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Wednesday, February 25, 2004



When asked to remove the sign, Pastor has so far refused

The Lovingway Pentecostal Church on Colorado Blvd in Denver has posted a sign that says: "Jews Killed the Lord Jesus," apparently a quote from the New Testament. I just spoke with Jeff Auerbach in Denver, who has both seen the sign and spoken at length with the pastor of the church. Jeff asked him to please take the sign down; he has so far refused.

Local ABC Channel 7 is already covering the issue, with an update posted at 1:28 MST: Bruce DeBoskey of the local ADL spoke with the pastor, but the church only amended the billboard slightly by removing the word, "settled," and adding the attribution to First Thessolonians. The Colorado Council of Churches is also trying to convince the man to take the sign down, but he has refused to answer his phone and door.

Protest Tonight

Jews (and Christian friends) plan a protest tonight at 7 pm in front of the church - on Colorado Blvd (west side) and Mississippi in Denver. Rabbi Daniel Alter of EDOS and Dr. Neil Dobro of Colorado Jews for Jewish Identity will speak.

For more information on the protest, contact the project coordinator, Jeff Auerbach 720-838-0938
UPDATE: Phone number for the "Lovingway" Pentecostal church is 303 777 8888