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Monday, January 05, 2004

Get it while it's hot!

First Issue of Al Qaeda military magazine hits the Innernut

From MEMRI: Recently, Al-Qa'ida published the first issue of its online magazine 'Al-Battar Training Camp - A Magazine Published by the Military Committee of the Mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula' . . . The magazine focuses on military matters, and complements 'The Voice of Jihad,' the other online magazine published by Al-Qa'ida in Saudi Arabia, which focuses on ideology.
"The basic idea is to spread military culture among the youth with the aim of filling the vacuum that the enemies of the religion have been seeking to expand for a long time. Allah willing, the magazine will be simple and easy, and in it, my Muslim brother, you will find basic lessons in the framework of a military training program, beginning with programs for sports training, through types of light weapons and guerilla group actions in the cities and mountains, and [including] important points in security and intelligence, so that you will be able ... to fulfill the religious obligation that Allah has set upon you..."

"The goal is to remove the oppression and the aggression and to fight for the sake of Allah in order to impose Shari'a law and so that the word of Allah will reign supreme. Examples of this type of fighting are [in] the land of the two holy places, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Kashmir, the Philippines, and so on."
And so on. Indeed.