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Saturday, November 15, 2003


A Voice from Hebron by Gary M. Cooperberg
Today is the thirteenth anniversary of the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane of blessed memory. It is difficult to believe how long ago he was taken from us. I am almost exactly the same age he was when he was murdered.

It is amazing to see how almost everyone, although most will refuse to admit it, have finally come to the same conclusion that the rabbi worked so hard to show us. It is impossible to live in peace with our Arab "neighbors". The only differences which still remain is how to find a solution to the problem we all recognize. Some think we should build a wall between us and the PLO. Yet this fails to consider the reality that Israeli Arabs also identify with our enemies. There are those who insist that we must withdraw Jewish presence from parts of our homeland and permit the PLO to take complete control of these areas and even creat! e a new state on Jewish soil. Yet this fails to recognize the "peaceful" rewards we have already reaped from giving them autonomy on Jewish soil.

But what is most difficult to understand is the so called "right wing" solution of insisting that Jordan is palestine and that our enemies in Israel should be given Jordanian citizenship and permitted to continue living in Israel under autonomy! First of all Jordan is stolen Jewish land which will eventually be returned to us. Secondly, no matter what you call the Arabs living in Israel, they are still our enemies and dedicated to our destruction.

Rather than standing on our heads trying to find a solution by which we can make our enemies happy and continue to live as a Jewish State we must try to be honest with ourselves. The Arabs of Israel are not yearning to be equal citizens in a Jewish State. They do not even want a second state which will be theirs. All they want is to replace the Jewish state with a Moslem one. If we! agree to that we can have instant peace (as long as we follow Moslem rules). And there may even be less terror. Actually I am somewhat surprised that no one suggested that we have the Knesset pass a law that we turn the Jewish State into a Moslem one for peace. Could it be that even the most virulent leftist still has a tiny spark of self-respect deep under the crust of self hatred?

Rabbi Kahane was ridiculed and defamed by his own people. The hate campaign waged against him by the Israeli political system actually created the major obstacle preventing Israel from defending itself against our enemies. It has become an axiom in the Jewish state that to even declare the Arabs in Israel as our enemies is an act of bigotry! How can one defend against a foe when we are required to define him as a peace partner? Rather than use Jewish ingenuity to find a way to expeditiously rid ourselves of our enemies from within, we busy ourselves with the futile effort to find a way to keep the! m happy by trying to find an alternative to our complete self destruction.

While it is understandable that people of little faith see no hope in our ability to defend ourselves against impossible odds, that still cannot explain what makes them think that anything less then our complete self destruction will satisfy the desires of our enemies. Even using their logic there can only be two solutions. Either we fight to the death for what is ours, or we just give up and leave. For, in the end, that is what will happen anyway. What can be more demeaning than negotiating with those who only want to destroy us?

We should learn from our enemies. G-d sent them to us as a last resort to get us to begin to act as self-respecting Jews. Arabs conduct their governmental actions in the name of their god, and are not ashamed to do so. They are not afraid of declaring that land for peace only works if Jews give up land. It is unthinkable that any Moslem would willingly part with one g! rain of holy Moslem soil. When have they done so in any peace negotiation with Israel? And, what we refuse to consider, is the patently obvious fact that the Arabs already possess nearly all the land in the Middle East while the Jewish state only possesses about twenty-five percent of the tiny parcel that actually belongs to us!

To be a winner one must think like a winner. Israel has never done so. It is nothing short of a miracle that a country with a loser mentality can win a war. Every war we fought was begun by our enemies who intended to destroy us. We only fought because we had no other option. As soon as we began to win, the war was stopped and we refused to accept victory!

Why should the Arabs be afraid to attack Israel? If they win they will destroy us. If they lose we will apologize and give them more in "peace" than they could have gained in war! Why can we not see that all of our so called efforts to make peace only push peace further away?

It was not hatred of Arabs that was the foundation of Rabbi Kahane's call to expel our enemies from our homeland. It was simply the only solution that would save Jewish lives from Arab terror. The leftists had their chance. Gaza and Jericho first was supposed to have been a test. The test failed miserably. In spite of this Oslo continued and more land and more guns were given to our enemies who continued to use them to attack and murder Jews. In spite of this Prime Minister Barak offered Arafat nearly all of Judea Samaria and Gaza for peace. . . and he was refused! Terror continues, and, rather than finally recognize that negotiations don't work, we now have an alleged right wing government which declares its desire to create a PLO state on Jewish soil and to continue negotiating with our murderers!

Abie Nathan had a pithy saying, "All we are saying is give peace a chance." Okay. We gave peace a chance. We gave it many "chances". Not only did all of those chances fail, they brought mu! rder and mayhem in their wake. Now the time has come to try another way. Let us, at long last, give war a chance. And a real chance, by finishing the war completely rather than snatching defeat from the jaws of victory as we have consistently done in the past.

Rabbi Kahane never advocated war. He had a brilliant and workable plan to encourage our enemies to leave which would have worked had he not been undermined by the government of the state he so much wanted to protect. Today it is too late to find a relatively peaceful solution. When Arab children have already been so indoctrinated as to willingly become human bombs in the war against the Jewish state we no longer have the luxury of an easy way out. There is only one choice today. We must forcibly remove our enemies before they destroy us one at a time.

Let us, at long last, recognize the fact which Rabbi Kahane lived and gave his life to get us to see. In order to preserve the Jewish State and save Jewish lives we! have no choice other than to remove our enemies from our midst.
WebSite: http://www.projectshofar.org
Comments/questions: gary@projectshofar.org

I'm with Yale Diva:

Chuggin' the Dead Sea!
Says Arafat, the gentle, peace-loving lamb:

"I wish to the new government, under the leadership of brother Abu Ala, success and prosperity, and may God help you. And may God help you in carrying out this national and political and security mission for fulfilling the goal of our great people in freedom and independence and the right of the refugees to return, and the establishment of our independent Palestinian State with its capital noble Jerusalem, noble Jerusalem, noble Jerusalem, no matter who agrees or opposes. He who does not like it may go and drink the waters of the Dead Sea."

Drinking the Dead Sea never sounded so good.

Roger L. Simon on Bush

Who's on First?
We live in the Age of Irony. (Maybe we always have but particularly now.) Not long ago there were people who so loathed George W. Bush and his neo-isolationist policies--like me, for instance--that we protested his "illegal" election in front of the LA Federal Building. Some of those same people, not many but enough (me again, for instance), are now backing Bush for the very interventionist reasons we first opposed him. Meanwhile, many who opposed him are still against him because he intervened. And just as many of Bush's oldest supporters still back him despite their own innate hatred of intervention. Follow? It's hard to know "Who's on First?" anymore.

Well, Michael Kinsley does or thinks he does--because like a lot of longtime liberals he hates to see his enemy co-opting the moral argument. I think this is responsible for much of the anti-Bush anger that is going around nowadays--how dare that bastard, of all people, pretend he is in favor of exporting democracy! It seems to bother Kinsley and others that Bush could have changed his mind or even grown. The very idea that he could resemble Prince Hal in Shakespeare's Henry IV even in a small way is anathema to them and Kinsley sets out to prove it in his new essay The Limits of Eloquence - Did Bush mean a word of his speech about democracy?

"President Bush's recent speech committing the United States to a "forward strategy of freedom," declaring that "the advance of freedom is … the calling of our country," and that "freedom is worth fighting for, dying for, and standing for" (an odd anticlimax, by the way) is being heralded as eloquent. Which it is. Some of the finest eloquence that money can buy. A beautiful endorsement of an activist foreign policy that goes beyond protecting our interests to advancing our values. The eloquence would be more impressive if there were any reason to suppose that Bush thinks words have meaning."

Well, we've certainly reached the nub of the debate here. What this comes down to, of course, is that the argument may be true, but it's not true because Bush said it. Kind of wrong you are if you think you're right, to paraphrase Pirandello. Now how does Kinsley know that Bush doesn't believe what he says? Here's the explanation:

"A man who sincerely has changed his mind about something important ought to hold his new views with less certainty and express them with a bit of rhetorical humility. There should be room for doubt."

I see. Well, that kind of ambivalence might be laudable for an opinion columnist in Slate or even a politician writing his memoirs, but for the active President of the United States making a speech to the world during war?! [interbang of incredulity mine] The daggers would be out before the President had cleared his throat. And this is giving Kinsley's argument the benefit of the doubt. It actually doesn't seem anything more than rhetorical. If Kinsley accuses Bush of (conscious/unconscious) dishonesty, I can accuse Kinsley of the same thing. He seems to be fishing around for an argument that "could" fly, rather than saying what he really feels--a mixture of anger and envy. I wouldn't blame him for that. Very few people in history are dealt a hand which can actually change their character and how they are regarded forever. And it only happens when whatever character potential is there is augmented by the sheer blind luck of timing. That has happened to Bush. I am pulling for him, at least for now. Kinsley, evidently, is not.

