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Monday, January 19, 2004

O'Reilly's family belonged to Democratic Party for more than 100 years

Maybe that doesn't interest you, but I thought it was fascinating. You can read Bill's editorial in the NY Daily News today, "Democrats making dangerous left turn," but that personal tidbit is the only really new thing he has to say.
RealClear Politics is a great place to check out the day's editorials and most recent polls. For example, it will lead you to today's Op-Ed in the NY Times, State of the Speech by William Safire, a fun guide to watching the State of the Union address.

After seeing a segment on FOX News Magazine last night about the state of the Arab-Israeli war, I wrote to FOXNews and told them I would never watch their network again. How many times did they say "on both sides"? I lost count. Since when is FOX in the fog of moral relativism? I thought they were past (or above) the old and tired "cycle of violence" routine. Apparently not. But they did do a good expose of the United Nations later on . . .

I agree with Banagor's "Bombast and Whining" - it would be a dream come true to have a "conservative NPR." But Banagor will have to clean up his language if he wants to make the transition. The time has come . . . bloggers on the radio!