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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Internet Haganah is a volunteer effort to research, report on, and stop the use of the internet as a communications and propaganda tool by islamist terrorist groups, their supporters and apologists.
The internet is an integral part of the terrorist infrastructure. They use it to:
Distribute official messages and communiques

Recruit and indocrinate new members

Communicate with forces that are distributed globally

Train in methodology and educate in ideology

Internet Haganah is an online volunteer initiative. Our mission is to inform internet service providers when they are doing business with terrorist organizations, and when those groups are violating their terms of service.

Our activity is completely lawful in every nation on earth. We have never, ever, hacked, cracked or attacked a site -- that is completely counter to the spirit of respect upon which the internet was founded and quite aside from the illegality of it, we don't believe in it as civilized people.

Due to the fact that our opponents sites tend to be in blatant violation of their hosts' terms of service, as of October 2003 Internet Haganah volunteers have gotten more than 300 terrorist-supporter sites shut down. These sites are affiliated with or directly emanate from State Department or Treasury Department-listed terrorist groups such as AlQaeda, Al-Muhajiroun, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Popular Resistance Committee and many more.

Although the internet is just one front of this war, it's where we can best use our skills. We encourage everyone to use whatever skills they have to resist jihad -- make them fight all of us.

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