Special Dispatch from MEMRI

Excerpts of interview with Arafat's National Security Advisor Jibril Rjoub
from the London-based online newspaper Al-Haqa'eq and published in the Saudi daily Al-Jazirah:

"The American administration is a right-wing, fascist administration controlled by the Zionist right. A group of right-wing fascists is running the administration. For them, the word 'Arabs' arouses anger and triggers nausea and disgust, starting with Dick Cheney and ending with Paul Wolfowitz… I do not believe the American administration desires or is able to forge good relations with the Palestinians or the Arabs because of the right-wing hegemony over its institutions."

When asked if he thought Palestinians held some responsibility for the deteriorated relations between the two sides, Rjoub responded, "No, we are a victim, our people is a victim… The Americans are exploiting the balance of power and the fall of the Soviet Union in order to force their conditions and demands on the world in general and on the Middle East in particular."

On Arab-U.S. relations, Rjoub said: "The American side is not objective and not realistic. It does not act with a minimum of respect toward the Arabs and their aspirations. It is therefore necessary to develop an Arab [unified] position that consolidates all the Arab energy and options and stands up to the Americans, who act as if they control the world and speak the language of a policeman and the language of the new imperialism…"

Regarding the war in Iraq, Rjoub stated: "The American administration did not wage war against Iraq in order to topple Saddam Hussein's [regime]; rather, it did so in order to control Iraq's natural wealth and the entire Middle East, as well as to provide security for Israel and to bolster the eastern front… In my opinion, Arabs must now wake up. Iraqi opposition to the American occupation must be increased."

Rjoub remarked that "the contacts with every political Palestinian group, including Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, have not ended, and they will never end. These forces are part of the Palestinian people, and they are part of the national liberation movement. They are active and important cells in the Palestinian political and social fabric."

According to Rjoub, the short-lived PA prime minister Mahmoud Abbas (also known as Abu Mazen) bears sole responsibility for his isolation within Fatah. The reason, he said, is that Abu Mazen wagered on outside elements and refused to recognize that the movement was the only source of authority. In Rjoub's view, the Americans and Israelis lied to Abu Mazen, since they gave him nothing.

Rjoub was asked if the presence of Muhammad Dahlan in Abu Mazen's government had any bearing on its failure. He considered Dahlan the reason for the failure, since he was unduly granted authority over internal affairs, contrary to the agreement between Abu Mazen and Arafat. . . While every Palestinian has a legitimate right to differ with Yasser Arafat, he said, to challenge Arafat's authority while he is still serving as elected chairman is forbidden.

. . . He said it was unfortunate that some people, including prominent figures in the PA and the security apparatuses, had their own personal agenda. Rjoub added: "We must use every means possible to put an end to any operation against civilian targets within the Green Line."

Rjoub was asked about Israel's motives for constructing the separation fence, given Sharon's explanation. His response: "Sharon is deceiving the entire world… Sharon lies more than he breathes… Sharon was lying when he spoke of painful concessions and an end to the occupation."

". . . The extent of corruption in Israel is unlike any other country in the world."

2 Synagogues in Istanbul car-bombed during Shabbat services

At least 17 killed, 257 wounded
Story at Jerusalem Post

Jewish school torched in Paris suburb

No injuries, thank G-d
Story at Jerusalem Post

Friday, November 14, 2003

I neeed it

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"a position that CJJP could support"

Colorado Jews for a Just Peace
The following sequence of emails was sent to me by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. It sheds some light on the workings of this supposed "peace" group, especially the fact that they are being fed opinions by political activist Omar Jabara, described by Dave Kopel at the Rocky Mtn News as "a consistent sources of excellent news tips" and by the Arab American Institute as "one of the leaders" of Boulder's Arab American community. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that; it's just that I thought it was Jews for peace, not Whoever, against Israel. You decide:

Hi all,
Rob has forwarded a Post editorial which actually takes a position that CJJP could support. If you are so inspired, please send a letter to the editor commending their viewpoint. You might mention the Geneva Accords as well.
If you write a letter, please send me a copy to circulate to the list.

From: robertjprince@comcast.net
To: Leslie.Lomas@colorado.edu (Leslie Lomas)
Subject: [prioritypeace] Israel/Palestine Editorial in Post (fwd)
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 17:30:05 +0000

i'm going to get on this tomorrow as i am swamped today, but i think it is important for others to respond. please circulate.

R. Prince
3187 W. 40th Ave
Denver, CO 80211-2008
Phone: 303-455-3437
Fax: 303-561-0079
Email: robertjprince@comcast.net

---------------------- Forwarded Message: ---------------------
From: "Omar Jabara"
Subject: [prioritypeace] Israel/Palestine Editorial in Post
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 10:26:43 -0700

Dear Friends:

I strongly recommend using this Denver Post editorial as an opportunity to send in letters to the editor. The editorial calls for an end to the settlements, a halt to the separation wall and criticizes Sharon. The Denver Post editorial board is one of the few in the entire country (remember, they supported Hanan Ashrawi's speech in the Springs last year) that is at least somewhat balanced on this issue. Let's not leave them completely open to attack from the other side as we usually do. I guarantee you the pro-Israel lobby will be flooding The Post with letters attacking the paper for this editorial. Letters: openforum@denverpost.com

editorial -- The Denver Post -- 11-13-03 Path to Mideast peace

The U.S.-backed "road map'' to peace between Israel and its Palestinian neighbors has never quite come to a dead end - and a faint pathway was detected again this week when PLO leader Yasser Arafat unveiled a new cabinet headed by Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia.

Israeli and U.S. sources weren't happy with the compromise that finally allowed Qureia to take the reins after a two-month deadlock between the new prime minister and PLO leader Yasser Arafat.

Qureia broke the deadlock Sunday by allowing Arafat to keep at least indirect control of Palestinian security and police forces. Israel and the U.S. had demanded that Arafat be sidelined and that the security forces be consolidated under the command of a strong interior minister who would then lead a crackdown on terrorist groups.

Still, U.S. and Israeli sources indicated Wednesday that they would give the new team a chance to prove itself.

For his part, Arafat Wednesday called for an end to three years of violence, saying that Israel has a right to live in peace. Qureia echoed those sentiments and called for an immediate and comprehensive cease-fire with Israel and a return to peace talks based on President Bush's vision for two states.

"Our fate is to live together on this land for us and our dreams, for our sons and grandsons ... instead of violence and terrorism,'' Qureia said.

At this point, the most positive step Israel could take would be to put a total freeze on new Jewish settlements in the West Bank region that Israel seized from Jordan in 1967. The U.S. peace plan calls for a freeze on such settlements but Israeli prime minister Arik Sharon has refused to take that step.

Likewise, Israel should stop building its new security border through regions that are in dispute between the Palestinians and Israelis. The barrier - a string of walls, razor wire, ditches and fences - would carve off 14.5 percent of the West Bank, trap 274,000 Palestinians in tiny enclaves and cut off another 400,000 from their fields, jobs, schools and hospitals, according to a United Nations report released Tuesday.

The cold fact is that each new settlement built in Palestinian lands is a new obstacle to peace. And no amount of razor wire can foster the reconciliation of the Jewish and Palestinian peoples without which peace will remain an iridescent dream.

Such a reconciliation won't be easy, but history suggests it's not impossible.

Led by statesmen such as Konrad Adenauer and publisher Axel Springer, modern Germany rejected the legacy of Adolf Hitler and helped build the modern state of Israel on the ashes of of the Holocaust.

Whether Sharon and Qureia can follow the great lead of Adenauer and David Ben Gurion remains to be seen. But history could record no greater achievement than someday joining the Israeli and Palestinian peoples on the path to peace.

Thanks to Anonymous Reader for sharing, and Good Shabbos to all.

This Chanukah, give your friends and family a gift that will continue to give.

“We have several goals in distributing this cd,” says producer Jordan Gorfinkle. “We want to express support for and solidarity with the people of Israel during these trying times, and to raise money for victims of terrorism in Israel. We need to promote a global sense of Jewish unity and community; despite our differences and no matter where we may live throughout the world, our strength comes from our ability to come together and emphasize what unites us as a people. This project tries to achieve this through music; there is no more inspiring way to convey our innermost hopes, feelings and prayers than through song. It is our hope and prayer that the harmonies of Voices For Israel will help inspire a greater harmony within the broader Jewish community, as we join our voices on behalf of Israel, and her undying quest for harmony and peace.”

The Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado is currently the sole distributor of the Voices for Israel cd in the Rocky Mountain area. Proceeds of sales of Voices for Israel go directly to benefit victims of terror in Israel and to the Federation’s Israel/Global fund, which supports emergency needs, response to terrorism, ongoing hunger programs, medical needs, and poverty and shelter assistance in Israel.

Voices for Israel will be released in early December, but you may pre-order the cd at The Judaica Shop.

Letter in today's Boulder Daily Camera:

Israel can't claim to be a democracy
Marc Tanenbaum in his Nov. 4 Open Forum letter ("A culture of death hates lovers of life") contained some enormous inaccuracies. Mr. Tanenbaum claimed that former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad called for genocide against the Jewish people in his speech at an Islamic summit.

