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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

School bus carrying Jewish children firebombed in France - NO INJURIES

JPost: A firebomb was thrown early Monday morning at a school bus carrying Jewish children in Strasbourg, France.

There were no injuries reported in the incident.

One community leader called the incident an apparent anti-Semitic attack, local police said on Tuesday.

The van was attacked on Monday before dawn, 24 hours after unidentified assailants pelted a nearby synagogue with stones during the night, they said. There was no sign who was behind the two incidents, Reuters reported.
See Rick Richman's post yesterday, "Land of the Free," linking to Daniel Gordis's most recent "Dispatch from Israel." I can only wonder what the Parisian couple described by Gordis will now think, what they will do . . .


JPost: The IDF has confirmed the report, saying that IAF jets bombed two terrorist bases used by the Hizbullah to train operatives and prepare attacks against Israeli targets, Israel Radio reported.

IDF spokeswoman Maj. Sharon Feingold said that the bases targeted in Tuesday's air strikes were used by Hizbullah to stage attacks on Israel. She said Hizbullah, backed by Syria and Iran, violates agreements "while Lebanon turns a blind eye." Holding Syria responsible, she added that Israel "will not tolerate the current situation whereby the terror organizations attempt to escalate the situation in the north."

According to the Channel Two report, IAF fighter jets bombed several targets throughout southern Lebanon for 20 minutes. The reporter said that the blasts could be heard in Israel close to the northern border.

Officials said the decision to attack Hizbullah targets was made at a four-hour meeting of senior military commanders on Tuesday. Though Israel held Syria responsible, it was decided not to attack Syria in order not to inflame the situation, the officials said.