 5.00$

Family of HAMAS "militants" holding severed leg of Israeli soldier

from Ananova.com via LittleGreenFootballs
A family of Hamas militants is still holding the severed leg of an Israeli commando killed four months ago in an explosion during a raid on the family's house in the Gaza Strip.

The office of the Hamas spiritual leader, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, says the al-Ghoul family is free to do what it wants with the remains, including opening negotiations with Israel for its return.

Israeli military sources said they were in contact with the soldier's family and with Palestinian officials.

The Palestinians have made no demands and there are no negotiations for the return of the body part, the military said.

According to Jewish religious law, all parts of the body must be properly buried.

After the June 27 battle, Hamas released footage of the aftermath, showing a destroyed house and a masked gunmen standing beside a badly mangled lower leg.

In a newspaper interview with Yassin published in the Palestinian Authority's Al Hayat al Jadida, the Hamas leader said the family targeted in the raid still had the limb. Yassin's office confirmed the report.

© Associated Press
I can't take it. I'm going back to bed.

UPDATE 10:56 PM Thursday
Steps Being Taken Towards Return of Soldier’s Body Parts

02:02 Oct 24, '03 / 28 Tishrei 5764

(IsraelNN.com) Steps are being taken to recover body parts of naval commando Erez Ashkenazi.

Sgt.-Maj. Ashkenazi was killed on June 27, 2003 in Gaza. The operation, which began close to 04:00 on a Friday morning, was aimed at capturing a Hamas cell believed responsible for several bombings and the firing of anti-tank missiles in the Netzarim area.

IDF commander in the Gaza Strip said the cell was planning to attack an Israeli convoy, including a civilian bus, on the Karni-Netzarim road on Friday. During the raid on the house of the terror cell leader Amran al-Rol, Amran came out armed and the soldiers shot him dead. His brother, Mahmoud, activated an explosive near a corner of the house, where Erez Ashkenazi, another soldier and the squadron's doctor were positioned. Ashkenazi died en route to hospital.

Hamas leader Sheik Ahmed Yassin announced on Wednesday that body parts belonging to the elite combatant were in the possession of a family in Gaza.

HonestReporting has a BLOG


Waaaaaaaahh: Fulbright's Terrorist Tie

by Daniel Pipes and Asaf Romirowsky
October 20, 2003 -- THE Oct. 15 killing in Gaza had a bitterly ironic quality. The victims were three Americans, security personnel protecting an academic review committee en route to interview Palestinian applicants for the Fulbright program, an academic exchange funded and run by the U.S. government. The killers were Palestinian terrorists. The three, in other words, were murdered by Palestinians while on a humanitarian mission to help Palestinians.
But the irony runs deeper: According to the Israeli government, a current Fulbright scholar from the West Bank "is known as an activist" in Hamas - one of the terror groups suspected in the bombing

Mustafa Abu Sway just began teaching about Islam at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in Jupiter, Fla. Superficially, he appears to be prime Fulbright material.

He has a Ph.D. from Boston College, is an associate professor of philosophy and Islamic studies at Al-Quds University in Jerusalem, has written two books on a medieval Muslim thinker and received an award from the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences in Berkeley.

But when we inquired about Abu Sway, the Israeli government informed us of his Hamas ties. How can a person belonging to a group that possibly killed Fulbright-related personnel himself receive a Fulbright award?

Continue reading at The New York Post.

"The Fulbright Program aims to bring a little more knowledge, a little more reason, and a little more compassion into world affairs and thereby to increase the chance that nations will learn at last to live in peace and friendship."
– J. William Fulbright

"The flagship international educational program sponsored by the United States Government, the Fulbright Program is designed to 'increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries...' "
- U.S. State Department

NPR admits a liberal bias

by Brent Bozell at Townhall.com
Last week, NPR's own official ombudsman, Jeffrey Dvorkin, admitted a liberal bias in NPR's talk programming. The daily program "Fresh Air with Terry Gross" -- a 60-minute talk show about the arts, literature and also politics -- airs on 378 public-radio stations across the fruited plain. Gross recently became a hot topic on journalism Web sites for first having a friendly, giggly interview with "satirist" Al Franken, promoting his obnoxious screed against conservatives on Sept. 3, and then on Oct. 8, unloading an accusatory, hostile interview on Bill O'Reilly's show. She pressed the Fox host to respond to the obnoxious attacks of Franken and other critics. Dvorkin ruled: "Unfortunately, the (O'Reilly) interview only served to confirm the belief, held by some, in NPR's liberal media bias ... by coming across as a pro-Franken partisan rather than a neutral and curious journalist, Gross did almost nothing that might have allowed the interview to develop."

