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Thursday, January 08, 2004

An awful lot of caption for a pretty mediocre photo

Whose opinion is this, anyway?

Israeli Prime Minister participates in a vote on the 2004
annual budget Wednesday Jan. 7, 2004 in Jerusalem.
To his many critics, Sharon has not changed at all. He
remains an enemy of Palestinian aspirations who believes
in the use of force to hold onto his dream of a Greater
Israel and cow its enemies.
But to many Israelis,
the premier has undergone a startling ideological
conversion, telling hawkish Likud members this week that
he will dismantle some of the settlements that he helped
nurture,and that Palestinians loathe, and pull back from
some of the West Bank and Gaza. (AP Photo/Oded Balilty)
Yeah right, "an enemy of Palestinian aspirations," one who has agreed to the possibility of yet another Arab terrorist state in his own back yard, in exchange for which the Arabs are doing and giving less than nothing, while still managing to make war on Israelis (an explosives lab was discovered in Ramallah yesterday afternoon, just a few miles north of Jerusalem).