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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Shavua tov

David Kay reports evidence that part of Saddam's WMD moved to Syria shortly before US invasion
DEBKA: David Kay reports finding evidence that part of Saddam Hussein’s banned weapons materials was moved to Syria shortly before the US invasion. In exclusive interview with London Telegraph Saturday after he resigned as chief WMD hunter, Kay also said: “Precisely what went to Syria… needs to be resolved.”

Kay thus confirms DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s Feb 14, 2003 revelation... that some of Iraq's forbidden weapons and equipment were secretly trucked to Syria and Lebanon in January.

According to the London Telegraph,
Dr Kay's comments will intensify pressure on President Bashar Assad to clarify the extent of his co-operation with Saddam's regime and details of Syria's WMD programme. Mr Assad has said that Syria was entitled to defend itself by acquiring its own biological and chemical weapons arsenal.

Syria was one of Iraq's main allies in the run-up to the war and hundreds of Iraqi officials - including members of Saddam's family - were given refuge in Damascus after the collapse of the Iraqi dictator's regime. Many of the foreign fighters responsible for conducting terrorist attacks against the coalition are believed to have entered Iraq through Syria.

A Syrian official last night said: "These allegations have been raised many times in the past by Israeli officials, which proves that they are false."