On the Oct. 17 "Morning Edition," host Bob Edwards launched into a long "news" report on the flaws of the Bush foreign policy, observing: "Overall, the policies of the United States are still very unpopular around the world. The Bush Doctrine, a preference for unilateral military action and a disdain for multinational diplomacy, is under scrutiny more than ever." Reporter Mike Shuster was intent on driving home the theme that the Bush foreign policy may (read: we hope) one day be analyzed as an utter failure. His three primary, supposedly nonpartisan "experts" were Ivo Daalder, a member of Clinton's National Security Council; Michael Mandelbaum, a foreign policy adviser to the 1992 Clinton campaign; and John Mearshimer, a regular critic of Bush foreign policy . . .

Perhaps the biggest public-relations problems for NPR come when its liberal reporters hit the weekend talk-show circuit and let their opinions fly wildly. On Oct. 18, NPR legal reporter Nina Totenberg pronounced from her regular panelist perch on the TV show "Inside Washington" that General Jerry Boykin, who sermonized in Christian churches with the shocking, less-than-Unitarian message that Christianity is true and other creeds are false, should be fired.

Well, that's not the way it came out. First, Totenberg said Boykin's remarks were "seriously bad stuff," and then she said, "I hope he's not long for this world." Host Gordon Peterson joked, "What is this, The Sopranos?" Withdrawing to damage-control mode, Totenberg said she didn't mean she hoped he would die, just that he shouldn't last long "in his job."

No one is arguing that these people aren't entitled to express their opinions. Free speech. Fine. The glitch is that NPR is publicly funded and thereby accountable to the public at large, not just its narrow audience.
In 1967, Congress passed the Public Broadcasting Act, authorizing the creation of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). The Act called on CPB to encourage "the growth and development of noncommercial radio" and to develop "programming that will be responsive to the interests of the people." NPR was created as a private, non-profit organization to provide leadership in national newsgathering and production and to provide the first permanent nationwide interconnection of non-commercial stations.

NPR was founded on February 24, 1970, with 90 public radio stations as charter members. Today, NPR serves a growing audience of 21 million Americans each week via more than 730 public radio stations and the Internet and in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa via NPR Worldwide, to military installations overseas via American Forces Network, and throughout Japan via cable.
NPR's Ombudsman's Reports
"As part of its mandate, the NPR ombudsman's office prepares a report four times a year. These reports are presented to the NPR board of directors at the public sessions. The reports quantify the issues of concern to the listeners over the previous three months. The ombudsman also tracks trends in the program coverage, along with the listeners' responses to NPR's news coverage, its programs and any other issues that are of concern to the listeners."

Here are "Highlights" from the latest Ombudsman's Report: July 2003:
17,185 e-mails received since March 2003 related to public radio and NPR issues.

Criticism of NPR's Middle East coverage continues to decline but remains constant among many listeners.

NPR's coverage of the war in Iraq was the dominant issue.

Anti-war listener complaints outnumbered pro-war listener complaints at a ratio of more than 3:1.

Comments about NPR's political coverage increased 600 percent from the previous report in March 2003, from 31 to 192.

Complaints about NPR's political bias have increased 100 percent, from 482 to 847. Most of these accuse NPR of a liberal bias.

Dramatic increase in comments about the programs and the hosts. These are not necessarily complaints.

Decline in concerns and complaints about underwriting/funding and pledge drives.

A local underwriting issue (see below "Rutherford") evoked a strong write-in campaign.
The bad news is that NPR liberal bias, which includes a bias against Israel, is a (highly influential) nightmare.
The good news is that they count emails.

