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Tuesday, January 06, 2004


Fear and Stupidity on the Left a Must-Read
It really comes down to belief: either you believe the terrorists, or you don't. When I read in the Muslim papers, every day mind you, that they want to kill all the Jews, destroy America, destroy Israel, destroy Christians everywhere, and turn the world into a Muslim Caliphate, well: I believe it.

What do you believe?

Perhaps you are one of those who believes that "Kill the Jews" and "Destroy America" is some sort of quaint colloquial form of saying "Please pass the bread and salt" at the table? Perhaps you are one of those who thinks that "not all Muslims believe that", and that is probably so. But even if only ten percent of the Muslim world believes it, that is still one hundred million enemies to deal with. That is more than the German army ever had on the ground. Bush didn't create those words; the terrorists did.

What do you believe?

Perhaps that Bush did create this atmosphere of hatred, stretching even so far back as the middle ages when Islam was bent on destroying the West, as it is still today? I say Islam when naturally, I mean fundamentalist Islam. Even "moderate" Muslims are stating these things, and Bush didn't create their words for them either. He doesn't speak Arabic and he doesn't often give remarks in mosques around the world. Naturally the Left would as soon as not believe that in fact he planted all those mullahs screeching for our blood, and the stupid Leftist followers would have you believe that this is plausible because anything is possible, which makes everything true.


Dear Banagor,

Who would've thunk it necessary to point out that not everything is true? But you rose to that occasion; you're the best.

p.s. I'm so glad you're off that hippie-hunting jag; this is much more worthy of your good broadsword.

yours in the fight against fear and stupidity,