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Thursday, January 22, 2004

A picture is worth how many words?

Israeli-born artist Dror Feiler pours hot water from a bucket over
the frozen blood-colored water of his artinstallation at the courtyard
of the Museum of National Antiquitiesin Stockholm, Sweden Thursday
Jan. 22 2004. Israel's ambassadorto Stockholm, Zvi Mazel, was ousted
from the museum last Saturday after he damaged the work, claiming it
glorified suicide bombers. A sailboat with the name Snow White floats
on the water with a photo of a smiling Islamic Jihad bomber Hanadi Jaradat.
Jaradat [She murdered] blew herself up together with 21 Israeli
bystanders in Haifa, Israel in October. (AP Photo/Pressens Bild/Jack Mikrut)

Swedish Ambassador to Israel Robert Rydberg, left, lights a candle
with Meir Eindor who was wounded in an attack in 1986 in Jerusalem,
after meeting with Israeli Foreign Ministry officials in Jerusalem,
Sunday Jan. 18, 2004. Offended by a Stockholm art exhibit that some
see as glorifying Palestinian suicide bombers, families set up a display
outside the Foreign Ministry naming the victims of the attacks
. Israeli Prime
Minister Ariel Sharon Sunday praised the Israeli ambassador to Sweden for
vandalizing the Stockholm art exhibit, saying the 'entire government stands
behind him.' (AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

See "Israel lowers level of participation in Stockholm conference" at Arutz Sheva.