The Mission of NPR according to the Ombudsman
1. ***NPR is committed to the presentation of fair, accurate and comprehensive information*** and selected cultural expressions for the benefit of, and at the service of our democracy. ***NPR is pledged to abide scrupulously by the highest artistic, editorial, and journalistic standards*** and practices of broadcast programming.

2. ***NPR is committed to providing diverse and balanced viewpoints*** through the entirety of its programming. NPR recognizes that its credibility in the minds of the general population is its most precious asset and must be protected.

3. Even a rigorously managed programming organization may inadvertently depart from its own standards and practices, and abuse its freedom and power to inform and entertain. NPR is dedicated to identifying such transgressions if they occur, correcting them, and acting to prevent repetition.
A Google search for {NPR + bias} yields 37,800 hits. Compare this to {FoxNews + bias} at 9,910.

"NPR is a lifestyle . . .
NPR becomes a relationship. A feeling of affinity.
An emotional connection. A bond of loyalty and trust."

- NPR Annual Report, 2002

For more, see CAMERA on NPR and NPRsucks.com

Who is Abdurahman Alamoudi?

Alleged senior terrorist operative arrested Sept. 29 at Dulles Airport
Federal agents may have ripped the lid off an international terrorist-support network in Washington that operated to finance terrorists inside the United States and abroad, while penetrating the U.S. political system to weaken federal antiterrorism laws. The Sept. 29 arrest of an alleged senior terrorist operative living in Falls Church, Va., has burst open a case that Insight has been following since 2001: an alleged international ring of terrorists, their financiers, propaganda networks and support structures that may have infiltrated the federal government and embedded themselves into both political parties in Washington.

The recent scandals at the U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in which a Muslim chaplain and several Arabic interpreters are suspected of committing espionage for al-Qaeda or a foreign state sponsor of terrorism, have raised public awareness of the terrorist infiltration of U.S. government institutions and may be tied to the Virginia arrest.

Investigators are probing the Muslim military-chaplains program at the Pentagon that vetted alleged terrorist spy Capt. James "Yousef" Yee to see if parts of the program were created to infiltrate the U.S. Armed Forces for terrorist purposes. The founder of that program, Abdurahman Alamoudi, 51, was arrested at Dulles International Airport near Washington on Sept. 29 as he returned via London from an alleged covert trip to Syria and Libya, both notorious as state sponsors of terrorism and bases for supposedly independent terrorist gangs. The arrest apparently was precipitated by an investigation unrelated to the chaplain issue and focused on terrorist finances. Alamoudi faces a list of federal charges related to laundering Libyan money, financing political operations in the United States with illegal foreign contributions, passport fraud and the funding of terrorist organizations and individuals from Syria to Oregon.

The chaplain and Alamoudi cases may have repercussions on a cross-section of politicians ranging from former first lady and current U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) to senior figures in the Republican Party. Critics have alleged that the Clinton and George W. Bush administrations have pandered to some of the most militant Muslim political groups in a bid to win votes from a still-unclaimed voting bloc, throwing aside security and counterintelligence concerns and rejecting warnings from the Secret Service and CIA.

Journalist Mary Jacoby, who reports on domestic Islamist networks for the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, tells Insight that Alamoudi spearheaded efforts to install radical Muslim chaplains inside the U.S. Armed Forces and the prison system. In 1993, through his American Muslim Council (AMC), he spun off the American Muslim Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Council, one of three Islamic organizations to certify chaplains for the military. That same year, according to a pro-Alamoudi briefing published by aljazeerah.info, "AMC supported the launching of ... the National Islamic Prison Foundation." The purpose, counterterrorism experts say, was to take over Islamic chaplain programs and install more militant Muslims to indoctrinate inmates inside the U.S. prison system and network them after their release back into society. Sources close to the federal investigations tell Insight that more arrests are expected.

The probe could prove damaging to key allies of President George W. Bush. Federal investigators tell Insight that one of the names that keeps coming up in the activities they are looking at is that of Grover Norquist, the influential GOP "big-tent" organizer and chairman of Americans for Tax Reform, a respected conservative umbrella group. Norquist was Alamoudi's most influential Washington facilitator, authorities believe, noting that Norquist reminds friend and foe alike that he is close to the president's powerful political strategist, Karl Rove.

