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Sunday, January 04, 2004

PM orders Mofaz to remove "Kach outpost"

Kfar Tapuach West, near Ariel
JPost: Prime Minister Ariel Sharon ordered Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz on Sunday to immediately evacuate the illegal outpost of Kfar Tapuah West.

A seminary perpetuating the teachings of Rabbi Meir Kahane, the former Kach leader murdered by an Egyptian national in New York's Marriot East Hotel in 1990, is under construction in the illegal outpost of Kfar Tapuah West near Ariel, Channel Two News reported Thursday.

Justice Miniser Yosef Lapid (Shinui) said on Friday that he intends to raise the issue of reports that the government funded a road leading to an illegal West Bank outpost run by followers of Meir Kahane.

"The country needs to order the army to demolish the [Kach] building before it turns into a center for studying Kahane's fascist teachings," Lapid said.

According to the report, the government funded the paving of an NIS 1 million access road which leads from the Kfar Tapuah settlement to the unauthorized outpost, located a kilometer and a half away.

Lapid said he would demand that the army demolish the outpost and he promised to investigate who gave approval for the road to be paved to the site, Israel Radio reported.

The Council of Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza (Yesha Council) said that the Channel 2 news report was based on false information and that the outpost was in fact legal and was approved in 1998 under the government of former Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

The Yesha Council is considering legal action against the news channel, the settlement movement's Director General Adi Mintz told The Jerusalem Post.

"There was an agreement during Barak's term in office and most of the outposts were approved and some were frozen for a year and others were removed but this one was certainly approved and it has developed into an essential part of the main settlement," Mintz said.

Defense Ministry officials said that the status of the outpost was under investigation and that the funds for the road were allocated by the Zionist Federation and not by the defense ministry.

Mintz said that he does not see anything illegal about the construction of the Kach seminary.

"I don't know what the yeshiva is but I don't see anything illegal about it," he said. "The main settlement is made up of settlers who think like him [Kahane] but are usually quiet and non-violent people."
Rachel points out that this order was given on the 10th of Tevet. A "bible prophecy research" website has this to say (I can't vouch for its accuracy, but the viewpoint is interesting enough to bear further scrutiny):
The month of Tevet is the darkest time of the year. Its days are the shortest of the year and its nights the longest. The tribe associated with Tevet is the tribe of Dan. When the Children of Israel traveled and camped in the desert, they encircled the Holy Ark. The tribe of Dan was the most northerly encampment. The North is a dark cold place. The long nights of Tevet are even longer in the North. The Hebrew word for North -- tzafon -- is spelled the same as tzafun -- which means hidden. The Talmud tells us that one of the names of the yetzer hara -- the negative drive -- is tzafuni (Succa 52).

On the tenth of Tevet, the armies of the Babylonian emperor, Nevuchadnetzar, led by his general Nevuzaradan began the siege on Jerusalem, resulting in the destruction of the first Holy Temple and the exile of the Jewish people to Babylon.

If you think about it, on the tenth of Tevet itself, ostensibly, nothing really tragic happened. No wall was breached. No one died. Not a shot was fired. Only the siege was begun. . .
This is the problem with Israel having such a secular government: They don't even know what day it is. Yikes.