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Monday, January 26, 2004

Gary Mokotoff, Genealogist and Editor of Avotaynu,
on the tilde at ~Google

How do people find out these things?
The tilde ~ (that squiggly line that is on the upper left of the keyboard to the left of the number 1 key) is Google's newest operator. Now you can search not only for a particular keyword, but also for its synonyms.

Indicate a search for both by placing the tilde sign (~) immediately in front of the keyword.

A search for ~genealogy provides results for genealogy, family history and family tree. A search for ~obits gives results including obits, obituaries, and death notices. Try a keyword with and without the tilde to note the variation in search results.

Use the feature judiciously, possibly only when all other results fail. The purpose of keyword searching is to limit the number of hits. This synonym feature will only expand the number of hits.