If Mr. Tanenbaum had actually read the speech (www.adl.org/Anti_semitism/malaysian.asp), he would have known that Mr. Mohamad made no such statement. The central message of Mr. Mohamad's speech was that Muslim countries need to achieve some of the things that Mr. Tanenbaum was advocating (stable and well-administered governments, strong economies and technologically advanced societies).

Mr. Tanenbaum also wrote about how democratic and free Israel is. Israel can only be viewed as a democracy if one discounts about half of the population under Israeli control. If Palestinians were allowed to vote in Israeli elections, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon would not be in power and the continued expansion of illegal settlements would be stopped. Israel cannot solve the Palestinian issue by trying to transfer all Palestinians to Jordan and it cannot continue with an occupation that amounts to apartheid.

Mr. Tanenbaum needs to get his facts straight before declaring how much superior his culture is to the Muslims.'


Letter-writers, sharpen your pencils.
300 word limit
Name, full address and daytime phone required
Email to openforum@dailycamera.com

HAMAS: Our position is clear - all of Palestine

"Every inch of Palestine belongs to the Muslims"
Jerusalem Post, by Khaled Abu Toameh
Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin said Friday that he is prepared to discuss a cease fire with the new Palestinian Prime Minister.

On Thursday, Hamas confirmed that its representatives were holding talks with Egyptian and Palestinian Authority officials to discuss the possibility of reaching a new cease-fire agreement.

"We do not have any objection to dialogue," Yassin said. "We'll listen to what he has to say and then react." However, he ruled out any prospects for an immediate end to attacks.

The rally marked a rare public appearance by the Hamas spiritual leader since he was lightly injured in September when an Israeli plane dropped a bomb on a house where he and other Hamas leaders were meeting.

Mahmoud Zahar, one of the senior Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip, said: "Meetings between Egyptian officials and Hamas have not stopped. We are also holding talks with representatives of other countries." However, Zahar, who has been in hiding since his house was destroyed in an Israel Air Force raid several weeks ago, said efforts to reach a new hudna (temporary truce) have not produced any results until now.

He did not rule out the possibility that Hamas would eventually accept a cease-fire, saying that this would not disgrace the movement. "The cease-fire issue is not about wasting time," he added. "The occupation forces must commit themselves to a cease-fire. The Zionist entity is saying that it wants a hudna because it is helpless and defeated. The statements of the pilots and the chief of General Staff reflect the internal turmoil inside the Zionist entity."

Zahar was referring to a petition signed by reservist IAF pilots opposed to the policy of assassinations and statements attributed to Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Moshe Ya'alon in which he called for easing restrictions on the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

He said Hamas is prepared to meet with PA Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei about reaching a new cease-fire. But he lashed out at the composition of the new PA cabinet, pointing out that many ministers whose names have been linked to corruption have returned to their posts.

Of the "Geneva Initiative," hammered out between Israeli left-wing politicians and Palestinian intellectuals, Zahar said: "Our position is clear: all of Palestine. Every inch of Palestine belongs to the Muslims. Some marginal elements in the Palestinian Authority have begun trading with the Palestinian cause as they did in Oslo."

He denied his group was involved in the roadside bomb attack on a US convoy in the Gaza Strip last month, in which three Americans were killed. "Undoubtedly, the whole world hates the US because of its aggression against our people and the people of Iraq," he said.

No wonder nobody gets it

In this photo caption, REUTERS mentions neither that HAMAS is out to get every inch of Palestine for the Muslims, nor that they see Israel as "helpless and defeated" - but rather only that they are "willing to hold talks" --

Masked members of Islamic militant movement Hamas parade at a rally in Gaza city
on November 14, 2003. The leader of the militant Islamic group Hamas said on Friday
it was willing to hold talks with Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurie on a cease-fire
with Israel. REUTERS/Oleg Popov

Open Letter to Yossi Beilin

via Naomi Ragen
The following is a letter to Beilin from an Israeli. If you'd like to write
your own letter to Mr. Beilin, or his Geneva initiative cronies, here are some
addresses: Mr. Beilin's : beilin@ecf.org.il or try heskem@peleds.net (Roy
Peled) or heskem@heskem.org.il

I thank list-member Mr. Saliman for allowing me to forward this to the entire
Mr. Beilin,

I want to congratulate you on your Geneva accord, you have gone and done it. Yes you have promoted yourself to head of state and have many backers, from the world except for Israel.

You did forget something though,what about us the Israeli citizens who did not give you enough votes to become head of state.

As for myself personally, you in your agreement have given up part of my and my neighbors land to the Palestinians, I live on one of the kibbutzim on the border of Gaza, and you never even asked us, if we agree, how unthoughtful of you or did you just forget?

You have invited world leaders to your signing and Hollywood stars, like Barbra Streisand and I ask, what has she to do with this agreement, as far as I know she is not an Israeli or Palestinian citizen, I do want to know why I was not invited, I am a citizen of Israel and I in your agreement am giving up something.

I am very hurt that I and my fellow Israeli citizens are left out of this signing, or did you leave us out because we did not vote for you.

Don Saliman
Kibbutz Nahal Oz
Israel ( 9 Nov 2003)

Al-Qa'ida in Iraq: 'A Terror Attack Against the U.S. With 100,000
Deaths is Imminent'

Special Dispatch from MEMRI
Al-Qal'a (The Fortress) an Islamist Internet forum, posted the first of a two-part interview with a person who introduced himself as Abu Salma Al-Hijazi, one of the Al-Qa'ida commanders closest to Osama bin Laden. The interview was conducted in Iraq, south of Faluja. The article notes that Al-Hijazi was surrounded by five masked men carrying missiles as well as personal weapons. The article was posted by Abu Saqr Al-Najdi; no other details were given. The following are excerpts from the interview:

100,000 Deaths Expected in An Imminent Attack Against the U.S.

In regard to rumors about a large-scale attack against the U.S. during the month of Ramadan, Al-Hijazi said that "a huge and very courageous strike" will take place and that the number of infidels expected to be killed in this attack, according to primary estimates, exceeds 100,000. He added that he "anticipates, but will not swear, that the attack will happen during Ramadan."

He further stated that the attack will be carried out in a way that will "amaze the world and turn Al-Qai'da into [an organization that] horrifies the world until the law of Allah is implemented, actually implemented, and not just in words, on His land... You wait and see that the balance of power between Al-Qai'da and its rivals will change, all of a sudden, Allah willing."

Al-Hijazi said that Al-Qai'da instructed its members not to confront the governments of Islamic countries and clarified that Americans are the main target of the organization, wherever they may be, in order to cause their disintegration and collapse, even if it takes a long time. "We are patient," he added, "our patience will only end with the collapse of America and its agents."

Al-Hijazi also said: "There is no doubt that the demise of America and its collapse will lead to the collapse of these fragile regimes that depend on it... We will not stop until we establish the Islamic Caliphate and until Allah's law is implemented in His land."

When asked about the recent bombing in Riyadh, Al-Hijazi referred to Saudi media reports - which claimed that in the attack Muslim women and children were killed - as "merely media deceit." He added: "This place was under surveillance for many months. Following a thorough investigation, it became perfectly clear to us that the people living there were at least 300 Americans and a large group of Lebanese Christians who had tortured Muslims there, in Lebanon, during the civil war. After consultation, we decided it was appropriate to attack this place and destroy it, including the people who lived there, because it housed Americans and a large majority of Christians holding Lebanese citizenship."

"Allah facilitated breaking into the place and bombing the part in which mostly Americans stayed. As a result, praise Allah, at least 40 Americans were killed, as well as 27 Christians from Lebanon, and a group of citizens who were Muslim; also, at least 70 Americans were injured, as well as more than 30 citizens of other countries, most of them Christians from Lebanon."

According to Al-Hijazi, a Saudi religious scholar who is wanted by Saudi authorities will claim responsibility in a televised communiqué for the bombing "and for other operations to come." He added that the wills of the attackers will be published, apparently, in the month of Shawwal - the month following Ramadan according to the Muslim calendar - when Al-Qa'ida's main website, Al-Nida, is due to be reactivated.

Arabs Motivated by Hope, Not Despair

From A Jewish Road Map - Manhigut Yehudit
by Moshe Feiglin
What is the Arab motivation to fight us? The Left claims that the Arabs are motivated by despair. They have nothing to lose, and consequently they are committing suicide. Until now, no-one has seriously attempted to challenge this argument. The National Camp has accepted as axiomatic the basic assumptions of the Left, that the Arab despair was due both to a lack of national self-determination and to their economic plight. Thus granting self-determination to the Arabs and improving their economic conditions would arouse their sense of hope, eliminate despair, and remove their motivation to fight.

However, this argument fails to fit the facts: prior to the Oslo Agreements there were no suicide bombers. Indeed the appearance of the suicide bombers was after the Oslo Agreements, Israel’s tremendous concessions, and the hopes they engendered.

The Arabs in Israel have never sought self-determination. There is not and there has never been such a thing as a Palestinian nation. There has never had a Palestinian state, and there is no cultural difference between an Arab living in Nablus or one in Damascus – neither in language, religion, nor customs.

