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Friday, January 23, 2004

Your prayers are need for
Chanan'e Ro'i, ben (son of) Chagit Malka
Ro'i Arbel of Talmon, it will be recalled, was murdered last week by Palestinian terrorists in western Shomron as he was on his way home. In addition to his parents and five siblings, he left behind his wife Chagit, two daughters and two-month-old triplets, including a boy who is still in the hospital and must undergo two operations. Chagit said at the funeral that her husband had already chosen their son's name, and that she would fulfill his wish. It happened when their baby son underwent his first operation two days after the birth; the doctors were not optimistic, but when Ro'i opened a Bible to the verse with the word Chanan'el [lit., G-d has favored], he was encouraged - and decided to give his son that name.

In a special ceremony held this past Sabbath, the baby was in fact given the name Chanan'el Ro'i. His widowed mother felt that the ceremony would symbolize the growth that she hopes will sprout forth from the sadness. A close friend of hers said today that she is "strong, but broken - very fearful of the prospect of life without him."

The public is asked to pray for Chanan'el Ro'i ben [son of] Chagit Malka.