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Sunday, January 18, 2004

from Shirl's friend, Sharon G., in Jerusalem

Write to Ambassador Mazel
It occurred to me that if we were to take a minute to let the Ambassador [to Sweden, Zvi Mazel] know that what he did was not only the right thing to do but that we applaud his courage in doing it, we might be able to coast for the rest of the day on that one mitzvah alone.

So, if you want to make a brave man feel good about his bravery -- and make yourself feel good in the process -- drop him a short note and tell him BRAVO! (put that in your subject line, as I did, so he'll know what to expect when he opens your email). His email address is israel-ambass@telia.com.

He'll be back in the Embassy Monday and it would be great if he had a lot of congratulatory emails waiting for him. If those smug, holier than thou Europeans are starting to get to you, then this is your chance to say thanks to someone who told them off on all our behalfs. Go to it and thanks in advance!
If you don't know what she's talking about, see story below, of the Ambassador smashing art exhibit in Sweden because it glorified a terrorist suicide bomber. Scroll down til you see pictures of a "bloody pool" with a photo of a face floating in it. That would be "Snow White" (name of the art).
To Tvi Mazel, Israeli Ambassador to Sweden:

I am so proud of the action you took toward the art installation in Stockholm that glorified a suicide bomber. You have truly represented your people and your country well, with integrity and courage. Kol hakavod! You should be blessed with a good and long life, and much success.

Anne Lieberman
Boulder, Colorado, USA