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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Murder is not Self-Defense

Letter by Rachel Rosencrantz
published in the Daily Camera Jan. 30

Guy Fernandez seems to be a bit confused with the difference between self-defense and murder when he says (Jan 27) "No, I don't agree with the terrorists: not morally, spiritually nor any other way. But I do understand their motivation — as do courts when they exonerate a chronically abused victim that strikes back with murder! "

If a chronically abused victim kills his/her attacker while s/he is being attacked the victim will be exonerated because they are acting in self-defense, just as anyone under attack in the USA and afraid for their life, even if not chronically abused, can defend themselves even with lethal force and be exonerated.

However, if that chronically abused victim hunts down his or her attacker and kills him/her that "victim" is convicted of murder. And if that victim hunts down his or her attacker's family and kills their new spouse and children because the attacker had abused them there is even less justification. These terrorists are not striking military targets, they are murdering innocent people who may be as much a victim of government policy as the terrorists themselves.

Rachel Rosencrantz
Boulder, CO
Kol hakavod to my friend Rachel! Anybody else out there stepping up to the plate? Mr. Fernandez stated that terrorists are the "chronically abused victim," striking back. What's your response? No comment? This won't be a "timely topic" at the Camera for long. Sharpen your pencil, and get at it. Send to OpenForum@DailyCamera.com