Norquist, who previously has denied any suggestion that his work facilitated any wrongdoing, not only introduced Alamoudi to Washington GOP power circles but also Sammy Al Arian, whom prosecutors arrested earlier this year for alleged terrorist activities. Federal law-enforcement sources say they are focusing on some of Norquist's associates and financial ties to terrorist groups.

Alamoudi ran, directed, founded or funded at least 15 Muslim political-action and charitable groups that have taken over the public voice of Islamic Americans [see sidebar, p. 34]. Through a mix of civil-rights complaints, Old Left-style political coalitions and sheer persistence, Alamoudi helped inch the image of U.S.-based Islamists toward the political mainstream and induced politicians to embrace his organizations. He sought to secure the support first of the Clinton administration in seeking to repeal certain antiterrorist laws, but when Bill Clinton failed to deliver, Alamoudi defected to Bush, then governor of Texas. Alamoudi and other Muslim leaders met with Bush in Austin in July 2002, offering to support his bid for the White House in exchange for Bush's commitment to repeal certain antiterrorist laws.
Continue reading at Insight Magazine.

US reiterates Israel's right to defend itself against terror attacks

"From now on all wars will be like this – having to fight people hiding behind civilians."

US State Department: "We are saddened by these injuries and the loss of innocent lives. The second thing I'd say is we have reiterated to Israel that it should consider the consequences of its actions and take appropriate precautions to prevent the death or injury of innocent civilians and damage to civilian and humanitarian infrastructure," State Department spokesman Adam Ereli said.

"If the Palestinians would take steps on security, as we have urged, then Israel perhaps would not feel the need to act unilaterally in this way in its defense."

Official in Prime Minister's Office: "Israel must undertake sustained operations to keep the terrorists on the run," the official said. "When all the dust has cleared, seven of the 12 people killed were terrorists. . . We regret loss of life, and try to minimize it. From now on all wars will be like this – having to fight people hiding behind civilians. But you can't just leave them. I'm not saying that innocent people were not killed. But there is a war going on. Let the Palestinians understand that they should seek compensation from [PA Chairman Yasser] Arafat."

Asked if actions like the air strikes don't play into Arafat's hands by adding to the chaos, he replied, "We have no other choice. We have to stop the terrorism and can't just let the ticking bombs get through."

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

URGENT: Read and Sign Petition to Legalize and Reopen Arutz Sheva (Channel 7 - Israel National News)

Over 4,000 signatures in the first 24 hours

Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, Rabbi of the community of Brachah in the Shomron, head of the Hesder Yeshiva there, son of Rabbi Zalman and Shulamit Melamed, and Halakhic commentator on Arutz-7, delivered the following summation yesterday:

Over the course of years, the right-wing public in Israel felt great frustration. Many voices were heard in the media - post-Zionist, anti-religious, and others - while its voice was not heard. [Sephardic] music was off-limits, Hassidic music was relegated to a far-off isolated nature reserve on Reshet Aleph [a minor station of Voice of Israel], and Hebrew music, too, was neglected in favor of foreign music. Words of Torah were barely ever heard on the radio, and if they were, they were not heard freely or naturally. Arutz-7 showed that it could be done differently. It showed that there is a broad public that wants to hear different things, different songs.

Especially during the difficult years of the Rabin government and the Oslo Agreements, all the established media continued to sound the post-Zionist and anti-religious stance, and were dragged along in praising the 'golden calf' of peace and the PLO terrorists. It was practically only Arutz-7 that sounded the sane voice [against Oslo] that later so painfully and bloodily proved to be true. Arutz-7 was the voice of the 'good Jews' who honor the Torah and Jewish tradition, and who volunteer and give of themselves wherever it's needed. If help is needed for new immigrants, they help; if people are needed to enlist in combat positions in the army, they enlist; and when the land has to be settled, they settle. Even if real self-sacrifice is involved, or if it's not popular, they're there. It was always Arutz-7 that gave coverage to these and many other important causes that had no chance of being covered in the public media.