The Arabs in Eretz Israel had no independent national aspirations before the coming of Zionism. Even afterwards, the Arab national aspiration focused solely on the territory in which the Jews lived. The national Arab movement never focused its aspirations on Eretz Israel but on the State of Israel. It directed its claims solely against those regions which the Jews attempted to hold. The War of Independence was not caused by the issues of Judea and Samaria, Jerusalem, or the right of Arabs to return to their former homes. All these issues were left to the Arabs by the UN partition plan. The War of Independence was initiated by the leaders of the Arab nationalist movement in Israel, solely in order to prevent the Jews from establishing their own State in a territory far smaller that that bounded by the "green line".

The Arabs of Eretz Israel never had any national claims regarding Judea, Samaria and Gaza when these areas were controlled by the Jordanian Arab Legion and by the Egyptians. The PLO was established before the Six Day War and focused its national aspirations within the borders of the "green line", on the territory held by the Jews after Israel's War of Independence. It was only after the Six Day War, when Yesha and Jerusalem were liberated by the IDF, that the situation totally changed: the stolen Palestinian homeland was no longer the coastal plain but apparently only the mountain region. Why? Because the Jews were holding it.

We can therefore see that the Arab motivation is not of a positive national nature. They have no desire to return to a "homeland" in order to realize their "Palestinian" nationalism. The moment any Arab army, whether of Jordan, Iraq, Syria, or Egypt, holds any territory in Eretz Israel, Palestinian nationalism vanishes without trace. The motivation of the Arabs of Eretz Israel is negative – they simply don't want us as Jews to be there.

No-one has ever accused British Foreign Minister Ernest Bevin of being pro-Jewish, but his 1947 analysis has been demonstrated to be correct:

"To the Jews, the essential point of principle is the creation of a sovereign Jewish State. To the Arabs, the essential point of principle is to resist to the last the establishment of Jewish sovereignty in any part of Palestine."

It is difficult for Western ears to hear such discordant sounds, but this is the reality, and for the purposes of the current discussion it will be sufficient for us to prove this argument.

If the Arab motivation is of a negative nature, this does not mean that the Arab violence is due to despair. On the contrary, it is motivated by hope. The Arabs cannot be in despair because of what they didn't receive (since they once held everything). Rather, they are full of hope for what seems to them to be the realization of their dream: to eliminate Jewish sovereignty in Eretz Israel.

It can be shown that the more the Jews abandoned their national aspirations in Eretz Israel, the greater the Arab’s thirst for murder and their motivation to fight. We did not encounter acts of suicide in the past. They occurred on after the State of Israel had recognized the existence of the "Palestinian nation", their legitimate aspirations, and their right to establish a state in Eretz Israel. Fostering their hope was the source of the violence; removing the Arabs' hope of driving us out of our country will instill calm.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Israel wary of Arafat Overtures

Arafat with new Palestinian cabinet, sworn in Wednesday evening in Ramallah
Jerusalem (CNSNews.com) - Israel expressed its skepticism about Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's call for an end to violence -- but said that it would give the new PA Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia and his government a chance to combat terror.

The Palestinian Legislative Council was meeting in Ramallah on Wednesday to approve Qureia's new government.

Both Israel and the U.S. have expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Arafat will maintain control over the security forces as head of a National Security Council. They also doubt that the new prime minister will be able to combat terror adequately under him.

Speaking to the PLC on Wednesday, Arafat accused Israel of waging a "criminal war" against the Palestinians but called on the Israeli people to believe him that he really wants peace.

"We do not deny the right of the Israeli people to live in security side by side with the Palestinian people also living in their own independent state," Arafat said.

Arafat charged that the Israeli government "spreads lies" about the Palestinians that they don't want peace. "I want to talk here to the Israeli people to say in public and in Arabic that this is not true," Arafat said.

(Israel and the international community have long charged that Arafat gives one message to the West in English but transmits an entirely different message to his own people in Arabic.)

"Instead of total destruction of our people and land, the time has come between us and you Israelis, and listen to me Israelis, to get out of this cycle of destructive war," he said.

But Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said Israel no longer trusted Arafat's promises.

"We have heard Chairman Arafat say so many things in the past and he didn't even implement one of his commitments or his promises in the past," Shalom told reporters in Jerusalem prior to a meeting with visiting Slovakian Prime Minister Mikulas Dzurinda.

"After he signed the Oslo Accords, he sent a letter to the Norwegian Prime Minister, he said then that he will never use again the tool of terrorism and violence against Israel in order to achieve his aims or his goals.

"And since then he brought all the phenomena of suicide bombers. He was involved with all the terrorist attacks that were carried out here in Israel," Shalom said.

America, Divided

by Andrew Sullivan
I was searching around for a metaphor for what life is actually like as a politically interested person in the U.S. right now, and I'm not sure I've come up with anything that accurately conveys it. The term "polarization" seems a little too anti-septic. "Bi-polar" suggests serial ups and downs, whereas America's divisions are deep and simultaneous. The "red-blue" split - between blue coastal elites and red Middle America - has become an almost meaningless cliche; and it misses the fact that there are plenty of blue-style voters in red America and vice-versa. Evoking the deep divides of the Vietnam war is also rhetorical over-kill. We're not there yet. At the same time, the gulf between liberals and conservatives, broadly speaking, or between Bush-supporters and Bush-haters, between young and old, between South and North, has rarely been as profound or as bitter than now. The fact that the United States is also at the beginning of a long war against Islamo-fascism makes the divisions more acrimonious and emotionally fraught. You feel at times, in many conversations and interactions, caught between two magnetic poles, whose cultural power is so strong that maintaining any position in between them becomes harder and harder.
Read it all.

All is not lost until we can cry no more

In reading from the depths i call, one of the most disturbing things, to the author and reader alike, is that the children don't cry in the cattlecar. I've only just read to the point where Mengele is separating the arriving crowds, but so far the children haven't cried. In fact, no one has. Beyond crying? Never Again.

And so I give you two pieces that made me cry, thank G-d.

The first is Banagor's Retort to a Leftist Idiot who commented that "America are worse than the Nazi party." This is so well written that I dare not interrupt; I couldn't choose an excerpt anyway.
Exactly where are our concentration camps; our burning ovens for the bodies of the dead; our torture chambers and "Doctor" Mengeles; our scores of millions of dead lying in the fields?

Where are the invasion forces at every doorstep in every surrounding country, with boots stamping over the graves of the tortured and killed by virtue of a fallen racist ideology which we do not serve? Where are the walls engraved of entire villages - nay, cities - wherein every living soul has been executed in cold blood by the knife, bayonet, or bullet?

Where are the lines of naked prisoners with numbered tattoos serving as slave labor, sleeping ten to a bunk, wasting in starvation, cholera, and typhoid? Where are the lines of women and children forced into chambers of stone before the canisters of gas are dropped within from without; their writhing bodies observed through portholes smeared with the pleading hands for the doors to open to the jeers of the guards? Where are the slaves who tend to these fallen innocents to pry open their jaws in a rictus simply to extract the last precious few gold teeth to enrich the state? Where are the lampshades made of their skin?

Where are the reams of newspapers fed to the populace each day stating that one is superior to another; pointing fingers at a "lesser race" to be mocked, tortured, blamed, and killed? Where are the troops banging at the doors of private citizens merely for a critical remark or two, or the insinuation thereof, about the state of affairs in the country? Where are the reams of rotting corpses shoved by bulldozer into the deepest lime pits for fear that the sheer magnitude of death would blot the face of the world with unfathomable disease?

This call for the Nazi party to be reinstated demonstrates the lethality of the Leftist ideology today. No educated and honorable person would ever call for this to happen. There is no sense to it, but they perceive themselves as the last defense for the "sane". The only sanity that they give us is the sanity of the grave. It is true - absolutely true - that most Leftists would be shocked at these words, but only because they are in a state of utter denial. I question all of their motivations; I scoff at their education; I jeer at their senseless calls for the overthrow of a government without the full realization of what it is exactly that they truly support. Which among them would set up a better world? Who among them would prevail but these Nazified crackpots who now wish for nothing else but the end of civilization to satisfy their own twisted and sordid desires of darkness? Who here would deny that such people lay the blaming ideologies of the world on the victims that Hitler himself had chosen to crush forever?

That a person cannot see the differences, and is blinded by their hatred so much that they have left the rational world of reason and the experience of the tangible obvious, leaves me not to wonder the answer, but to know. I know what these people want because they say it out loud. These are the misguided fools whose vacant dreams of destruction would bring us all down someday. They pretend to be moral, but they are nothing but vile; no honor cloaks their shoulders; no pride is shown on their faces; no words of theirs find any construction; everything is hated in their eyes and everything that they say will be met by scorn.

The second is "We Were Robbed" by Michael Freund, posted in its entirety to save you paying for access to the JPost archives.
Down a historic and picturesque street in Palma de Majorca's old quarter stands an imposing church which symbolizes the hypocrisy of Europe, in all its grandeur and glory.

The tall and ornate building, adorned with carefully crafted medieval sculptures which appear to be standing guard over the entrance, bears the curious name of Monti-Sion. Curious, that is, because it is a reference to "Mount Zion," one of the hills of Jerusalem, which is located far to the east of this quaint little island off the southern coast of Spain.

