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Friday, February 13, 2004

Antisemitism in England

excerpt from letter from Sheila Raviv,
editorial writer for Current Viewpoint

Uri Geller and his wife Hanna live in the most glorious place on earth. Sonning-on-Thames is a small village in Berkshire which boasts some of the finest restaurants and hotels in the area. Their garden runs down to the River Thames and one would think their lives are complete. I know it well because we used to live a few miles up river from their home. Yesterday morning, Uri Geller took his dogs for a walk in the village as he does every day. Closing the gate behind him he saw, scrawled in huge red letters across his garden fence the word "Jew". He called the police who took the matter very seriously, never having seen anti-Semitism of this nature, and then he spoke on Israeli television:
"This type of anti-Semitism is now rife in the world. We are seriously considering returning to Israel. It is the only place where a Jew can hold his head up and not be afraid."