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Monday, January 05, 2004


I had always rather hoped that someone would pick up on the only word I ever "coined" - zioneocon. Well, someone has, and wouldn't you know it, it's a nutcase - at a site called procrastination:
Re: Israel - all sharon’s fault. palestinians are peace loving people and it’s those nazi jews fault. palestinians are treated worse by those zionazis than people treated in jordan or syria or Iran or pakistan or Sudan or Nigeria or anywhere else. It’s all bushitler and the ziocon sharon’s fault.

The amount of people that the zionazi likudite have killed is a lot less than the amoung of muslims Assad killed at Hama, but this annoying fact shouldn’t divert us from our hatred of the zionazi regime and the zioneocons in washington and israel. Daniel pipes is a zioneocon tool. There is no such thing as antisemitism in the muslim community, because all muslims are moderates.
All those zioneocons stole the palestinian lands

Daniel Pipes (an orientalist unlike the great edward said or karen armstrong - real scholars who expose the orientalist ziocons) should get off his high horse (funded by zioneocons at AIPAC - a powerful likudist jew-lobby) and start criticising christian extremists like bushitler or the KKK.

it’s going to be a hard to vote for muslims in 2004 between zioneocon Bush or Howard dean (sharon’s man).

Damn those hinjoos! why are those hinjoos so violent against the muslim race? it’s those g-d damned hindunazis saffronists/likudists alliances that are so racist against peace loving muslims.
Waaaaahhhh. That's what I get for spitting in the wind.