What connection could there possibly be between a Spanish church and the Jewish people?

Quite a lot, as it turns out.

On a brisk fall afternoon, an English-speaking guide leads us to the church, and quickly offers the solution to the mystery behind its name.

Centuries ago, when the cruel precursors of the Inquisition destroyed Palma's Jewish community, forcing those who remained to convert to Catholicism, they chose to build a church on the site of one of the town's synagogues.

After all, what better way could there be to celebrate their "victory" than to tear down the symbol of the "old" religion and replace it with one from the "new"?

And that is how the synagogue of Mount Zion was transformed in the 15th century into the church of Monti-Sion.

Along the right side of the building, one can still see a layer or two of the synagogue's original stones, on which the church now stands. They sit there silently, bearing the burden of history and offering painful testimony to the iniquity that was wrought so long ago on this sacred place.

I approach the stones with reverence, rubbing my hands along the grooves, caressing the indentations, as if by doing so I might be able to salvage something from the building's distant and excruciating past.

I look around, trying to find some indication, some acknowledgment that this was once a Jewish house of prayer. But, of course, there is none. No sign to indicate that a synagogue once stood here, no marker to tell the story of how this place was stolen from the Jewish people and made into a church.

Moments later, I step inside, drawn by some inexplicable force to see what has become of this place. A service of some sort is about to begin, and a group of nuns walks down the aisle, stopping to exchange a few words with one of the parishioners. He says something to them, and they respond with an outburst of laughter. Their smiles and joy only serve to deepen my sense of pain and anguish.

Our guide points upward inside the church to what appears to have been a seating gallery for women, a leftover remnant from the time when the building once served the local Jewish community.

I close my eyes and imagine the Hebrew prayers that were once said here, the cries and pleas for Heavenly mercy that the island's Jews undoubtedly once offered as the threat from their neighbors grew in intensity.

As I feel the tears begin to take form, I turn around quickly and flee, unwilling to endure the sight of a synagogue about to be used as a cathedral.

Monti-Sion, and countless other buildings like it throughout Spain, Portugal and the rest of Europe, is stolen Jewish property. It was seized from our ancestors by both church and state through acts of treachery, the booty they saw fit to keep once they had dispensed with the local Jews.

Though a great deal has been done to restore Jewish property confiscated under 20th-century Communism and Fascism, little if any effort has been made to return assets taken prior to the last century.

A few weeks ago, while interviewing the president of Portugal in Lisbon, I asked him whether perhaps it was time for his country to give back what the church and the monarchy had seized from Portugal's Jews when the community was destroyed in 1497.

The president replied by saying, "We cannot rewrite or relive history. We cannot go back centuries. We cannot today, after 500 years, redress a situation in material terms."

With that, I wholeheartedly disagree. There can be no time limit when it comes to justice, and there can be no excuse for holding back on returning stolen Jewish property.

Centuries may have passed, but that in no way dilutes Europe's moral obligation to correct what can still be corrected. There is simply no reason why buildings such as Monti-Sion, or Jewish religious objects which sit gathering dust in convents and monasteries across the Continent, should not be restored to their rightful owners, the Jewish people.

Europe does not hesitate to preach to Israel about morality in international affairs, even as it continues to enjoy the fruits of hundreds of years of pilfering and theft of Jewish property. The time has come to correct this injustice and to demand that Europe atone for its numerous transgressions.

The countless Jews who died on European soil over the past two millennia as a result of pogroms, persecutions, massacres, and expulsions cannot be brought back. But at least some of the communal belongings they left behind most certainly can.

Israel should raise this issue at every opportunity with European officials and heads of state, reminding them of their historical debt, figuratively and literally, to the Jewish people and their state.

Lists of confiscated Jewish communal property in Europe should be expanded to include not just buildings taken by the Nazis or the Soviets, but by their medieval forebears as well. The Foreign Ministry, working together with Jewish organizations, should press the Europeans to come clean, and demand the return of our stolen patrimony.

After all, from a moral point of view, our right to Monti-Sion in Spanish Majorca is no less compelling than our right to Jewish property in Germany, Poland or elsewhere.

We Jews have long memories. That is what kept us alive as a people throughout the long, dark night of our exile. And that is what should keep us yearning to get back what is undeniably ours. It may take a decade, or a generation, or even longer to achieve. But get it back we should.

Important New Book on Israel

Right to Exist: A Moral Defense of Israel's Wars
by Yaacov Lozowick

This post is lifted (completely) from Rick Richman's thoughtful blog, Jewish Current Issues
Ethan Bronner in the New York Times Book Review and Daniel Gordis in The Jerusalem Post review Right to Exist: A Moral Defense of Israel's Wars, by Yaacov Lozowick.

Cynthia Ozick calls the book "one of the most important political histories of our generation:"
A modern-day Zola, Lozowick meticulously unravels the Big Lie that demonizes Israel and Zionism and contaminates the viler estuaries of what is nowadays dubbed "the international community."

The title alone -- the scandal of calling into question a living nation's existence -- ought to shame the prevaricators and defamers, whether they be professors in universities, media distorters, "peace activists" who justify terror, morally deformed intellectuals, self-deceiving unconfessed haters, or merely the herd of the easily led.

Honorably and irrefutably, Lozowick reintroduces plain fact and clear truth into a world of malice and mendacity.
Bronner's review notes the absence of any response from Arab historians, intellectuals, media, schools, or political or moral leaders to Israel's revision of its national history to encompass the Palestinians:
There were virtually no Palestinian ''new historians'' asking whether their leader in the 1930's and 40's, Haj Amin al-Husseini, was right to collaborate with the Nazis, calling for the killing of Jews ''wherever you find them.''

Few Muslim leaders questioned whether sending suicide bombers into Israeli cafes was a moral act.

No Arab television station ran a series on David Ben-Gurion's confrontation with rebel Zionist militias.

Israel's new historians were viewed by Arab intellectuals not as an invitation to self-examination but as further evidence that Zionism was a crime.

Worst of all, in 2000, when Israel offered Yasir Arafat more than 90 percent of the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip for a Palestinian state, his rejection was accompanied by a terrorist war that shows no signs of stopping.
Gordis notes the book is critical of Israel as well, and "therefore, will make both ends of the political spectrum uncomfortable:"
But that is precisely why Lozowick's book is such a welcome addition to this conversation. To a world in which too much of what we read and hear denies any legitimacy of competing arguments, Lozowick's book is a well-written, wise, passionately Zionist, nuanced and morally serious contribution.
An excerpt from the book is here.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

from the MEMRI News Ticker

Headlines from the Middle East
Chairman of the Palestinian Legilative Council, Rafiq Al-Natshe, told the Jordanian Islamic Weekly Al-Sabil that if diplomatic efforts to achieve independence fail, the Palestinian people have the right to resist the occupation by any means. (AL-SABIL, JORDAN, 11/12/03)

Lebanese President Emile Lahoud reaffirmed objection to the settlement of Palestinians in Lebanon. 'This objection,' he said, 'is at the head of the constitution and in the minds of the Lebanese.' (AL-SAFIR, LEBANON, 11/11/03)

AL-JAZEERA correspondent Sattar Karin admitted that his office in theMahmoudiya Babil province of Iraq has been used to coordinate attacks against coalition forces. Two Syrian nationals were also involved. (AL-SABAH, IRAQ, 11/9/03)

BBC appoints ombudsman to monitor Middle East coverage

JTA -- The naming of veteran journalist Malcolm Balen comes after the network has endured criticism for what some see as its pro-Palestinian coverage and its opposition to the war in Iraq.

Earlier this year, Israeli officials stopped granting interviews to BBC journalists after it decided a documentary produced by the network was virulently anti-Israel.

Low expectations for new Palestinian government

sorry, I couldn't resist.
JERUSALEM, Nov. 12 (JTA) — Ahmed Qurei pledged to stand tough. He pledged to insist that his man control the Palestinian Authority´s myriad security services.

But when all was said and done, the 26-member government that the P.A. prime minister put together left P.A. President Yasser Arafat firmly in control of the security services — much to the chagrin of Israel and the United States, who fear Arafat will continue to foil moves to end violence and make peace.

The Palestinian legislative council approved the Cabinet on Wednesday.

In an address to the council, Qurei urged the lawmakers to seek an end to armed "chaos" in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as part of efforts to put peacemaking with Israel back on track.

"It is not acceptable to any of us to see the chaos of weapons and shelling among the public," Qurei said. But the one who should be proudest is Arafat: Despite all the obstacles, he proved once again that no one can challenge his near-absolute rule in the Palestinian Authority.

Qurei had threatened to quit if his favorite, Nasser Youssef, wasn´t appointed interior minister and given extensive powers over security.

But Arafat vetoed Youssef´s appointment. In the end, the new interior minister will be Hakam Balawi, a PLO veteran and Arafat favorite who is not expected to take serious steps to crack down on terrorism and impose order on the Palestinians´ chaos of security services and armed militias.