For many years, Arutz-7 invested tremendous amounts of money to purchase and maintain a ship, in order to broadcast from outside the territorial waters and in order not to violate the law. Unlike Abie Natan, who many times broadcast [his left-wing Voice of Peace programs] from a ship anchored on the shore, we always went out to the waves and broadcast from the sea. As long as Abie Natan broadcast, Arutz-7 managers knew that they were protected...

During its 15 years, Arutz-7 succeeded, to a certain extent, in influencing the programming of the other stations. They realized they had no choice but to compete with us, and therefore were forced to broadcast more Hebrew, mid-eastern and Hassidic music. They were also forced to put on more people identified with the right-wing. The regional stations [which began several years ago] were also started largely to compete with Arutz-7, and perhaps also to provide a solution to the broad public that, thanks to Arutz-7, everyone now realized did not have a strong enough voice on the other stations. The situation thus improved, but was still very far from satisfactory and balanced. The voice of the right and the religious is still not heard fairly...

The management of Arutz-7 and its supporters did everything they could to attain legal recognition and be able to broadcast, from land, the important and central voice of Torah, the nation, and the land. A law was even passed in the Knesset - but the Supreme Court, in a practically unprecedented decision, overturned it. Many initiatives to legalize Arutz-7 were raised, but were thwarted by Justice Ministry lawyers and others who objected to any type of solution. Even when it was decided that Arutz-7 could compete in a tender for regional radio, the membership of the committee was changed at the last minute so that it would not choose Arutz-7. In the meanwhile, the reception in Jerusalem remained very difficult, as in other parts of the country, while advertising revenue dropped - but maintenance of the ship remained at its regular constant high, some 4 million shekels a year.

Despite the difficulties, Arutz-7 management always received support from throngs of listeners who told them how important the station is to them. Public leaders, too, including the Prime Minister and Cabinet ministers, talked nobly of Arutz-7's invaluable contribution to the public discourse. They of course promised that when they reached power, they would arrange the licensing of Arutz-7. To our great sorrow, their promise did not materialize. The station's managers were put on trial, while our friends who were helped by the station ascended to power, settled into their government seats - and became silent. The trial continued, the legislative process stopped - and the Arutz-7 leaders were convicted.

Given this situation, the heads of the station can no longer bear the heavy burden of continuing the broadcasts. On this sad day, when all the leaders of Arutz-7 are convicted, and the Prime Minister and the ministers are silent, we were forced to stop the broadcasts.

Our disappointment in the politicians and their promises is very great - especially in the ruling party, the Likud. But we still have great confidence in the great spirit and conscience of the broad public. Our own strength may have been diminished - but if the public feels that its voice must be allowed to be sounded without distortion, then everyone should act however he feels appropriate in order to influence the elected representatives to enable Arutz-7 to continue broadcasting.


This - in full - from the blog, Cornfield Commentary by David Hogberg:

Apparently anti-Semitism is okay as long as it is used to placate the population and can be blamed on President Bush’s policies. So says New York Times clown Paul Krugman. Writing about the recent remarks by Mahathir Mohamad, leader of Malaysia, Krugman scribbles:
So what's with the anti-Semitism? Almost surely it's part of Mr. Mahathir's domestic balancing act, something I learned about the last time he talked like this, during the Asian financial crisis of 1997-98.

At that time, rather than accept the austerity programs recommended by the U.S. government and the I.M.F., he loudly blamed machinations by Western speculators, and imposed temporary controls on the outflow of capital — a step denounced by all but a handful of Western economists. As it turned out, his economic strategy was right: Malaysia suffered a shallower slump and achieved a quicker recovery than its neighbors.

What became clear watching Mr. Mahathir back then was that his strident rhetoric was actually part of a delicate balancing act aimed at domestic politics. Malaysia has a Muslim, ethnically Malay, majority, but its business drive comes mainly from an ethnic Chinese minority. To keep the economy growing, Mr. Mahathir must allow the Chinese minority to prosper, but to ward off ethnic tensions he must throw favors, real and rhetorical, to the Malays.

