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Friday, January 23, 2004

Perceived absence of Palestinian terrorist attacks is not for want of trying

Israeli forces successful in thwarting suicide bombers
Arutz Sheva: A successful overnight operation in Shechem led to the capture of a known Palestinian terrorist who was planning a suicide mission to murder Jews. A special IDF unit surrounded the home of Yichye Akuba, a Tanzim member who has been involved in shooting attacks and placing at least one bomb, and arrested him and two other terrorists. The soldiers, coming under grenade-and gunfire attack, blew up his home. Akuba was known to have been planning an attack in central Israel.

Earlier this week, another would-be suicide attacker from the Tul Karem branch of Islamic Jihad was similarly arrested.

Despite a public perception that Palestinian terrorism has decreased of late, army sources have continually noted that it has not ceased at all, and that the lack of "successful" attacks is due largely to efficient preventive security work by Israeli forces.