In addition, the security organs are subordinate to the national security council. And who chairs that council? Again, Arafat.

Arafat spoke to the Parliament on Wednesday before Qurei.

"We do not deny the right of Israelis to live in security alongside the Palestinian people in their own independent state. Let us end the cycle of fighting," Arafat said in an address that dwelled on Israeli military crackdowns in the West Bank and Gaza Strip but made no mention of Palestinian terrorism.

Dore Gold, an adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, rejected the call as insincere.

"You can´t hold an olive branch in one hand and a ticking bomb in the other," Gold said.

However, Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said that if Qurei is serious about cracking down on terrorism, he would find an Israeli partner willing to move forward toward peace.

Palestinian Hijacker Spared Death Penalty

WASHINGTON - The leader of a group of Palestinian terrorists who took over a Pan Am jet in Pakistan in 1986 and killed 22 people won't face the death penalty under a plea bargain disclosed Wednesday.

Read the AP coverage at Yahoo News.

AMCHA protests at Ohio State University

ensuring that there would not be silence in the face of hate
This past weekend Amcha joined community members and students from across the United States on the campus of Ohio State University to protest a vitriolic, anti-Semitic, pro-terror conference. The 3rd National Student Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement ran from Friday, November 7th until Sunday November 9th – and Amcha was there for every minute, ensuring that there would not be silence in the face of hate.

For those 3 days, Amcha held protest vigils outside the student union chanting, singing, holding signs, and waving American and Israeli flags. We demonstrated to those inside that the Jewish people will not be silenced, will not suffer the indignities of hate and violence without a strong response. For 6 hours on Friday, 11 hours on Saturday, and 11 hours on Sunday, Amcha ensured that demonstrators were stationed outside the conference.

Protesters endured such remarks as “Go back to Europe”; “Get back on the boat” and even “F*** off, Jew.” When asked about suicide bombings, several conference attendees answered “Go for It!” and “It is a legitimate form of resistance.” Yet the protesters never wavered.
Read the following articles & more on the Amcha website:
Overpowering the Hate — A First-Hand Account of the PSM Conference at Ohio State University, by Shmuel Herzfeld:
"When this conference was first held in California, Jews were literally beaten up on campus. Last year Jews were surrounded and threatened with their lives. Nevertheless, last year marked the start of Jewish students reclaiming the campuses. This year the voices of terror were nearly drowned out completely. Maybe next year, there won't even be a conference."
The Lantern: Palestinian conference draws support, protests

The Toledo Blade: Pro-Palestinian convention at OSU protested; Security tight as meeting opens
Donate to Amcha.

Israel: Suicide bombing of synagogue thwarted

Would-be bomber arrested
Jpost: Police and the Shin Bet recently arrested Muhammed
Tushiya,19, from Kfar Yassin in the West Bank.

Tushiya, an Islamic Jihad terrorist, was planning a terrorist attack in Afula but changed his target to a synagogue at the nearby settlement of Shaked in the northern West Bank.

He told interrogators that the heavy police presence around Afula prevented him from carrying out an attack there.

The terrorist was riding a dune buggy heading for Afula, loaded with 10kg of explosives when he spotted a heavy Israeli security presence.

Tushiya told the Shin Bet after his capture that he changed his mind and decided to attack the synagogue in Shaked.

Security forces were also present at Shaked, so the terrorist decided to delay his attack. But by then, the Shin Bet had received intelligence regarding Tushiya, and arrested the would-be suicide bomber shortly after.
The "occupation" saves lives. and synagogues.

To Hell with Sympathy

by Charles Krauthammer
No one likes us. And the democrats know why: the world loved us just two years ago, and then this President, cowboy arrogant and rudely unilateral, blew it. "When America was savagely attacked by al-Qaeda terrorists on 9-11, virtually all the world was with us," writes Democratic elder statesman Theodore Sorensen. "But that moment of universal goodwill was squandered." He writes that in the current issue of The American Prospect, but he is speaking for just about every Democratic candidate, potentate, deep thinker and critic, and not a few foreign commentators as well. The formulation is near universal: "The president has somehow squandered the international outpouring of sympathy, goodwill and solidarity that followed the attacks of Sept. 11" (Al Gore). "He has squandered the goodwill of the world after Sept. 11" (John Kerry).

The ur-text for this myth is the famous Le Monde editorial of Sept. 12, 2001, titled "We Are All Americans." But as Johns Hopkins professor Fouad Ajami points out, not only did that very editorial speak of America's paying for its cynicism, but also, within months, that same Le Monde publisher was back with a small book ("All Americans? The World After September 11, 2001"--note the question mark) filled with the usual belligerence toward and disapproval of America.

What happened in those intervening few months? Is not the core Democratic complaint that it was overreaching in Iraq that caused the world to turn against us? And yet barely had we buried our 9/11 dead — long before we entered Baghdad — when the French, and the rest of the world, decided that they were not really Americans after all and were back to vilifying American arrogance, unilateralism, hegemony and so on.

It is pure fiction that this pro-American sentiment was either squandered after Sept. 11 or lost under the Bush Administration. It never existed. Envy for America, resentment of our power, hatred of our success has been a staple for decades, but most particularly since victory in the cold war left us the only superpower.

Bill Clinton was the most accommodating, sensitive, multilateralist President one can imagine, and yet we know that al-Qaeda began the planning for Sept. 11 precisely during his presidency. Clinton made humility his vocation, apologizing variously for African slavery, for internment of Japanese Americans, for not saving Rwanda. He even decided that Britain should return the Elgin Marbles to Greece. A lot of good that did us. Bin Laden issued his Declaration of War on America in 1996--at the height of the Clinton Administration's hyperapologetic, good-citizen internationalism.

Moreover, it is unseemly, even pathetic, for the would-be leaders of a great power to pine for the pity gleaned on the day America lay bleeding and wounded. This is to carry into foreign policy a pathology of our domestic politics — the glorification of victimhood and the lust for its privileges, such as they are. It is not surprising that having set up at home a spoils system that encourages every ethnic group to claim even greater victimization than the next, the Democrats should lament the fact that we did not seize and institutionalize our collective victimhood of Sept. 11.

The world apparently likes the U.S. when it is on its knees. From that the Democrats deduce a foreign policy — remain on our knees, humble and supplicant, and enjoy the applause and "support" of the world. Continue reading in Time Magazine.
This could have been written for Israel and the Jews as well; only the names and dates would have to be changed.

See also (the prophetic) Why America Has Already Lost the War by Moshe Feiglin, published September 28, 2001.

Big news day

Headlines from DEBKA:
Last Updated on November 12, 2003, 5:01 PM (GMT+02:00)
Italian defense minister Antonio Martini blamed remnants of Saddam loyalists with Arab extremists for big blast that Wednesday killed 14 Italian military personnel and 8 Iraqis at Italian military police headquarters in southern Iraqi town of Nassirya. Some 80 wounded are in hospital. Witnesses described truck as crashing through entrance to unit, closely followed by car that detonated tearing off front of three-floor building

First terrorist strike in Nassirya coincided with US administrator Bremer’s emergency conference with President Bush in Washington on ways of shortening Iraq’s transition to local rule

Bomb blast kills US soldier on road north of Baghdad, second American soldiers dies of wounds from bombing in Baghdad Tuesday

In videotape released Wednesday by Colombian rebel ELN, seven kidnapped tourists, including four Israelis, appear in good health

New Palestinian prime minister is Ahmed Qureia, Abu Ala, confirmed by legislative council in Ramallah by 46 votes against 13 and 5 abstentions. Interior minister in charge of security is Hakam Balawi, Arafat’s loyalist. He vetoed Gen. Nasser Yousef for post.

Qureia declared his government opts for peace as strategic choice, promised elections next June. Many Palestinian lawmakers criticize lineup as leaving Arafat in control of security forces but expect its confirmation. Neither Arafat nor Qureia mentioned fighting or disarming terrorists in their speeches. Read DEBKAfile-DEBKA-Net-Weekly Special Report: Qureia Lineup Reflects Disintegrating Palestinian Leadership.

In southern Gaza Strip, Palestinians shot and injured member of crew working on Morag security fence. He was evacuated to hospital under fire. IDF patrol opened fire on grouped of armed Palestinians stealing into Israeli Nahal Besor village cluster opposite Gaza Strip. Two intruders hit.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003


Way too close to home
My son is a senior in private high school here in Boulder, Colorado. His Spanish teacher has written a play in Spanish to be performed by the students. Here is some of the dialogue:

"What is the latest news?"

"They still haven't found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and they've already spent $600 million in looking for them."

"Of course not! The U.S. government lied to the Americans and the world."

"At least they destroyed Saddam's regime."

"They should do the same to this idiot Bush who is going to have the whole world be in danger."

"How can you say this [while we are] fighting for peace in Israel and Palestine?"

"They are giving more than $10 million a day to Israel, 365 days a year. He is not interested in peace. He is supporting terrorism."
Three out of the four students he assigned to perform this play are Jewish. I guess our son was not chosen to perform as his Zionist beliefs are well known. This teacher frequently spends [Spanish] class time holding forth on his anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-Israel politics. My son has walked out on this before.

