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Sunday, January 04, 2004

Quote of the Day

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"[Former MK] Chanan Porat remembered Menachem Begin's reaction when a handful of Gush Emunim pioneers settled in Sebastia, in 1975, without a permit from the Rabin government. Begin cried out against the crimes of the Alignment [Labor] government, which dared interfere with the activities of the 'young pioneer heroes.' Begin encouraged them not to leave the place, and when the army came to evacuate them, Ariel Sharon incited the settlers against the soldiers: 'Don't leave,' he told them, and to the soldiers he said, 'A Jewish [lit., Hebrew] soldier must not evacuate a Jew from territory of the Land of Israel.'"
- Aliza Weisman, page 39 of her book HaPinui, The Evacuation [of Sinai in 1982], published 1990.