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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Banagor's back

and he's done his homework
Banagor's latest, Proof Positive has a real shocker in the intro:
Enter the hijab. Used as a scarf covering the head of Muslim girls, it is meant simply as a sign of devotion towards their faith. Or so we would be led to believe. The reality is that the hijab was created by a Lebanese Muslim cleric during the 1970's, the idea which he derived from paintings of Christian nuns in monasteries. The purpose was to distinguish the local Muslim women from Christian ones, so that Arafat's Fatah terrorists would not rape "the faithful". After the Iranian revolution, it picked up steam as the perfect way to separate the Men from the Women in the population. Only since then have women been wearing it as a form of devotion.
That completely knocks me out.

Banagor's point, his plea in fact,
it is time for Jews and Christians to stand up and denounce - constantly - the open religious segregation in Islamic countries today.
is optimistic or maybe futuristic, but right on. Just for fun, call the State Department or your local Israeli consulate and get the scoop on Jews visiting (owning homes in, or becoming citizens of) Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, etc. Talk about apartheid!