He's not going to Spanish class tomorrow. We have a meeting with the teacher at 8 a.m.

More soon.

The more efforts Israel makes for peace, the more it is seen as a warmonger

"Clearly, to a great extent, the world has gone mad"
by Joseph Farah: What's the lesson of the European poll showing nearly 60 percent of those surveyed believe Israel is the greatest threat to peace in the world today?

The lesson is that Israel's semi-suicidal quest for peace at any price is not respected by the world.

In fact, it demonstrates Israel's concessions to Arab myth-making and the wholesale fabrication of reality has backfired. The world clearly believes the propaganda ploy by Yasser Arafat and the so-called Palestinian movement.

Israel's gravest mistake was yielding to international pressure to compromise its own security for peace with people who have no desire to live with them in peace and harmony.

It's not too late to reverse course.

Perhaps the Euro-poll will shake the Israel public from its sleepwalk.

Not since the 1948 war of independence has Israel felt so isolated and besieged – feelings that could indeed increase the danger not only to the nation's security but to regional peace as well.

The poll was conducted in 15 European countries. In the survey, 500 people from each of the 15 E.U. countries were asked which state they regard as most dangerous to world peace. According to the results, 59 percent of the people polled believe Israel tops the list, and 52 percent positioned the U.S. in second place.

What's absurd about the poll results is that Israel is one of the few countries in the world earmarked for extinction and destruction by enemies around the world.

Israel has never sought to destroy its enemies. On the contrary, Israel has weakened its own security position by arming its enemies, providing them land and giving them money in a futile and foolish effort to avert future wars.

That's Israel's real mistake – not aggression, not suppression, not repression, but appeasement.

Just look at how this survey has been used already.

Militant Arabs and Muslims, especially organizations such as Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist groups, have already declared the European survey to be a call for a "final solution" – meaning the ultimate holocaust for Jews.

Americans should take special note of the fact that the U.S., too, is viewed as a major danger to world peace in the poll.

We're living in a time when right is wrong and wrong is right, when truth is seen as a lie and lies are seen as truth.

How can anyone in their right mind believe the tiny sliver of a land called Israel, with fewer than 7 million people, could actually represent the gravest threat to peace in the world?

Clearly, to a great extent, the world has gone mad.
To read more, click on the link above.

Also at WorldNetDaily: Italians polled on Jews
Italian Jews "not real Italians"
Nearly a quarter of Italians solicited in a national poll say Italian Jews are "not real Italians," while many also oppose Israel's existence.

The vast majority of the 700 people surveyed expressed ambivalence over their Jewish brethren neighbors. Fifty-one percent said they believe Jews had a different mentality and lifestyle to other Italians.

Fifty-one percent said they believe Jews had a different mentality and lifestyle to other Italians.

Fifty-two percent responded they don't identify with Israel and have little sympathy for the Jewish state.

While 70 percent said Israel has a right to exist even though its government makes mistakes, 17 percent said it would be better if the Jewish state "ceased to exist."

The findings, which appeared yesterday in the Italian daily Corriere della Sera, come on the heels of a European Union survey that found 59 percent of those polled consider Israel to be the greatest threat to world peace.
~ ugh.

Mofaz meets Rumsfeld

Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz puts his arm around Defense
Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Monday, Nov. 10, 2003 during a visit
to the Pentagon. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
Jerusalem Post: Following a meeting between Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Mofaz told Israeli Radio Tuesday morning that Israel will attack Syria once again if it continues aiding terrorism.

The two discussed the planned route of the Israeli – PA security fence, and other security concerns such as Syria and Iran. Mofaz stressed that the combination of non-conventional weapons, extremist governments and terror is a threat to the entire world.

Mofaz also told Israeli Radio that the level of security cooperation between the two countries will be raised and that he had reiterated his intent to not dismantle for now any more settlements.

Mofaz is expected to meet Secretary of State Colin Powell on Wednesday, and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice on Thursday.



Yesterday, the Associated Press had the nerve to publish this list of Recent Terror Attacks Around the World, which does not include a single attack in ISRAEL!


A comment from "Queen Esther" at LGF, tells of her experience trying to complain to AP:
A local AP reporter, who had nothing to do with the story, but was somewhat helpful (and mildly concerned) said the story was filed as a sidebar to the story about the recent attack in Saudi Arabia. The story was filed in Riyadh. Shocking (not). She sent me to their NY/Intl office.

The Int'l desk would not elaborate, and first sent me into a general comment voice mail box. A followup phone call to the same Int'l desk (via main no.: (212) 621-1720) gave little additional info. He first suggested I write to AP at 550 Rockefeller Plaza, NY NY 10020. I told him a wire service couldn't possibly expect a complaint requiring a correction should go through the mail, he suggested I contact corporate communications (!) during business hours at 212/621-1670.

I asked him for the name of the International Editor. He wouldn't give it to me.

I asked him for his editor's email address. He wouldn't give it to me.

I told him that it is a disgrace that the AP could run a story listing an account of recent terror attacks in places such as Yemen, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Phillipines, Morocco etc but couldn't bring itself to include mention of any attacks in Israel, in which hundreds of men, women and children have been killed and thousands of others maimed.

The reporter then hung up on me.

NOWHERE on their website could I find contact information for submitting corrections.

The main number for AP Headquarters is 212-621-1599

AP Bureaus by Region are listed here, including:
1444 Wazee Street, Suite 130
Denver CO 80202-1395
(303) 825-0123
You can also try emailing the AP's "web site for breaking news" at feedback@ap.org

from AP Today: FAQ
Who owns The Associated Press?

The Associated Press is a not-for-profit cooperative, which means it is owned by its 1,550 U.S. daily newspaper members. They elect a board of directors that directs the cooperative.

What is the reach of The Associated Press?

More than a billion people every day read, hear or see AP news.

In the United States alone, AP serves 1,550 newspapers and 5,000 radio and television stations. Add to that the more than 8,500 newspaper, radio and television subscribers in 112 countries, and you'll have some idea of AP's reach.
Please do what you can, and forward this to your lists.

BACKGROUND FIY: The Jewish Virtual Library keeps a list of Major Palestinian Terror Attacks Since Oslo for your reference, and that of the AP.

In honor of Veterans' Day, Palestinians mock our dead in Iraq

Stupid they are not
from Palestinian Media Watch
The official Palestinian Authority [PA] daily has used this picture of a memorial to dead American soldiers in Iraq to mock them (and us all).

The somber memorial with rifles and helmets for each soldier killed,
was built after the downing of a US helicopter in Iraq killing 15 Americans.

Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, November 11, 2003 -
This is the Palestinian cartoon that appears in today's
official Palestinian Authority daily, Al Hayat Al Jadida,
including these "quotes" next to each helmet:

"We will imprison Saddam soon"

"Casualties are relatively low"

"The uprising is weak and desperate"

"International forces are needed"

Sunday's Al-Hayat Al-Jadida had these two cartoons:

self-explanatory, yes?

(text on scroll ~ "the European poll")
Evil Jooooos as a general universal threat,
as per the recent Eurobarometer poll
which found that 59% of Europeans see Israel as threat to world peace

David Olesker's presentation at the Boulder JCC yesterday was fabulous! One of his suggestions was to promote sources such as Palestinian Media Watch and MEMRI to your local newspaper.

If there is any way to get Olesker to your campus or town, I recommend him quite highly. He knows what we should be doing, and how, like no one I've ever encountered before.

Plant a seed of light in the blogosphere and watch it grow

May G-d bless (and sustain) the pro-Israel bloggers
The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler has posted a link to A Prayer for Israel (Psalm 83),

which he found at Imperial Armorer,

who got the link from the Commissar (parody alert),

who got it from the Sophorist,

who got it from Leah Guildenstern,

who got it from me.

I got it from my friend, Esther Sarah.
One of the few things that sustains my hope is the principle that if you shine a light into darkness, the darkness invariably recedes.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Terrorist Supporters in LA

Charles Johnson has posted this at LittleGreenFootballs

Yesterday. Palisades Park in Los Angeles.

The Pontiff and the PLO

Pope John Paul II meets with unidentified Christian delegates of the Palestinian Liberation Organization during a private audience at the Vatican, Monday, Nov. 10, 2003. The pontiff told the delegation that terrorism must be condemned in all its forms, saying it could not lay the groundwork for people's freedom. The pope also asked the delegation to convey his 'greetings and good wishes' to President Yasser Arafat. (AP Photo/Osservatore Romano)

People who object to Israel's existence as a specifically Jewish state have voiced no such objection to Italy's existence as a Catholic state. If not, why not?

Israelis respect the settlers, but . . .

from the Voice of Judea
According to a Haaretz poll published last Friday, 83 percent of Israelis claim to see no difference between terrorist attacks inside the Green-Line or in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

42 percent hold the "settlers" in high regard and compare them to the early pioneers who founded the State. This high regard and respect for the "settlers" does not reflect in the willingness of the majority to surrender "settlements" and in the position of the majority against guarding outposts, considered illegal by the government and the U.S.A.

