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Tuesday, January 20, 2004


To an American presidential candidate wearing a symbol of FATAH,
a Palestinian terrorist organization

BRAVO to Charles Johnson at LGF: "Because nothing says 'merriment' like a stylish Palestinian Fatah head rag."

"Early in his career he dressed in Western suits; it was at the 1956 International Students' Congress in Prague that he first publicly wore a kaffiyeh, or head scarf—a gesture that caused an immediate sensation among the Westerners in attendance. (According to Aburish, each morning Arafat would spend nearly an hour folding his kaffiyeh so that when it hung to his shoulders it resembled the map of Palestine.) The army fatigues, the pistol, and the three-day beard came later, but, like the kaffiyeh, all were carefully considered symbols." -- from A Brief History of Yasir Arafat by David Brooks, published in the Atlantic Monthly, Jul-Aug 2002.

Now, either Howard Dean routinely sports a kaffiyeh, specifically this black-and-white FATAH variety, or else someone put it around his neck in the heat of the "victory" celebration, hoping he would get his picture taken in it. Either way, he is a stupid ass.

IF this picture gets any circulation in the mainstream media, I can already hear the terror-apologists' responses. Freedom of Speech! as in calls for Jihad; Freedom of Artistic Expression! as in the heroization of suicide bombers . . .

This doesn't give his Jewish wife the heebie jeebies? What planet are these people on?