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Thursday, January 29, 2004

MKs Comment

Voice of Judea:
MK Ehud Yatom: The deadly attack is the answer of Nasrallah, Arafat and Iran to the Israeli weakness exhibited once again by the massive release of Arab terrorists.

MK Shteinitz: This is the way to completely mock and degrade Israel on the day of the prisoner exchange.
Arutz Sheva:
Justice Minister Yosef (Tommy) Lapid of the Shinui Party said that today's murderous attack in Jerusalem raises "the question whether the Palestinian Authority is capable of preventing inhumane terrorism such as this."

Taking this logic another daring step further, Lapid continued, "If it does have the power to stop it and is not doing so, then we have nothing to talk about."
National Union backbencher Aryeh Eldad attempted to close the stable doors after the horses had escaped when he called on the Government to put an immediate stop to the release of terrorists “until we can determine whether today’s suicide bombing in Jerusalem was the surprise Hezbollah promised us”, even at the price of undermining the deal.

A Palestinian man flashes the victory sign out of a bus window after he
was released from jail as part of a German-mediated prisoner exchange
between Israel and Hizbollah, at the Israeli army checkpoint at Tarkumiya,
January 29, 2004. In the first phase of the German-mediated prisoner swap
deal between Israel and Hizbollah, Israel is to free 400 Palestinians,
23 Lebanese, 12 other Arabs and a German citizen on Thursday in return for
a captive Israeli businessman and three Israeli soldiers, presumed dead.
It will return the remains of 59 militants to Lebanon on Friday.
REUTERS/Oren Cohen

Injured Israelis receive first aid next to the wreckage of a destroyed bus
following an explosion in Jerusalem, January 29, 2004. At least ten people
were killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up on a bus near Israeli
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon 's official residence in Jerusalem on Thursday,
security sources said. (ISRAEL OUT) REUTERS/Haim Zach/Flash90