57 percent support surrendering "settlements" for peace.

51 percent oppose guarding "illegal outposts".

Voice of Judea Commentary: The Time Has Come
The terminology of the poll is misleading. When Israelis are asked if they should surrender land because of Arab terrorism they answer that "Israel should not cave in to terror". However, when the same people are asked if Israel should surrender land for peace, they support the land surrender. As if surrendering land could ever achieve peace.

The fact that so many Israeli's oppose guarding some of the "settlements" is a very scary reality. There can be no lines of distinction drawn between the defense of one Jew over another Jew, regardless of his/her place of residence, the color of their skin or their ideology. A Jew, is a Jew, is a Jew! We are all brothers and sisters and we all share in the burden of responsibility to save a fellow Jew, physically and or spiritually. It would be equally obscene for a "settler" to refuse to protect a pork-eating Kibbutz or a wild Tel Aviv disco.

The time has come for the creation of an international Jewish defense unit that does not differentiate between the geographic origins of the Jew in need. The time has come for a Jewish Army that is above politics. The time has come for Jews to behave like Jews and to think like Jews. If a Jew is able to justify surrendering Jewish land or abandoning Jews in need, than there is something seriously wrong with their Judaism.

ISRAEL: 19,392 Arab terrorist attacks since Sept 2000

from the IDF Spokesperson, 10 November 2003
29 September 2000 through 9 November 2003:

Killed: 629 Civilians + 263 Security Forces = 892 Total Israelis Killed, including tourists and foreign workers

Injured: 4,247 Civilians + 1,737 Security Forces = 5,984 Total Israelis Injured, including tourists and foreign workers

Total Attacks: 8,060 West Bank + 10,561 Gaza Strip + 771 Home Front =19,392 Total Attacks, not including those with rocks or firebombs
IMAGINE: In terms of equivalent proportion of a population, in America this would mean 43,500 dead and 290,000 injured. No one would put up with this; it's insane.

Blind partisanship

Charleston (WV) Gazette backing Rockefeller on "the Memo"
I take special interest in what happens in WV, the state where I was born and raised; on my father's side, the family goes back over two hundred years in Kanawha County.

In an editorial which focuses on White House "stonewalling" the Senate Intelligence Committee's probe into the Iraq war, the Charleston Gazette blindly backs WV's own Jay Rockefeller, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, saying,
Someone found a memo written by Rockefeller aides, discussing a strategy for “revealing the misleading, if not flagrantly dishonest, methods and motives of senior administration officials who made the case for unilateral pre-emptive war.” The memo urged an outside, independent investigation.

Chairman [of the Senate Intelligence Committee], [Pat] Roberts said the memo “exposes politics in its most raw form.” The Fox TV network and The New York Post — ultraconservative outlets of billionaire Rupert Murdoch — blasted Rockefeller furiously. However, to us, the memo seems a rather accurate comment about the deceptions that led America into the needless and hurtful war.
The Democrats' memo can be read in full at Townhall.com.

Monday Morning in Zabobeh

A protester holds a wire-cutter during a demonstration by foreign activists of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) and Palestinians, near the Palestinian village of Zabobeh, north of the West Bank city of Jenin, against the construction of the Israeli 'security' fence separating the West Bank from Israel. Dozens of Palestinian and foreign protestors trying to cut the wire fence were stopped by Israeli soldiers.(AFP/Saif Dahlah)
Lovely. Israel's building a barrier to keep suicide bombers out, but this wacko wants to let them in. I hope he got hauled off and deported, and I wish he were ashamed.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

24th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy

July 4 - 9, 2004 in Jerusalem
El Al airlines will be offering discounts (10% in coach, and 15% in business class) for persons planning to attend the 24th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy to be held in Jerusalem, Israel from
July 4-9, 2004.

On the second day of the Conference, July 5, Yad Vashem will make a special effort to have their staff available to offer advice and assistance. That evening, there will be a commemorative event at Yad Vashem in the Valley of the Lost Communities, an area of the Yad Vashem complex that includes monuments that bear the names of 5,000 Jewish communities that were destroyed in the Holocaust.

A Horowitz Families Reunion and Conference will take place on July 11-12, in Tel Aviv, immediately following the International Conference.

It is best to join the Jerusalem 2004 Mailing List to keep abreast of the latest plans for the conference.
Thanks for this notice go to Avotaynu, publisher of many works on Jewish genealogy and the bi-weekly internet magazine, Nu? What's New?.

Surprise? Arafat funnels $100,000 PA aid monthly to Wife

Haaretz: An investigative report by CBS television 60 Minutes will claim that Palestinian Chairman Yasser Arafat transfers $100,000 a month from funds directed to the Palestinian Authority to his wife Suha.

The report, to be aired across the United States on Sunday, alleges that Suha Arafat, who lives in Paris with the couple's daughter, receives the sum on a monthly basis.

According to the report, Arafat has accumulated in his private accounts more than $800 million from aid originally appropriated to the Palestinian authority.

PA Finance Minister Salam Fayad aided in the CBS investigation. Fayad is currently trying to track down all the PA-allocated money that never reached its intended destination.
Speaking of such, see also these notes on Palestinian cabinet ministers, from Associated Press.

UPDATE: Transcript of CBS 60 Minutes: Arafat's Billions

Update from the hate-fest

Idiotarians on the run at OSU - via LittleGreenFootballs
It's so amazing not to have to depend on the news media, but rather to be able to hear from eye witnesses through the blogosphere. I post the entire comment:
Another great day in Columbus for protesting hate and terror.

There were two main protest rallies today.

The first started a noon, and was attended by at least 150 and possibly 250 people. Busloads from Cleveland along with participants from Wisconson, Maine, New York, Michigan and Ohio we’re on hand to hear Rabbi Avi Weiss, Scott Chait, Rabbi Haic and Rabbi Levin (and others) speak out against the terror in Israel and Iraq. It was a strong showing of support from all over, except sadly from Columbus where the Rabbis encouraged people not to attend! I was very disappointed in this, as I felt that their reason for not attending: that it might draw attention to the rally, was completely wrong. I feel that we ALL need to stand up and denounce what is clearly wrong, and the more publicity that gets the better.

There was an amazing number and variety of protest signs, and everyone obviously went to a great deal of effort to produce them. Some very touching, some slick, some big, some made by children with crayons, but they all had the same anti-hate message.

This first rally lasted for over two hours and by three o’clock most of the crowd had left. Being rather cold and windy I was tempted to call it a day, but instead went across the street for a gyro and a beer, and then decided to stay until the direct opposition rally scheduled for 6:00 at the close of the conference. I was glad I did.

Once again, I had the opportunity to talk to a bunch of great people and argue with a few, and I mean very few, of the people who came out of the conference between talks.

The highlight of the between rally debates had to have been when a well pressed lefty came out to argue with us. After 20 minutes of shouting “You don’t understand, you don’t understand !” and “Let me finish. Stop interrupting me” most definitely deflated her ego, the cops finally came over and told her she had to go to the designated opposition area across the entryway steps or stop getting in our faces. Well she made a point of going and standing behind the barriers, which was o so laughable since as near as I can tell she was the ONLY person to ever do so. Most participants snuck out to the front steps for smokes and tried to ignore our calls for them to denounce suicide bombings. Twice more she came out to argue her side. And guess what we found out? She was a reporter with NPR!

After that, we started repeatedly shouting for her to tell us her name, and she said she wouldn’t. You know, cuz journalists from NPR need to be anonymous to remain impartial. If there’s anyone out there that hears her report from the conference, make sure to listen for her name, I’d really like to eMail her, as twice I asked her to denounce suicide bombings and she wouldn’t!

As the sun started to go down, a chill filled the air and the wind picked up, but more and more people started drifting back to the protest area. The speakers started back up, and a couple of the local TV affiliates showed up for footage and interviews. Then we heard a rumor that the solidarity march had been moved and it was to be a “silent” protest.

Sure enough a second area was cordoned off two streets over past a parking garage and another building. So we gathered up our sings and headed in that direction. A few people were there, holding small “Bring our troops home” signs. Then the solidarity marchers appeared and made their way marching slowly towards the main entrance of Ohio State at High Street. When they got there they found that indeed there we’re as many of us as them probably 50 or so, and proceed to line up and turn their backs to us. 15 minutes of some serious taunting to “denounce suicide bombers” or “raise your hand if you think killing babies is wrong” fell on deaf ears. Suddenly they let off in a loud chorus of “Tear down the wall, Tear down the wall” only to be overwhelmed by our chants of “Not one inch, Not one inch.” They turned then and march away as we sang both the Israeli and American national anthems.

A great day and an even better evening.
There is another, earlier report from OSU here.

Also very much worth noting at LGF
. . . is this new warning from Al Qaeda:
"To all coasts cells 50, 55, 55, the water, the water, the water
The goal open, they rely on Allah

2. Tomorrow O Bush is your date ..

A final warning to all of the Muslims in three sites inside the United States - Washington - New York - Los Angeles...

The hit from al Qaeda is inevitable.... the complete readiness for zero day God willing depart immediately..."