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Tuesday, January 27, 2004


This Guy doesn't agree with the terrorists, BUT....
From the Open Forum in today's Daily Camera:
TERRORISM: The victims are striking back

Mimi Ito wrote (Jan. 23) that she is "tired of hearing that it is the victims' fault for terrorism." She compares the U.S. with victims of a bully or a battered woman. I submit that Ito has this backward: We are the bully, we are the batterer! Now the victim has struck us back.

No, I don't agree with the terrorists: not morally, spiritually nor any other way. But I do understand their motivation — as do courts when they exonerate a chronically abused victim that strikes back with murder!

I'm looking forward to seeing lots of response to this idiocy in the next few days. I may even have a go at it myself :)