Part of that balancing act involves reserving good jobs for Malay workers and giving special business opportunities to Malay entrepreneurs. One reason Mr. Mahathir was so adamantly against I.M.F. austerity plans was that he feared that they would disrupt the carefully managed cronyism that holds his system together. When times are tough, Mr. Mahathir also throws the Muslim majority rhetorical red meat.

And that's what he was doing last week. Not long ago Washington was talking about Malaysia as an important partner in the war on terror. Now Mr. Mahathir thinks that to cover his domestic flank, he must insert hateful words into a speech mainly about Muslim reform. That tells you, more accurately than any poll, just how strong the rising tide of anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism among Muslims in Southeast Asia has become. Thanks to its war in Iraq and its unconditional support for Ariel Sharon, Washington has squandered post-9/11 sympathy and brought relations with the Muslim world to a new low.

This is easily the stupidest thing Krugman has ever written, if not the stupidest thing ever written. To suggest that the anti-Semitism in the Muslim world is a result of our War to Liberate of Iraq is imbecilic beyond belief. Has Krugman forgotten how the Muslim world has treated Isreal these last, oh, 55 years?

No, he simply ignores it, just like he ignores recent history. He ignores the Palestinians dancing in the street after the World Trade Center collapsed, and he ignores the popularity of Mein Kampf in the Palestinian Territories in the months following 9/11. Clearly, much of the Muslim world would hate us regardless of the War to Liberate Iraq.

Furthermore, Krugman ignores Mahathir’s history of making anti-Semitic remarks. It didn’t take more than 5 minutes of Google searching to find this article detailing Mahathir’s long-time hatred of the Jews. It extends all the way back (at least) to his 1969 autobiography in which he wrote “The Jews ... are not merely hook-nosed, but understand money instinctively.” In 1991 he accused leaders of Australia’s Jewish community of plotting to overthrow him, and in 1994 he banned the movie Schindler’s List from Malaysia because he felt it was pro-Jewish propaganda.

Krugman purposely ignores all that. How do I know that Krugman “purposely ignores” it? Because of the way he whitewashes Mahathir’s 1997 remarks. Although Krugman notes that Mahathir “talked like this” in 1997, he then states that Mahathir “loudly blamed machinations by Western speculators.” Here’s what Mahathir actually said, according to the article in the Sun-Times:
Mahathir told Forbes magazine that his government had "definite information" that George Soros, a Jewish financier, was responsible for the Malaysian economy's collapse. "When a person of Jewish origin does this kind of thing [currency speculation], the effect is the same as when a Muslim carried out something akin to terrorism.
Why did Krugman leave out the fact that Mahathir fingered Soros specifically? Because including it would cast Mahathir in an even worse light and expose his seamy history of anti-Semitism. It would reveal that Mahathir had engaged in anti-Semitism before the War on Terrorism was even a thought, and during periods (the 1990s) when the U.S. did not give Israel unconditional support. That would, in turn, undermine Krugman’s absurd contention that President Bush made him do it.

Krugman’s apologetics are the worst sort. They excuse a bigotry so evil that it resulted in the mass slaughter of 6 million innocents as long as the bigotry is used to pacify domestic discontent. (I wonder if anyone ever said the same about Hitler’s rhetoric in the 1930s? I’m betting someone did.) It also panders to the bigots: anti-Semites in the Muslim world are not responsible for their views because there is a big, mean man in the White House who is making them feel that way.

There are three things to conclude from this. First, Krugman’s willinnginess to excuse anti-Semitism in order to bash Bush policy proves that his hatred of this President is pathological. Second, despite the removal of Howell Raines, the New York Times still suffers from a leadership without any sound judgment. And, finally, Don Luksin recently referred to Krugman as “evil.” Privately, I thought that was a bit over the top. Don, I cannot tell you how wrong I was.

posted by DAVID HOGBERG 8:08 AM 21 Comments

Gillerman: "A humiliating farce"

UN VOTES 144 - 4 to condemn Israel for security fence
The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly approved late on Tuesday a resolution demanding that Israel halt construction of a barrier cutting deep into Palestinian West Bank lands. [to keep out suicide bombers]

The vote was 144 - 4 with 12 abstentions, with the United States and Israel voting 'no' along with the Marshall Islands and Micronesia.

