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Friday, January 23, 2004


A new computer virus has been detected that you may want to take precautions against.

This is the Palestinian Virus - a virus that settles in your PC, claims it was there before your PC was built or Bill Gates was born, then demands parts of your hard drive.

If you want the virus to leave you and your PC alone, you can try to give the virus the hard drive space it wants, but it will refuse the deal and start killing data on your computer.

Some people have suggested a solution for this virus problem is to give the virus its own PC. As stated above, this virus has been known to refuse the offer.

Other nearby PCs won't take the virus either, even if the virus is compatible with the other computers.

The virus seems to want nothing less than to take over your entire computer together with the removal and destruction of all your data.

Software based anti-virus solutions have been proposed, but so far only hardware solutions have had any impact.

The only solution we have been able to determine that may work is the physical removal of the virus from your computer.

The only problem with this solution is all the other computers will object, and you will be castigated in the media and by the UN.
by Stephen Plaut