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Monday, January 26, 2004

WOW! Israelis develop Voice Analysis Eyeglasses

Seeing through lies
Israel21c: It may sound like a joke from a secret agent television parody like Get Smart or an Austin Powers movie, but the time has arrived for "Voice Analysis Eyeglasses." And it's no laughing matter.

The device provides real-time lie detection analysis on the inside of the lenses about whoever is speaking at the time, says its maker, the Israeli company Nemesysco, which developed the technology for counterterrorism and government customers.

Theoretically then, it may not be long before you hear airport security screeners ask, "Do you plan on hijacking this plane?" And they'll be able to tell immediately whether a passenger is a terrorist by analyzing his answer to that straightforward question.

The technology, developed by mathematician Amir Lieberman at Nemesysco in Zuran, Israel, for military, insurance claim and law enforcement use, is being repackaged and retargeted for personal and corporate applications by V Entertainment (New York). Companies for a wide array of applications such as anti-terrorism, law enforcement, insurance and workers compensation claim assessment are beginning to use variations of the eyeglass technology software which is already available as a downloadable PC program which can analyze live and telephone conversations.

"We're actually developing two types of glasses - one for security use and one for commercial use," Lieberman told ISRAEL21c. "A chip inside the glasses is able to read the voice frequency of the person you are talking to. The voice is analyzed through that chip for nine different types of voice analysis and there are lights that indicate whether the person is lying."

Lieberman says the glasses will be available in the U.S. by June for a price ranging between $500 and $1000.
In time for the election! Hot spit!

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