Abstaining were Australia, Burundi, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, Malawi, Nauru, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda and Tuvalu.

Following the General Assembly vote, Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman called the proceeding "a humiliating farce" and excoriated European Union governments for concluding that "Israel's security measures are far more serious than the murder perpetrated by Palestinian terrorist groups."

"As long as the majority in this assembly will pander and tolerate these rituals, no one should wonder why the victims of terrorism and those who hope for peace look elsewhere for guidance, protection and inspiration," Gillerman said.
NB: A resolution of the General Assembly is not legally binding.

News from Israel


You have probably been watching the news channels with their reports of dozens of Palestinian injuries from targeted bombs yesterday in Gaza (I'm not talking about what happened tonight in Ramallah where Israel is finally going after all the terrorist scum hiding out in Arafat's compound.) Yesterday, the Palestinians "reported" how the bombs injured and killed dozens of innocent bystanders. Saed Erekat told a gullible Fox News reporter it was one of the worst crimes ever committed. Members of the Knesset even offered to pay the poor victims.

Tonight we in Israel saw aerial photos released by the army of this attack. The car was alone on the road. A car containing terrorists and a suicide bomber equipped to go. No bystanders at all anywhere. It was targeted and hit. It rolled backwards. An ambulance came by. The plane waited until the ambulance passed. Then it hit the car again. Three bodies were seen after the attack.

Well, why aren't we surprised? Spread the word.

Naomi Ragen
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UPDATE: IAF footage refutes claims of massacre in Gaza
JPost: Twenty hours after the IAF helicopter rocket attack on a vehicle containing Hamas terrorists in the Nuseirat refugee camp on Monday night, which was described by the Palestinians as a massacre and by MIK Ranan Cohen as a "blitz", the air force released footage that clearly shows there were no Palestinian civilians in the street when the two rockets hit the car despite Palestinian reports claiming otherwise.

The thermal footage taken by a remote control drone that filmed the entire rocket attack begins shortly before the first rocket hits the vehicle carrying the Hamas suspects.

The picture shows the main road in the camp with two vehicles traveling a distance apart along it. The helicopter monitors the movement of the terrorist's car, which is the second vehicle seen on the film and shows the first Hellfire missile directly hitting it.

The driver loses control, crashes into a tree and the car disappears, hidden by a building, but is seen seconds later traveling in reverse. There are no people on the streets and no other vehicles when the car comes to a halt.

An ambulance is then seen passing the damaged vehicle as it continues along the road. Only after the ambulance is a distance away does the air force pilot release the second rocket which hits the vehicle and clearly shows three bodies lying in the street.

For at least two and a half minutes after the attack the footage shows the thermal images of one or two other people in the area but not close to where the vehicle that was hit.

On Monday night following the attack Palestinians claimed eight people were killed and over eighty wounded. Palestinian media reports claimed that air force helicopters fired one rocket which hit the car and then a second rocket into a crowd that had gathered around the burning vehicle.

Surprise, surprise: Palestinians interfering with US probe of Gaza bombing

U.S. officials say the Palestinian Authority is blocking its nvestigation of an attack on a U.S. embassy convoy in which three American security officers were killed.

Officials said the PA failed to provide FBI investigators with sufficient access to the bombing site. Furthermore PA authorities allowed pedestrians to enter the scene of the attack and destroy evidence.

So far, the PA has arrested eight suspects from the Jabalya refugee camp, near which the attack took place, Middle East Newsline reported. The suspects were said to have been members of the Popular Resistance Committee, which took responsibility for the bombing on Wednesday, as well as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The United States remains dissatisfied with security cooperation of the Palestinian Authority and has banned visits by U.S. officials to the Gaza Strip.

U.S. officials said the travel ban came in wake of a determination that the PA has failed to cooperate with the investigation. Officials said PA cooperation in the investigation has been insufficient and those arrested do not appear linked to the bombing.
Continue reading at World Tribune.com.


When is a Terrorist NOT a Terrorist? When the Victims are Israelis
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