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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Roger L. Simon connects the dots

All I do is count the dots and moan and curse them each in turn. Simon's got a gift, however, and pulls it all together, with inimitable style:
Playing dot to dot...

It’s hard not to connect the dots in the news today, disparate as they may seem. The BBC is unmasked as political liars while French and other diplomats are under accusation for taking oil bribes from Saddam. Meanwhile, another suicide bomb goes off in Jerusalem, while the Europe-dominated World Court in the Hague moves to put the Israelis in the dock for doing the one thing any of them would have done eons ago—build a wall to keep the terror out.

You would think the Europeans would have recused themselves on issues involving the Jews, but no matter. They are desperate to mollify their growing Islamic minorities (and probably to assuage their collective guilt) and have seized upon “Israeli intransigence” (read: normal self-interested national behavior) as a means to further that end. Is this bias (to put it mildly) conscious or unconscious? I don’t know, most likely a little of both. (The French, particularly, are wildly schizophrenic on racial issues, thrashing around for pseudo-policies like the recent banning of religious ornamentation in school.) But it is hardly new and hardly unrelated to the spirit of the first two dots above.

A stretch, you say? Maybe, but not much. The BBC (and the Guardian and the Independent) have led the charge against Israel, hiding under the mantle of “anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism,” a stand applauded by their Arab “clients” who meanwhile broadcast “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” on state television. Of course this same TV show is on view in La Douce France where it is captured on the literally thousands of satellite dishes that ring Paris in its Muslim suburbs courtesy of Egyptian cable. Would those same French diplomats who played footsy with Saddam have allowed similar racist garbage against Arabs to appear on French television? Gimme a proverbial break!

Now to connect yet another dot. Democratic politicians are yelling and screaming right now...
Cliff-hanger, eh? He saved the best for last, so go READ IT ALL.