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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Abu Ala continues tour of Arab Cities in Europe

Seeks aid in Brussels

Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia holds up a map as he
speaks at the European Parliament in Brussels, Wednesday
Feb. 18, 2004. Qureia appealed Wednesday to the European
Union to support his plans for general elections this year,
while his finance minister sought increased aid, saying steps
have been taken to clean up corruption. (AP Photo/Virginia Mayo)

Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurie (L) is
welcomed by European Union foreign policy
chief Javier Solana at the European Council
headquarters in Brussels February 18, 2004.
Qurie is on a one-day visit to Brussels to
discuss with European officials, efforts to
revive the Middle East peace process.
(Yves Herman/Reuters)
See DEBKAfile's Special Report: Arafat: They're after me and my money!:
Washington vowed not to give the Palestinians a red cent until they hand over the killers of three CIA security men murdered in a roadside explosion in the Gaza Strip on October 15...

[The European Union] has posed a key proviso: donations will no longer be handed over in cash to the PA ... but transferred directly into the individual payees’ banks accounts. Palestinian officials with no bank accounts will get no paychecks.

Ironically, Israel continues to make its regular shekel remittances to the PA, a leftover from its undertakings under the defunct Oslo peace accords.

UPDATE: Abu Ala must be doing something right:
AFP - Brussels could unblock 40 million euro aid package to Palestinians

A Google search for [Arafat + corruption] yields 72,600 results. . . [Sharon + corruption] yields 121,000.