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Sunday, January 18, 2004


AFP/Said Khatib
by Larry Hall
It looks like war. It smells, tastes and even sounds like war. By ‘war’ I don’t mean a ‘war on terror’, but a world war pitting civilizations against one another. It is a war of blocs, values against values, visions fighting visions, and beneath all the lofty pretense, very practical interests lurk.

Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda, and large parts of the Islamic community, or nation (ummah), have declared war against the West, against the Christian United States and its allies, against Israel and Jews throughout the world. To those Muslims participating in or supporting this campaign, it is a war with multiple purposes: 1) driving the West and the United States out of the Islamic sphere; 2) destroying Israel and ruining Jewish life worldwide; 3) overthrowing Muslim governments deemed corrupt and tools of the ‘Jews and Crusaders’; and 4) establishing a unified Islamist regime. This new Caliphate is to span the lands of the ummah under a single leader and regime devoted to the application of strict Islamic law. And there is a purpose number 5, as well - turning the rest of the world subservient and/or converting its populations to Islam.

People will read these purposes and consider the assertion that they exist to be exaggeration or fantasy. Such reactions should be followed by readings in the theology of the various Islamic groups that form the war alliance against the infidel.

The world is at war. The war is highly mobile, and the tactics and strategy of the Muslim side are flexible, as is traditionally the case when war is declared against non-Muslims. Nearly everything is permitted, because it is Jihad, a struggle for Islam’s survival and expansion. So, terror is allowed, terror is desirable, because it demoralizes the enemy and pushes him into desperation and appeasement. It accelerates the progress of the war and the likelihood of attaining the only acceptable outcome – triumph.

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