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Monday, January 19, 2004

Newsday: The Roots of Hatred

"Jews are paranoiac, but they are being persecuted"

The exasperated psychiatrist with the British passport he uses every two months to get out of Gaza because the place drives him nuts laments the spiralling anti-Semitism in Europe and the Arab world. "How could Israel believe we want to make peace when we talk about them in such a negative way and only make them more paranoid?" asked Eyad Serraj, one of Gaza's most widely respected intellectuals. "When you're so frightened, you only believe in the use of force to protect yourself. Israel is a culture of fear fed by Arab demagoguery, by Arabs' hateful slogans." But do Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the other extremist Islamic group, really want to kill all the Jews? "Yes, of course, absolutely," he said.
Read all of this. It's very scattered, but I must say, it is chilling to the bone and soul to read this discussion of why people want to kill us. I feel a bit under-the-microscope as the author tries to gauge if the present Islamic hatred and murderous impulse toward us Jews is the same hatred and murderous impulse as the Nazis' . . .
. . . read Jews' letters to the editor in Israel or France, talk to Jews in Jerusalem or Auschwitz or London, and many say they fear as never before that radical Islamists increasingly are determined to kill all of the world's Jews. Perhaps at no point since World War II do Jews feel that their very existence is more threatened than now. "Jews are paranoiac, but they are being persecuted," said Yehuda Bauer, one of Israel's leading specialists on anti-Semitism. . .
How many Jews were killed by the Nazis? the author asks.

[Palestinians] Emad and his friend Wael Siam, 14, looked confused. "We have no knowledge of that," Siam said.