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Monday, January 12, 2004

For the fifth consecutive year, Avotaynu is sponsoring Jewish Genealogy Month. This year it is March 23-April 21, 2004, which corresponds to the Hebrew month of Nisan 5764--the Passover season. In association with this event, Avotaynu has created a poster, copies of which will be distributed free of charge to each of the approximately 80 Jewish Genealogical Societies throughout the world.

Some societies have indicated they are planning events is conjunction with Jewish Genealogy Month. This year's theme is "This Year in Jerusalem," which commemorates the return to Jerusalem of the International Conference on Jewish Genealogy.

Individuals who would like to receive copies of the poster can send $6.00 to cover postage and handling ($11.00 outside North America) to Avotaynu's offices at 155 N. Washington Ave., Bergenfield, NJ 07621.

The conference will be held from July 4-9, 2004 at the Jerusalem Renaissance Hotel. It is sponsored by the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies and hosted by the Israel Genealogical Society.
Genealogy may conjure up images of the old and dusty, but it also has hot contemporary issues, such as the controversy surrounding the Mormon practice of "baptising" dead Jews. For more on this, see JTA's Baptism controversy flares anew (12/24/03) and the opinion of Gary Mokotoff, editor of Avotaynu: Posthumous baptism is a terrible insult to Jews, published in the Deseret News, Salt Lake City.

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The Book of Destiny: Toledot Charlap, by Arthur F. Menton: Yet another distinguished Jewish family tree is documented. The Charlaps are traced from Eastern Europe back to Spain and Portugal, and from the Babylonian exile to the royal families of Judah and Israel. A magnificent panorama of a people told through the experiences and memories of one vast family.