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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

cool picture of Rumsfeld

CurrentViewpoint.com's Person of the Year

Thought that might be a good image to run with these headlines from DEBKA:
Saudi Arabians, for the first time, publicly demand radical constitutional reform to reduce the royal family’s power.

Iran announces it is ready to resume full ties with Egypt.

Libya’s leader, Muammar Qaddafi, offers to open Libyan prisons to human-rights inspectors and compensate Libyan Jews for confiscated property.

President Bashar al-Assad visits Turkey. His visit, first ever by a Syrian head of state, cements new friendship between two countries long suspicious of each other.

India and Pakistan to start peace talks next week, covering Kashmir and other divisive issues.
And Dean says we're no safer since 9/11? Frankly, I am amazed at the progress.
CBS News Poll 12/23/03

Overall 60%
Terrorism 70%
Iraq 57%
Foreign policy 54%
Economy 48%
Not too bad for someone they say is stupid, eh? Oh, but all the people who support him, the 6 out of every 10 Americans noted above, are stupid, too. That is, if you live in Seattle and believe what you read.