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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Qurei's duty

by Caroline Glick
from the Jerusalem Post, reprinted at IsraelUnityCoalition.com:
In one of the more telling expressions of the Palestinian Authority's hypocrisy and growing irrelevance, Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei said shortly after last Wednesday's suicide bombing at the Erez border crossing that it was "not his duty" to condemn the attack that killed four Israelis.

The hypocrisy was not in Qurei's statement, which we cannot but take at face value. Rather, it was in the numerous "condemnations" made over the past decade, following so many of the attacks waged by Palestinian terrorists at innocent Israelis.

Of course, from the way he phrased himself we conclude that Qurei would like us to think that he still believes it is somebody's task, though not his, to condemn the killing of innocent Israelis – in this case ones who were actually busy ushering Palestinian workers into Israel, where they find the jobs that Qurei and his government so glaringly fail to deliver them.

Whose task, then, is it? Is Qurei trying to say that the condemnation of Hamas's mass murder of Israelis had better be made by someone more politically effective, or someone more morally conscious than the Palestinian prime minister?

It is sad to hear Qurei, clearly one of the more reasonable people in the PA, suggesting in the very same moment when he refuses to identify with the most of human values, that his duty is to negotiate a cease-fire with Israel.

Since the launch of the current war of terror in fall 2000 Israel has tried that tango with the PA repeatedly, only to learn time and time again that the PA is unwilling, unable, or both to control the violence of its of its people.
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