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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Dahlan supporters attack police chief in Gaza

13 hurt
Haaretz: Supporters of Mohammed Dahlan, the former minister in charge of the Palestinian security service, on Thursday attacked Gaza Strip police chief Major General Ghazi al-Jabali and wounded 13 Palestinian policemen and passersby, two of them seriously.

Jabali, the senior security appointee of Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat, suffered light injuries.

Palestinian sources said the attackers burst into Gaza's police headquarters, got past Jabali's bodyguards, and beat him. The attackers then fled the building, with the help of gunmen who fired at Jabali's police officers.

Several policemen were injured during the exchange of fire and some cars were damaged.

Palestinian security sources denied reports that the attack was an assassination attempt, describing it as merely a scuffle that erupted in Jabali's office .
Those "Palestinian security sources" are so creative with language -- Since when does a "scuffle" include an "exchange of fire" and damage to cars?

p.s. Don't know who Dahlan is? See Thomas Friedman post below; the NYTimes columnist considers Dahlan to be both "responsible" and "moderate" (even though his supporters are anarchic thugs who attack the police --who, btw, are probably thugs too).